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hanks to Greeter
Volunteer for next weeks Greeter
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Jon Secrest
Next weeks scribe  – Will Shakespeare
This week Speaker – None
Next week Speaker – None
This Day In History
Parliament passes the Coercive Acts to punish the colonists for their increasingly anti-British behavior. The acts close the port of Boston.

North Carolina becomes the first colony to declare its independence.
North Carolina becomes the last state to secede from the Union.
President Abraham Lincoln signs the Homestead Act, providing 250 million acres of free land to settlers in the West.

Levi Strauss begins marketing blue jeans with copper rivets
Charles Lindbergh takes off from New York for Paris.
Amelia Earhart lands near Londonderry, Ireland, to become the first woman fly solo across the Atlantic.

Pan American Airways starts the first regular passenger service across the Atlantic.

A white mob attacks civil rights activists in Montgomery, Alabama.
Rotary Minute
Rotary Grants for University Teachers: Awarded to faculty members to teach in a developing nation for three to ten months. From 1985 to 2019, 377 university teachers shared their expertise with a college or university in a developing country. On 1 July 2009, the Foundation discontinued this program.

John Mabie
Ayla Treager

Rotary Anniversaries

Josh Treager – May 23 2012 – 8 years

Tristam Johnson is working with noon club on dairy project and also people working on cards for nursing home residents.  Drop Tristam a note if you’d like to participate.  Josh Traeger and Ayla have been volunteering to help people through Love Brigade who’ve been victims of hate crimes, so he encourages folks to help with Tristam.
Sadie:  scholarship committee will meet next Wed at noon via Zoom.  If you’re interested in helping, reach out to Sadie.
Tom Franks:  let him know if you need help updating your email and profile in Club Runner.
Mona:  Another great overflow shelter meal.  We’ve been asked to do one in June, shelter at hotel still happening for a month. Justin agreed to cook.  Looking for entertainment items like books, etc.  
Toni:  3 or 4 people dropped off money at the bank drive-through (if you do, put note on envelope saying “Please give to Toni.”)  Need cash donations for overflow shelter meal, and for brags, etc.  
Lisa:  can the club provide any funds to support the project she’s involved in in West Chesterfield feeding seniors each week?  She’ll follow up with Jim and Turner. Or email Lisa to get the address of Dot, who’s running it, if you wish to help.
Jim:  shout-out to Cindy, who insists on paying for PETS (President training) which is essentially a donation of several hundred dollars for the club, which usually pays.  
    Dues invoice emails going out soon.  We’re working on how to pay electronically for any club payments/contributions. Requesting a voluntary payment of $5 per zoom meeting if you can, and the $1 brag payments. Today is 9th week.  Leave a note to Toni saying what it’s for.     Dan joined the meeting at this point, his first Zoom attendance. Yay! But then he left.
    We don’t know what changeover party will look like.  Will volunteered his field; we’ll see then if that’s feasible or if we have to do it virtually.
Debra:  She and Mona did a garden session and bought hydrangea.  Setting up another work party for weeding; she’ll send out a sheet on Sign-Up Genius. Please help for an hour.
Toni and Jim will talk about a final goodbye for Student Rotarians.
Kevin: Hamilton Farm is giving away raw milk they’d otherwise have to dump.  Bring your own container.  
Student Rotarians
Jim:  $5 for illness update.  Has been sick for a month with Covid-like symptoms, awful.  He’s mostly recovered.  Lots of tests, nothing clear. Feels super supported by everyone.
Josh Treager:  for Rob Spzljla.  (Or something like that).  Rob’s been working hard on disc golf course. I think Josh said he’s been helping too.
Katya:  Hair salons in NH are reopened, so you can go there if you need it.  The Stage restaurant was opened, which was surprising.
Erin:  Finished the website for local coordinated efforts to help (BAMA).  It’s  Someone will do an explanation on sheet mulching, via Zoom.  Email Erin if interested.
Deb: She met with a woman from Edible Brattleboro who looked at our Rotary garden and maybe we could plant a cherry tree or something for pick-your-own.
Cindy:  Brag for BAMA (Erin’s group) as a good resource. Also bragged for ongoing battle:  Cindy vs. birdfeeder-attacking squirrel.  Squirrel mocking her.

