Who Are We?

The Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary is a lively group of Brattleboro area professionals who love to share breakfast and camaraderie through our weekly morning meetings, service projects and creative fundraisers. Entrepreneurs, professionals of all kinds, students and retired folks all have a great time with each other. There's always some learning and ideally a lot of laughter at each meeting.

What Happens at a Meeting?

Our weekly meetings may be early, but they are spirited! We eat a delicious breakfast, socialize, and begin with announcements. There is a time for "brags" where members have a chance to talk about something in their lives they're proud of. The meeting ends with a speaker from our community. Members take turns inviting speakers in to present about what they are doing in our community for the last 15 minutes.

We Would Love to Meet You!

We welcome anyone who is Rotary-curious to join us for breakfast on Wednesday mornings at 7:15 at Ramunto's at the Rotary (pun intended) at exit 3 in Brattleboro. Your first breakfast is on us! Just drop an email to our Membership Coordinator before hand to tell us a little about yourself so we can welcome you!