Meeting Notes 11/2/22

Diane - Powerful weekend with RLI ( Authors note I believe this stands for
Rotary Leadership Institute)
Student Rotarian- Ava’s in the house - from BUHS - all women administration
which is great - Colonels going to the semi-finals- Fiddler On The roof - 24 folks
auditioned for it. Halloween was fun on Monday.
No Birthday’s and No Anniversary’s
22 Years a Rotarian Toni and Tristan Johnson 23 Years Mona at 5 years
Visitors - Prospective members Collier and MJ and - Bill Stevens
Fundraising ideas we need them
Afghan 1st Halloween went well and Katja to soon speak at Rotary
Brattleboro History Tour - tomorrow at 5:15pm Thursday at the Park across
from the Brattleboro C0-0P- KJ, Mona, Maybe Toni and Maybe Peter
Garden party went well - with Debra, Collier ( new member), and Katja
Maybe need some more soil and bulbs
Trivia - Coming in January at Elks
Nick went to select board town meeting. Burglaries are up in town and lots of
problems due to this.they are looking to replace the lights in parking lots and
camera upgrades.
Nutrition program- is going to start back up -focused on low income
communities with food insecurities during the academic year- two multi
family housing communities- Tristan Johnson leads this project and hopes it
will continue this year - with a budget of $1000 total ($500 from sunrise and
$500 from noontime)
Marcy - Halloween weekend was a blast - happily found pumpkins and dead
flowers for haunted greenhouse up in Walpole, Halloween was great!
4pm-6pm for the little guys, then a bit of lull and then everyone showed up
then from 6pm-9pm all the adults - humane society was there to take
donations - 400 people at least
Mona- great Halloween with family - great with games like mummy bowling,
piñata - 10 kids and 16 parents - great day had by all
Kevin - $5 Great College 40th Reunion - Go class of 1981!
Debra - Thanks to Katja for garden work and helping out. Plus she is going to
District conference.
Sandy - New Orleans French Quarter
Josh - Brag for our newest applicant for membership, Collier, he showed up
and worked on the garden to help out. He is already showing up as a person of
Bill Stevens Distric Governor Nominee - wants to hear about new prospective members becoming members and to Tristam Johnson for 23 years and for
bringing more energy to club
Speaker - Rich introduces Kevin Yager his friend for last 23 years and for
bringing positivity into the room - for his talk on

living with multiple sclerosis
MS - Orange is our color and I wore it
we refer to ourselves as warriors
Well over 2million people
Diagnosed between the ages of 20-50
2/3 of this population are women
Diagnosted 1999 in the fall and same year I lost my brother in a traumatic
Maybe there is a correlation between trauma and MS
No feeling in thumb and forefinger
Test in my spinal tap
Causes nervous system to misfire
Mood problems
It affects your walk ( 2011 started using a cane)
Loss of strength
Difficulty controlling temperature
They working on drugs to help fight it
Drug Therapy - Paxown - 3 days a week injections and kept it at bay
Annual MRI’s
I feel pretty lucky for where I am at with MS- as I am still walking
I try not to Dwell on where I am at and stay positive and use humor to
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Meeting Notes 9/14/22


Thank this week’s greeter – Jon Secrest

Next week’s greeter – Josh Traeger

Guests - None.

This week’s scribe is: next week is Jason Pasternak



Speaker List -

Sadie F. September 21st.


Lisa Fitzgerald September 28th (Lisa can’t be here. Need replacement speaker!)


Diane Hashagen October 5th.


This Week in History:

2015 - American basketball player Moses Malone—who was a dominating center and the NBA's premier offensive rebounder during the 1980s, leading the Philadelphia 76ers to a championship in 1983—died at age 60.

1990 - The law-enforcement series Law & Order debuted on the NBC television network; the show became one of the longest-running prime-time TV dramas in the United States.

1886 - African American educator, writer, and philosopher Alain Locke, remembered as the leader and chief interpreter of the Harlem Renaissance, was born.

1857 - Milton Snavely Hershey, founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company, was born in Pennsylvania.

1759 -
British forces defeated the French in the Battle of Quebec.


Quote: “Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.” —Alice Walker (June 1992)


Student Rotarians - None this week.

Rotary Anniversaries – none.


Birthdays - None.


Rotary announcement – Disc Golf….. Everyone sign up.


Gardening this week.


Rotary Brags –


Turner for Staci for taking notes for her. He is about to take off for a month-long trip. Will do a presentation when he gets back.


Josh: For Ayla. In Middle School at Hilltop. Lots of homework but she is handling it.


Tristam J. For Ed’s canoe in Derby. Bought a new gunnel for his canoe. Then had a great camping trip, only 1 flat tire. Nice hike.


Katya: For anniversary 1-11. Richard and her had a great dinner at 4 Columns Inn.


Diane: Katie, her daughter, was in town and they said Yes to the dress. She loves Katie’s boyfriend and is looking forward to the wedding.


Cards – 3 of hearts. No one won


Speaker - Club Assembly : Survey results. We are going to look for a new breakfast spot. Likely Rumuntos.


Trivia: Thinking about moving to the Elks Club.


Mona: Looking for volunteers for the Window Dresser event. October 22.


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Rotary Meeting Notes - Sep 7th, 2022

Rotary Meeting, 9/7/2022 Hampton Inn
7:15 am – bring meeting to order
Pledge of Allegiance 
Thanks to this week’s greeter: Justin
Next week’s greeter: (I missed this)
Guests: Randall and Dianne Barclay, Steve Harrison
This week’s scribe is:  Staci, next week is Jim M.
Speaker List:
September 14th – Club Assembly
September 21st - Sadie
September 28th - Lisa
This Week in History:

2019 - Zimbabwean politician Robert Mugabe—who was the longtime ruler of Zimbabwe, first as prime minister (1980–87), then as president (1987–2017)—died at age 95.

1997 - About a week after her death in a car accident, a funeral was held for Princess Diana, and an estimated 2.5 billion watched the televised ceremony, which included a performance by Elton John.

1995 - American professional baseball player Cal Ripken, Jr., played in his 2,131st consecutive game, surpassing Lou Gehrig's record, which had stood for more than 56 years.

1991 - The Soviet Union recognized the independence of the Baltic states—EstoniaLatvia, and Lithuania.

1914 - French and British forces launched an offensive against advancing Germans in the First Battle of the Marne during World War I.

Quote:  “Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason.” —Jerry Seinfeld (February 1997)
Student Rotarians: None
Birthdays: Tristan
Rotary Anniversaries: None
Rotary Announcements 
Josh: Disc Golf – Oct 8th/9th – please volunteer if you can help. Still need sponsors. Lead sponsor slot still available for $1500. 
More refugees from several countries are arriving in the fall. 
Jim: Would like to bring members of the Afghan family currently he and Josh, Katja & Deb have been working with to a meeting.
Tristam: Brattleboro Community Asylum program is also sponsoring a few families from Latin America. The program offers assistance to families for a variety of things including transportation to job interviews, visa meetings, etc.
Nick: Need to pick date and time for group to volunteer with Window Dressers.
Rotary Gardens need help on Sundays at 9:00 for the next couple of weeks.
Groundworks is asking for help for community meal support.
John: Ukraine Fundraising Event was a success! Raised $16,000. 
Rotary Brags
Jim: Midwife daughter passed her boards with flying colors. His son is currently local and working with various actors to write and produce shows around the state. Performance details are still TBD.
Turner: Attended a bluegrass festival in Tom's Point ME with 17 family members. Show was good but family and food were great! He and Kay are leaving next week for a month-long motor home tour in Italy. 
Justin: His effort to make up for 22 years of lost time continues - this time he attended a DropKick Murphys show.
Also bragged for Tristan's birthday and the fact that Tristan has mentored hundreds of teens and adults through food service programs.
Randall: Apparently our last DG Joh Bob S. is also a big DropKick Murphys fan.
Saw a large bear on the way to our meeting today.
Kevin: Spent a whirlwind weekend with Ginny and his father-in-law, Sam. Went back to Sam's hometown in Norwich NY where they saw lots of family and friends. Kevin met a lot of new people and made new connections. 
Nick: Brag for our club and people like Mona and the board who were flexible with his absence due to Covid.
Cards: No winner
Speaker: Randall Barclay (new local District Governor)
Randall was born in NYC and lived all over the world. Has a B.S. in ChemE and started career with Exon. Later got his MBA and M.S. in Science Education where he taught physics in NYC public high schools for a number of years. Eventually became dean of academics at an NYC Science & Engineering school.
Announced a one-day Rotary conference in Killington on Sunday, Nov. 6th. Cost is $75.00. Theme is to discuss local district projects. He's reserving a 10-minute speaker spot for our club's experience with the Afghan refugee project.
Our district has raised $163,000 for Ukrainian refugees!
Jennifer Jones has become the 1st woman elected RI president in Rotary's 117 year history. She has chosen the "Imagine Rotary" theme and would like for us to imagine a different future for Rotary.
Change has to start at the bottom with locals clubs before it can work its way up. While the change may or may not work - this is OK since adjustments are needed to be adaptable and flexible. 
100K new members joined Rotary last year. However, 50% of these members leave Rotary within 2 years. So we want to focus on member retention.
How to do that differs from club to club, but overall we need good induction processes and clear communications about committee jobs. We need to ensure new members know what they signed up for and listen to what they want to do as a Rotarian.
Clubs in Vermont have often been defined by four characteristics: 1) Frugality 2) Unselfishness 3) Integrity 4) Tolerance.
Randall would like us to add: Flexibility.
4 Way Test: Is it the truth, Is it fair to all concerned, Will it build goodwill and better friendships, Is it beneficial to all concerned.
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Rotary Meeting Notes - 8/24/22

Rotary Meeting,  8/24/22 Hampton Inn
7:18 am –meeting brought to order
Pledge of Allegiance 
Thank this week’s greeter – Justin
Next week’s greeter – Mona
Guests  -  Nancy Detra - our speaker
This week’s scribe is:  KJ, next week is Staci Leffel  
Sargent At Arms – All hands on Deck
Speaker List - 
August 31st - Kate O'Conner - Brooks Memorial Library
This Week in History:
2004 –The Scream (1893), a painting by Edvard Munch, was stolen from the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway; it was recovered two years later.
1989 - In a game against the Oakland AthleticsNolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers struck out Rickey Henderson to become the first MLB pitcher to register 5,000 strikeouts; he ended his career with a record-setting 5,714.
1973 - U.S. President Richard M. Nixon named Henry A. Kissinger secretary of state.
1865 - William Sheppard received the first U.S. patent for liquid soap.
1851 - The first America's Cup was won by the American yacht America in a race around the Isle of Wight.
Quote:  "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." – Albert Einstein.  
Breakfast: everyone enjoyed a fun breakfast time of chatting and eating
Birthdays   -   Katja Matthews August 23rd, Katja didn’t want us to sing to her to add to her not feeling well, so she took a pass on today's meeting. Seriously though, we hope you feel better, Katja! 
Rotary announcement – 
Upcoming Happy Hour Meeting (TOMORROW!) August 25th – A Night for Ukraine – Saxtons River Distillery – Get a ticket and show up! 😊
Board Meeting – 8/25/22 @7:15AM  WKVT. 
Disc Golf – coming along well – a few of our great members joined up on the committee, thanks for the support. Brattleboro Tire, Edward Jones (Nick Dubois) and the Shriver Law firm are continuing their sponsorship. Thank you! 
Jon - and Sandy met to go over the new walking history tour. Jon and Kerry have already put together a lot of info, about an hour tour from the Co-op to the Common. 
Tristam -  has been reading some information for some upcoming international projects. One for a sanitation filtration project and one for kids to continue through school and work for an international company doing programming remotely.   
Brags – 
Sandy – Hampton Inn for hosting us and the lovely lady at the front desk, Sandy’s wife Diane. Definitely introduce yourself to her, she’ll love it and be thrilled to talk with you for hours. She's not shy, you're shy. 
Mona – Five year anniversary this past Friday, low key time with Keith! 
Marcy – Last week was kind of vacation, caught up on stuff around the house. Went to Wells Maine for a day trip and spent the day catching critters and watching birds at the Wells Estuary Reserve.
Turner – Saturday is his 57th anniversary! Nothing special planned, except for getting ready for the bluegrass festival in Maine.
Kevin – this fall is 24 years since he was diagnosed with MS, as part of his regimen he must go through MRI’s, his doc suggests he go yearly now instead of three year intervals. Tristan for alerting him to the damp floor and getting him breakfast, he appreciates when folks step in to help him not be so stubborn. Kevin assures us that the MRI showed there is in fact a brain in his noggin. 45 minutes of being still (and not talking) was tough, but it is showing no active or new lesions, which is great news! (Kevin has offered to supply photos of the MRI to prove his head is indeed full of a brain... some folks said this was all fake news). 
Tristam – Saturday was his 34th wedding anniversary and he forgot. But Wendy didn’t kill him and still came home from California, where, I'm sure she enjoyed a wonderful anniversary celebration of her own. 
Jon – Kerry organized a bike ride down in Connecticut, an "easy 40 miles". Somehow there was a miscalculation where the 3 hour trip ended up being about 6 hours and Jon had a flat tire, but lived to tell the tale and was still able to visit his relative who is battling cancer. 
Dan – Dan is moving Natalie in to the University of Southern Maine on Thursday! 
Justin – went to CiderStock this weekend, put on by Woodchuck Cider, saw four bands which was super fun! Has some interesting stories to share – ask Justin about the lead singer passing out. 
Nick – Mona for covering last week. Nick was at his annual Vermont vs Maine golf tournament. Played at Belgrade Lakes, one of the most beautiful courses he has ever played. Nick held back on his drinking and he and his partner whooped their opponents on the back 9. He made up for the lack of beer after the tournament. 
Cards – 2 of diamonds – Jason is the winner! He graciously offered to buy everyone breakfast, although everyone had already paid so he was off the hook. 
Speaker - Nancy Detra; Guilford Window Dressers 
Nancy is from the Guilford Window Dressers to talk about their effort to help people insulate their homes. Last year she came to tell us about their work which they hadn’t done yet. 
The prices are very low because they are made with community effort. 
She is back to report last year they had 25 orders, made 158 inserts with 50 volunteers. Three teams went out to precision measure the windows so they could cut the inserts to fit each window. 
Volunteers helped by greeting, making food, cutting and stretching plastic, sticking tape on to the frames, adding foam and other various jobs around making the inserts. 
A letter from a volunteer who helped build (and ordered some inserts himself) said it was a great way to connect with people of the community and felt wonderful to know he was helping people save energy (and saving energy himself). 
The wood is all cut in Maine by professionals, they send the wood back for assembly. 
Would love to have support from the club again this year, there are many people who order inserts who can’t come help with the build. It would be wonderful to have folks come to help build. The workshop is October 21 – 26, Friday through Wednesday. Three-hour shifts for volunteers. 9-12:00 with lunch or 1-4:00. They meet at the old Austin School Gym, now Winston Prouty - which is providing the gym for free for this endeavor. 
If you’re interested in helping, please reach out to Dan Deitz, he is organizing a team of Rotarians to work on Saturday, October 22nd (or you can contact Nancy @ 802-254-4762 to setup another time).  
Nancy bragged for the project and threw a dollar in to the pot for brags.
Outreach to the Greater Brattleboro area welcomed (brochures available). is the main website – if someone signs up on the website they get sent to the most local area.
Cost per window depends on the size of the window, but $30 - $40 per window is typical. 
SEVCA and Efficiency Vermont help out with referrals and an opportunity to get a rebate of up to $100 (when three or more are ordered). 
4 Way Test – 
Is it the truth
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build goodwill and better friendships
Is it beneficial to all concerned.
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Rotary Rag 8/10/22