Guest Speaker
4 Way Test
Is it the truth
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build goodwill and better friendships
Is it beneficial to all concerned
Rotary Minutes - March 25, 2020
First meeting on Zoom (online video-conferencing platform) due to COVID-19 restrictions.
President Jim welcomed everyone onto the platform and began meeting roughly between 8:00am and 8:10am, due to learning the platform and awaiting more participants to log into the meeting.
Greeters of the Day:
Both Josh Goldberg and Debbie Cox! Thank you both for your lovely “good mornings”!
Next Week’s Greeter:
Not entirely sure – perhaps the first member to log into the meeting?
Today’s Scribe:
Bethany Martin! Next week’s meeting, Wednesday, April 1st on Zoom will be Katja Matthews!
Today’s Guest Speaker:
In Weeks to Come Guest Speaker:
Perhaps our Student Rotarians? Hazel Wagner was asked if she would present some of her artwork, and she appeared to be willing to do so! Looking forward to it Hazel!
This Day in History:
  • 1663 - Charles II of England awards land known as Carolina in North America to eight members of the nobility who assisted in his restoration.
  • 1664 - In London, Roger Williams is granted a charter to colonize Rhode Island.
  • 1765 - Britain passes the Quartering Act, requiring the colonies to house 10,000 British troops in public and private buildings.
  • 1900 - Mayor Van Wyck of New York breaks ground for the New York subway tunnel that will link Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • 1947 - Congress proposes limiting the United States presidency to two terms.
  • 1965 - The Freedom Marchers, citizens for civil rights, reach Montgomery, Alabama.
  • 1989 - The Exxon Valdez oil tanker spills 240,000 barrels of oil in Alaska's Prince William Sound.
Rotary Minute:
  • Rotary 2020 Convention June 6-8 in Honolulu HI has been cancelled.
  • For the first time in history, Rotary International recommends that Rotary and Rotaract clubs meet virtually, cancel, or postpone meetings and events. 
No guests, but our Student Rotarians Hazel Wagner and Alina Secrest made it onto the call – yay them! And yay us for their dedication to continue participating in our club during these crazy life changes!
Rotary Anniversaries:
  • Tristan Toleno – 14 years!
  • Valerie Stewart – charter member, but still congratulations!
None for this week.
Sadie – Overflow Shelter
  • Shelter has closed at its physical location on the Winston Prouty campus. Groundworks has moved them to hotels in the area, such as the Quality Inn, as well as set up their own office there.
  • The next dinner that Rotary has signed up to cook for will be in Mid-April. Volunteers have been bringing meals to the hotels and Groundworks packs them up individually to send to their rooms.
  • Groundwork’s goal in moving them to the hotels was to enforce social distancing and keep everyone housed.
  • Sadie will update sign-ups online and figure out ONE driver to be picking up food from the Legion and transporting it to the Quality Inn.
Mona – Overflow Shelter cont.
  • Our next meal contribution will be Tuesday, April 14th. There is no need for servers or clean-up people due to Groundworks wrapping up the meals individually. There is, however, a need for ONE person to pick up from the Legion and bring to the Quality Inn – Tristam has volunteered to transport meals! Thank you Tristam!
  • Rotary also owes Justin for cooking the last meal Currently, our club has $115 collected, and Josh Traeger offered to help with the costs. Many thanks, Josh!
  • Groundworks is also looking for other supplies, such as craft, puzzles, books, DVDs, coloring books, etc. for their client to do during the day while they are living at the hotels. Please reach out to Mona via email if you have any items to donate – Debra Rosenzweig said she can put together a bag of puzzles, games, and books! Many thanks, Debra!
Jim – Overflow Shelter cont.
  • When Justin knows the exact amount for last meal and for meal coming up in April, he can send an email to Ali and she can then send money his way.
Justin – Overflow Shelter cont.
  • Currently, he is working off the food he has, and needs to do a walk-through of the Legion to see what he can prepare for April’s meal. No set meal in place at this moment in time.
Josh – Clean-Up Project
  • He was in contact with Carol Lolatte from the Brattleboro Parks and Recreation Center about cleaning up the pavilion. Carol will reach out when a good time would be for us to go and clean the pavilion.
Tristam – Educational Fund
  • He received a letter from Carla and the organization that collects money for the educational fund thanking Rotary for what we have given her. Carla was very grateful to receive financial support to send her to school and her objective is to complete this school year for both herself and for her family.
Jim – Hurricane Dorian
  • Our Rotary club had sent funds to support disaster relief to victims caught in the devastations of Hurricane Dorian back in January/February, and we received a thank-you note back.
Hazel, Student Rotarian – School Update
