Thanks to Greeter – Josh Traeger
Volunteer to be next week’s Greeter – Wil Shakespeare
This week scribe – Diane Hashagen
Next week’s scribe – Tristam Johnson
This week Speaker – Josh Unruh
Next week Speaker – Mona Williams
Rotary Minute
Rotary Peace Fellows
Each year, Rotary awards up to 130 fully funded fellowships for dedicated leaders from
around the world to study at one of our peace centers.
Since the program began in 2002, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,300
fellows who now work in more than 115 countries. Many serve as leaders in governments,
NGOs, the military, education, law enforcement, and international organizations like the United
Nations and the World Bank.
Corey Daniels and David Pearson (speakers – more to come…)
Rotary Anniversaries - none
Staci Leffel – February 7
Tristam –Honduras $1,000 donation was approved; His dad wrote book on Liberty Enlightening
the World (copies available); Guatemala trip next week – Project Harvest (provide seeds other than corn and beans).
Jim V - No board meeting tomorrow
Josh U - Pints for Polio to happen sometime in March/April/May; need venue; NorthStar sponsoring
Student Rotarians - none
Queen of clubs – Josh Traeger; $48
Damon – Torin end of indoor track season; won “all state” recognition as sophomore
Wil – Tina has the iPhone “find a friend” app and tracks her kids now; found Nick at Ben Stiller’s house doing a project
Jim V – Trivia had the best turnout ever with 83 people attending and $720 check for the Charity: Academy PTA
Turner – Justin fed 83 people at the Trivia Night this week (having planned for maybe 50). Also, fried eggs this morning was a nice change
Justin – Tristan came in to rescue him for the unexpectedly large Trivia dinner
Tristam – Sandy doing food drive this week
Dan - Natalie has her driver’s license
Josh U – headed to New Orleans tomorrow (his “find a friend” will be off)
Bowl of Life – Rafted the Colorado through the Grand Canyon with their best friends. It was Turner! He hired an archeologist to go with them to show them the sites; 11 day trip.
Guest Speakers:
Corey Daniels and David Pearson from NorthStar Vermont Yankee Decommissioning. Safety is the #1 priority over the last 5 years (ongoing project). 600 jobs lost when VY shut down. 60-90 FT employees now (about 30 from VY). The fuel has been loaded into dry storage (5 acres on site). Now taking apart reactor; some large components stored and some shipped to TX (7M+ lbs. by rail to a federally licensed facility). Going forward NorthStar will be managing decommissioning and decontaminating the site (done by 2030).

99%+ of radiological hazard is contained and safe; now more of a demo project. All radiological protection goals have been met or exceeded; no environmental safety issues; no employee incidents or violations to date.
NorthStar is largest industrial decommissioning company for last 15 years (also asbestos; environmental cleanup, etc).
Decommissioning schedule is going better than planned; no significant unanticipated hazards.
Keeping communications current and transparent with local and state stakeholders. Supports local community events. Studies ongoing for potential redevelopment options for the site.
4 Way Test
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Is it beneficial to all concerned?