Call to order
Pledge of allegiance
Greeter: thank you Ali; next week - Turner 
Rotary minute:  President Pong on “streaking”. This has nothing to do with one’s state of undress, rather it is a fine for leaving the meeting early, before the speaker starts. Remember to introduce yourself to the speaker beforehand and apologize for missing their presentation.
Scribe: this week Diane; next week – Drew
Guest introductions: Eric Albright – speaker (more to come); Kevin – Erin’s Husband; Kevin & Larry – visiting Rotarians from CT
Junior Rotarians: none in attendance due to holiday week. 
Birthday Singers: Happy Birthday to Jim V & Josh G.
Rotary Anniversary: Jon with 14 years in Rotary. Congrats!
Induction: Newest member - Josh Unruh – Welcome Aboard!
Sadie - Community Service sign-up to track rotary service hours. Overflow dinner 12/18 was a success; next one is 1/9 – sign-up is coming.
Erin – New Sunrise Rotary member’s “Flat Street Revival” group hosting lunch meeting 1/10 to generate ideas with local Flat Street community/businesses.
Cards: Staci was our winner! 
Bowl of life: This person met “The Bachelor” in person. <hint: it is a male member in attendance> The group went through every man in the room until we finally landed on Josh Unruh -  who had become a member just moments before! The story is: Josh had recognized and finagled a meeting with Arie Luyendyk Jr when his filming team was in New England for the taping of the new season of The Bachelor

Damon: His family spent Christmas and Boxing Day skiing – great snow; great day!
Toni: She got to have both kids home for the Holidays.
Kevin: Brought his father-in-law up for the holidays (first Christmas since his mother-in-law passed away); good to have him up here with the family.
Erin: We all had a wonderful time at the Secrest’s Holiday party last week. Thanks so much Jon and Kerry! The 2-week circus program at BAMS/BUHS/special needs kids went well.
Jason: Thanks to Ed, Jason can watch TV! Ed climbed up onto Jason’s roof in the snow to clean off his satellite dish.
Dan: Gave his daughter Natalie the most thoughtful Christmas present ever! She collects signed original books and Dan commissioned a quilt depicting those books as they appear on her bookshelf.
Sadie: Praising Dan for his awesomely thoughtful gift – and his assistance with her tires.
Jon: Proposed a fine for Dan for making the rest of us look like slackers!

Guest speaker:  Det. Sgt. Eric Albright gave us a report on the Vermont State Police. Eric has been with the VSP for 24 years. He was raised (and still lives) in the greater Brattleboro area; he graduated from BUHS in 1988.
VSP was founded back in 1947. Statewide, there are currently 332 troopers and 58 dispatchers. VSP covers 200 towns, 90% of VT (geographically), and 50% of the VT population. There are 3 divisions: Field (“uniforms”), BCI - Bureau of Criminal Investigators (detectives), and support (operations). In 2016, the new VSP barracks opened in Westminster which covers Southeastern VT (Windham, Windsor & some Bennington counties).  From these barracks, they patrol I-91 from the MA border to Exit 9 and they back-up local police as needed.
VSP is in a personnel crisis. More than 1/3 of the current staff will be leaving in the next few years (retirement, moving, pursuing other opportunities, etc.) and there are already 21 vacancies statewide. Quality people are needed and VSP is actively hiring.
VSP has been involved in community outreach and has a community advisory board. Any interested parties are welcome to visit the new barracks and even go on a ride-along with one of the troopers.

The Four-Way Test
 Of the things we think, say or do:
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?