Call to order

Pledge of allegiance

Thank greeter - next week - Turner 

Rotary minute:  Jon Secrest History of Club Meeting locations

  • Sunflower Café West Bratt
  • Quality Inn
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Riverview Café (Old Whetstone)
  • Country Club
  • Retreat
  • Ramuntos
  • VFW/American Legion

    This day in history 1963-jfk assassinated

    Quote - gratitude unlocks the fullness in life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. - Melody Beattie

    Guest introductions
  • Josh Unruh
  • Caroline Wannak
  • Kevin - Erin Husband

Junior Rotarians - not in attendance due to holiday week. 

Announcements - tomorrow board meeting. 
KJ - Project Feed the Thousands all spots are filled for pickup through December.  See Kevin for dates and location pickups are Price Chopper/Dottie's/Coop

Tristam - Insight Photography Studio job opportunity seeking Executive Director

Ali - Holiday Party Jon Secrest house on December 20th.

Jason/Toni - Dinner Raffle Tickets; SELL SELL SELL!

Sadie - Community Service Sheet passed around to track rotary service hours

Mark - 1000 reasons to be thankful Chester Rotary Club and Polar Express Fund Raisers



Bowl of life - "Saw Yankees Playoff Game in Box Seats at new Yankee Stadium"  Ali - Sandy - Sadie


Damon - Torren raced in RI and finished 31st just missed qualifying for nationals

Erin $5 brag Tiny house project now has institutional partner in Yestermoro School - Taking over all Admin, Website duties etc.  Targeting June 23rd as event date.

Sadie - Evie has been chosen as Shofar blower for the interfaith thanksgiving ceremony (Rams Horn call to worship)

Josh - Disc Golf Course cleanup

Jon - Cheers to all immigrants on Thanksgiving

Toni - Brett is coming home for Thanksgiving last time kids will be together for holidays for awhile.

Marcy - Halloween Cats now have total of four.

Tristam - four boxes of cloth went to South Dakota and now have point person delegating materials.

Kevin - Recently returned from Mumbai with Our Children project that provides holiday camp circus and poetry.  Then spent an additional week in Ledok Cahmir for social circus work.

Guest speaker.  Club Assemblée

Club Social - Ali

Fundraising Chair - Toni and Jason

Foundation Chair - Jim V. (Raise $$ for international causes)

Vocational Chair - Toni - Supporting our Student Rotarians

Community Service Chair - Sadie

Membership Chair - Josh

International Chair - Tristam

Donation Chair - Turner

Scholarship Committee - Toni

3 on 3 - Kevin and Toni

4 way test of the things we say and do

1 - is it the truth
2 - is it fair to all comcerned
3 a will it build goodwill and better friendships
4 - will it be beneficial to all concerned.