Morning Bell

Guests: Joe Little, Dan’s nephew from France, Zeb Nath (Scholarship recipient) and Leonard Derby.

No Birthdays + No Rotary Anniversaries

Mona’s opening statement was about the history of the Service Above Self and her mission is to have every Rotarian in the club to find their passion, find something that moves them and that makes them happy. Mona would like for all of us to find the one thing that we can give our hearts too this year.

Rotary Announcements

New note taker list has been posted on the website. Marcy has graciously offered to send the notes in the newsletter if the note taker writes the notes in Word or Note. Thank you, Marcy.

Board Meeting will be 7.15.21 at 7:15 at the Legion.

Holton Home is organizing their Annual Tag Sale. This tag sale generates the income for resident activities. Please no clothing. If you have a donation, please let them know because they are willing to come and pick up the donation(s) from you.

Josh’s Chasing Sunrise continues. Only 1,000 of the 21,00 more miles to go towards the goal. There are now 25 people on the team. Chasing Sunrise has raised $4200 towards scholarship funds.

Jimmy V committed to something. Sorry, I apparently stopped writing when he was speaking and missed it.

Club Assembly will be July 28.

Zeb spoke about the scholarship he received. He will be going into the trades, sustainable buildings in Vermont. Zeb was inspired by his grandfather who taught him at a very early age how to work on various projects that created a passion to continue to build.

Brags: Jim V, kudos for the finest corn beef has he has ever had.

Josh: Kudos to John Little for all his participation and support with Disc Golf.

Joe Little: Congratulations to Toni for her new position and for thank you to Toni for 20 years at Park Place. Big congrats to Toni for her new position!

Nick: To Bethany for all the cards and heartfelt notes she continues to write, and Bethany is a huge support to the Rotary. Best Father’s Day Card ever!

Dan: To his France nephew, tons of fun in NYC after picking him up in NYC. Glad he got a piece of the big apple Dan~

Guest Speaker: Leonard Derby, President of the VVA TriSTate Chapter 843.

Leonard shared his amazing career and history with the Army, he jobs and career placements through the years. Thank you for your service Leonard. I didn’t write all the things because I was thinking of his history and career path. I spent time in Fort Eustis as well and I am just so thankful for his service.

Your story about how you were inspired in 1991 to support Veterans after the parade is amazing.

Leonard’s passion of bringing the Moving Wall to Brattleboro is amazing but he still needs help and a ot of volunteers for a smooth operation. The plan is very well thought out and we appreciate the skill, patience and talents this mission requires.

Here is a list of things that Leonard needs:

  • Carpenters

  • Assistance spreading the wood chips for the walkway (Rakers, rakes and clean up)

  • People to carry the walls.

  • Flag Coral set up volunteers.

  • Shelter set up, hoping the Guard comes and does that

  • Benches

  • Medical Tent

  • Ground Keepers for maintenance and clean up

  • Posters

  • Shrub and flower donations

  • Wreath presenters

  • Speakers


You can reach out to Leonard Derby by phone 802 368 7654 or email (or Tristam or Jason)