This day in History – it’s “criminal day”! (and no it’s not Turner’s Birthday)
Definition of Rotary: "Rotary is an organization of business and professional person united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world.”
Those 31 words are worth remembering when someone asks, "What is a Rotary club?"
Guests: Casey Haynes and Taylor Franklin from Southern Vermont Young Professionals
Birthday: Debra R – Birthday on July 25
Rotary announcements:
Sadie will be putting together some information regarding information for joint projects with the noon club.
Foodbank needs a forklift and an operator on Wednesdays.
We may have New England Youth Theatre asking us to do some yard work for them. Sadie will send an email.
Mona – won’t be here for the next couple of weeks as she has BIG work stuff that will consume her.
Turner – Lisa F is trying to send communication regarding a trip that was canceled, Lisa F was able to figure out that Lisa had been blacklisted on his email.
Deb C – talks to her grandson almost every day; babysitter asked them to bring in hammers. Babysitter froze toys in ice and had the kids break the ice to get to the toys
Josh T – during this strange time of Covid Josh has been trying to read more and is learning some new stuff, he is learning the trumpet. Ayla says it sounds like a dying animal when her Dad plays. Rob Szpilla (Nooner) has loaned Josh his trumpet from when he was a kid.
Cindy – tried to learn French at the beginning of Covid – she can say her name and count. 😊
Guest Speakers: Casey Haynes and Taylor Franklin – Southern Vermont Young Professionals
High level overview: Community Org of young professionals who do everything from social gatherings to career and development workshops. Casey is relatively new Taylor has been with the young professionals for a while.
Taylor joined two years ago, slew of local events, gatherings, hikes, canoeing. Many friends left and SVYP has allowed her to connect with young professionals has been great. She had kids young and many of her friends (who moved away) still haven’t had children.
Cindy asks if there is a way to partner with young professionals.
Taylor joined SVYP thinking it was like Rotary, but it isn’t. Taylor would like to see the “YP” be more like Rotary, but the steering committee does not currently want to go in that direction.
Casey - The overall goal of the YP is to help with workforce and retention; efforts are afoot to have events which are social and service oriented, there is a lot of interest in this.
Taylor – still working on bylaws and direction
Josh T asks the age range and group size
Taylor – steering committee is about 10 members; 30 – 40 people at events. Their big Gala attracts about 200 people or so. Age range: usually under 40, but it’s how you “feel”
Some great opportunities to partner with the young professionals. Ali gave a view from history where the Sunrise Club started by a bunch of young professionals (25 years ago!)
More discussion on Rotary things:
Get together at Saxton’s Distillery was great! Great drinks at a reasonable cost.
Cindy is going to send a Doodle poll out about a club get together.
If you have a speaker that is interested in talking to us, let us know we want to hear speakers:
Nick is speaker next week July 29
Katja is the week after August 5
Potentially Jim Maxwell on August 12 (Keith Marx)
Ended with the Four Way test