  • Haven’t had much schooling yet since cancelling in-class studies due to COVID-19, but online classes just began on Monday. Since Monday, Hazel’s teachers have been using Zoom and Google Classroom to teach and administer assignments. Some teachers have set schedules aligned, some currently do not.
Mona – Lucy Update
  • There was an earthquake in Croatia recently – Lucy and her family are okay! Very scary, but minimal damaged occurred. Lucy says to us Rotarians to stay inside and be well due to COVID-19.
Tristam – Project Proposals
  • Has reviewed seven project proposals since November. Two of the most promising ones appear to be a project occurring in the Philippines providing wheelchairs to those that need them, and another project on the border of USA and Mexico in Tijuana.
Josh – Kevin Yager
  • Reached out to Kevin, says that Kevin and his family are doing well!
Josh T. – Band Application
  • Introduced the “Band” application a few years ago and was wondering if it makes sense to start using it again for communication purposes directly in our Rotary group. Perhaps we try it again?
No cards for today!
Ali – Nicole Update
  • Not a brag per se, but Ali’s daughter, Nicole, is in transit from Pacific Samoa. She will be returning home, hopefully soon, but it has been a challenging time trying to figure out traveling arrangements. Positive thoughts are being sent their way!
Lisa – Travel Agent Lifestyle
  • Lisa has been working nonstop to get her clients home. It’s been challenging due to airline policies constantly changing due to COVID-19 responses.
  • Bragging for the people in her travel agent industry – their trajectory is going to be completely different from now on.
  • Another brag for Michael, Lisa’s husband, for devoting his time to work under this life-altering pandemic. She hasn’t been able to see him in three weeks due to his work responsibilities rapidly changing from COVID-19.
  • Lisa says to keep healthy and stay safe everyone!
Debbie – Florida and Grandchildren
  • Debbie and Tony had a fast round-trip to Florida and back – less than 2.5 days there due to pandemic.
  • Currently, Debbie is practicing social distancing from seeing Amber (her daughter) and her children (Debbie’s grandchildren) due to the pandemic. It’s challenging right now to try to explain to her grandchildren and for them to understand why she isn’t coming to see them in person. Various books are aiding in explaining germs and how they work to her grandchildren.
Tristam – Horse Rides
  • Brag for his horse that has been taking him into the woods where both of them an forget about the controls of life.
Jim V. – Nephew is a Dad!
  • Jim’s nephew and his girlfriend just had a baby! Unfortunately for his nephew, he works in the healthcare field and won’t be able to see his son until this pandemic I over.
  • Also, a brag for Erin O’Keefe for hew work with Brattleboro Area Mutual Aid (BAMA).
Erin – BAMA
  • She’s been working on setting up mutual aid for people around the community. She’s been making maps of the communities in Brattleboro and appointing a point person to each neighborhood in order to create mutual aid and support during these rough times. There are still a few neighborhoods that need a point person, which include: Belmont, Green Hill, Lower and Upper Putney, Main Street, South Main Street, and South Street.
Justin – Wonder Wife
  • Bragging for his wife, who works for Families First. She has been managing both staff and clients’ personal development, working on helping them balance family and work life. She’s gone from working 8 hours a day to 10+ hours a day! AND been busting her but putting up with Justin!
Marcy – Thank to Teachers
  • Thankful to have a person more tech-savvy than herself running the Rotary meeting – thank you Jim!
  • Thankful to all the teachers for putting together online learning programs for students everywhere.
Josh T. – Our Rotarians
  • Shout-out to Hazel, one of our Student Rotarian’s – Josh had the opportunity to see her photography over at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center.
  • Another shout-out to Erin – incredible work she is doing to gather people together throughout the community during these challenging times and create a support system.
Comments? Questions?
Josh G. – Payment Question
  • Since we can’t meet physically, Josh was wondering if there was any electronic payment ability in Rotary?
    • ANSWER: Jim V. –
      • Do NOT currently have an electronic payment method set up.
Jim V. – Leaving House Policy Question
  • Governor has put up a “don’t leave your house” order – Jim was wondering if this means you can’t exercise (walk/run/bike/etc.) outside or walk pets?
    • ANSWER: Hazel –
      • You CAN leave your house to exercise/walk pets, but it should be independently.
Lisa –
  • Mental wellness is very important for all of us! Put on real clothes and shoes! Wearing yoga pants for work now is fun, but your work clothes aren’t going to fit when you finally go back into the office!
Many thanks to Josh Goldberg for setting up the Zoom meeting! Perhaps next week we will be beginning the meeting earlier than 8:00am.

