May 29, 2019
Greeter - Bethany
President Marcy welcomed us at 7:15am.
Nick was fill in scribe on 5/29, followed by Drew on 6/5.
Quote of the day
“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” – Mark Twain
Megan and Conrad from FBLA Brattleboro
Danny and Maggie from Hinsdale Student Rotarians
John Maybe
Stan Nowakowski
Davey and Lucy.
No Birthdays this week...
Katja 6 years and Marcy 16 years
Dan - Blood drive Wednesday 5/29.
Tristam – Lauriel Morrisette - Brattleboro Housing Authority food program has been a tremendous success and integral part of community.
Tom Franks still needs marshals at the Strolling of the Heifers on 6/8.
KJ – Deerfield Rotary Putt & Pour event 6/7. Lots of fun!
Mona – two host families needed for next year
Stan - VT Food bank collaboration with Mona picks back up in August.  Ali and Stan were on TV for Rotary.
Ali - Trash clean up.
Marcy - Next Week Board of Directors meeting at Legion.  
Student Rotarians
Celebrated and recognized each Student Rotarian for this year.  Each student were presented with a certificate and a small token of appreciation.  Each student also gave a brief speech...
Megan - thanks for support as she is headed to VT Tech for degree in business management.
Davy - Back for another year next year...
Maggie - thanks and also coming back for another year....
Conrad - brand new to club so thanks for welcoming him in such a short period of time.
Danny - achieved 2nd in class and is presenting to entire school...normally nervous but his work throughout the year presenting to the rotary group has made him tremendously comfortable with public speaking.  Thank you for all the support.
Deb - Happy Rotary Day
Jacques - Son has job in CA!!!! A company called Reverb Inc. - Video Game progamming
Jon - Great weekend in Seattle pseudo college reunion and 50 birthday.
Lisa - Hosting two Swamp Bat baseball players - Come out to the games!
Toni - Kyle is back home (living in East Windsor CT)
William - 11 months ago had fire at the house.  Came home to fire trucks and neighbor property on fire with a complete and total sad. Called wife ahead of time to prepare her that it was not their home on fire.
Cindy - Towing camper by her self, practiced at high school...asking for everyone's thoughts, prayers, and well wishes!
Stan - Rotary Golf tournament coming up June 6th ...."Defend your Championship!"
Jeff - 13 year old daughter Brittany played last AAU basketball tournament of season in ME.  Lost last game but she scored 7 of her teams 21 points!!! Normally she is more of a rebounder and defender....WAY TO GO!!!
Dan - nor present at meeting due to daughter receiving mysterious  award at her school.
Deb - Blood Drive starts at 8AM; 14 months ago she broker her Femur....after tireless effort and PT she is now back again for first time playing Tennis!!!!!
Jon - Dan and Jon took Lucy out for some authentic American fun....Guns in the woods!
Damon - 1000mi drive around New England and Canada and New York; running, visiting friends and family, and watching kids break running records!  Meanwhile got a call from son Aiden to explain recent charges on his CC.....ugh oh!!! Come to find out it was his son buying a homeless couple a warm meal and some food to last them for a bit....what a great Junior Rotarian. 
Kevin - Took father in-law to Brewfest, despite leaving him for extended period alone (totally content with beer and comfy chair)...some would suggest neglect...Kevin proceeded to fine other Rotarians for leaving him for Beer refills...NO fine was paid.  
Bethany - Attended the Brewfest with her dad now that she is officially 21.
Marcie - Tree removal and lawn care that has been waiting way too long.  Working on house when daughter asked to "Go Froggin," at Grafton Pond...about to claim too much to do she stopped herself and dropped everything to "GO FROGGIN!"
Nick - EPIC trip to ME also logged close to 1K miles with a great visit to Caribou ME to see Father, 94 year old Grandmother, old family property in Little Madawaksa Lake ME with Brother.  Ended the trip in OOB ME with some late night arcade game play with Son before the usual late night skate and scoot back to the condo.  Beautiful weekend getting back in touch with roots of family.   
Student Rotarian Maggie won!!! $8 yahoo....
Bowl of Life
None - ran out of time.
Guest Speaker
No speaker scheduled for today due to a last minute conflict...however worked out well with more time to honor student Rotarians and support the blood drive.
Adjourned at 8:30am with the Four Way test.