Greeter:    Justin
Next Week Greeter: KJ
Guests: Michael Schneider, Marlboro, VT, guest of Will S.
Scribe: Rich Hoppe
Sargent At Arms: Nick
Speaker List: 08/17/22 Mona [ for Toni ] - Doug Brendel - Belarus Charity - 08/24/22 Dan D. No idea
Quote: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.  Walt Disney
Day in History: J. Garcia RIP 08/10/1991.  World wide Web 08/1991. Gerald Ford, 38th President 08/09/1994. Waldens Pond, published 08/09/1954 - Henry D. Thoreau 
Cards: 8 Spades "You Lose Loser"
Anniversaries: None
Birthdays; None, but Josh T., on 08/15
"Garden Party" at Roundabout, Sunday 9:00 AM
Josh looking for Marlboro, VT Volunteer to take over / help with responsibilities of Disk Golf
A Night For Ukraine: President Nick complemented Jon's spouse Kerry for her work / focus with this event. Thursday, August 25,
                                  5:30 - 7:30. @ Saxtons River D. Tickets: $ 50.00, if purchased by August 16. $ 65.00 thereafter.                                               
                                 Maximum attendance 75. Silent Auction. You can also make a donation   
Justin: Dad helped him build stairs at home in extreme heat, humidity. Neither had done this before.
Jim M.: VC Road Trip to North Port, MI wife amazing and beautiful spouse. Stayed with Jim's sister. Learned after 30 plus years of marriage that they can get along on a road trip.
John S. Bragged for Pres Nick, cleaned up meeting room prior to Rotary meeting
Dan: Learned to sail in Friendship, Maine, while on VC for a week.
Nick: Daughter Caroline is killing it on Gymnastic Bar in living room, after just 3 weeks.
         Son Jack starting to love golf. Nick said he'd give him $ 50.00 if he could clear the pond. True to form. Jack did. 
Will: "CHILD" Gerdy, ( family pet ) now 9. New puppy "Princess of household" now part of family
KJ: Said that he "loved Diane more than breathing air!!" KJ continued, that without Diane his life meant nothing. That he missed her terribly while she was on a Business Trip. To repent for any past weaknesses he decided to repair two holes which mysteriously were in the walls of their mansion. He succeeded, even though he's a "Tech Guy" . He gleefully exclaimed that Diane returns today ( I for one, saw the glimmer of a tear in his eye )
Marci: Brother hosted annual family party in MA. Fun was had by all.
            Daughter competed at Swim Meet. Took 9 seconds off previous best in 200 Free!! Marci learned that her daughters                goggles were broken, which extremely motivated her. Marci stated that "when she gets angry, she does amazingly                  well."   
Katjia: Business associate and frined from Fingers Lakes region in NY, was visiting and she took him around.  He especially
            loved the Marlboro Music Festival.
            Husband returning with his daughter, today in Boston, from Ireland. 
Mona: Stated that she "had the best Mother-In-Law in the world" who recently turned 80. To celebrate she requested - and                 was granted - a cook-out. A wonderful time was had by all. Post script: Mona stated that her mother-in-law was feisty               and Mona ALWAYS HOPES she will remain that way!  
            Huge "thank you" to GMP for repairing downed lines across the street. 
President Nick held Club Assembly -
2 Topic's:
Lively discussion regarding decision of staying at Hampton Inn or relocating to Rumunto's. Nick stated "we are at a crossroads." 
* Hampton Inn: No positives identified. Nick appreciates how they came to our rescue on short notice.
   Negatives:  Food uninspiring. Cramped space. Not always prepared for us. Parking a negative.
* Rumunto's: Owner / Vitto comes from family of Rotarians. Really wants us. 
   Negatives: May be higher expense [ see survey ] Loud. Space may be issue
Discussed at length - many comments and opinions. . Survey will be sent to all members to vote, details fully explained.
4 Way Test
Meeting adjourned. 
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Sunrise Rotary Notes 7/27/22

Rotary Meeting,  07/27/22
Thank this week’s greeter was Will
Next week’s greeter  is KJ
Guests  -  Jeni Kardinal, and Sylvia B. from Bali Indonesia
This week’s scribe is: Mona
Sargent At Arms – KJ
Speaker List:  8/3 Kevin - Brattleboro Housing Market: Challenges and Opportunities, Marcy on 8/10 she will not be here if anyone has a speaker, Toni 8/17 - Mona has someone to come in on the 17th
Quote: “I cannot give you the formula for success; but I CAN give you the formula for Failure, which is - Try to please everybody”. – Herbert Swope
Rotary Anniversaries  -   Jeff Dunklee and Staci Leffel – 5 yrs on 7/26/17!!
Birthdays   -   Debra Rosenzweig – July 25th
Rotary announcement   :  Our next meeting is Aug 3rd at Ramuntos, Aug 10th we will be back at Hampton Inn. Board meeting is on 11th at Hampton Inn. 
  • Evening gathering went well. 1st Happy Hour Meeting with the Young Professionals last Thursday: good event, mildly successful…Jeff Dunklee attended; along with Sandy, Josh Trager, Phil George (noon club) and Elijah Pell (Satellite Club Organizer). We will have another evening gathering next month. 
We received Thank You cards from Hannah Lane, Megan Roberts, ECDC
Kevin: Reminer to those who owe and a run through for student Rotarian fees.
Tristam J: Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Group is working with Greenfield Garden Cinema for free admission for 4 movies for veterans. Aug 4,11,18,25th Thursdays in Aug. 
Hospice Scavenger Hunt; August 13th – Rotary Team is “Effective Detective Agency”.  Rotary is looking for at least 4 rotarians for the team and the fee is $200.Please feel free to donate also.  Scavenger Hunt goes from 12:30 – 3 pm.  
Rotary Brags –  Jon S missed us, 2 weeks’ vacation – kids and parents went to different countries. Met up with family in Lithuanian. Used medical and dental in Lithuanian.
Josh T: brag for our guests from Bali, biked 200 miles in Cape Cod. 
Kevin: father in law turned 92! Favorite past time is gambling. FIL was called on intercom at casino he won $425 free play by spinning wheel! WOW!
Justin: Jess birthday was last week, shotgun’d PBR while kayaking, probably not the best choice even if they were trying to relive some college days. PS – Bedroom did not get painted as requested the week before. J  
Stephen D:  Brother was in the war, fighting in Ukraine. He was injured recently and had to have 3 surgeries. He is doing much better and headed home to USA!!!  
Cards –                DON’T FORGET CARDS!!! - Jack of Diamonds, no winner.
Speaker -  Jeni Kardinal from Bali Indonesia:
Jeni comes to Brattleboro, VT to stay with Sylvia B. She has just recently started a new Rotary Club in Bali, with 36 members.  
Some projects they have been working on in Indonesia: 
Carbon Neutral Club: tracking to mileage to club. Planting trees to balance out the carbon footprint. They have locals planting trees to get credits for health care clinic and building schools with carbon credits.
Coral Reef Restoration: adding 6500 corals in Indonesia. Decline of coral reef caused by dynamite fishing and cyanide fishing. Water quality degradation and rising temperatures. 
SeaTrek and Ocean Gardener are working together to conserve coral restoration. Buying corals from Ocean Gardener (they grow them legally) and placing back to regrow the coral reefs. Coral grows fast and the fish come back to coral fairly quickly. There diverse fish and many different types of coral and sea grass. This project has been in the works for two years during Covid. They are also doing 
education and training to raise awareness:  providing goggles to kids, books on education about coral reef, providing educational programs on benefits of seagrass and mangroves. They monitor and measure reefs to track growth.
The two groups are also working with fisherman as the corals bring the fish to the area and they want to support the ecosystem. 
Proposal: making racks to support the regrowth of the coral reef. They are building a Rotary Wheel rack, goal is for each club that supports it, to have a rack dedicated to them on the Rotary Wheel. There are a total 21.5 racks. The club is looking at a possible Rotary Global Grant. Sponsorship options: $25, $250, $500, $1000, $5000.
Plastic Solutions: Plastic is major problem in world and Indonesia. The program they have started is called: Plastic Exchange. The locals collected 4000 kilos plastic in 8 months and were able to turn it in for $1200 USD.  Community picks of plastic, sorts and bags the plastic, a recycling company comes to pick up plastic. Community gets $ and teaches people to sort and recycle.  Other positives to collecting plastic and recycling are that the roads are not flooding and the seas are cleaner. Community is cleaner and people are noticing the change. 
Plastic to Fuel: Global Grant Initiative: converting plastic to fuel. Working on building relationship with Kentucky Rotary Club and Indonesia. Plastics are heated and turned to liquid gas and used for cooking.
Health and food: Health for those in need in Karangasem Bali Sehat (stay healthy)
SOS Food Program; scholars of sustenance. 
Education and Literacy – They have added 5 libraries in Bali.  
Scholarships:  Supporting gifted students who cannot afford education. One of the  member’s knows and works with a Rotary Club in Japan.
Helping women in villages – The goal is to set up a co-op space for selling crafts in Bali. Looking to build gazebo in tourist area to sell crafts. Women in Indonesia who are not married or widowed have a increased struggle as they do not have access to many services such as medical, dental, jobs etc.… 
Water and Sanitation – we did not get time to discuss. 
Jeni and the Bali Indonesia Club are really making a huge difference!! Thank you Jeni for coming to share your work with us!!! Just amazing.
See attached pictures of the meeting!!
4 Way Test - Is it the truth,  Is it fair to all concerned, Will it build goodwill and better friendships,  Is it beneficial to all concerned.
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Aug 3 22 Meeting Notes

Rotary Meeting  8/3/22 
7:15 am – bring meeting to order
Pledge of Allegiance 
Thank this week’s greeter – KJ
Next week’s greeter – Justin
Guests -  Colin Grube
This week’s scribe is:  Diane Hashagen, next week is Rich Hoppe. 
Sargent At Arms – KJ - this week; next week – who knows??
Speaker List - 
Kevin Yager August 3rd Steve Hayes from Brattleboro Planning Dept (Kevin’s spot but guest of Stephen’s) Marcy August 10th; Toni August 17th (Mona bringing speaker).
This Week in History:
1790 - The first U.S. census was completed, showing a population of 3,929,214 people. Current US population 332,403,609
1876 - Colorado became the 38th state in the United States.
1936 - Adolf Hitler presided over the opening of the Berlin Olympic Games.
1946 - President Truman signed the congressional acts that established the Atomic Energy Commission and the Fulbright Scholarship program.
1981 - MTV made its debut at 12:01 AM. The first video shown was Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles.
Quote:  "The highest of distinctions is service to others" -King George VI 
Student Rotarians -  none – it’s summer!
Rotary Anniversaries – Lisa August 10th – 6 years, Will August 10th - 21 years, Kevin August 11th - 27 years.   
Birthdays   -   August 8th Marci 
Rotary announcement – 
Next week back at Hampton Inn 8/10; board meeting next week Hampton Inn 8/11
August 14th at 8:00 work on the Sunrise Rotary gardens – all welcome
Jason survived pneumonia – back with us now.
Rotary Brags – 
Rich Hoppe: $55 1967 brother killed in Vietnam; always his hero
Tristan: Puppy won the stand-off so he missed meeting
Mona: Fur-baby is 10 - Happy birthday; Keith and Mona purchased a 5th wheel camper which was delivered on Sunday. 
Will: Weekend in Stockbridge; Tanglewood; beautiful! Breeder visit next week for another puppy addition to the family. Welcome to the new fluff ball!
Toni: brags for both kids: Brett in Colorado and Kyle graduating this weekend.
Josh: Ramuntos - thank you for allowing us to have our meeting here; for our club and all we do to reach out.
Justin: Jess started new job as a legal aide
Tristam: Daughter internship and moving back to NE. Horse brag – an awesome companion.
KJ: Rescue opening VEMSA training academy for EMS. State of the art training facility up in Newfane.
Nick: Daughter turned 8 this weekend. Enjoying gymnastics; happy kid!
Cards –  6 of clubs – no winner this week 
Speaker -  
Pre-speaker: Tristam presented to noon club last week about Project Cadre group of 500 representatives available for assistance with community development projects. One example, a workforce development project with global grant in Illinois; Harper Tech College: exceptional technical training. Tristam went to work with them for 3 days. 
Speaker: Steve Hayes from Brattleboro Planning Dept: Planning Technician. Housing action plan completed at end of last year and changes in past year. Expecting to need 520 housing units in Brattleboro this year. Housing shortage getting attention. Consulting group hired to assist; survey local needs/demographics. Unfortunately, this was done pre-covid and some strategies may need to be adjusted. 
Predicting increase in over 75 year old housing needs. Influx of younger folks during covid may help. Housing deteriorating in existing inventory. Commuters move to Brattleboro. Live alone or with roommates. This is where the 520 minimum of new units. Demand mostly from middle income distribution; rents are too high but make too much for any subsidy. 
Working to decrease overall cost to create affordable housing that wouldn’t require subsidies. Townhomes, condos, row homes, etc. Smaller size, near downtown and easily built. Survey confirmed this housing type fits the demographic. Discovered that 40% of all housing costs are from the land itself. Repurposing structures for housing; building on unused land. Encouraging housing development in the area. Residential zoning is available in most of Brattleboro so opportunity exists for new housing. Planning Dept will assist developers. Regional support in surrounding towns as well. 
Winston Prouty development under review. Other ideas? (e.g. SIT, Omega) Planning Dept open to all kinds of housing; multi-family (1-10 unit), mobile home, single family, accessory units on own property, etc. is acceptable. Inclusive housing (not restricted). The development of 150 units approved in past year.
Demographic is aging - but Brattleboro population is consistent. Housing properties are getting older. Need new housing to bring in younger demographic. (Irene and the pandemic affecting housing availability)
Transportation is a concern; looking at public transit issues.
Afghan refugee housing needs have been met for now; 6 months of housing was provided initially (SIT); community stepped up. Can we step up for the 520+ housing needs for everyone?
4 Way Test - Is it the truth, Is it fair to all concerned, Will it build goodwill and better friendships, Is it beneficial to all concerned.
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July 13, 2022 Newsletter 

Newly appointed president Nick kicked off his first meeting promptly at7:17with the pledge of allegiance. and a few other tidbits.  This day in history-  the benefit concert Live Aid was heldsimultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London AND JFK Stadium inPhiladelphia. The event drew an estimated 1.5 billion viewers and raisedmillions of dollars for famine relief in Ethiopia. Also, Harrison Ford wasborn, (wondering if Mom may have been at the show?)  Backed by trumpetter Harry James, Frank Sinatra recorded his first singleFrom The Bottom Of My Heart.And A  Quote " there are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle orthe mirror that reflects it"Edith Wharton.   Greeter was Diane,, next week Mona!    
Guests were in abundance Julie, (scholarship recipient) sorry i did write down her last name but must've lost it. Former Sunrise Rotarians Amelia Farnum And Ellen Smith,
Announced A Fun sounding fundraiser for Brattleboro Area Hospice The Amazing Hunt A scavenger hunt On August 13TH Teams will have 50items to "hunt" around downtown. Join a team Or you will miss a lot of fun.
Kevin continuedhis fun streak by throwing fines for NOT signing our last group of students folder and it generated some cash. I for one added to the funds along with a list that read so long i couldnt keep up with the names.
Josh T, Thanked all who were able to help with moving the Afghan family into the new place. The kids are at day camps in the area having a great time. There was a sheep roast with fresh meat for all in attendance. Will spoke about gallery walk! a lovely event with live music and food trucks. Volunteer and get a free meal voucher.     Justin and Toni announced that they cleared the basement at the legion hall and all the rotary schwag is out. have lots of "stuff" to disperse. t-shirts and mugs.  
Brags   Mona, had a wedding for her best friend, IT WAS PERFECT. Then newlyweds went on an also PERFECT honeymoon in Iceland.     Marci, fine herself for not getting the minutes  out from the LAST meeting! (OH THE SHAME!!) AND she attained her weight loss goal. ALSO can do a full body weight pull up!!    Rich Hoppe, Kevin and Sandy were able to "convince" him to return to regular club attendance. He is recovering nicely from his shoulder dislocation!! Hios Kids have moved to a much easier to visit location in Maine. Loves that they are MUCH closer now.     Turner went on an extended vacation in Michigan and to have his 52 year old daughter come stay with him for a week!!  Toni went to Georgia for a week and had a great time traveling around the area with three sisters. Got to see a "bigfoot museum" Along with many other local attractions!  Cards -8 of spades -no winners were present 
SPEAKER was Brad Long of Efficiency Vermont. Spoke of some very good incentive s to have projects done that will improve efficiency in homes and businesses in the greater Brattleboro area. Who couldnt stand to save some money on their heating or electric bills?  I will be contacting him for help on my energy usage.   His contact info Is Brad Long 802-735-8083  Or email  spread the word and do your part to save the planet for future generations
President Nick then reminded us of a "happy hour" club that is forming in town. First meeting is Thursday The 21st of July (tomorrow) at 5;30 pm at the Saxtons river distillery. Finally closed the meeting with the four way test and cheers to a great first meeting!! 50 more and he can relax! As always any errors or omissions are purely the fault of anyone other than myself!!  
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Newsletter May 4, 2022