Meeting adjourned by 9:15am.
 A. Deb introduces -Aaron Smith- Prospective Member- Burton Car Wash
      a. 2nd time he has visited and Membership Committee is in talks with him about interest
 B. Diane - Introduces the one and only, fantastic person all around - Kate "Dance Fever" Traeger
 C. Josh T. Introduces the one and only, up and coming Rotarian to be Ayla "loves our buffet and kindness" Traeger
1. Ed Dews - 18 Years a Rotarian brought in from Damon
2. Announcements
   A. Board meeting tomorrow 7:15am
   B. Tristam- Nutrition Project
       a. Moore Court - No one could serve due to sickness until Friday
           1. Maybe next time Rotary can step in to help with Emergency issues
       b. What we are doing is offering breakfast and lunch during a time that they don't have any meals coming in
       c. Episode 25 - Rotary Cares - all about nutrition project - check it out
    C. 3 on 3 Basketball- 2.5 weeks away
       a. Need more volunteers for
           1. Need more Concessions food sign ups
            2. Court Monitors
            3. Clean up
            4. Registration
            5. 3 point throw contest volunteer - Debra
                 A. Need a couple volunteers for this time to clean up balls - 11:30am
            6. Cash Prize for winners
            7. 0 teams
            8. Justin FB Event Coordinator 
                A. Share FB event – Here is the link:
                B. He has done a great job promoting the event but needs all of our help to push it further on FB
                C. Invite friends
                D. Put link for into minutes FB
                E. Reformer ads
                F. Radio ads 
         b. Set up is 4:30 on Friday
         c. Concessions we need more food
    D. Basement
          a. Need to organize - maybe 1 hour of work
3. Student Rotarians - Hazel and Alena 
     A. Brattleboro Boys Nordic Team won state championship - last time was in 1970s
            a. Fire Truck ride to celebrate win
            b. Girls team got 5th in the state
        B. Student Election
             a. New President Elected - Sara Butterfield a Student Rotarian!!!
         C. Hockey Teams did well in playoffs
              a. Boys continueing on
              b. Girls played well but will not be moving on
          D. Art and Writing Contest
              a. Hazel - won art piece of it
4. Rotary International
         A. COVID-19 Virus and common Flu precautions
                a. Try to find new ways to say hello - less shaking hands and hugging
                b. Suggestions from Scribe
                       1. Wash hands before meeting and after meeting
                       2. If your sick with a cold or flu- rest at home and do not come to meeting-
6. Brags
                A. Erin
                                a.  - go check out the art museum - great exhibits
                                b. Brag for Justin for an incredible 80's party
                                                1. 260 people - great job Justin
                                                2. Such fun dancing
                                                3. Mona, Kate, Erin, KJ, Diane, got there groove on
                                c. Received Waterways Grant
                                                1. Indigenous knowledge
                                                2. Community art making
                                                3. River studies
                                                4. Land use and ecology
                B. Justin
                                a. 80's Dance was amazing
                                                1. Huge fundraising- $1,800 raised
                C. Jen
                                a. Bragged for her son's leap year birthday he turned 3 or 12 depending on how you look at it.
                                b. He is an awesome young man
                D. Marcy
                                a. Rowan is swimming in swim-athon
                                b. Democracy - great to see so many people voting
                E. Tom
                                a. Elected as a lister
                F. Damon
                                a. Family trip to British Columbia
                                b. Good to catch up with family
                                c. Rhode Island Track team
7. Speaker- Tristam Johnson
I was asked to conduct an interim assessment of the GG with a focus on reducing malnutrition and increasing household income.
Let me first ask what your reaction is to malnutrition
                What do you picture
                What meals are served
                What foods are available
                What is an annual diet?
Now let me ask what your reaction is to increasing household income
                If the economy is based on the $1US, what might the increase be
                How much does the family make now
In terms of the household,
what is that, what does it look like, what do you picture
                What services are available
I went to Chiquimula, Guatemala a 5.5 hour drive from G.City. The highway was 2-lane to 4-lane, slow mountainous terrain, lots of curves, and evidence of mud slides during the rainy season. The region was a sea bed so is made up primarily calcium, a soil that does not support much.
Chiquimula is the capital of the state by the same name and fairly large. I did not see evidence of colonial periods other than the architecture and grandeur of the Catholic churches. This is a Mayan region, lots of indigenous who spoke chorti'. The women in Oquen are Mayan but their dress is less obvious, while the women of Tunuco Abajo are 100% Mayan and their dress beautiful, colorful, traditional.
