November 4th, 2020
Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting
This day in history:
  • 1913 first income tax
  • 1957 first dog launched into space
  • 1969 PBS began
Rotary Anniversaries:
  • Damon and Toni celebrated their 20th Rotary anniversary on November 1st! Congrats to 20 years!
  • Welcome back to Casey Haynes, a perspective member!
  • Mona could not make meeting but wanted to remind everyone that Everyone Eats sign-up has been released for November
  • Sadie sent out sign-up for Groundworks
  • Snowflake project put on by Green Street School – opportunities to donate or provide in-person service
  • Board Meeting tomorrow morning, November 5th
  • Josh T. – brag for Josh G. for disc golf and taking on volunteers
    • Also brag for Will and KJ - headed up within VT to do some hiking
  • Bethany – brag for her sister becoming engaged on Halloween
  • Toni – brag for Halloween. She sat out with Peter on their porch handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. There was less travel going on this year but great to see the turnout of children and parents were very thankful for neighbors handing out candy during these uncertain times.  
    • Also brag for Sandy Shriver – he built a shoot for candy to slide down to trick-or-treaters
  • Justin – brag for everyone that worked the polls in Brattleboro – he fed them food from 5:30am to 7:00pm. It was great to see everyone voting and practicing safe COVID protocols
  • Nick – missed last week’s meeting and wanted to give props to everyone that helped out with disc golf
    • Also brag for his wife and him, 1-10 wedding anniversary!
  • Cindy – brag for Dan Deitz – she spent the morning at Brattleboro Tire getting tires on her Mini Cooper and asked if he could look at the alignment in her car. He did so and Cindy was impressed at how calm and collective Dan was managing everything going on around him (calls, customers, etc.)
    • Debra R. to pass on the gratitude to Dan
  • Jon – brag and praise Dan about his great taste in women (thank you Debra!)
  • Katia – more kudos to Dan!
  • Josh T. – brag to Nick and congratulations on disc golf
  • Debra R. – will do her best to pass on love to Dan but wanted to brag for Josh T. – he’s been leading everyone on the 750-mile journey – many thanks to supporting everyone!
  • Toni – last Wednesday Jason had his hip surgery – send him an email/text to see how he is doing