President Mona started her the meeting with a Rotary Minute…......  
The first official Green Up day was held on April 18, 1970, the original idea came from Robert S Babcock Jr. a then FT reporter for the Burlington Free Press. The first Green Up Day saw over 70K Vermonters out cleaning up trash & hauling trash. As a measure of safety, the VT interstate highway was shut down from 9 am to noon. Each exit was manned by a VSP/Sheriff/Local PD. 4000 truckloads/20,000 cubic yards of trash were removed from the state roads/interstate. Another 20,000 cubic yards were removed from town roads. An estimated 95% of 2400 miles of interstate/state roads were cleared and 75 % or 8300 miles of town roads.  “We believe this was the largest statewide, voluntary, unified citizens’ effort ever organized in Vermont. It greatly enhanced the pride of Vermonters in their state. It inspired many Vermonters to refrain from thoughtless littering on our highways. It set the stage for continuing cleanup programs that have resulted in Vermont highways being known far and wide as the cleanest in the United States. It helped pass the bottle bill and a whole long list of other environmental legislation.” In 1979, Green Up Vermont Became a non-profit organization.
“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve…You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you Will for greeting us this morning. Next week’s greeter will be Turner.
GUESTS:  Erin Skaggs from DBA/Gallery Walk and Mike Stack our guest speaker.
BIRTHDAYS:    Nick Dubois April 23rd, Jeff Dunklee 4/27, Kevin 4/2
ANNIVERSARIES:   Sadie 14 years on 4/30
STUDENT ROTARIANS:  Ava & Brea WRCC not able to attend but I received this message from Ava:
Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to rotary tomorrow, I am touring Wesleyan University with my dad. I’m not sure if Brea will show up but here is my update that you can share with the group:
Last week WRCC students were inducted into National Technical Honor Society which is tech and trade school’s version of National Honor Society. I couldn’t make it because I had a track meet, but I am now a member of NTHS! Right now in business we are writing a paper about cryptocurrency which is surprisingly interesting, after the initial frustration and confusion trying to understand it. Track is going well; you all should vote for me on the Brattleboro Reformer website for athlete of the week! Please! Prom is on Saturday, and I am taking the SAT that day too which is a bit scary. I will also be coming to the next trivia night with friends. Happy Spring!
  1. Sat 5/7 Green Up Day Outlet Center 9 -12,
  2. Wednesday June 29th 5:30 pm Change Over at the Kiwanis Shelter Memorial Park.
  3. Board Meeting will held on Tuesday May 10th at the American Legion
  4. Final Trivia Night is Monday May 9th supporting the Afghan Community Center.
  5. Erin Skaggs- from Downtown Business Alliance is the Promotions Committee Chair, along with Gallery Walk she also and ensures that many of DBA’s promotions happen with great flourish. Some of her phenomenal DBA ideas have been Brattleship and Elliot St. Block Party. The first Gallery Walk of the season will be today May 6th from 5-9pm.
CARDS: 6 of Clubs… Kevin won $4 (didn’t even cover his birthday fine)!!!!
Will- The first live event in two years for the Brattleboro Concert Choir will be on May 14th and 15th at the Latchis Theatre.
Jon- Bragged for a new book he has been reading called 4000 Weeks, Time Management for Mortals . In the current average human lifespan we get 4,000 of each day of the week: 4,000 Saturday nights, 4,000 lazy Sundays, 4,000 Monday mornings. When we are young, that might feel like a dizzying number of tomorrows. As the years go by, not so much. He also bragged for a vegan alfredo sauce recipe that I shared with him. Being Italian, I have nothing written down and don’t measure anything, so he struggled with my meaning of “liberal amounts”. In the end he made a nice dinner for his family that even Aleska claimed was “good”…high praise from a teenager.
Marcy- Her car had an unexpected meeting with a deer on her rider home last week. She was unharmed however, the same could not be said for the deer or her car. Her car was un-drivable but hopefully not totaled.
Kevin- $3 brag for his grandchildren. He finally met his newest granddaughter, Hannah in person and spent four days in Williston with them…”lots of attitude and a set of lungs”. Wyatt will be four soon and they are planning a visit in June, and Harper is just chill and starting to wave.
Nick- just got back from a family vacation at Disney. They averaged 11 miles a day in walking and he feels like he went down 3 belt loops from all of the exercise.  
SPEAKER:  Mike Stack founder of Bellows Falls Trade. He started this non-profit in January of 2021 and has been working with area schools to get students interested in the trades. He sees a need in Vermont and the country at large for skilled workers in order to bring back manufacturing jobs to the US.
Financial Capital Is Easy – Human Capital Will Be The Tough Part.
Do we Need to Challenge the Traditional College Prep Paradigm?
If So, How Early In The Education Process Should That Start?
 With An Aging Demographics Vermont Is becoming a Caretaker State
Health and Social services, Education and Hotel/Food services
Windham - Health and Social services, Education and Hotel/Food services
Manufacturing Below the National Average.
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Rotary Minutes 4-20-2022

Meeting Minutes 4-20-2022
This week: Staci
Next week: Jim M.
Sargent at Arms
This week: Will
Next Week:  It will be a surprise
Speaker Hosts
This week: None- Career Discussion
Next week: 
May 4th: Nick (for Jim M)
Rotary Minute
Virtually all membership in Rotary was based upon a "classification." Basically a classification describes the distinct and recognized business or professional service which the Rotarian renders to society. 
The principle of Rotary classification is somewhat more specific and precise. In determining the classification of a Rotarian it is necessary to look at the "principal or recognized business or professional activity of the firm, company or institution" with which an active member is connected or "that which covers his principal and recognized business or professional activity." It should be clearly understood that classifications are determined by activities or services to society rather than by the position held by a particular individual. In other words, if a person is the president of a bank, he or she is not classified as "bank president" but under the classification "banking."
It is the principal and recognized activity of a business or professional establishment or the individual's principal and recognized business or professional activity that determines the classification to be established and loaned to a qualified person. For example, the permanently employed electrical engineer, insurance adjuster, or business manager of a railroad company, mining company, manufacturing concern, hospital, clinic, etc., may be considered for membership as a representative of the particular work he or she may be doing personally or as a representative of the firm, company, or institution for which the professional service is being done.
The classification principle also permits business and industries to be separated into distinct functions such as manufacturing, distributing, retailing and servicing. Classifications may also be specified as distinct and independent divisions of a large corporation or university within the club's territory, such as a school of business or a school of engineering.
Though the classification principle is not as dominant as it once was it is still important that we make an effort to assure that each Rotary club represents a cross section of the business and professional service of the community.
“The Rotary way is to light a candle. I light one, you light one, 1.2 million Rotarians light one. Together, we light up the world.” - RI President-Elect Gary C. K. Huang, in the April 2014 issue of The Rotarian
Student Rotarians
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Nick – April 23rd (not here)
Mona: Bowling event on Friday, April 29th 5:30-7:30. Let her know if you’ll be attending
-Greenup Day: 9:00 meeting at the old outlet center. Will be cleaning that location and surrounding areas.
-June 18th: VT Welcome Center Day – we still need volunteers and food 
-Jimmy V: Learned from DG that this area has opted out of PETS (president elect training). Club may want to investigate why or how this happened and perhaps reverse the decision.
KJ: Diane, Staci and he went to see a prince tribute band at the Colonial in Keene.
Also saw Melissa Etheredge at the same place yesterday. Dan and Deb were also there.
Jon: Alina visited from college this weekend. Don’t fly Breeze Airlines.
Turner: Visiting family in PA this weekend – hasn’t been to Penn State since he was a kid.
Katja: For Rotary gardens over the weekend. Cleaned up area – will be more clean-up sessions.
Will: Brattleboro Concert Choir – has been performing concerts via internet over the last two years. Will be back performing live at the Latchis on May 14th & 15th with the poetry of Robert Frost written by a local in Amherst. 
Mona: Got a workout by painting a bedroom with her son’s girlfriend who has moved back home along with her son Jeremy.
-Camp started over the weekend which is Mona’s happy place
Marci won $27!
No speaker today so we asked for volunteers about what members do.
Jimmy V: Has done a lot of stuff. Did tech support for about 20 years as a software consultant for other companies pulling things like quality metrics. Went through a few start-ups after that. Ran the Entrepreneur Center for food businesses for several years – would offer consulting services for members rather than just money.  Learned that it’s hard to get a good finance person so decided to get a degree in accounting and is now a CFO of his own business. Owns a firm that provides bookkeeping services for other companies.  Creators Financial is the name of his company. Works primarily with filmmakers, non-profits and food businesses.
Kevin: Grew up in upstate NY. Went to Franklin Pierce in NH. Got a dual degree in mass communications and English. Started working at a local radio station part-time for money while living at home. Got a Master’s degree at Syracuse in TV, Film & Radio. Still friends with many classmates from Syracuse. Moved home again and resumed work at radio station where he met his lovely wife. Had a bad boss so he moved to another local radio station doing sports. Did play-by-play for football and basketball. Then moved into sales because that’s where one makes the money. Moved to VT in the mid-80’s for Jenny’s job in radio. Kevin sold cars for 2 years, worked as loan-collector/repo man at bank. Joined WKVT in 1989 in sales. Took a break in the late 90’s but has been there since then. Likes job because of flexible schedule and some good clients who have become friends. Looking forward to retiring with grandkids in the next 2-3 years.
Ended Meeting with the 4 Way Test
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Rotary Notes - 3-13-2022

Meeting Minutes 4-13-2022
Drew Hazleton (KJ)
Colin Grube (Staci)
Stan from noontime club
Phil from noontime club
Stan and Phil presented the golf trophy to KJ’s team. Golf event benefits hospital, youth scholarships and youth programs. Has raised $200K since inception. 
This week: Staci
Next week: Staci for Turner
Sargent at Arms
This week: KJ
Next Week: It will be a surprise
Speaker Hosts
This week: KJ
Next week: TBD
Student Rotarians
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Mona: Deb is looking for help with the rotary gardens this Saturday
- April 29th is the shared bowling event with the noon club. Free pizza. Buy your own drinks. E-mail Mona to let her know who is coming
-May 7th is green-up day. We are meeting at the outlet center will be cleaning up Exit 1 area. Meeting from 9-12.
-June 18th Saturday at Welcome Center. Need people to provide snacks and volunteer time.
Nick: Suggested that we compile a poster board with photos of Rotarians to advertise what we do at the Welcome Center
Diane: Biggest trivia night ever – Almost $1300 for the Rotary District 7870 Foundation - Ukraine
No winners
Justin: Trivia night was huge! Gave a brag for wife and dad who came in for emergency reserves
-Did first bartending gig! Even better with wife Jess as bar back
Will: KJ for doing a great job at trivia with little sleep and a LOT of people
Josh: Going to CA to visit family so excited about that.
-Spent time with Josh Goldberg this week – he’s doing well 
-Shout out for trivia night
KJ: Thursday through Monday in Newfane campground. Did 5 days of intense water rescue training. Received 3 calls while they were training – actually received a call for a hiker and a dog that had fallen down a cliff. Was able to rescue both owner and dog (dog was transported to vets!)
Phil from noon club:
Brag for our club and hopes to see us at the bowling event on the 29th.
Kevin: Paying for not attending next Wed because he has finally been summoned for jury duty after living in VT 30+ years and FINALLY was selected. 
Katja: Trivia night
-Staci for assembling basket for Bethany
-Drew for coming to speak today
-Noon club for attending – has fond memories of her time there
Drew Hazleton from Rescue Inc.
Background: Rescue Inc. is a community non-profit organization that has serviced 15 local towns for 56 years. Has a board of directors to oversee operation. Meets with reps from member towns each year to get feedback on concerns or expectations. Makes adjustments based on their feedback.
-The largest adjustments requested by these boards are to expand Rescue Inc.’s services in their communities.
-Rescue Inc. has a great team of staff and volunteers who provides 100% coverage for local emergencies. 
-80 people are involved with the process including call management. 
-Average “out the door” time is one minute 30 seconds. Has hit this metric 100% of the time. This metric means that Rescue Inc. trucks answer the emergency calls.  Mutual aid means that a crew from another district helps with emergency calls. No mutual aid has been needed BUT – Rescue Inc. has supplied mutual aid to areas in VT, NH and MA.
-Drew says the municipal assessment rate has only increased by 1%/year (or less) over the last 10 years because they have managed to hold down the cost of the operating budget despite the increased cost of virtually everything.
-Many people are uninsured so local towns must provide subsidies to provide emergency services for all.
History of current events reported by the Brattleboro Reformer:
-In Sept the Brattleboro town manager commented on how well Rescue Inc. was doing
-The Rescue Inc. board sets the rate of service and presents to towns so they can incorporate into their budgets. The budget proposed to the Brattleboro Select Board was a 0% increase this year with a 1% increase next year and the following years. 
-Rescue Inc. received no questions during this meeting and the Select Board budgeted for the Rescue Inc. funds in Sept.
-In Feb the new town manager told Drew that Brattleboro was no longer willing to pay its share of the subsidy. Brattleboro wants the other 14 towns to subsidize AND retain the same services from Rescue Inc. which is obviously not fair to the other 14 communities.
-Rescue Inc. can’t operate without Brattleboro’s share of the subsidy. The 15 towns have always been considered one community.
-Rescue Inc. had previously sent a letter to the Select Board with details of problems they’ve had with the Fire Department. One main complaint is that the Fire Department has actively blocked female members of Rescue Inc. from helping patients during calls. Several women from Rescue Inc. have experience this discrimination. 
-Recue Inc. found out that the Select Board was discontinuing Recue Inc.’s services on Facebook! Drew says there were no negotiations or discussions before the FB announcement was made.
-According to the Reformer, the new Brattleboro town manager thinks money can be made.
-Drew’s past experience with Rescue Inc. indicates there is not money to be made on emergency services.
Members of Rotary asked: What can we do?
-We can reach out to the elected officials in town to let them know we would like public discussions of this decision.
-Each of us can reach out to a member of the Select Board to let them know that we think a discussion needs to be had before continuing down this path.
-Drew thinks this change will result in a reduction in emergency services. Rescue Inc. wants to continue service to the other 14 towns but it will be challenging without Brattleboro’s subsidies.
-Recue Inc.’s service rates have actually decreased despite today’s crazy inflation.
-Rescue Inc.’s coverage ends June 30th 2022
-Drew believes the fire department will not be ready by July 1st. They will most likely need the help from Golden Cross - a for-profit ambulance service to cover gaps.
Ended Meeting with the 4 Way Test
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Rotary Notes 4/6/2022