I visited Oquen and Tunuco Abajo where this project was being implemented for a second time, building on the success of the first project and using veterans of the first to help instruct those getting involved in the second. This is one of the poorest regions of the country where families strive to survive on what little they can grow and what little income the men can earn. The men depend on the seasonal harvests of coffee and sugar cane, generally November thru April, from which they may earn about the equivalent of $900, their annual income.
The area is dry suffering from multiple years of extended drought. Surface streams offer barely a trickle, water is scarce.
The people have depended on corn and beans for generations and often plant in the most precarious erosion prone hillsides. During heavy rainstorms they can lose up to 80% of their crop, leaving barely enough for one meal a day for the family. Families on average include 6 to 7 people, though the trend now is to smaller families.
This project depends on Project Harvest, a 12-year old Canadian not-for-profit that has experience in numerous countries. Simply, they teach how to plant care for and harvest vegetables, food stuffs not at all a part of the annual diet. The first and second project each focused on providing services and assistance to 66 familes. By the end of the 2nd project, 132 families will have benefited, about 860 people.
Soils are poor so the project teaches the techniques of composting, but leaf litter and other organic matter is scarce in Oquen so creating compost is more time consuming. Tunuco Abajo has not been so severely deforested so leaf litter is more plentiful and composting more immediately successful. However, as those of you who may practice this, a compost needs to be kept moist, water, and this commodity is scarce.
The project requires a garden space of 100m2 per family, and most have this space, but not all. These folks live on steep hillsides so they are taught how to terrace their gardens using rocks to build each level. Soil is moved in to place and compost added when possible.
The project offers vegetable seeds for onions, cilantro, radishes, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, etc. Seed spacing and care is very different than required for corn and beans, so families must be taught this new technique.
The new technique means they must change generations of habits & routines. They must also add new flavors and cooking habits. In the case of this project, the change was less hard to accomplish as the results of a successful garden mean a reliable source of food year-round to compliment corn and beans. The gardens can offer two harvests per year.
I asked about flavors and whether kids and adults liked the new foods. They were emphatically happy. A note here is that men and children contribute to the care of the garden, but the women are primarily in charge.
The project includes the director of the local office of the Secretary for Security of Food & Nutrition. Ablelardo Villafuerte told me he annually collects data on severe cases of malnutrition and has seen the incidence decline.
These communities include pigs, dogs, cats chickens and turkeys, so the gardens are fenced, provided for by the project.
Available water is an issue so this project offers water catchment systems, tanks, fencing, tubing, roofs, and rain gutters, so that during the rainy season families can collect and store enough water to allow them to irrigate their gardens for 9 months, if the families don't begin to use the water for household purposes. Every family will have a tank but they prepare the ground, carry the material to their sites, construct the wire form, shape the black plastic "tank", set the poles for the roof, and install the roof and gutter. Finally, the set the protective fence surrounding the tank.
Improving household income is another component of this project. As the gardens can produce at least 2 harvests per year, the women have a chance to take excess to local markets. I was skeptical about this, wondering if it is one of the poorest regions of the country, how could anyone have the funds to buy anything other than the extreme most essential basics, and how "local" are the local markets. I needed to see the communities.
The local markets serve not only these communities but a large region where there are people with the ability to buy. The journey to the local markets may be as much as a 2-hour walk, but certainly manageable in this context.
Women can sell excess harvests and may earn up to $300, which means that annual household income my reach $1200. The women are taught to save some of their earnings to buy seeds for those vegetables that do not produce their own. This training is essential for sustainability.
All-in-all this is a great project and the work being done by Project Harvest is excellent. One final note is that 5 international development organizations are so impressed with the simplicity and success of these two projects and of Project Harvest that they want to replicate this effort.
Quote of the Day: President-Elect Cindy Delgato chose the following words of wisdom for today’s meeting:
“If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter. ”
 ~ John Gotti
Today in history:
None so Cindy spoke of her current experience at PETS & what she’s been doing to prepare for her presidency in July.
    Rotary Minute: 1st service project was an installation of public toilets in Chicago
Guest Introductions:
- John Mabie - Noon Club
Mini-Rotarians: none in the house today

