Posted by Christine Takacs on Mar 14, 2018

Rotary Newsletter: March 14, 2018

President Michelle broke with tradition to offer St. Patricks Day Facts:  St. Patrick was actually British and his saintly color was blue not green. Traditionally in Ireland, you weren't supposed to drink on this religious holiday. But no matter, we have more Irish people in America anyway and we spent $5.3 Billion in Bars and Retail last St. Paddy's.
Quote:  "Luck is believing you're lucky.”  Tennessee Williams.  
Greeter:  Cindy Delgatto offered flex options: Hugs or shakes.
Upcoming Speakers:  Justine Shakespeare hosted by Will S.
Disclaimer about the verity of this record: Christine Takacs, Rotary virgin, shot up her hand, volunteering to scribe about a bunch of unfamiliar matters and unfamiliar names. Next two scribes are Tristan 3/21 and Josh 3/28
No guests today
Absent: Lots of people.  
Bowl of Life:  7th generation Vermonter, 11th Generation New Englander on both sides.
First try, someone guessed correct: Jeff Dunklee’s family has been in Vermont since 1770s. Mother’s side came to New England from original England, Father’s from Glasgow, Scotland in 1660.
Birthdays: None
Anniversaries: Tristan 12 years.
Student Rotarians: Natalya Forkin described new initiative Power Hour which will be enhanced study hour sessions.
Josh Nordheim will be attending Leadership Conference this Spring at the Lake Morey Resort. There will be testing, public speaking, presentations. Event is not free. Josh passed around an envelope for donations.

Tristan:  From his recent visit, Tristan presented the flag of Rotary Club in Colombia, an interesting and dynamic club, established in 1928. They just completed a great vision document and sponsor powerful community projects. They routinely pass around a wooden box to collect extra cash to put toward projects. Tristan learned more about the initiative to help kids from poverty, often lacking parents and role models, to develop healthy value systems and self esteem in order to make better life decisions. Tristan heard many testimonials from youth who'd benefitted from program.  

Sadie: Overflow Shelter was a success, thanks to all who helped. Next one is April 11, sign-up will be posted soon.
Community service hours: reminder to keep track on sheet, not services performed during meeting-times, but outside. Members have posted 561 hours so far! 

Kevin + Toni

  • 3 on 3 this weekend, March 17.  All set for official volunteers, but feel free to jump in to help wherever help is needed; ex, ball-chasing during shooting contest at noon. 
  • Please wear rotary T-shirt if you are attending. If you do not have one, get an event shirt. 
  • Hoping to get enough registrations by tomorrow’s deadline to run an actual tournament. 
  • Big thanks to new sponsors who stepped up and old ones who increased support. 
  • Great job to Kevin, Dan, Sandy and Jon for last-minute fund-raising lifting total to $10,000+!

Toni:  Will send out email to get sizes for members who do not have rotary Ts.

Marcy:  Attended President Elect Training Seminar, with 500 people from all over. Was inspired and energized by speakers and breakout sessions. Bill Stevens will be stepping down from Assistant Governor position. Sherriff Keith Clark will step up and will be attending one of our meetings. Someone shouted out a hurrah for impending law and order.
Also, District Assembly will be April 7, 2018 in Hopkinton. A good event for secretary, treasurer, committee-type people to learn about Rotary inner workings.

Ali: Trivia night was a classy event. Winston Prouty was a nice venue. Restaurant Hazel kindly provided drink service at fair price. Erin piped in that she is hooked on Trivia now.

Josh: Reformer is hosting a World War II History presentation at the Latchis this Thursday the 15th.

At which point Prez Pong interjected a Rotary Minute:  The difference between a brag and an announcement: Announcement = Club-related news, matters. Brag = Non-rotary appeals, events, congrats, etc. 

Cards: 7 of Hearts. Great riches were bestowed on winner Empress Pong.  


Tristan: Appreciated living here and waking to see a doe outside his window.

Jacques: For her Son Dylan whose Keene High team won the NH Division II State Championships in Ice Hockey.

Mona: For Mark who delivered emergency Cota&Cota heating oil to the house of a man who was hospitalized after truck was hit in a car accident. The guy’s usual oil company couldn’t make it.


Kris Johnston shared his experience with the Mankind Project and a rite of passage in the New Warrior Training Adventure. The Mankind project is a Global Men’s Community for the 21st Century; a network of peer-facilitated groups for personal development, with offshoots like leadership trainings. The project encourages Integrity, Authenticity and Service; encourages men to take responsibility for the pain that men and male culture have inflicted, and empowers men to make a difference in the lives of others.  

Kris found it to be a pivotal experience where he developed his personal mission to help people’s lives be better, whether through volunteer work, Rotary or other organizations. He still attends annual gatherings and serves in training events. One of his favorite aspects is the constituencies, which include Elders who are revered and sought for their wisdom and experience.

Erin’s husband also joined the Mankind Project and found it a life-changing experience.

Kris could not share details about the secretive warrior training adventure, but there may have been boulders and fires involved. Not too many fart jokes though.

Four Way Test:
Is it the Truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build good will and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

~Your pinch-hitter scribe: Christine