Rotary Notes:
Thank this week’s greeter – Will
Next week’s greeter – Will (again)
This week’s scribe is: KJ
Next week’s scribe is: 4/13 Staci, 4/20 Turner
Speaker List – 4/6  Career Discussion continued, 4/13 CA, 4/20 Bethany – replacement needed, 4/27 - Katja
Rotary Minute:   Ageless Quotes 49-85 - 
 I've learned that singing "Amazing Grace" can lift my spirits for hours. Age 50 
 I've learned that motel mattresses are better on the side away from the phone.  Age 51
I've learned that keeping a vegetable garden is worth more than a medicine cabinet full of pills.  Age 53
I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.  Age 58
I've learned that whenever I decide something with kindness, I usually make the right decision.  Age  66
I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love that human touch, holding hands, a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.  Age 85
Thank you note from the Connecticut River Conservancy for the donation from Trivia Night. 
Reminder! Bowling event from 5:30-7:30 with the Rotary club on Friday, April 29th. Let Mona know if you can come! Shoes, bowling and pizza will be supplied. 
Based on the vote of the club the Vermont Welcome Center Coffee Break is Saturday, June 18th signup genius will be forthcoming. We will lots of snack type stuff (individually wrapped), this will be from 9-4. 
Bethany has moved to New Jersey  . Staci and Marci (and others) will be taking over the duties of secretary. 
Trivia is coming up on Monday, April 11th. Jon Secrest is putting together a Rotary table, let him know if you’ll be coming to join him. 
Josh: Brag for Jim Maxwell, is a part of the refugee support group, he has been driving people all over town. Jim is spending a lot of time driving people to appointments (and other places, he says he’s been to Walmart more times in the past few weeks then the previous 10 years). 
Kevin: Little granddaughter is a week-old yesterday; she is full of attitude (which comes from the maternal side of the family). She thought seeing grandpa on the TV was really cool. 
Justin: Last week was his seven year wedding anniversary! Was on the front page of the Reformer last week. The Legion is putting on dinners for Veterans, they had over 60 people. Last Wednesday was international Bi-polar day, remember to take care of your mental health. 
Student Rotarian Report:
Ava: Track season has started! Legs are sore, went for a swim in a stream yesterday. Went to the Brattleboro Works for Woman, Ava is the only student who showed up (so far). Ava runs 400/800, long jump and high jump. Nordic season ended well, the Vermont Elite team had a terrible race up in Maine, it was all slush. 
CARDS: 9 of Spades, You’re all losers! 
Randomly pick people to discuss their job and career; I won’t be typing everything that people do. 
Tristam: Perpetually changing paths. Veteran (Air Force) was concerned he was going to get drafted, so he signed up, was selected to learn Vietnamese and then went to Okinawa as a radio eavesdropper and translating the captured radio transmissions, dude ranch foreman, fly fishing guide, taught blind folks how to ski at Jackson Hole in Wyoming, ran a transportation in Summit County Colorado, went to SIT and it has been international work ever since! First international gig was in Honduras to finish his master’s degree (International and Intercultural Management). Tristam isn’t sure if he’s working or retired, but he’s happy. 
Jason: went to HS in Lawrence Mass, College in Boston, after two years realized it wasn’t for him. Enlisted in the Navy (4 years went by very quickly!) Jason was a service manager working on the flight deck (cuz they paid more if you worked on the flight deck), spent some time in Tijuana Mexico where Jason was arrested and spent three days in jail, came back east and ended up selling cars in Boston, decided to stay (cuz he met a lot of young woman buying cars), met Ann (she worked in the office) they didn’t get along to begin with (ask Jason this story). Kids are grown and doing well. Had a friend that kept bugging him to come join him at Auto Mall, came for a weekend and loved the area, so they moved to Vermont. 
Lisa: Lisa is a travel advisor (very different than a travel agent). Lisa makes dreams come true. They have a conversation about goals, what they are looking to do, what history they are looking to follow. Lisa specializes in the European River cruise market, 36 years in the business. Fell into the work, she was stationed overseas with her husband, she started working with the military to help folks see the areas around where they were. She claims to never have left anyone behind. She has done a bunch of schooling surrounding the travel industry and obtained the highest level of certification in the industry. Ask her the story of how she met Mike, it is really cute. Her favorite places are Budapest, places associated with WWII history, and Christmas markets. Business has come back fast and furious! 
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Rotary Meeting Minutes 3-23-2022

Meeting Minutes 3-23-2022
Billy Boutilette (Jason as host)
Marc Burdick (KJ as host)
This week: Staci
Next week: KJ
Sargent at Arms
This week: Jon Secrest
Next Week: Dan Dietz
Speaker Hosts
This week: KJ
Next week: Staci (won’t be here and doesn’t have a speaker so Mona will improvise. Thanks Mona!)
Rotary Minute
What the heck is a Rotary Club? Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide, who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. Rotary is the world’s first service club.
Rotary Quote
“The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” –Someone whose name I missed
Student Rotarians
Absent but Megan and Mason provided Toni with the following update from Hinsdale:
“Unfortunately Mason and I are unable to make it this morning, as Mason has to be at school early to take the SATs! Some new things going on at Hinsdale include the start of the spring sports season which started this past Monday, the graduation date officially being set to June 11th, and the senior class has planned our last final trip as a class to Boston! We will be touring Fenway Park, shopping at Faneuil Hall and taking a harbor cruise. Also, students from clubs like NHS and the Student Athletic Leadership Team represented our school to interview the two principle candidates for next year since Mrs. Freitag is retiring this year.”
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Mona: BUHS/WRCC is hosting a reality fair for juniors/seniors that helps them make life choices. Can come in for morning/afternoon or the entire day. If interested, see Mona’s e-mail sent to club members on 21 MAR.
Mona: Bowling Night: April 29th from 5:30 – 7:30 joint club socialization with Noon Club. Let her know if you can attend. Food (pizza) is free and adult beverages available for purchase at bar.
Tristam: Distributed literature as a follow up to last week’s presentation about the Rotary mid-term assessment project where he was dispatched to a club in Illinois. They run a successful project that could potentially work here.
Tristam: Challenge that we raise money for Ukraine. Spoke with Dr. Claudine Schooley (sp?) about how Ukraine doctors are lacking adolescent wheelchairs. To help, a global grant is being written to help USAID/Rotary get money to the Ukraine. However, the easiest resource for us is the communication line already started by John Bob so we could also pursue that avenue of support. Check/Venmo/Paypal accounts from John Bob’s e-mail. Rotary of Milford is in charge and will send contributions to Poland. John Bob’s family has already contributed $5000. 
KJ: Trivia – come sponsor Ukraine support – wear yellow and blue!
No winners
Josh (with Toni as inspiration): When people travel outside of Brattleboro, we have a choice to be an ambassador of our club which we should remember as we embark back into the world. We have a great opportunity to connect with other people again!
Jon: To KJ who let Jon know that a tree fell down across their property entrance while he was gone. KJ freed the guests from Jon’s apparent house of horrors.
Jon: Just returned from 2-week travel to Guatemala where sister-in-law’s brother runs a turtle refuge. Had both kids with them and did lots of traveling throughout the country. Felt mostly safe except for a 6 minute faster route that took them through sketchy terrain. Jungle has howler monkeys that were cool to listen to. Was warned not to go swimming in pools at night due to potential wild animal skinny dipping. Did a jungle trek up the shear face of a rock to an amazing view. Made the kids cry but that’s a normal Secrest vacation. Summary:  Awesome trip with cheap rum, great beaches & still smoking volcanoes. Best part of traveling with Kerri is her diplomatic immunity card that got them through JFK in 10 minutes.
Turner: How great it is to see Lisa!!!
Lisa: Escorted a group down the Mississippi River last week – had a special gentlemen with 37 years perfect attendance – wonderful person reminded her of Turner. Appreciates the warm welcome she received this morning.
Marc Burdick (Director of Training Rescue Inc) is a paramedic at Rescue Inc. Will discuss a brief history of EMS in the US.
-Originally from CO. He was a search and rescuer around Vail. Grew up in the Greenfield area and is now here helping out his older parents.
-Was a recipient of a Rotary scholarship during high school. Originally intended to attend med school but then discovered skiing in CO. He is a part-time ski bum who works seriously, plays seriously and takes care of people while having fun.
-Ran EMS in Keystone area. Did multiple talks to Rotary groups there because he was impressed by their level of community leadership. 
-Spent most of professional career in EMS with multiple roles. Extremely busy these days. Loves this profession and how it’s changed through the years.
Brief history of EMS:
-Ambulance service began in the Civil War. This was the first time in the US where there was any effort to have a system to transport injured people off the field to local medical care areas. -Ambulances saved many lives by getting still living soldiers off the field to small town doctors working out of their homes. Believe it or not, the primitive amputations actually saved lives.
-Ambulatory systems progressed during both world wars. 
-A groundbreaking paper called “Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected Disease of Modern Society” was published in 1966. This paper became known as the “White Paper” that focused on the epidemic of motor vehicle accidents/deaths during the 50’s and 60’s. It was ultimately responsible for improving vehicle and roadway safety by prompting safer vehicles with seatbelts & suspensions, changing road design and regulating transportation permits. 
-This paper sparked EMS and its coordination in the US. Also helped start the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) that established standards on ambulances, EMT testing, etc.
-Rescue Inc. started in 1966 and is still running today. Came out of transportation safety.
-Congress passed the EMS Systems Act of 1973 to provide EMS with money and paramedic training, etc. Handled national legislative things.
-DOT is still the official home of EMS but it’s more complex than transportation now.
-The payment model for EMS is the transport of a patient to a hospital so not ideal.
EMS = Transportation → Patient Transports – Getting Paid → Poor Reimbursements
-NHTSA helped establish the 911 system where the first call was made in 1968.
-EMS agenda for the future: Project that involves leaders planning for the next 20 years as an industry. Focused more on patient safety, ambulance design.
-Next significant event: Vietnam War where more efforts toward rapid recognition and getting patients to care faster were made. Getting field care was the largest medical advance to come out of the war. The use of helicopters for patient transport was also established in Vietnam. 
-In 1972 the television show called “Emergency 51” premiered and inspired many people to get involved in EMS and Fire Rescue services. The actors from the show still travel the country to speak about EMS.
-The Affordable Care Act also greatly affected EMS because for the first time money was put toward the innovation of health care. The Act combated ideas other than just going to the hospital for care. Helps us look at medical treatments in different ways to help increase care and reduce ER visits. Created some field models for non-transports and penalized hospitals for readmissions.
-Community Paramedicine: Been around for ~10 years. People credentialed in ambulatory care see patients at home that helps people with mobility issue/no transportation etc. Facilitates homecare with field providers that provide care instead of just going to the hospital. 
-Doing the same thing in Brattleboro/Southern VT would improve the health of our community and reduce ER visits. Would also work for mental health crisis by greatly increasing the efficacy of mental health treatments. 
-Rescue Inc had a very large Covid response in VT!
-High Performance EMS Systems should involve the systems below:
1) Sole Provider Regional Systems (from an ambulance side – single system is more efficient with more accountability. If there are multiple service providers, it can drive up cost)
2) External Accountability
3) Local Control
4) Maximize Revenues
5) Flexible Production
6) Dynamic Resource Management
-Current challenges in the business:
1) Staffing
2) Loss of education programs
3) Poor pay
4) Lack of professional respect
5) Lack of public support and funding
6) Hostile territorial disputes (Fire Departments)
7) Federal/Insurance falls short of cost to provide services
8) Physical, emotional & mental safety
 The suicide rate in EMS is 3X national average!
Ended Meeting with the 4 Way Test
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Rotary Notes - 3/16/22

Rotary Meeting Minutes 3/16/22
This week: Diane
Next week: 3/23 Josh 
This week: Diane 
Next week: 3/23 Rich Hoppe, 3/30 Tristam, 4/6 KJ
Sargent at Arms
This week: 3/16 KJ 
Next week: 3/23 Jon
Speaker: 3/16 Tristam, 3/23 Diane, 3/30 Staci
Rotary Minute Great Reasons to be a Rotarian: Fun, cultural awareness, citizenship in the community, entertainment, personal growth and development, prestige, traveling assistance, citizenship in the world, opportunity to serve, public speaking skills, continuing education, friendship, business development, development of social skills, leadership development, family program, nice people, development of ethics. 
Quote:  Rotary’s Vision Statement: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”
Rotary Anniversaries: Justin - 3 yrs and Tristan T - 16 yrs
Birthdays:   none
Student Rotarians:
Ava – Nordic is over, not a lot of snow this year. Came in 14th and 10th in state, qualified for VT state elite team this weekend; race in ME with other NE schools. Governors institute this year. Track starting.
Bree – business classes reaching out to BUHS students, FBLA conference this week (zoom to Burlington). First day at BUHS without masks.
Stacy: Trivia biggest Trivia Night ever!! $870 raised for Humane Society. Next Trivia Night April 11th.
Mona: 4/29 bowling event with noon club. Let Mona know how many are coming. No charge for bowling.
Cards: 5 of clubs – Nick is our winner!! $38 which he bragged back to Rotary.
Jim M: Great trip to Southern CA to see old friends. Lovely 2 weeks. 
Josh: Trivia brag – great event! Refugee group – kids first week of school; Retreat farm trip for celebration.
Nick:  Grandmother passed at 96; amazing life. Headed to Beaver Creek on Friday (snow all week! Adults only!!) Student Rotarians – great job participating; amazing improvement in public speaking.
KJ: Brag for all volunteers and participants; especially Justin who fed over 70 people!!
Turner: Brag for granddaughter and her success at DECA conference; made Nationals as a freshman!
Tristam: Illinois Rotary club – banner brought back. USAID efforts for Ukraine. Report for support options for Ukraine (coming out).
There are 4 global grants if $360K threshold met, Rotary funds assistance (Tristam in this case). Project: host club organizes meetings and hosts speaker. Four days of meetings. Tristam’s role: Strengthen the project for greater impact. Took Tristam 5 hours and 7 hours to write up the reports on the project. 
Project: Rotary district job; Harper College one of 5th best technical colleges in US. Provides job skills for unemployed/underemployed people from other cultures. 100% assistance for scholarship. Some skills are manual, some are in the health field, some are technical. Many jobs are available when they graduate.
Additional projects: Emergency funds set aside for women’s crisis ($8K).
Mentorship role of Rotarians from the district. Many students had never finished high school. Mentors help the scholarship recipient. Testimonials (coming out).
Support: Visa assistance, GED, day care, police connections, food shelf, clothing.
Some graduates of the program and became Rotarians.
Could we do something like this here? Global grant through Rotary. Examples: 7 Taiwanese and 5 Illinois rotary clubs sponsoring a program. Provide technology to rural schools (e.g. tablets). Can our club use this model to assist unemployed/underemployed people in the area? 
Rotary Closing:
4 Way Test: 
  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  • Is it beneficial to all concerned?
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Rotary Notes - 3/9/22

