Posted by Sandy Shriver on Mar 11, 2018

Rotary Newsletter: March 7, 2018


President Michele opened with “this day in history”:  


My favorite:  2011 Charlie Sheen is fired from “Two and a Half Men.”  


Quote:  Always do sober what you said you would do drunk.  That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”  Ernest Hemingway.  


Rotary Minute:  About Rotary Peace Centers and Peace Fellowships.  Partnerships with Universities. In one decade have trained 1,000 fellows for careers in peacekeeping.  


Next week’s greeter:  Cindy Delgatto 


Speakers coming up:  Check the website.  KJ is speaker next week.  


New member induction:  Christine Takacs.  Welcome Christine.  


Next two scribes are Valerie and Tristan so that is probably going to have to be re-worked.  More info to follow on that.  Check the website.  


Guests:  Evelyn, Shoshanna and Eva --- the children at the bar.  


Absent: Lots of people.  


Student Rotarian:  Danny and Rachel from Hinsdale.  Hinsdale Girls Basketball won the State championship.  Waaaaa Hooooo.  Very cool.  Rachel is deciding between UMass and UNH.  Danny is working on Project Graduation- An alcohol and drug free celebration.  He is selling calendars.  


Bowl of Life: 



Beat the entire freshman recruiting class in a game of knock out as a 7th grader…. Diane, Mike, John, Aaorn, Sadie, Katja (basketball in Germany?), Damon (basketball in Canada?), Josh Unruh:   Correct.  He grew up in Indiana and went to a Tim Knight basketball camp.    





Damon:  Sandy Ladd hopes to come back soon.  


Kevin:  3 on 3 next weekend (March 17).  Need volunteers.  


Mona:  Running concessions at 3 on 3.  Looking for fruit donations.  


Debra:  The VSAC catalogue is listing our scholarship.  


Ali:  Still working on Rotary Romp.  More details to follow.  





9 of Diamonds.  Jim Verzino won.  






Cindy:  Son got into North Adams Community College.  


Damon:  Had fun on his trip to Maui.  Did an Escape room.  It was fun.  There is one in Easthampton.  We should do a road trip (editorial comment).  


Josh Traeger:  Got stuck in NYC.  Debra helped him escape the city.  


Jon Secrest;  Went to Lithuania and Iceland.  


Katya:  Enjoyed watching the German team beat the Canadian team in ice hockey.


Christine:  For her daughter Isabella who is on the Nordic SkiTeam in the U16 division.  Representing Vt. in the NE Regional Championships.  


Michele:  Bragged for her daughter who raised $19,000 for public interest law society.  And bragged for town employees everywhere in Vt. Who made it through Town Meeting week.    


Michael:  Who bragged for his fellow Springfielder Marcy who helped him retrieve his truck from the shop.  





After a fierce wrestling match of words, Jon Secrest prevailed over Tristan Toleno and was our speaker.  


Jon talked about his Estate planning practice.  The only thing I remember him saying was Sandy Shriver and Jim Maxwell were great real estate attorneys.  


No actually, he was full of all sorts of other wisdom including: definitely get a Durable Power of Attorney for someone to control your finances if you are in a coma, makes sure everyone in your family knows your termination of life desires by doing an Advanced Directive (also known as a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care).  You can’t rely on your Mother’s off the comment:  “Johnny, if I get really bad, just close the door and put a pillow over my head.”    If you have dependents, consider a life insurance policy if you are the primary money maker.  Make sure the beneficiaries on your investment accounts/ pensions are listed properly….. Especially if you are working on marriage two… or three… or four.  


Consider life estates for your real property to avoid Probate.  And there was lots more.  Everyone should call Jon and talk to him about your individual Estate needs.  




Your scribe:  Sandy S.