Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of Meeting July 24, 2019
President Elect Cindy wields the gavel
Greeter  - Mona
Scribe – Tom, standing in for Erin
This day in history
1969 – Apollo 11 returns to earth
1974 – US Supreme Court orders Nixon to hand over Watergate tapes
2005 –  Lance Armstrong wins 7th Tour de France
Famous Birthdays 
1951 – Lynda Carter - Wonder Women
1897 –  Amelia Earhart - First Female Aviator
1969 –  Jennifer Lopez - Singer/Performer
Quote of the Day –  "You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness" - Brene Brown
Birthdays – Debra Rosenweig - July 25th - absent
Anniversaries – Staci Leffel & Jeff Dunklee – both 2 years on July 26th - absent 
  • Deb C. introduced speaker for the day Chris French of Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Diane introduced Joshua Daniel
Katja – Welcome Center Event
  • Reported that despite the heat of the day and the inauspicious traffic pattern collected $910.95.
  • Shout outs to Mona, Tom, and Sadie for their efforts
  • Auctioned off a bottle of fine wine from her cellar with a good story I missed to bring the total to over $1000.
Katja – New Year’s Eve Party proposal
  • Noted that she is coming to the club after consulting with the board
  • Proposes hosting an elegant NYE party, perhaps in conjunction with the noon club, as a fund raiser
    • American Legion has been reserved
    • Since it is the centennial of the start of the Roaring Twenties suggests this as a theme
    • Might include a meal, glass of bubbly at midnight, cash bar, and auction
    • Tom moved and Lisa seconded that the club pursue this option. Motion passed unanimously.
    • Katja forming a committee (contact her if interested)
Marcy – Paul Harris Fellow presentation
  • Reported that the club honors past presidents with the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellowship that can be reassigned at their discretion
  • In light of the many years of outstanding and unassuming service to the club, she presented it to Ed Dewes, who hastily avoided any speechifying
  • Old house under contract for closing in August, KJ due back in a week.
  • Rock Voices will be performing a concert of MoTown at Centre Congo on Saturday night at 7pm. It will be hot
Deb – Back after a 3 week adventure
  • Birth of another grandson, Derrick Keith
  • Birth of grandnephew, Jackson Bentley
  • Shared about the funeral of a man she had engaged with a dozen years ago who found a new reason to live on the edge of suicide. It was a remarkable story of redemption.
  • The Apron Theater Company opens Moliere’s Tartuffe on August 8 at 7:30pm. Performances through August 23.
  • Bragged that he got this minutes out this morning, but moreover, he followed directions on posting and got it right the first time.
Toni – Brags that she won’t be here next week, she’s going to her son’s graduation ceremony in North Carolina, culmination of six years of work to earn the honor being a Green Beret  / Special Forces Medical Officer.
Lisa – Welcomed her seventh grandchild, August Sage
Josh T – Bragged for Sadie and the Welcome Center event crew
  • Bragged for “surviving” the Blue Grass Festival, 103 degrees under the tent
  • This week going on a cruise to Bermuda with his son’s family
  • Then visiting his daughter in upstate NY
  • Then to Michigan, Lake Huron area
  • Adventure culminating with his 60th reunion (not sure if it’s high school or college)
Tom – After confirming the coffee was acceptable, bragged that he roasted it.
Cards – The three of diamonds was in the deck.
Bowl of Life – This member played rugby in college. The guesses went from Dan to Josh U to Josh G to Tristam to Katja to Justin to Will to Tristan to Marcy and finally got to Killer Ciampaglione. Toni related that it involved a  lot of drinking, no cursing or unseemly behavior and shared some of the lingo:  “hooker” the shortest person on the team whose job it was to get the ball out from under the “scrum” and a few she declined to define.
Guest Speaker –Chris French presented an Introduction to Body Language
  • He saw a presentation on this, was interested and determined to learn and share more on the topic
  • The impact of communication is based 55% on body language, 38% on voice, and only 7% on the actual words
  • Five principles
    • Combinations affirm assumptions – e.g. multiple cues give the complete picture
    • What happens inside is what you see outside
    • Context influences body language – e.g. if it’s cold, crossed arms may not indicate closed mind
    • Look for change – change in body language is a good indicator of change of attention/attitude/etc.
    • Take account of body language – make it a habit
  • Example hints
    • Smiling super important, even when on the phone
    • 70% eye contact rule
    • Handshakes shouldn’t be too firm, limp, moist, or held for more than 3 seconds
    • “Clinton box” – keep gesturing within the box defined by shoulders and hips
    • Mirroring – language, body language, shows interest and makes connection
  • Recommended  book - Without Saying A Word: Master the Science of Body Language and Maximize Your Success
Meeting adjourned with the Four Way Test