Rotary Meeting Minutes 3/9/22
This week: Nick
Next week – 3/16: Diane
This week: Diane (for Sadie)
Next week – 3/16: Diane (3/23 Rich Hoppe, 3/30 Tristam)
Sargent at Arms: 3/9 Will (for Jon) (3/16 KJ, 3/23 Will)
Speaker: 3/9 KJ (for Diane), 3/16 Tristam, 3/23 Diane (for KJ), 3/30 Staci
Rotary Minute:  INTERACT - Interact, the Rotary youth program, was launched by the RI Board of Directors in 1962. The first Interact club was established by the Rotary Club of Melbourne, Florida. Interact clubs provide opportunities for boys and girls of secondary school age to work together in a world fellowship of service and international understanding. The term, Interact, is derived from "inter" for international, and "act" for action. Every Interact club must be sponsored and supervised by a Rotary club and must plan annual projects of service to its school, community and in the world.
Today there are over 7,200 Interact clubs with more than 155,000 members in 88 countries. "Interactors" develop skills in leadership and attain practical experience in conducting service projects, thereby learning the satisfaction that comes from serving others. A major goal of Interact is to provide opportunities for young people to create greater understanding and goodwill with youth throughout the world.
Quote:   “Learn all you can about people in other parts of the world. Understanding how people in other countries live and work and play teaches us to respect them and promote peace everywhere.” – Carol Bellamy
Guests - Drew Hazelton - Chief of Operations Rescue Inc. 
Rotary Anniversaries: none
Birthdays:   none
Student Rotarians:
Tenzin - Nordic is over; track is coming soon. College applications in – should hear soon; majoring in forestry (Paul Smith favorite). Ricky Davidson is a contact through BUHS for Interact. Prom in May. Afghan refugees now at BUHS – welcome signs are up in native language.
Sylvie – Nordic is over; intramural basketball season ended as well (came in last); track is starting – pole vaulting is her favorite; responses coming in from colleges as well, nervous, fingers crossed. Afghan family lives down the way and she hopes to meet them soon.
Diane: Trivia is on for Monday 3/14; charity is the Humane Society. Bethany volunteered to score.
Josh – The Rotary supported Afghan family is settled in to their apartment and can walk in to town. Anyone in the club is welcome participate with their family outings. Very hospitable family. Signs are up downtown to welcome the Afghan families. Shout out for Jim M - thanks for driving these new folks around.
Tristam:  Just got back from Illinois; his presentation is coming next week ($160K raised by rotary clubs). Support for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine are available through Rotary.
KJ: The BDCC is in need of someone to drive their van to transport Afghan refugees during the day. The schedule is as follows:
  • 5 - 6 AM - transport to work
  • Noon - 1 - transport from SIT to work (about a 10 minute run)
  • 9:30 PM - transport from Against the Grain to downtown Brattleboro
This is a PAID position! Please contact Jen Stromstren at 413-522-3773 or
Josh: Sylvie & Tenzin for their art exhibit in town; there is a celebration of kids who won a national art competition. Happens every year. Katja – great work welcoming the Afghan family!
KJ – Trip to Santa Barbara this weekend to visit daughter Caitlin. A little chilly for CA in spring! Caitlin is organizing a symposium for biology undergrads at a local Pub: “pints with scientists”. Fun to watch the pub goers paying attention. Great trip!
Diane – Our son Josh has secured an internship this summer in Indiana and a Fall semester abroad in Paris.
Dan D: Took the Afghan family to a circus show this weekend. Kids are so sweet!
Cards: King of hearts ($32) – you lose losers!
Drew Hazelton - Chief of Ops Rescue Inc.
Call volumes, mental health issues had been pretty bad in VT over the past years - and THEN came the pandemic. There was a lot of stress on our system. On 3/18/20 everything closed down. Call volume was cut by more than half as no one went to hospital (or anywhere for that matter). The EMS structure changed overnight as they could no longer bring people to hospital due to covid. Rescue could provide care for calls in-home but there’s no revenue without transport. It was looking like they may have to start letting people go. Fortunately there was some state funding to keep things afloat. 
As the pandemic progressed, Rescue began transporting infected people needing isolation (2x a day “Ubering” homeless covid patients to Burlington). People were suspending health maintenance visits so they were getting sicker. Then the vaccines came out. EMS had their staff inoculated first then rolled vaccinations out to the VT population. 
VT identified its most vulnerable population (older and homebound) and Rescue responded. KJ assisted in rolling out the project. Created the infrastructure and then Townshend station become the base of operations. All willing homebound seniors in the area (beginning with over 75+) in Windham; then Windsor; then Bennington; then Orange County; all counties. Hard to organize but they made it happen. It was also good for Public Relations: people had been stuck in their homes for 12+ months and hadn’t seen anyone. Rescue providing a vaccine was the first outside social interaction for many homebound people. They were so excited to see us and get their lives back. 
All vehicles were on the road so they bought more vehicles and hired more people.  Bought a big trailer and constructed a vaccine clinic out of in the Rescue bay in advance. Then could travel to vaccinate prison guards in Newport, St J and Springfield; up to 100 doses an hour! 
Then they vaccinated VT teachers all the way up through Burlington. Now had up to 4 trailers on the road - and eventually took over for the National Guard in most of state. Essex County was last county Rescue serviced so now they have officially serviced all counties in VT. Rescue has put on over 250,000 road miles in VT during the pandemic. 
Unfortunately, our health system began getting even worse; hospitalizations were up; mental health still struggling. Monoclonal antibody infusions weren’t available at hospitals (due to being over capacity). Rescue to the rescue! Built out 2 more trailers and are providing infusions all over VT. “We do our best work in dark alleys and parking lots”.
At this point, vaccines available to everyone who wants them and treatments available.  The call volume is back up and hospitals staffing is struggling. Rescue has transported patients to 6 different states just to find patients a bed. Our local hospital doesn’t have many specialists so many patients need to be transported to another hospital. 
Rescue didn’t miss a single 911 call throughout the pandemic! 70,000 shots in arms through the pandemic. Saved every vial – they have a huge box of vials.
Searches/recoveries also increased. People finally getting outside and making poor decisions. 
Now Rescue has an integral role in VT public health. EMS has assisted with staffing hospital ICUs/ERs for 2 years now (e.g. infusions run by Rescue at hospitals). Rescue has provided care in 40 VT towns.
Short term: Rescue will still be working with covid response in VT (6-8 months). 
Long term: Financially stable right now - BUT hard to find staffing. Education programs were suspended during covid. Paramedics couldn’t train at hospitals. Now need to build up 2 lost years of workforce development.  
Rotary Closing:
4 Way Test - Is it the truth, Is it fair to all concerned, Will it build good will and better friendships, Is it beneficial to all concerned.
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Sunrise Rotary Notes 2/23/22

Rotary Meeting,

7:15 am – bring meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Thank this week’s greeter – KJ

Next week’s greeter –

Guests - Cassandra Holloway

This week’s scribe is: Nick

Next week’s scribe is: 3/2 Jeff Dunklee, 3/9 Sadie

Sargent At Arms –2/23 Jon, 3/2 Dan

Speaker List –2/23 Sadie F, 3/2 (Lisa), 3/9 Diane, 3/16 Tristam, 3/23 (KJ/Rich Hoppe – Speaker is Kevin Yager)

Rotary Minute: fun facts: the first service project of the first Rotary Club was what? And when? Installation of public toilets in Chicago in 1917.

Did you know there was a second Rotary motto? “One profits most who serves best.”

Rotatarians in the USA make up 28 % of all Rotarians world wide.

What are the pillars of Rotary? 1 membership, 2 Programs, 3 Projects, 4 Fund Raising

Note: not the 7 areas of focus, the pillars on which a club is built. Membership helps solve many of the other issues.

Quote : “Being alive means feeling pain, because moments of pain better illuminate the moments of joy. It means having your goals derailed, because the failures sweeten the moment of triumph. It means finding dead ends, because that forces you to find new better paths. And maybe it means being reminded of your own mortality here and there, because it makes you breathe the fresh air a little deeper every time you have the chance.” – Alex Kurt (thank you Tristam for sharing with me)


Student Rotarians -

Rotary Anniversaries - none

Birthdays - Dan 20th

Rotary announcement -

Tristam – Haitian Handwash and Sanitize and potable water programs on Rotary International. 2 grants approved 1 on hold dealing with various sub-committees.

Josh – Afghani refugee family went sledding

Jim – 30 Afghani family members went to Ski Jump – Cluster with traffic and parking.

Staci – March 14th Trivia supporting the humane society.

Tristam – 1 mile long ice bergs breaking down West River.





Rotary Brags -

Jim – Tristam for community develop local and abroad.

Jim V. – Moving to Boston, keeping VT house will still be joining occasionally.

Tristam – brag for wife and daughter in AZ having a girls weekend.

Jon – Flying to Guatemala in two weeks on vacation.

Marcy – paid for breakfast – tomorrow have a 15 year old can now get learning permit and lifeguard!

Bethany – NJ Weekend found new apartment and moving on 4/1/22.

Turner – NC wedding (1st cuz aka daughter)

Jon – paying for sergeant in arms subs – Nick and Katja.

Kevin – fine for not wearing pins!

Mona – Baby Violet born 2.22.22!!!


Cards – Don’t forget Cards….in the deck!

Speaker - Cassandra Holloway, Building a Positive Community

  • Cassandara working on many projects to develop the youth of Brattleboro, including but not limited to BAYC, Youth Council, Local and State level. Overall Goal of creating long term sustainability of youth in the community improving their overall sense of belonging.

  • Funding provided by the department of health, a bill for statewide youth council.

  • Brattleboro has become the 3rd KYD in the country satisfying 7 of the 10 benchmarks. Some of the benchmarks as follows;

    • Funding for kids.

    • Youth are welcome” Business signs.

    • Youth council by April – leadership training this summer.

    • 20 youth signed up for design team mostly 12 & 13 year olds.

    • Teen Hotline.

    • Safe place for teens.

  • For more information visit


4 Way Test - Is it the truth, Is it fair to all concerned, Will it build goodwill and better friendships, Is it beneficial to all concerned.

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Sunrise Rotary Notes - March 2, 2022

Greeter - Turner
Next week Greeter - Jason
Scribe - KJ
Up coming scribes - 3/9 Sadie, 3/16 Diane, 3/23 Rich Hoppe
SAR - Dan this week, next week is Jon
Speaker - 3/9 Diane, 3/16 Tristam, 3/23 KJ
Student Rotarian - Hinsdale Megan and Mason
Rotary Minute - March National MS Awareness Month
Quote -  “ If someone is too tired to give you a smile, leave one of your own, because no one needs a smile as much as those who have none to give” - Rabbi Samuel Hirsch
Please bring old Rotarian magazines in to be distributed to our speakers
Board Meeting tomorrow morning at 7:15 at the Legion!
Katja: Afghanistan family - is moving in to their apartment tomorrow (Thursday) on Chase Street. Unfortunately it is only for six months, but it is better than nothing. 
Tristam: Rotary clubs in Poland are organizing around the needs of Ukrainians, we need to be ready to help. 
Diane:  Made about $450 for the Connecticut River Conservancy last month. March 14 is Trivia night for the Humane Society, please come support them. 
Toni: We will be auctioning off two gift certificates, $100 to Grafton Cheese and a $100 Gift Certificate to the Putney Diner. Bring your $’s next week!
Megan and Mason: exciting news from Hinsdale, masks are optional!! Woohoo!  Just got back from April break, boys varsity basketball team had a playoff game on Monday and lost, girls had a playoff game before break and lost. Softball will be kicking off soon. A date for Prom has been set, very exciting! 
Cards: 4 of hearts! You lose losers! 
Justin: Closed on the house! He is now a homeowner and still has $5 in his pocket to brag. 
Mona: Went to Bennington to pickup her grandson because her granddaughter was born via emergency C-section! Got spent Tuesday night and Wednesday with her grandson. 
Discussion about Treasurer and Secretary duties: 
Secretary duties will be much more administrative, they will need a volunteer to be the “name” as the secretary. We will be forming an administrative committee where people will be taking on slivers of the work. 
This includes working Clubrunner (Marcy volunteered! Yay Marcy!) and a number of other jobs. 
Club Service and Membership will need a group of people to work on. 
Discussion ensued regarding forming of committees and getting support from our club. 
Some discussion of a few things we could do as a club before Mona’s term ends, corn hole tournament idea was presented, couch to 5K app is another idea presented. 
Mona would like to get the club together again maybe going to the distillery, marina, whetstone, river garden market and Will offered a work party (trail clearing) and evening at this house. 
We’ve talked about not always doing breakfast, but having a meeting somewhere else at a different time (like the Brattleboro Country Club). The Kiwanis shelter was also offered as an option and a few other places. 
Closed with the four way test at 8:27
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Sunrise Rotary Notes 2/16/22

February 16th, 2022 Newsletter
President Mona started with the Rotary Minute:
The motto of Rotarians is “Service above Self”. It reminds Rotarians to think of how they can help others instead of selfish thoughts. The motto originated when Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary, asked Rotarian Frank Collins to address the participants of the second annual Rotary Convention. The year was 1911. Frank Collins, a fruit merchant from Minneapolis, in the impromptu speech, told how his club had used the phrase “Service, Not Self” as a motto and that it was fundamental to them as to what it meant to be a Rotarian. The speech and the motto struck a chord with all the Rotarians. It really did neatly sum up in their words what Rotary, at its core, was all about. The Convention participants took the motto back to their own clubs and soon it captured the imaginations of all Rotarians.
Over time, the motto evolved to “Service Above Self”. At the 1950 Rotary Convention, the motto was officially adopted. Frank Collins’ simple idea remains as evocative today as it was over 100 years ago.
Interestingly, Frank Collins’ Minneapolis Rotary Club was also one of the first clubs to have weekly luncheon meetings. They have become a fixture of most Rotary clubs the world over.
Quotes: “Rotary takes ordinary men and women and gives them extraordinary opportunities to do more with their lives than they ever dreamed possible.”
Greeter: Will Shakespeare
Sargent-at-Arms: Dan
Next Week’s Greater: KJ
Next Week’s Scribe: Nick
Next Week Sargent-at-Arms: John
Next Week’s Speaker: Sadie
March 2nd Speaker: Lisa
Birthdays: Staci (It’s me!)
Anniversaries: None
Student Rotarians: Ava Whitney & Bre Tczacky
Ava: Begins Youth at Work program today. 
Bre: FBLA competition begins soon via Zoom. Will go to Atlanta for the national competition if they win.
We need to somehow replace Bethany since she’s fleeing to New Jersey at the end of March for what can only be nefarious reasons. 
Toni will form a committee to coordinate splitting out the Secretarial duties. 
These include:
Note taking during board meetings/Taking attendance/Maintaining memberships/Maintaining scribe list/Purchasing Rotary swag/Posting insurance forms/Acquiring the Paul Harris fellowship gift
Will and Staci will help Toni ensure these tasks are assigned or completed.
KJ and Katja will take over computer/Zoom responsibilities
Cards: Per usual, we’re all losers.
Dan: Trivia and how challenging it can be
Staci: The Feb. 14th trivia was well attended and raised ~$450 for the CRC.
Josh (Shared with Noon Club): Refugee Project – Jim, Deb, Katja & Josh delivered treats to our sponsor family from Afghanistan. The family is lovely and settling into what will be their home for the next 6 months. Kids (7, 8 & 11) are learning English. If we meet the family around town, Josh recommends saying “Salam Alaikum” which means “Peace be upon you” in their language. 
Katja will send out a Sign-Up Genius form to volunteer for driving duties of Refugees.
Club Assembly:
Welcome Center Event: We need a morning and afternoon crew for a total of ~ 8 people. We will request the June 4th, 11th & 18th dates and see what we get.
Suggestions for Additional Projects: Minimal since Covid has hit us hard and the majority of current members are active in other projects. However, most people are amenable to more social events.
As an example, we agreed that having one evening meeting per month is a good idea and will potentially give those with morning conflicts a chance to attend.
Josh sent an e-mail to all members to encourage us to bring in 1 person over the next 3 months. Rotarians should be active sponsors/mentors to new members.
Meeting End: Mona ended meeting with Four Way Test.
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Sunrise Rotary Notes 2/9/22

Greeter: Turner
Sergeant in Arms: Jon Secrest
Guest speaker: Stephen Dotson bringing Zach Hebert VT Foodbank, Carissa Brewton
This week’s scribe: Katja for Toni (immersed in sorting raffle tickets)
Next week sergeant: KJ
Next week guest speaker: 2/16 Club Assembly, 2/23 Sadie, 3/2 NEED ONE
Next week’s scribe: 2/16 Dan, 2/23 Nick, 3/2 Jeff

Rotary minute: Special Rotary Observances: February is designated as World Understanding Month. This month was chosen because it includes the birthday of Rotary International, Feb 23. During the month, Rotary Club are urged to present programs which promote international understanding an goodwill, as well as launch World Community Service projects in other parts of the world.

Quote of the day: Never worry about numbers, help one person at the time and start with the person nearest to you. Mother Theresa
Student Rotarians: None
Rotary Anniversary: None
Birthday: Feb 7 Staci
Rotary announcements:
Bethany – moving to NJ at end of March!!
We need a new secretary for March – June and need a new permanent person for next term. We discussed at last board meeting to possibly split up job:
1. Taking attendance and logging in system
2. taking notes at board meeting
3. updates info on club runner
4. personal add on: sending out cards
transition time is the crunch time: adding new members for new term, putting invoices out. There is a guide in club runner with job descriptions. Ordering awards at end of year, new member packages, keep track of club supplies. We NEED to get the position covered!!!

Katja: Refugee Family arrived yesterday at SIT

Diane: Trivia on Monday Vday Connetcict River Conservancy

Raffle Tickets Drawing – the winners are
5. Steve Hamel (am guy WKBT)
4. Josh Roberts
3. Rich Mc Fadden
2. Tristam Johnston – our very own Rotary Member
1. Dane Z….

