Rotary Notes
March 28th, 2018
Scribe- Josh
Next week, April 4th, Road Trip!!  Sunrise Rotary Breakfast will be held at Boys and Girls Club on Flat Street – DO NOT COME TO LEGION FOR BREAKFAST.
Thanks, Turner
Next Weeks Greeter- KJ
This day in History
Big Dinosaur Bone Found-
Michelle didn’t know which one, but luckily Diane said it was the left thigh bone of the TRex, Marcy said it was a BIG DINO BONE, and Will said it wasn’t a bird.
 Moment of Silence for Victims of Violence and All our Service Men and Women
Speaker Next Couple of weeks
Apr 04, 2018
At the Boys and Girls Club!!!
Apr 11, 2018
Sharing their experience with kidney donation
Apr 18, 2018
Apr 25, 2018
Scribes Next Couple of Weeks
Jim Verzino
Lissa Weinmann
Kevin Yager
Alisa Barry
Hinsdale Student Rotarians
Spring sports just started and just took SAT. Still selling calenders and cost $20. Money is for senior party.
Rachelle is going to UNH and also going to Blue Man Group . Woohoo!!!
BUHS- FBLA – Chapter Came in First Place – Josh came in 2nd place out of 34 students on Student speaking. Great Job!!!
Guests: Mike Root- Our speaker
  • Sadie- Community Service
    • Bowl for Kids Sake – April 7th – follow the link on FB
    • Overflow Shelter is – April 11th Wednesday – We Need more volunteers only have 1
    • May two grilling events
Kevin- 3 on 3 thoughts and best practices – today
           - looking to move the event to fall
           - Raised $8,000 for Tournament- Great Job!!
           Under the Sea prom March 31st
           Open House April 19th
           Legions 100 year bday 2020
           May 2nd Blood Drive at Breakfast
           May 12th Grilling for Camp for a Common Cause
           May 13th Touch a Truck
           Debra broke her leg and will be out for the next couple months
           She is on the mend up at grace cottage but will be on crutches for a       long time.
           If you would like to help Debra and her family out please see this link:
 You Lose Loosers 3 of clubs
Bowl of life
Who was born under Russian occupation?
Katja- born North of Berlin , everything was very organized, food was inexpensive and wellness of the people was very important. Everyone was taken care of . You would have to wait about 16 years for a new car. When the wall came down in 1989 you couldn’t believe it.  When we went the first time over they gave us welcome money. We were aloud to go to Cuba. Happy the wall came down otherwise I wouldn’t be here.
Damon- friends got married, living large – Aiden turned 17 yesterday
Sandy Shriver-  College Basketball Bracket – You all have lost except for Dan
Michael – WRCC- FBLA – We had 19 students compete last week they represented their school and class very well. Great accomplishment . They brought a huge trophy back . Congratulations to our students.
Michelle- Daughter just came back from San Francisco- Gamers Convention and came back with a Lawyers job- Congrats!!
Josh Unruh guest speaker is : Mike Root
Mike Root of Expert Exchange – Served 12 years in the military
Now calling the director Anthony in Cambodia to talk to us about the program EXPERT EXCHANGE
  • built wells
  • Returning Vetrans who find
  • We founded expert exchange back in 2014
  • Non-profit
  • We have been working Cambodia since then with Education and Medical
    • We have a doctor helping us do needs assessment
    • We have been training people with basic first aid
    • We have been doing follow up medical assessment for clinics
    • We are trying to build a program that can be run by the locals
    • Two months ago a veteran came over and brought educational supplies to schools – pens, backpacks, paper
    • We are also training with carpentry, medical and other skills
    • Questions
      • What’s the scale of this?
        • We are smaller focused
        • 1 or 2 Veterans with an expert
        • cautious of  our impact- not looking to exploit them so its not like a volunteer tourist trip
        • 10 veterans so far
      • How well do the Cambodians receive the veterans?
        • Extremely well
        • They are just gracious that people want to help
      • What’s your long term vision?
        • Develop as an option for veterans like a peace corp for veterans.
        • Looking to use Cambodia as a project template and then spread to other countries over time
      • Silent Meditation and retreat?
        • We need to be prepared for veterans when they land.
        • They are looking for a new chapter in their lives and this course could be an option for them.
        • This could be tremendously beneficial for them
      • What’s the personal journey documentation look like?
        • I want to respect their privacy so its now very limited
        • If they choose to share it then we will put up the narrative.
      • Where are you right now?
        • I am in Phnom Penh in a French style home-
        • Yesterday in a coastal community
        • Cambodia has a good surge of tourism so some areas are developed
        • 80% of Vietnam is Farm Land
      • Where do the veterans come from?
        • Its word of mouth
        • Or I will meet veterans that are over here
        • The veterans fund themselves