Posted on Apr 06, 2018
Minutes from April 4, 2018 Meeting at the Boys and Girls Club
Meeting called to order at 7:15 am.
Sadie: passing the Bowl-A-Thon envelope, next Wed evening is our last overflow shelter night for the season, we fed 150+ meals so far.
Mona: Ludlow Rotary is looking for a host family for a Croation student for next year
Josh T:  Disc golf course maintenance on Saturday, April 7 from 8-12. Meet at the Kiwanis Pavilion at the top of the hill
Sandy: Trivia night is Monday April 9. Charity is VBike. Trivia is back at the American Legion
Jr. Rotarians
Josh: He will be working at Berkshire East as a mountain bike guide this summer. Got his dream bike this past week.
Natalya: Going to Cost Rica to visit her exchange sister April 12-22
Birthdays: Sang to Mark for last weeks birthday.
Cards: Queen of hearts. You lose losers!!
Bowl of Life: Jim V. experienced the 1988 San Francisco World Series earthquake in a building that had been condemned because it did not meet earthquake standards. He lived.
Jen Mayhew is looking for a house
Josh T: $20 brag for the boys and girls club. Talked about their awesomeness
Jen Moyse: In nursing school and made Deans List for fall. Sale of dance shool went through Jan 19. Now full time in school and part time teaching dance she still works less than when she owned the business.
Marcy: Clarity of youth. Marcy needs new boots. (ya had to be there...)
Jon Secrest: Told a lame dad joke
Alli: Bragged for new members
Will S: For boys and girls club and told the story of the basketball floor that rotary installed after hurricane Irene
Kevin: For Ricky Davidson - a fellow Pierce Alumni, for being an awesome ED for the Boys and Girls Club
Jim M: For his daughter kicking butt at Planned Parenthood
Sandy: Dan Dietz and Sandy Shriver won the basketball pool. Sandy spent his money immediately, Dan donated it to the Boys and Girls Club
Jen Mayhew: Donation for Boys and Girls Club
Jim V: Went to Cuba. It rocked
Damon: End of 7 month hockey season for Toren, got a good year of skiing in. Aiden is applying for a job in Keene.
Michelle: Board meeting tomorrow. Ducks unlimited banquet this weekend. 
Keynote by Ricky Davidson about the Boys and Girls Club:
  • 1,100 members from 19 states
  • $25 to be a member
  • Kids can be 6-19 years old
  • 100% of kids that stay with the program all the way through graduate on-time and with a plan
  • Building was originally built as a parking garge, then was a kick-butt night club
  • This is the original disco ball
  • Aerosmith, Santana, and Peter Frampton all played on the stage we were seeing back in the '70's
  • Kitchen was built by a guy doing community service for a DUI. What great luck!!
  • The club serves 250 meals per week to youth and families
  • And more...