Rotary Brags - none
Cards: no winner

Guest speaker: Carissa Brewton, RDN - Grateful Greens Vermont, Programs Coordinator, formerly Community Food Project Coordinator at Retreat Farm and Zach Hebert VT Foodbank, Associate Manager at Community Engagement

Brattleboro’s charitable Food system: A response to Covid 19 and emerging stronger than before!
Key terminologies to be used:
Food insecurity
Food Sovereignty - the right of people to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecological and sustainable farming.

When Covid 19 hit us:
food insecurity increased 33%, 1 in 3 VT had accessed charitable food support since start Covid
Schools went remote: universal school meals expanded statewide delivered via bus to students in Brattleboro district
Weekly Hunger Council meetings allowed to develop to pan for getting meals to kids and activate new support for local charitable food organizations.
Existing food shelves saw unprecedented demand and transitioned from in-person operations to low-contact models. New programs also developed at other organizations to help meet community needs like Retreat farm and Nicole’s kitchen.

Community response & Emergency Action during 2020-21
Federal support (farmers to families food boxes, American Rescue plan, Increased 3SquaresVT Eligibilty & Benefits)
Sate Support (Everyone Eats - just did 2 million meals!!! Funding allocations for emergency food relief. VT Foodbank Covid 19 relief grants)
Local/ regional support (Growing resilience - 2020 founded, Brattleboro Food Sovereignty Working Group 2021, Agriculture Advisory Committee 2021, Windham County Hunger Council, Increased charitable food programming)

Brattleboro Food Sovereignty Working Group:
“We are a collaborative with representatives from a variety of nonprofit organizations throughout Brattleboro. We are committed to improving Brattleboro’s local food system for all. The group is focused on programming that partners with and centers those with lived experience of the Brattleboro charitable food system in order to shift unequal and stigmatizing power dynamics. Our long term goal is to articulate a 5-year vision of a reimagined food security landscape which allows for food sovereignty for everyone in our community.”

Emerging stronger than before – local resilient solutions to hunger
Ongoing initiatives and collaborations for 2022
Embarking on comprehensive local food assessment, in partnership with Brattleboro Agriculture Advisory committee
farm to Fork community library project!!
Foodworks community advisory pilot program
Edible Brattleboro local food Preservation and canning workshop services (Public garden at Coop in parking lot)
B.F.S.G. brainstorming ways to make our work more accessible and inclusive for all community members who wish to engage

What local agencies, channels are locally offered? Local food pantry like food works on Canal Street, we have a few meal sites in town where donated food gets turned into hot meals, a few more food pantries in area like Putney, Townshend
Stephen Dotson “Food waste: we pump a ¼ of all groundwater to grow food that is getting to waste!!!””

Respectively submitted by Katja Matthews

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Sunrise Rotary Note 2/2/22

Rotary Minutes 2/2/22


President Mona called the meeting to order.


Upcoming scribe:

2/9 - Toni

2/16 - Dan


Upcoming Sargent at Arms:

2/9 - Dan

2/16 - Jon

2/23 – Will


Speaker assignments:

2/9 Stephen Dotson

2/16 Club Assembly


Rotary Minute: Presidential theme for 2022-2023 is “Imagine Rotary”


Quote: “Do what you can to show you care about other people, and you will make our world a better place” -Rosalyn Carter


Rotary Anniversaries: Jason Posternak, 26 years as of Feb 1


Birthdays: Jim Maxwell 1/25, Turner Lewis 2/1


Student Rotarians: joining us today are Mason and Megan from Hinsdale

-Basketball night is coming up this Friday, weather dependent

-last regular day of basketball is Valentine’s Day. They are still wearing masks to play

-2nd semester has started


Rotary Announcements:

Mona – turn in your raffle tickets! Drawing is next week


Josh – the refugee family being sponsored by the Brattleboro clubs is arriving next week. They will be discussing this this Thursday at noon during their club assembly. Members can join the meeting via Zoom


Tristam – discussed a global grant initiative in Haiti; multiple clubs are working on a large water/sanitation project that has been in development for 3 years, and it is looking like a very well put together and impactful project


Mona – reminder Board meeting 2/3, 7:15 at the Legion



Dan – fined himself for a “hot mic” moment a week or two ago on a Zoom meeting. Also bragged for his grandson’s 11th birthday


Diane – for Bethany, who told us where to go on the video to find Dan’s “moment”


Dan – follow up brag for quick quipping Jim Maxwell’s comment (regarding the “moment”) “Dan’s working on my tire this morning”


Will – will be celebrating grandson’s 1st birthday this weekend.


Josh – for Trivia Night, come out and support us


Nick – son is 10 today, they went to a Celtic’s game to celebrate, and it was declared “the best birthday ever”


Kevin – granddaughter turned 1 on Sunday, they celebrated via Zoom. Also, Kevin should be welcoming granddaughter #2 in about 6 weeks


Turner – for the typical birthday calls, plus an unexpected call from his nephew at the end of the day, who called to say happy birthday to the best uncle


Mona – may need to leave a meeting in Nick’s capable hands in coming weeks as she has a granddaughter on the way


Tristam – to his wife, who teaches about the Iditarod every year; her class will have a visit from a real musher today, and will then attempt to recreate the sled out of cardboard


Guest Speaker:

Nick introduced Caelen Keenan and Marla Goldstein from Vermont Works for Women


VWW is a state-wide program based in Chittenden county.

It started in 1987 to help women who wanted to learn construction, plumbing, and other trades, which are typically dominated by men


They have 3 strands of programming, and offer career and employment services to women interested in construction and the trades. They also work to help reintegrate formerly incarcerated women into their communities. Youth programs focus on middle and high school girls and gender expansive youth to get them involved in STEM and the trades.


The goals for youth programs are to grow self confidence, expand possibilities, and build connections


Youth programs include:

Rosie’s Girls, summer and after school camps teaching STEM and the trades, and promote career exploration.

Tech and Career center programs for professional development

Women Can Do! Conference to expose women to different career paths


They have a Youth at Work program to expose students to real employers and real world experiences, and they are seeking local employers who would be willing to work with them.


We thank Caelen and Marla for their time and for the information about their great program. For more, visit




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Meeting notes 12/22/21

Next week’s scribe (Jan 12) – Josh Traeger

Next week’s greeter (Jan 12): Josh Traeger

Next week’s Sargent at Arms: (Jan 12): Will Shakespeare


Upcoming speakers: Toni C. (Jan. 12). Dan D. (Jan. 19).


Greeter this week: Turner. Who made a 1.1 hour drive through the snow and ice to get here.

Sargent at Arms this week: Jon Secrest.


Quote of the Day: Blessed is the season that blankets the world in love.


Rotary Minute: None.

Guests Jeff Morse from Project Feed the Thousands. Claire Kendrick. Student from Saxtons River.

Rotary Anniversaries None


Birthdays Jim Verzino and Josh Goldberg. They will be sung to next time.


Cards: Ace of Hearts. We all lose.





Jan. 8. Saturday. 3 PM. Holiday Celebration. Bonfire at Turner’s house. For fully vaccinated people only. Pot luck in the house later that afternoon for those who are interested.


Jan. 6. No meeting.

Jan. 13. Board Meeting.

No breakfast meeting on Jan. 6 and no Board Meeting on Jan. 7. The kitchen is being renovated and Justin is taking the week off.

We got a nice thank you letter from Richard Davis of the Heat Fund.

We gave Jeff Morse and Project Feed the Thousands a $1,000 check as a donation.

Claire Kendrick came to talk about her request for a grant. She is a political science student in Paris. Focused on Middle East and gender issues. The request will be taking up by the Board next meeting.


Brags: Jon Secrest for his surgery in Boston. He has an implanted hearing aid which will be turned on in 2 weeks. It unfortunately meant he was unable to go on the family trip to Florida.

KJ bragged for Nick for stepping up and doing the Project Feed the Thousand.

Nick for his wife’s grandparents who made a $100 donation to Project Feed the Thousand.

Josh for Dan D. and studded tired. What a stud.


Speaker: Nick Dubois who shared his thoughts on the markets despite getting his Covid booster the day before. In a fascinating round the world study in economics Nick covered the Santa rally, Build Back Better, supply chain problems, efficiencies in the work place because of Covid, 9% inflation, domestic travel and crypto currency.


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Sunrise Rotary Notes 12/15/21

Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Club




Pledge of Allegiance

This week’s greeter: None

Next week’s greeter: Will

Guests: Jenna Stroble, NECCA Exec Director

Scribe Today: Will

Scribe 12/22/21: Sandy

Sargent at Arms: KJ
Sargent next week: Jon

Speaker List: today-Tristan, 12/22 Josh T

Holiday Meetings: NO meeting on 29th or January 5th. January 12th

Turners holiday party, Jan 8th, 3pm. First meeting in new year, Jan 12, Board meeting 13th.


Rotary Minute: In light of the recent EF3 tornadoes that went thru Kentucky and Tennessee and the surrounding areas: This weeks topic is Rotary Disaster Release: 3 Phases:

1. Immediate Response: Our local clubs and partners immediately offer helping hands and supplies.

2. Short Term Assistance: Our clubs and districts help affect communities wherever we can through funds and materials to re-established day-too-day operations.

3. Long-Term rebuilding: Our clubs plan and implement projects that rebuild affected communities.


Quote: “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” Arthur Ashe


Student Rotarians: Megan and Mason. Hinsdale. Basketball. NHS induction for new members. 1/20 semester ends, finals. Carry Everything but a Backpack.


Rotary Anniversaries: Turner Lewis, 12/17/68 (58 years)

Birthdays – none

Rotary Announcements:

1. Holiday Gathering, Jan 8th@ 3pm, Turners House. Bonfire, bring burnable debris. Be fully vaccinated.

2. Dec 15th please bring non-perishable food items of $ for PF

3. Tracking volunteer hours of Rotarians. Sheet going around.

4. Trivia 7 tables, 350, kids in Coats.

5. Bring in check for Feed the Thousands next week





Rotary Brags:

Marci: $5 for late to do clean-up chores. Lost track of dates.

Kevin: Friday, joint food drive at Hannaford’s, “Fill the Bus” with BUHS goes to Food Works.

Erics 32nd Birthday.

Kevin: Monday, Ginny knee replacement surgery for 2nd time.

Will: Raoul birthday, 1 year old


Cards: 10 o f Spades, Marci $7.00



Speaker: Jenna Stroble, NECCA. Elsie and Smith. How did we get through the pandemic? Closed in March 2020, then opened September 2021. 35 students from all over plus on-line. 3 people moved to Brattleboro to attend. . Everyone doing gym in mask. Youth camp, in person, in April 2021. Need more spaced. 2 places in town, Winston Prouty, Cotton Mill. Went with Cotton Mill. New positions 44 students this year. This town sees circus people from all over the world.

Mission, Youth development, 3-18, Health and Wellness, (building community), Economic Impact (outreach to 13 local communities, volunteers in community, 100 of people that come for 3-5 weeks, renting, and visiting). Contribution to the American Circus Alliance. (Incubator for future circus)

Q/A: Access to housing for students, teachers. Looking at SIT as a potential site for housing and circus. Difficulty in getting grants as not Arts, health, etc. “Multidisciplinary”





4-Way Test:


Is it the Truth

Is it fair to all concerned

Will it build good will and better friendships

Is it beneficial to all concerned?

Sunrise Rotary Notes 12/15/21 William Shakespeare 2021-12-15 05:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Rotary Notes 12/9/2021


Next week scribe: Will S., then Sandy S.

Next week Sergeant At Arms: Jon S (but KJ will cover); then KJ (but Jon will cover)

Speaker: 12/5 (not sure); 12/22: Josh T.


Rotary minute: “Every Rotarian every year,” RI Foundation.

$100 in a year, you are a Sustaining Member

$1,000 or more in a lifetime, you are a Paul Harris Fellow

$1,000 or more annually, you are a Paul Harris Society member

When club giving reaches $100 per capita and all dues paying members give $25 per year, the club is an “Every Rotarian Every Year” club.


Goes to water, sanitation, hygiene, education, disease prevention and treatment, maternal and child health, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, economic development.


$15 protects 5 kids from polio. $50 provides new water filter. $100 provides PPE and training for Covid. Imagine what $2 per week will do ($2600 a year at $2 per week per member in our club).


Quote: Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. – Scott Adams


No Rotary anniversaries.


It’s Damon’s birthday. Happy birthday!


12/15 next week bring in project feed donation


Holiday gathering January 8th at Turner’s house. Bonfire, bring some flammable materials. It is requests that you be fully vaccinated.


Raffle tix not until end of December. So now Valentines Day event! Drawing would be Feb. 9.

Wreaths Across American is looking for donations, will be stopping in Bratt. Mona can give you address and contact info.


Request from VT Fuel Association: split the ticket matching fund if you donate. Mona will have more info if you want to reach out to her.


Presented check to Richard Davis from Windham County Heat Fund. Help 100 people a year, get donations from about 100 people. Richard and Daryl Pillsbury, who run it, cover all administrative costs personally, so every dollar goes to recipients. Get grants and local businesses support as well. They don’t solicit, people just send in each year. Recipients fall through the cracks of the government and other support systems. Last year they started a new program to create a fund in name of a donor, if especially difficult situation, they’ll pay fuel for the whole year. Richard was very appreciate of our annual donation.


Guest: Mark Terry. Those seated with him refused to give information about him so he’ll be a mystery guest.


We used to have a list tracking our volunteer hours. That’s starting up again.



Trivia Monday. Attendance has been great. Raising money for Kids in Coats.


Tristam: Chenupa at Pine Ridge Reservation. He says his wish is, “I’d like to know that five families are not sharing a trailer.”


Meeting next week; no mtg on 29th.


Toni wins cards. $9!


Student Rotarian Ava Whitney: Her business class at career center is collecting food for needy. Winter sports is starting, and she’s doing Nordic.


Mona is losing sleep due to puppy.



Toni: Thanksgiving rerouted through four airports to Mississippi on her way to see her kids. Battle on way back too.



$10 brag moved his Edward Jones office to 80 Flat St.



Went to noon club last week to thank them for disc golf tournament. They had all student Rotarians, doing present wrapping for nursing homes, 350 gifts.



Partial fine for being late, and thanks for others who help him when he’s late as Sargent at Arms. Deb is doing well, back at work.



Great slideshow/music presentation about hiking the Long Trail last two years. James Taylor (not the singer) helped create the Long Trail. In pandemic, Will got inspired. Longest trail of any state. Started last year, finalized this May. Finished last piece with KJ. Two ways of hiking: alone (contemplation, meditative, integrated into environment) and with others, more social. If too much time alone on the Long Trail, you will go crazy, he says- need balance. 277 miles. Longest day was 12 hours 20 miles. His pacemaker held up!

