Posted by Daniel Deitz on Sep 25, 2017
“Go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company.” ~ Mark Twain
Scribe for next week is Jimmy V who is facilitating the Visioning Process so the morning meeting is CANCELLED!
Ann Black and Aaron Phillips from the Warrior Connection were the speakers for this week, hosted by Toni.
Josh Hashagen – Diane and KJ’s son who is a Rotarian to be.
Ace of Heart’s – Was in the deck (or Ed’s sleeve).
Bowl of Life:
 “I saved a porcupine and a raccoon over the course of one week.”
It was Tristam J. He used a blanket and threw it over the porcupine and pulled it from the road. A couple of days later he used the same blanket to urge a raccoon off the road.
Josh – Disc golf tournament is 10/1. Sign up to compete or volunteer!
Sadie – volunteer time estimate sheet is going around. We are trying to track the hours that each Rotarian volunteers their time and energy.
            -Saturday is the United Way Day of Caring. They are doing a clean up at Winston Prouty for the new overflow shelter. Come help out and wear your Rotary shirts.
Tristam – Bad news – the coffee shop is closed.
  • Good news – the coffee shop is closed because he sold out all his coffee!
Jimmy V – Next Wednesday will be the Visioning Process. 5-9pm at the New England House. They want AIS at 5pm!
Damon – Open house at BUHS for Interact was last week. There were 3 Interact students who came to talk about it, from Keene. They are moving forward with establishing the Interact club at BUHS.
Jon S – and his wife, Carrie, went on a very nice hike on the Long Trail. Check out the App Peak Finder.
Damon – Torrin set more records in X Country!  They got 2 kittens, or family members, from the Monadnock Humane Society. They went boating this past weekend and had a great time.
Val – told about an article that her dad wrote. He was a veterinarian. It was about a parrot that had to be put down, to help Damon make lemonade out of lemons.
Lissa – was appointed to the commission about Vermont Yankee and they are making decisions about how to use the VY property.
Marcy – There is a fairy house tour at the Grafton Outdoor Center this weekend. Take the kids. Frogs and Salamanders. September 30. The Springfield Parents Association is having a comedy night at Springfield HS. See Marcy if you want tix. It sounded really good.  Some great talent will be there and it benefits a bunch of high school students.
Josh     – bragged for Dan and Debra for agreeing to co-scribe for him today.
KJ         – Search and Rescue at Pico Mountain. Vermont State Police and Fish & Wildlife were there. Buy raffle tickets for a brand new Subaru, to benefit Rescue Inc.
Kevin   – Sara went to Brueggers last Saturday and saw a car accident with an elderly driver. She was very quick to call for help and Kevin is proud of her.
Our Speakers:
Toni introduced Ann Black and Aaron Phillips from the Warrior Connection. They have been supporting our military veterans since 2010 and have received much volunteer and community support. They provide programs for military men and women and their spouses. It is FREE and open for all veterans and their families. Programs include creativity, mindfulness, expressive arts, six day journey / retreats, etc. The goal is to scale this program nationally and keep it free, to engage funders and vetrepeneurs.
Traditional treatment with veterans has a 70% failure rate. Veterans have a much higher incidence of suicide, mental health requests, divorce and PTSD than the rest of the population. This program was run last year on a budget of 38k. 
They use Individual Mentoring, Group Coaching, Expressive Arts, Nature, Mindfulness and Physical Therapy. It is veteran run and mentored by clinicians.
If you can help or be a part of the program, there is a fundraiser on 10/7 at the Cheshire County Fish and Game Club.