Meeting Notes Wednesday October 18, 2017
Madame President, the Empress Michelle Pong gaveled the meeting to order at 7:15.
The weekly meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a look back in history:
On This Day in History - 
1867 - The US takes possession of Alaska for 7.2 million
1878 - Thomas Edison makes electricity available for every household.
1892 - The first commercial long-distance phone line opens.
1929 - Women are considered persons under Canadian law.
Today's quote: Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone - Pablo Picasso
Today's greeter: Thank you Ali.
Next week: Turner
Today's Scribe: Kevin
Next week: Marcy
(See the complete list on our website

Debra Cox – Primerica (member in waiting)
Mona Williams - Cota & Cota 
Dan Roberts, Junior. Hinsdale
Rachel Girroir, Senior. Hinsdale
Josh Nordheim, Junior. WRCC (BUHS)
Megyn Ayotte, Senior. WRCC (BUHS)
INTRODUCE YOURSELVES AND SIGN THEIR SHEETS!!! Get to know them. They are a great group of young adults. Make them feel welcome!!!
BIRTHDAY -  Diane. She looking fetching in her official birthday chapeau and was more than adequately serenaded by the Sunrise Singers.
CARDS - J of Diamonds. Mark walked away with $10 or a free breakfast.
Toni - SELL YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS! Toni will send emails and keep checking on you until they are sold. Jason has already sold 15 books. Will has a good email template he'll share. Send letters, email, use FB, twist arms, bribe or any other means. If you need help, ASK! 
Ali - tomorrow October 19th is the Vermont Employment Expo. She misstated the date in last week's newsletter. 
October 26th is the joint mixer with the Noon club at the Marina 5:30 - 7:30. Cash bar & appetizers. Families are invited. RSVP to Ali please!
Jim V – Email from Rich Perriman. We have $2,000 in foundation grants - $1,500 for Josh’s project and $500 for the Miles project. Some dispute as to the actual total but……
Kevin – Date for 3 on 3 is set for Saturday, March 17th. Volunteers to help in the planning are welcome. See Toni or Me. Sadie prepared a very comprehensive  "3 hour on 3" manual so it would be easy to jump in and take on a piece of the process. 
PROJECT FEED THE THOUSANDS. See Kevin you would like to or have an interest in being a liaison from the club or helping him with the club's execution of our commitment to his project. 
BOWL OF LIFE - "this Rotarian drove cross country in a '66 Red GTO"- Josh, Diane, Jason!! “Nothing to tell.” Bought the GTO in San Diego. He drove it from California across the southern part of the US to New York with an expired credit card and about $12 cash. He ate and bought gas at truck stops on the expired credit card because back then, they didn't check it if the charge was less than $25. Had no money left when he got to PA, but had all these toll bills waiting for him when he got home.
KJ - thanks to all who purchased tickets to Rescue raffle. Applauded Jim Maxwell for teaching an acting class in Putney with in which KJ is a student. Finally, a $5 brag having his peaceful outing by a gurgling stream interrupted by someone sliding down an embankment yelling "hey KJ". It was none other than own Dan Deitz. It was all part of the Rescue Adventure Race. 
Valerie - $5 for Jason. He gave $100 to the "22 4 22" walk to raise awareness about suicides among military personnel last Saturday. The walk was a 22 mile loop from BUHS to the Putney Co-op and back. 
Turner - $$5 -  he and Kay spent the better part of 5 weeks on a Viking cruise to the Shetland Islands, the Farrow Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, Quebec and Montreal. Found the weather in the North Atlantic to be less then optimal with all the Hurricanes churning up he oceans. Kay did not venture far from her stateroom. Then they spent 2 weeks in Italy. Turner's brother arranged that because his daughter is attending college in Florence. 
Jon - felt sorry for Bethany's bruises acquired during the Rescue Adventure Race. Ask him to explain how she came to acquire them. 
Dan picked up the story from Jon and applauded his teammates for camaraderie. Our 4-person Rotary team placed first among all other 4-person teams....of which there were none! 
Michelle - bragged for our esteemed treasurer Lisa, secretary  KJ and Toni for the work they do to keep our club on course and running smoothly. 
GUEST SPEAKER - our very own Nick DuBois. His focus was to give a market update. However, his presentation became exclusively a Q&A session. He fielded questions about index funds, the advantages of having a portfolio manager, mutual funds, Bear vs Bull market, passive vs active management of stocks, target dates for 401K's, Bitcoins, municipal Bonds, etc. Edward Jones DOES NOT deal in Bitcoin investments. Too volatile, no regulation There was a lot of good material discussed and I recommend if you have investment questions, see Nick. 

One final thought, of the things we say or do

Respectfully submitted, Kevin (not responsible for errors and omissions)