Posted by Daniel Deitz on Mar 22, 2019
Rotary Minutes
March 20, 2019
Volunteer greeter for next week – Mona!
Guest Introductions:
• Kevin introduces two exceptional student Rotarians – Megan and Conrad who were working at the Windham Career Center, They kicked a*s and took names! Language Fine
• Best two daughters classification – Ava and Shoshana
• Damon – His foot hurts. Torin was invited to join the freshman class of Keene Interact! They choose only 30 kids for the incoming class and it is hardcore.
• Josh – Bragged for Damon and for bowling night with the noon club.
• Mark Ethier – Bragged for Davi who is now licensed! Perfect score on her test.
• Debra – Shoshi rocked it in Wrinkle in Time last weekend. 
• Jon Secrest – Bragged for Costa Rica trip with Aleksa, enjoying being finally back together as a family, fighting and sarcastic as ever. Kerry having shaved her head a couple of months ago is now less chia pettish than she was. He was happy for the adventure.
• KJ – for Rotarians, Will and Josh who stepped up this am to help set up.
• Debbie Cox – 4/3-4/7 – going to CA, San Mateo, she won the trip through Primerica, her company
• Kevin – Bragged for everyone who came out and helped with 3 on 3 last weekend, ended up with a very successful 18 teams!
• Bill Maxwell – Bragged for Kevin and Toni, a poetic brag about them being profiles in courage and moving through the foggy mist…
• Ali – The bowling event with the noon club was actually fun. She was surprised by how much fun she had. Let the record show that and she thanked Kevin for his sappy rotary appreciation email.
• Marcy – Put a dollar in for spring, metaphorically. She has had an extreme rough winter with a tragic losses and serious illness in her family. She is looking forward to spring and reminds us to remember to appreciate what wehave when we have it.
In the deck. Josh called us losers with aplomb!
Student Rotarians Report:
Meghan and Conrad - Just got back from state conference and had no sleep during their travels. They placed first in all of the chapter events, FBLA, they placed first in marketing with Alex Shriver who is still sleeping, and Megan won future Business Leader, Miss FBLA! Conrad placed 2nd in accounting. 
• Ali - April first is Turner’s 50th anniversary party. Dress code is to be cute! 
• Jacques – Caleb doesn't have a guest speaker for next week. Does anyone have one?
• Debra – Come “Bowl for Kids’ Sake to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters – join the Sunrise Rotarian Team this Saturday at 1 pm. The form collecting donations went around and generous Sunrise Rotarians have already contributed $86 to the Big Brothers and Sisters. Click here: if you would like to join the team or donate or just show up at Brattleboro Bowl on Saturday.
• Mona – Do we want to have a student exchange next year? Not that anyone can top Lucy!
• Josh U. – Pints for Polio tonight. He is going to drink till close. Get a blue ticket for $25 and that will get you a free beer in a fancy Pints for Polio glass. Or go have lunch at the Whetstone today and that money will go to Sunrise Rotary as Well.
• Kevin – Tomorrow he is hosting the 16th edition of Rotary Cares. Marty Cohen is getting his retina surgery so Kevin is stepping up. Mona and Lucy will be guests on the International Exchange program. Lucy will be a star!
Debriefing the 3 on 3 with Kevin:
Thank You’s to all. Raised ($3-400) with just the team fees. There is a manual they have developed over the years with all the info. Thank you to all who stepped up and compensated for Sandy Shriver who decided that ping pong was more important. Raised $230 for concessions. Some refinements need to get made.
Dan needs volunteers to carry soda and water to basement. Thanks to Rescue for volunteering their time to be there. We will make a donation to Rescue for that. Toni brought t-shirts – magically appearing as soon as her name was mentioned.
Toni suggests separating fundraising from the tournament itself. She will continue to help with the fundraising which worked very well this year. Mona said if we do it a little later it will be easier to get the schools to participate. Setting up committees to see about keeping the ship going.
President Marcy ends the meeting with the 4 way test.
• Is it the truth?
• Is it fair to all concerned?
• Will it build good will and better friendships?
• Will it be beneficial for all concerned?