Greeter / Scribe:
Next week: KJ is scribe
KJ did a bang up job greeting today - next week will be Debbie & Turner
Student Rotarian report:
Committee Reports:

Mona - next Thursday is overflow shelter meal; Justin is going to cook the 2 main dishes but a sign up sheet will be sent around for it & as well as Sign Up Genius; $$ can be donated so reach out to Mona if you want to donate
Bowl of Life:  
This Rotarian clue: Only half of their face sweats.....
Katja guessed John who guessed Diane who (glows) guessed Jason who guessed Jen (correctly)!!
Jen has Harlequin Syndrome after pinching a nerve in her neck about 8 years ago! She notices it most when running! It also affects her hand.
Turner also reported that he is afflicted with it too - it was because of a surgery removing a benign tumor!
Jack of Spades drawn - “you Lose Losers!!”
- Dan Deitz (not here) & Tom Franks! 🎂🎉
None today
KJ - $5 for a trip to Missouri (Cannon ball run inspired) - with Drew to take an Ambulance down to be repaired & pick up one that. Drew took down about 8 months ago; only slept about 5 hours in a hotel; saw the factory where they build the ambulances which was amazing
Michelle - has left Town of Vernon & is now Town Administrator of Stoddard, NH
Kevin bragged for his vacation in Mexico; uneventful trip; weather was good; very relaxing 🌴☀️🍻; met many people from cold climates 🇨🇦; some buildings were completely empty - possibly due to the Thomas Cook travel agency going bankrupt; All Inclusive is highly recommended!
Josh U was at Madri Gras - he “worked” hard; headed to Orlando Sunday for 4 days
Ali - bragged for her daughter who’s going to Fiji today from Samoa where she’s studying
Justin - bragged for an upcoming 80’s dance 2/29/20 here from 8PM to midnight (Leaping back to the 80’s!)
Guest Speaker:   Mona was responsible for our Guest Speaker today (club assembly next week)
Toni & Kevin spoke to us today about the 3 vs. 3 tournament which is in a month (Saturday 3/21/20).
As of today we have posters & registration forms made that need to get out - please get them out if you have someplace to put them up or know someone that can
Rec Center; Boys & Girls Club; Schools; Vernon Rec Department; BF; Greenfield; AAU coaches if you know any;
Labels need to be done if someone knows how to do a Mail Merge (please volunteer if you know how to do this task)
    Jen volunteered to get them printed & she’ll get them to Turner
Once labels are done the forms will be mailed out (Jason will provide the stamps)
We’ve lost a lot of our larger donors from past years so we need help trying to find replacements.
Follow up with local businesses for donations to get the commitment for a donation at the very least.
We’re at about $4000 right now & our goal is $12000
Team fees don’t account for much of our income.
Next week Kevin will get a sign up sheet for other jobs such as set up, clean up, etc.
Concessions should be planning now
Pepsi has committed for donations of product & it’s in place.
Mona & Cindy will coordinate once they have the names of their volunteers
Court Monitors: Kevin has some already committed but he’ll let us know how many more are needed & what time slots.
Shirt color hasn’t been chosen yet for this year - we’ve done pretty much every color! Yellow was suggested for this year.
Looking for someone to create an event on our FaceBook page to help get it out & allow it to be shared & to thank our sponsors on FaceBook.
Justin has been made an Admin for our page & will take this on
Josh U will reach out to NorthStar & ask them about sponsoring as well as Leader
John will reach out to GSP
KJ has arranged for Rescue coverage.
Toni will do brackets & can be there until about 8:30 AM
Free Throw & 3 Point Contests
need hands on deck to help with ball retrieval
Jason will get Sam’s gift certificates for winners
Clean up - middle school could be as early as noon & main gym may be as late as 4ish
Goal is 100% participation is some way, shape or form!
Kevin will be our speaker in 2 weeks & will be giving us another update on the progress of the event.

Adjourn with a recitation of the 4 Way Test!
Respectfully Submitted,
Damon Kindopp
The first regular January weekly meeting will be held Wednesday, January 8th at the Brattleboro Boys and Girls Club. 7:15am.
The January Board meeting will be held Thursday, January 9th st WKVT. 7:15am.
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