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Rotary Notes - December 1, 2021

Rotary 12/1/2021
Rotary Minute:   
The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:
FIRST. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;
SECOND. High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society;
THIRD. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life;
FOURTH. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service. 
Quote:   "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." – Marcel Proust
Greeter – KJ; Next 12/8 Jimmy V
Scribe – Diane; Next 12/8 Jon
Speaker – Tristan; Next 12/8 Will
Sargent at Arms – Will; Next 12/8 Dan
Birthday - Jon
Student Rotarian – Sylvie (BUHS) NHS induction tomorrow; inducting some good friends. Nordic season has begun; first race in 2 weeks; no snow so “dry” training for now. Feed the Thousands assembly yesterday; collecting food in bins around the school.
Holiday Party – Bonfire at Turner’s Saturday, January 8th. More to come!
Tristam – A VT student is requesting scholarship funds for international studies. 
Board meeting tomorrow 12/2 at 7:15.
Jimmy V - Sunrise Rotary organizing a Trivia Team for Whetstone/Marketplace for upcoming Wednesday nights’ trivia.
Dinner raffle tickets delayed; should be in on 12/8.  Raffle will be in January.
Jon – Alina was able to come home for Thanksgiving. Secrest and Darrow going into business in 2022; focusing on estate planning.
Josh – Thanksgiving community dinner was a success! Also, starting a leadership coaching business for entrepreneurs/educators.
Turner – Had a dozen people up for Thanksgiving. Lots of pies! Good times!!
Mona – Fabulous Thanksgiving with family and friends. Also, adopted a puppy; 10 weeks old; LOTS of work!
Nick – Noel elves arrive today!! Elf on a Shelf is back!
CARDS: 3 of spades – no winner this week.
Tristan: Legislative role re. workforce in VT. Hard to find people to hire. Current labor force 318,000 – the lowest in years. Unemployment (people actively looking for work) in VT at 2.5%. Older demographic in VT and more people retiring. 
Federal pandemic stimulus money supported small business but more workers are needed. Nationally, “the great resignation”; kids at home due to covid; but also people are unhappy at work (feel dehumanized). The businesses that are not struggling are ones who treat their workers well. Employees finally have some leverage. Relatively easy to switch jobs now. Sign on bonuses available. 
What to do with incoming infrastructure funds? Employee Centric Pipeline/Pathway (talent pipeline; career pathways). Training resources both employer-led and outsourced. Social-economic support systems. Need to connect employers with employees looking for opportunities (Navigators). Workers need assistance with housing, transportation and childcare. There is federal support for about 6,000 eligible workers – but there about 30,000 job changes in VT every year. Need to assist the other 80%.  
Solutions: Bring retirees back into workforce? Draw more workers into VT? Encourage private investing in new housing? Childcare subsidies and revisit daycare regulations? 
Rotary Notes - December 1, 2021 Diane Hashagen 2021-12-01 05:00:00Z 0

November 17, 2021 Newsletter

President Mona started her the meeting with a Rotary Minute…......  
District Conference – Mona and Keith attended the conference this past weekend. Keith, who knows little of Rotary enjoyed himself and learned so much about Rotary.
The purpose of the district conference is to bring together members and community leaders in the district to inspire greater involvement with Rotary, strengthen existing relationships, and to showcase the impact and outreach of Rotary in the world. The event recognizes accomplishments of members, clubs, and the district in order to give them a vision of Rotary beyond the club level and to provide a memorable fellowship experience.
We discussed the club paying for the President and one additional club member to attend the conference every year. It is a great experience and you get to see just how BIG Rotary really is.
“Life is an echo – what you send out comes back.”  Anonymous
Thank you Turner for greeting us this morning. Next week’s greeter will be....NO MEETING NEXT WEEK          HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE
ANNIVERSARIES:   Mona, 4 years on November 15th!!
STUDENT ROTARIANS:  Megan and Mason from Hinsdale
Varsity girls Soccer lost their playoff game to Littleton so the season is done for them. Moving on to basketball, Girls first game is 12/3 and Boys first game is 12/10. COVID restrictions are in place and they must be masked up at all times on bench and on the court. There is also a 4 person limit on fans for each player per game. The National Honor Society is accepting applications for this year.
  1. December 13th Trivia Night is for Kids in Coats. Posters are available. Make sure to share the FB event.
  2. Kevin wanted to thank Will, Josh, Nick and Staci for picking up the empty slots for Project Feed the Thousands. We still have 3 days left at the end of December that need filling. Please go into the sign up genius to see what days are left.
  3. Discussion around a holiday party. Staci will sending out a Survey Monkey to see what members are interested in doing. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THE SURVEY!!!
CARDS: 4 of Hearts… Staci won $59!!!!
BRAGS: NONE- we ran out of time.
Justin was our speaker and he discussed his experience with having bipolar disorder because we tend not hear too many positive stories surrounding mental health disorders.
He was diagnosed at 16 years old with Bipolar type II.
There are several types of bipolar and related disorders. They may include mania or hypomania and depression. Symptoms can cause unpredictable changes in mood and behavior, resulting in significant distress and difficulty in life.
Bipolar I disorder. You've had at least one manic episode that may be preceded or followed by hypomanic or major depressive episodes. In some cases, mania may trigger a break from reality (psychosis).
Bipolar II disorder. You've had at least one major depressive episode and at least one hypomanic episode, but you've never had a manic episode.
Bipolar II disorder is not a milder form of bipolar I disorder, but a separate diagnosis. While the manic episodes of bipolar I disorder can be severe and dangerous, individuals with bipolar II disorder can be depressed for longer periods, which can cause significant impairment.
Although bipolar disorder can occur at any age, typically it's diagnosed in the teenage years or early 20s. Symptoms can vary from person to person, and symptoms may vary over time.
The exact cause of bipolar disorder is unknown, but several factors may be involved, such as:
  • Biological differences. People with bipolar disorder appear to have physical changes in their brains. The significance of these changes is still uncertain but may eventually help pinpoint causes.
  • Genetics. Bipolar disorder is more common in people who have a first-degree relative, such as a sibling or parent, with the condition. Researchers are trying to find genes that may be involved in causing bipolar disorder.
This disorder causes serious shifts in mood, energy, thinking, and behavior—from the highs of mania on one extreme, to the lows of depression on the other. More than just a fleeting good or bad mood, the cycles of bipolar disorder last for days, weeks, or months. And unlike ordinary mood swings, the mood changes of bipolar disorder are so intense that they can interfere with job or school performance, damage your relationships, and disrupt your ability to function in daily life.
Justin experiences something called hyper rapid cycles. As the common cycle for bipolar disorder is months, he can experience cycles in days and without medication it could be hours. He compares it to flipping a light switch.
He has a well-developed support structure who has stuck with him through years. Having had a couple of hospitalizations, one against his will and another at the Retreat for about a month. He now goes to therapy every week and takes his medication that coupled with the people in his life checking in on him has helped tremendously.
Justin tries to be open about his bipolar and is willing to talk about it. He says he is not an expert on it but just a guy that has been through it and is always open to questions.
Editor's Note: Sorry, I am sure I missed a lot of the information Justin provided us but I was so enthralled with his story I just sat  and listened and forgot to write. Oops 
November 17, 2021 Newsletter 2021-11-18 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Notes - November 3, 2021

November 03, 2021 Newsletter
President Mona started with the Rotary Minute:
The Rotary district governor performs a very significant function in the world of Rotary. He or she is the single officer of Rotary International in the geographic area called a Rotary district, which usually includes about 45 Rotary clubs. The district governors, who have been extensively trained at the worldwide International Assembly, provide the “quality control” for the 27,000 Rotary clubs of the world. They are responsible for maintaining high performance within the clubs of their district. 
The district governor, who must make an official visit to each club in the district, is never regarded as an “inspector general”. Rather, he or she visits as a helpful and friendly adviser to the club officers, as a useful counselor to further the Object of Rotary among the clubs of the district, and as a catalyst to help strengthen the programs of Rotary.
The district governor is a very experienced Rotarian who generously devotes a year to the volunteer task of leadership. The governor has a wealth of knowledge about current Rotary programs, purposes, policies and goals and is a person of recognized high standing in his or her profession, community and Rotary club. The governor must supervise the organization of new clubs and strengthen existing ones. He or she performs a host of specific duties to assure that the quality of Rotary does not falter in the district, and is responsible to promote and implement all programs and activities of the Rotary International president and the RI Board of Directors. The governor plans and directs a district conference and other special events.
Quotes: “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn
“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodlall (DG John Bob weekly quote)
Guests: John Bob Siemienowicz & Bill Stevens
Greeter: Will Shakespeare
Bonus: New member Steven Dodson became official today! 
Birthdays: None
Anniversaries: Toni and Damon – 21 years Rotarians!
Student Rotarians: Ava Whitney, Tenzin Mathes & Sylvie Normandeau
Tenzin: Finished cross country with last meet. Has been doing for 6 years so hard to say goodbye. Starting Nordic over the winter which is his favorite sport due to great coaches. Helping to plan kick-ball game for students against coaches. Applying to college where he’d like to pursue Nordic. Trunk or treat in Guilford is a great event.
Sylvie: Senior at BUHS National Honors Society and an Athletic Consulship member. Their advisors are in the process of selecting new members of NHS. Once new members are selected, Sylvie will be inducting them with a ceremony. Will be in person which is much better than Zoom (last year). Excited to write speeches for close friends that are inducted. Athletic Consulship Meeting topic: How to promote school spirit in a time of Covid. Looking for ideas like how to have an actual homecoming so are trying to get ideas approved. Went “real” trick or treating for the first time this year. Boyfriend is EXCELLENT trick-or-treater.
Thanks to those who signed up for Deb’s Meal Train. Check Sign-up Genius for open spots. Will need meals until Friday and then again from the 15th – 30th. Her Aunt Helen will meet you at the door.
Tristam: 1) Chenupa (sp?) (a.k.a. quilt guy) now has his car back after getting its engine replaced. $1120 was needed and $1180 was raised. Tristam will request permission from Rotary board to send him remaining money.
2) Today at 10:00 there is a global Zoom call with the Ukraine to discuss a grant for a sewing cooperative. This will benefit Ukrainian women seamstresses in need. Fun fact: Ukraine is huge in land mass and has around 40 million people.
An Ed Dews sighting was made! He’s apparently happy and healthy.
Toni: The gift certificate list went out yesterday. Keep working on getting restaurants on board.
Kevin: Friday is kick off for Feed the Thousands. Sent out Sign-Up Genius for signing up for helping with the project. Please read notes in Kevin’s e-mail for details and do not ask stupid questions. Opens at 9:00 - food must be there at 4:00. Price Chopper and Brattleboro Co-op only. Not Hannaford. Closed on Thursdays. Let Kevin know if something is amiss but you better have read the directions first.
Diane: Trivia is November 8th. Come volunteer or play! 
Cards: Per usual, we’re all losers.
Marci: It was a great Halloween year! Everything looked awesome even though a bunch of stuff didn’t get done (like carving 13 pumpkins). Disappointed in black cat who doesn’t like Halloween. Had great volunteers to help and 300-400 trick-or-treaters. Sunday rain brought standing water in spider tunnel – averted disaster of potential mud pit by going to Facebook to request woodchips.  Within 45 minutes they had multiple people bring wood chips to make the area walkable again. Congrats to kind strangers who saved the day after Halloween.
John: Two brags – 1) His fantastic wife is in Boston for business. She’s been traveling a lot but it’s OK since it’s helping keep John living the lifestyle to which he’s become accustomed. 
2) Semi-proud parenting moment: John and Kerri had a list of accomplishments for Alina – one of which was to learn 5 basic knots but she hated it so never learned it. However, while trying to hang a hammock and being unable to remember a knot she DID remember something that Dad always said: “If you can’t tie knots, tie lots”. Brilliant.
Kevin: Two brags – 1) Loves that DIL always sends lots of photos of grandkids. His nine-month old granddaughter, Harper, is beginning to creep and crawl on the floor – small victories for grandparents to experience. Son and DIL now have 2 mobile mini-me’s.
2) Go Braves – Gave homage to some Brave’s player that nobody cares about.
Katja: 1) Thanks to club for stepping up for Deb. 
2) To new District Governor for being here. 
3) To student Rotarians.
Bill Stevens (Guest AG): Says we excel at verbose brags. He will be formally ratified as the 2024-2025 DG. Wanted to remind us that everyone of us will interact with multiple people this week – and those people could make great club members. 
Josh T: 1) Ayla is doing the flying trapeze as an after-school sport. She did the “whoop” and was able to actually connect with someone!
2) Thanks to our guests for attending.
Club Assembly:
John Bob: Check out John’s video for more about him. Steel contractor – landed job because dyslexic but good at math. Very visual person – likes videos, movies etc. David (District governor nominee) is on Zoom.  The three of our guests are dividing and conquering the district governor role. 
His journey: Home Rotary in NH. He asks that we put aside our biases and admits the end of his conversation is dark and harsh but should be pondered on. When he was DG-elect, went to a training session in the NW US. So massive that people were shuttled in from the airport because local parking lot was full. 1500+ attended. Was known as John Bob from Boston. Wore sport jacket but no tie and hiking boots which isn’t Boston looking. As president of Rotary was speaking, John Bob sat with the president’s wife Suzanne and others and asked President why Rotary was unchanged. Then Covid hit (this was Feb 2020) which ironically forced change. Despite the horrible circumstances of Covid, it’s also good because it brought change. 
District tract: Have digital handbook which will be the handbook going forward. Has $36,000 dollars to give away to district for funding. Five out of 23 clubs raised $38K for a soup kitchen in Nashua.
Wants Rotary to be a safe place for all. Wants to tear down barriers as a method of change – gave examples of multiple minority Rotary leaders who had experienced prejudice and felt unsafe as they became leaders.
John Bob challenges us to do things to make change– reminded us of the example that women took Rotary to the Supreme Court to allow them to attend.
Meeting End: Mona ended meeting with Four Way Test.
Rotary Notes - November 3, 2021 Staci Leffel 2021-11-03 04:00:00Z 0

October 27, 2021 Newsletter

President Mona started her the meeting with a Rotary Minute…......  
Most Rotarians are successful professional and business executives because they hear opportunities knock and take advantage of them. Once a week the opportunity for Rotary fellowship occurs at each club meeting, but not all members hear it knocking.
The weekly club meeting is a special privilege of Rotary membership. It provides the occasion to visit with fellow members, to meet visitors you have not known before, and to share your personal friendship with other members.
Rotary clubs which have a reputation of being "friendly clubs" usually follow a few simple steps: First, members are encouraged to sit in a different seat or at a different table each week. Second, Rotarians are urged to sit with a member they may not know as well as their long-time personal friends. Third, members invite new members or visitors to join their table just by saying: "Come join us, we have an empty chair at this table."
Fourth, members share the conversation around the table rather than merely eating in silence or talking privately to the person next to them. Fifth, Rotarians make a special point of trying to get acquainted with all members of the club by seeking out those they may not know.
When Rotarians follow these five easy steps, an entirely new oppor1tunity for fellowship knocks each week. Soon Rotarians realize that warm and personal friendship is the cornerstone of every great Rotary club.
“Fellowship isn’t just what we do for each other. Fellowship is what we do together for the world.”  Eric Bryant
Thank you Kevin for greeting us this morning. Next week’s greeter will be Turner.
BIRTHDAYS:    No birthdays but if anyone sees former member Ed Dews his birthday is on Halloween…explains a lot doesn’t it??                           
ANNIVERSARIES:   No anniversaries
STUDENT ROTARIANS:  Megan and Mason from Hinsdale
Varsity girls Soccer playoff game in Littleton today. If they win they advance to the quarter final game on Saturday. Also gearing up for basketball to start soon. The seniors have a trip to Holyoke planned for a fun event at the indoor trampoline park. This is the first of 2 final year events they plan for the graduating class. They had the PSAT tests 2 weeks ago which most use as a test prep for the SAT exam used for college admissions.  
  1. District Governor will be attending our November 3rd meeting. Please attend if available.
  2. Kevin announced that a sign up genius has been created for the Project Feed the Thousands pick-ups. It should be live on Friday 10/29/21. We are only doing pick-ups on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at Market 32 and the Brattleboro Co-Op.
  3. Tristam announced that there is a Global Grants meeting today at noon to discuss the Pediatric wheelchair project. Stay tuned for more on this!
CARDS: 8 of Spades… no winner~ YOU LOSE…..LOSERS!!!!
Turner: bragged $10 because he coerced yours truly into taking the meeting minutes for him.
Jon: back from a trip to Ohio to visit Alina at Kenyon College. Nice visit, nothing funny happened but Alina is very happy. She has joined the track team and proudly showed her parents around the campus. Aleska stayed home and did not get into any trouble that they know of…yet.
Jim: yesterday was the first time he had been to Epsilon Spires. It is a center of communication, illuminating the relationship between creative arts, natural sciences and sustainability using multimedia platforms. Friday they will be showing the classic horror film Phantom of the Opera, set to a live musical score performed on a 1916 Estey Pipe Organ by Dennis James, one of the nation’s leading silent film accompanists!
Kevin: bragged for Tristan Toleno stepping up in Justin’s absence to make sure we had breakfast today.
Dinner Raffle- reviewed potential list of restaurants and which club members are going to ask for gift certificates. We are hoping to have commitments for gift certificates by next Wednesday so we can get the tickets printed as soon as possible. After much discussion about ticket pricing we settled on selling books of tickets for $20 each with 5 tickets per book. Members felt that it was an easier sell when people are getting more chances to win.
Trivia- going really well. The numbers are growing and they could always use additional help. It is held on the second Monday of the month and the November 8th Trivia Night charity is going to be NEYT. Please consider joining in on the fun.
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Sunrise Rotary Meeting Notes 10/13/2021

October 13, 2021 – Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting


Next week’s greeter will be Jason Posternak.


