May 8, 2019
President Marcy welcomed us at 7:15am.  Thanks to our Greeter, Mona.    Turner is our greeter next week.  Josh Goldberg is the scribe next week, followed by Diane Hashagen on May 22.
Quote of the day
“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” ~ Harry S. Truman
This day in history
1899 – The Countess Cathleen by William Yeats opens at the Irish Literary Theater in Dublin, the theater’s inaugural performance.
1973 – On the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, armed members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) surrendered to federal authorities, ending their 71-day siege of Wounded Knee, site of the infamous massacre of 300 Sioux by the US Cavalry in 1890.
2010 – 88-year-old actress Betty White becomes the oldest person to host Saturday Night Live.  The show had its highest ratings in 18 months and White earned an Emmy award for her appearance.
Mike Mandracchia, our speaker today. 
Jeff Dunklee was serenaded by the Birthday Singers.  Bethany had a birthday but wasn’t here, so we will keep her on the list.
Tristam informed that the coffee shop is open, three bags left.
Tom Franks sent out a sheet to sign-up to be marshals at the Strolling of the Heifers.
Marcy had a reminder about dues.  Dues are due before July 1st.  Very important because we get a bill from Rotary that bills us for people on our roster as of July 1st.  Therefore, if you know you will not be returning next year, please let the club know ASAP.
Toni – May 29th is the last day we will be collecting for RI Foundation – Rotary would like each Rotarian to give $100 each year.  Marcy gave a plug for the Foundation.
Dan had a reminder about Touch-A-Truck this Saturday, May 11.  If volunteered to help, please show up on time.  If you volunteered to bring stuff, make sure to contact Dan on when you will be dropping off.  Toni will send a reminder to those who missed this meeting. 
Josh Trager said there is a Disc Golf clean up this Saturday from 9am to 1pm.  If you aren’t grilling, come help out at the course.
Student Rotarians
Megan and Conrad – Last FLA meeting was recently, bittersweet.  Megan cried as it was her last meeting.  Conrad missed it due to illness.  Conrad said that they are looking forward to national FLA trip to San Antonio this summer.
Jim Maxwell – Six years
Check Presentation
For Rescue Inc. – Kevin presented a check to Rescue, Inc.  One of the benefits of holding three-on-three is having Rescue part of the tournament as they have been the medical presence for the past 10 years.  In turn, we make a donation back to Rescue.  The annual contribution is $500 which was presented to Rotarian Drew Hazelton.  Drew thanked the club for the support.  Every year, they use the contribution for special projects.  This year’s money will continue the investment in thermal imaging equipment.
Bowl of Life
Cindy explained last week’s Bowl of Life since she wasn’t here to explain last week.
Damon – For people who ordered flowers for Mother’s Day and for self.
Mona – Thanked KJ for helping to get Lucy to the district conference.  Reported that it was very emotional for Lucy as it was one of the last times that the students were getting together.  Michelle added on to the brag.
Cindy – For self.
Tristam – For self and for eagles (the bird) at the Retreat Meadows.
Drew – Rescue was recipient of the Share the Love event from Brattleboro Subaru which they are going to use to buy equipment.
Toni – For self.
Kevin – For self.
Tom – For Rotarian magazine, May issue as it stirred optimism in him.
Dan – For self.
Ali – For Deborah for gardening together.
Three of Diamonds.  No winners.
Guest Speaker
Mike Mandracchia from the Noon Club and The Richards Group, introduced by Dan.  Even though not here to talk about the Wheels event, he informed us that it will be held June 29th at the Retreat.
Mike spoke about Skid School, which he did for us six or seven years ago.  In 1921 there was 24.1 fatalities per MVD (million vehicles driven).  In 2017, it was one-point-two per MVD.  Reason is vehicle safety improvements, many that came from racing arena – seat belts, air bags, tires, hand position (10 and 2, s/b 9/3 due to air bags), ABS/ESC, high strength steel/crumple zones.  Mike got into this when he started racing Miatas when he moved to Vermont.  He met a guy (state Trooper) who taught defensive driving where Mike learned a great deal about safe driving.
What hasn’t changed: Traditional driver’s education because US is one of the easiest places to get a license because kids just taught how to pass the test.  It really takes ~1,000 hours of driving experience to get fully experienced in driving.  Skid School tries to condense these 1K hours into meaningful areas to get people ready to drive e.g. ABS straight-line braking, slalom (like skiing).  In accidents, people, on average, only use ~35% of the cars full capabilities.  We tend to either understeer or oversteer.  Key is to look where you want to go and head the car in that direction.  After the first two exercises, they then do the ‘Moose Drill’ (see YouTube).  Goal is to avoid the ‘moose’ and be able to control the car as a roll-over is a common outcome – first brakes, then steering.  Another exercise in about tailgating – it is not about the length to the next vehicle: you should be three seconds behind the next vehicle and this adjusts for speed.  Pick a stationary object and count out three seconds e.g. one-Mississippi etc. to give enough room.  Also, keeps your eyes up.  Mike went through Skid School class takeaways:
  • First break, then steer
  • Adjust seat and hands
  • Eyes up – as far down the road as possible
  • Check tire pressure - don’t over or under inflate.  Despite what you drive, you only have four slim patches of rubber touching the road; critically important.
  • Cars safer than SUVs and trucks
  • 2/10 second to blink = 18 feet @ 60mph
  • Hands free doesn’t mean distraction free
  • Don’t tailgate
  • Don’t pump anti-lock brakes.
  • Most common damage a car receives happens in a parking lot
Final Word – “Impairment”, it is all the same. 
  • Texting and cellphones
  • Alcohol
  • Fatigue
  • Time pressure – “not breathing”
  • Adrenaline
  • Sirens
Closest Skid School is in Hillsborough, New Hampshire.  Rotary (aka Roundabouts) driving is becoming an increasing concern though Mike not sure if addressed in the school.
Adjourned at 8:30am.