Today’s scribe is Bethany – next week will also be Bethany.



Alex Beck, welcoming community manager

Joe Wiah director

Colin – Staci’s husband


Staci brought in speakers for today – Marcy will be speaking next week and we will welcome Student Rotarians!


Rotary Minute: About Community Service

“A community, defined in its simplest terms, is a group of people who have something in common. But in real life, it is something far more complex than that. Each member – every individual, group, organization, and business – draws benefits from the community in many different ways. For a community to thrive, each of its members must honor a commitment to contribute to the well-being of the whole by returning those benefits in kind.

Rotarians recognize the importance of giving back to the community. After all, Community Service is one of the Four Avenues of Service. Every Rotary club and every Rotarian assumes a responsibility to find ways to improve the quality of life for those in their communities and to serve the public interest. When those efforts are effective, they not only contribute to the greater good, they also promote Rotary’s positive image.

What makes a community service effort effective? Relevance. A community service project must address a real, current community concern or issue. Rotary clubs should start by surveying their communities to find out where help is needed. Once a club has listened to its community, it can begin to envision effective responses to problems.”


Quote of the Day:

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” - Harriett Tubman


Anniversaries and Birthdays:

Deb Rosenzweig – 5 years on 10/5, Sandy Shriver – 24 years on 10/10, Bethany Martin – 6 years on 10/16

Sadie’s birthday is 10/16



- Personal request from Mona – don’t text or call before 6:30am in the morning or after 9:00pm at night

- Overflow shelter meal is tomorrow, need people to sign up and drop off meals

- Food requests are the same, drop off location has changed

- Alternate with the noontime club perhaps?

- October, November, December

- On the sign-up genius for the next few months


- Diane – Trivia happened on Monday, about 40 people, raised $375 for Memorial Park Ski Hill

- Second Monday of every month from now until May


- Debra asked to announce that there is going to be a garden party this coming Saturday (Dan made announcement) noon on Saturday

- Black mulch is needed for this project


- Sending around a card for Cindy Delgatto – she has left Rotary right now


Josh Traeger: Thanks for everyone’s help with disc golf tournament. Sponsorship was huge. Did have a professional person helping out and running the tournament

- Second brag for dog Huck – been a great companion for 13 years, and had to be laid to rest yesterday.


KJ: Brag for Jim Maxwell for picking up his shift on Monday for trivia.

- Brag for Josh and disc golf people – you rock!


Jim Maxwell: Brag for KJ – doing phenomenal work for Rescue.


Bethany: Brag for trip down to Texas and thanks to Josh Goldberg and Katja Matthews for stepping in while she was away!


Mona: Brag for haircut and how short it is!


9 of spades, in the deck – “You’re all winners in my book!” – Dan Deitz



Alex and Joe to talk about getting Afghan refugees into the area

Alex Beck Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC)

- Welcoming community manager – 16,000 job opportunities in the state of VT

- Need experts/infrastructure on supporting immigrant populations

- Research on becoming a refugee help community

- Started 2 years ago and approved to become a refugee community a few weeks ago

- Community Asylum Seekers project

- Supporting values of community

- Now there is someone new in town in charge – Joe Wiah


Joe Wiah Director for Ethiopia Council in Vermont

- Hired in beginning of September, so much to do, only person in office right now, trying to hire new staff

- Refugees that are coming to our community

- Beginning of last year the governor announced that he wanted more refugees coming to Vermont

- Resettled some refugees so far

- Increase their number – want to welcome 25 refugees between November and December 2021

- Based on own capacity here – 25 is southern Vermont, might increase depending on capacity

- Between March and September 2022 want to resettle 75 refugees

- Afghan Placement and Assistance (APA)

- Reception and Placement (R&P)

- Apply for housing, food stamps, need legal support for adjustment of status

- Asylum process takes years and years – these refugees have a faster process now within 150 days

- Up to immigration to decide

- Need to be able to work when they get into the country

- Need community support to help find jobs around here

- Looking for housing, transportation, healthcare, community sponsorship wants to provide support

- Core services will revolve around food, housing, language, schools, and transportation

- Volunteers to provide these services to refugees

- 3,000 in country

- Currently hiring additional staff, and have information sessions

- Training for core sponsorship groups is between November and December 2021, looking for host families right now

- In discussion with SIT and using their campus

- Reaching out to other organizations for legal support projects


Alex Beck, Welcoming Communities Manager at BDCC


Joe Wiah Director for the ECDC Multicultural Community Center


Recording of their presentation:


4 Way Test:

1.) Is it the truth?

2.) Is it fair to all concerned?

3.) Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

4.) Is it beneficial to all concerned?

Sunrise Rotary Meeting Notes 10/13/2021 Bethany Martin 2021-10-13 04:00:00Z 0

Disc Golf

Thank you to all the players, volunteers and sponsors for making the Rotary Southern Vermont Disc Golf Championship and the 6th Annual Chuck for Charity Scramble such a success!! We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. 
Disc Golf 2021-10-07 04:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Rotary Notes - 10/6/2021

Rotary Meeting – 10/6/2021
  • 7:15 am – meeting brought to order
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Thanks to this week’s Greeter, Josh Goldberg
  • Next week’s Greeter – Staci Leffel
  • No Guests
  • This week’s scribe: Josh Goldberg
  • Next week’s scribe (10/13): Damon Kindopp (has been replaced)
  • Sergeant at Arms: Will Shakespeare
  • Sergeant at Arms next week (10/13) – Dan Dietz, Jon Secrest
  • Speaker List – Jim Maxwell 10/6, Staci Leffel 10/13
  • Kevin did his ‘Hump Day’ announcement
  • Rotary Minute
    • Are you aware of the responsibility or obligation most Rotarians fail to perform?  Paying their dues?  Attending meetings?  Contributing to the club service fund?  Participating in club events and projects?  No – none of these!  Of all the obligations a person accepts when joining a Rotary club, the one in which most Rotarians fail is “sharing Rotary”.  The policies of Rotary International clearly affirm that every individual Rotarian has an “obligation to share Rotary with others and to help extend Rotary through proposing qualified persons for Rotary Club membership.”  It is estimated that less than 30 percent of the members of most Rotary clubs have never made the effort to propose a new member.  Thus in every club, there are many Rotarians who readily accept the pleasures of being a Rotarian without ever sharing that privilege with another qualified individual.
    • The Rotary policy on club membership states: “In order for a Rotary club to be fully relevant to its community and responsive to the needs  of those in the community, it is important and necessary that the club include in its membership all fully qualified prospective members located within its territory”.  One merely has to glance through the yellow pages of the local telephone directory to realize that most clubs have not invited qualified members of all businesses and professions into Rotary.  Only a Rotarian may propose a customer, neighbor, client, supplier, executive, relative, business associate, professional or other qualified person to join a Rotary club.  Have you accepted your obligation to share Rotary?  The procedures are very simple, and everyone must know at least one person who should below to Rotary.  As we way in Rotary “Each one, bring one!”.
  • Quote: “Rotary’s strength lies in the sincerity of the purpose of its members” Estes Snedecor
  • Anniversary
    • Deb Rosensweig, 5 years on October 5th
  • Birthdays – no birthdays
  • Announcements
    • Mona - Board meeting on 10/7
    • Mona - Rotary invite to dinner for the Moving Wall volunteers at the American Legion, October 12th, 5 pm, bring your spouse.
    • Mona - Overflow meal is next Thursday (10/14), stew, chowder, soup.
      • Drop off for food is 5:30 – 6:00 pm
      • Decision was made to drop off food, instead of serve it
    • Toni Ciampaglione - Six student Rotarians (2 from Hinsdale, 2 from Bratt, 2 from Career Center
      • Coming on 10/20, with teacher, as many meeting attendees as possible please!!
    • Staci Leffel - Trivia coming again, Monday October 11th
    • Rotary Scramble and Tournament went great!
      • $11k raised to split between Sunrise and Noontime clubs
      • Edward Jones accepted the 1st place award for winning their category in the Scramble (Nick Dubois and son)
      • Nick would like to do more promotions, got 7000 hits on the Tournament posts on Facebook.  Will continue to do this, and urges membership to like, and share these posts to increase Sunrise Rotary event exposure
    • Tristam Johnson
      • Elaine won the quilt to fund the Pine Ridge truck engine replacement,  $1180 raised!
    • Katja  Matthews –
      • Bulb planting at noon on Sunday 10/10 with Deb Rosenzweig
  • Brags
    • Jim Maxwell – road trip with his wife Kay, trip to DC and Jersey.  Sadly were at Arlington for a funeral, also went to the Holocaust Museum.  Then off to Philadelphia to see more friends!  Retirement is Revival!
    • Marcy Caulkins – Halloween brag for her husband Dave doing all of the Halloween building to prep for their amazing Halloween decorations
    • Jon Secrest – Brag for a time when he fired on a nuke submarine from the decks of the Pride of Baltimore (wooden sailing ship), pretend rounds with gunpowder and newspaper.  Got a call from the submarine USS Maryland, asking for the two ships to meet for a photo op.  Fired cannons as a salute, and the submarine fired flares in response which came very close to catching the wooden ship on fire! 
    • Katja Matthews and Josh Traeger -
      • Announcing the next Boston to Bar Harbor walk.  $49 per person, which includes a t-shirt and medal.  Walk, run, row, swim, whatever.  All money raised goes to Vermont Food Bank.  Friday 10/8 is the start and deadline for signups.  750 miles for each person. 
    • Nick Dubois – brag for the Red Sox!!
  • Cards
    • Ace of clubs was drawn - $15 in winnings – the card is IN THE DECK!
  • Speaker
    • Jim Maxwell spoke of his role in teaching acting -
      • Teaching acting is a passion.  Has an MFA in acting from Penn State (72-75).  Had three teachers that learned from Sanford Meissner, of the ‘Meissner Technique’.  Definition of acting: “Truthful behavior in imaginary circumstances”  Performance is similar to a standup comedian (for example), so putting on a show is the focus.  Acting is being truthful to the character and play, leaving reactions to the audience.
      • What is truthful behavior?  Went to Russia to learn from Constantine Stanislavsky, who tried to dig into what was going on inside an actor.  This led to a new realism in acting, rather than overacting.  Strasbourg had ‘the Method’ out of the Actors Studio. 
      • When your acting is ‘truthful doing’, the emotion follows naturally.  In Jim’s workshops, actors do things, with feedback on whether they are doing it naturally or truthful.
      • Also teaching how to ‘be in the moment’ with your cast members, so you react to what behaviors are coming from the other actors, to bring out the behaviors in yourself.
      • Yin/Yang improv to learn how scenes work-
        • 1 person in ‘the room’ (Yang) doing something independently, alone, urgently
        • Next actor comes (Yin) who has a life/death need for something from Yang.  Yang also has an agenda and a pastime.  A relationship is determined in advance before Yin comes in the room. 
        • The improv results from these characters interacting.
        • Not knowing what to do is actually part of the exercise.
      • Very vulnerable for students, so the teacher helps create a safe space for that moment.
      • Thanks for sharing, Jim!!
  • 4 Way Test
    • Is it the Truth?
    • Is it fair to all concerned?
    • Will it bring goodwill and better friendships?
    • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Sunrise Rotary Notes - 10/6/2021 Josh Goldberg 2021-10-06 04:00:00Z 0

September 22, 2021

September 22, 2021 – Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting

Thank you to Jason for being our greeter!

This week’s scribe is Bethany – next week will be Tristam.



- Norma Hardy, Brattleboro Police Chief

- Frank Weatherby, VFW member


Rotary Minute: Women in Rotary


- In 1978, the Rotary Club of Duarte, California invited three women to become members. Constitution and Bylaws of RI stated that member had to be male only.

- RI board withdrew the charter of Duarte club for violating the laws

- Duarte club brought suit against RI about discrimination in business and public places

- California Supreme Court agreed with Duarte club and said that women should be allowed in the club

- 1987 action allowed women to become Rotarians, and then RI changed their constitution in 1989 and allowed Rotary to include women


Quote of the Day: “Volunteers are unpaid not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” - Anonymous


Birthdays: Tristan had a birthday on September 5th! Kevin, Turner, Diane, and Jon finally get to sing to him!




Mona: Thank you to everyone that helped volunteer at the Vietnam Moving Wall!


Frank Weatherby: Representing Len Derby today from the VFW Chapter 843. Len had the vision to make the Vietnam Moving Wall come to Brattleboro, and it finally happened.

Len had no idea what he was going to do about feeding his volunteers until Mona came to a meeting. Mona did an absolutely amazing job at getting the club together to volunteer time and donate food to keep the volunteers fed and happy throughout the event, and on behalf of the VFW, Mona was awarded a drill sergeant badge for leadership! Congratulations Mona and thank you for all everything!


Reminder: Meetings begin at 7:15am! Please be here for the start of the meetings!


Josh G.: Chuck for Charity Disc Golf Tournament is coming up on October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! Looking for volunteers – please sign up on the Sign-Up Genius that was sent out by Josh.


Tristam: Had an hour long Zoom meeting in regards to USAID partnering with Rotary to develop projects in Eastern Europe – projects go through USAID, then Rotary would fund them

Projects to help children, women, and stabilizing jobs.


Nick: Please go onto Facebook and “like” our Sunrise Rotary page! Share it and get the word out about our club!




Diane: Brag for Mona and everything she did for the Vietnam event – one volunteer said “We have never been fed like this at any event before!” Thank you thank you thank you!


Jon: Brag for Kerry and Jon – both to participate in 75 mile mountain bike ride fundraiser called the Hungry Lion this coming weekend – both have been training hard all summer and looking forward to the event.


Turner: Brag for Mona – another thank you for all she did for the Vietnam Wall event and congratulations on the award!


Tristan: Brag for wife and himself – both able to take two weeks off, visited one son in Burlington and enjoyed some down time. Also, had stress test and all came back fine!


Josh G.: Brag for PayPal! May have forgotten some extra change for brags so was able send some money via PayPal during the meeting! But main brag is for friends/family and going on a trip to Smuggler’s Notch to play some disc golf!




Queen of Hearts – was in the deck! You lose, losers!


Guest Speaker: Norma Hardy, Brattleboro Police Chief

- Began by giving our club a donation – thank you so much Norma!

- Originally from Virginia, not the city. Used to drive 2.5 hours one-way to get to work on a daily.

- Been in the force for 26.5 years, was a 9/11 responder, and 1993 bomb survivor (was only 16 weeks into the job when that happened)

- Honored to be Chief in Brattleboro, the officers impress her everyday

- Main focus is on rebuilding the department, beginning with some interviews on Friday. Hope to add at least 10 additional officers to the department

- Has been speaking to groups and families around the community and is open to hearing what ideas community members have for the greater community at large

- She is open to speaking with anyone, whether they have good or bad things to say, but her one ask is that they stay respectful

- Very optimistic about opportunities in the area from a police standpoint, and wants to build a strong community relationship between the police and the community

- Big goal to conquer is helping those with mental illnesses because it appears that isolated individuals have been taken advantage of

- Had regularly been putting the number of calls the police department receive on their Facebook webpage to show the public that the police department is busy and needed throughout the community


Ended the meeting with the 4-Way Test:

- Is it the truth?

- Is it fair to all concerned?

- Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

- Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


Respectfully submitted by Secretary Bethany

September 22, 2021 Bethany Martin 2021-09-28 04:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Rotary Notes 9/8/21

Rotary minutes 9/8/21

7:15, Meeting comes to order

Present in person: Josh G., as President today while Mona is out due to dog surgery, Bethany, Lisa, Will, Jason, Turner, Tristam, Staci, Kevin, Marcy

On Zoom: Josh T., Nick

This week's greeter: Will Shakespeare

Next week's greeter: unfilled

Sergeant At Arms: Will Shakespeare

Jason brought speaker this week. Staci's turn next week but she is seeking a switch with somebody as her speaker not available.


  • World leader Rotarians: JFK, FDR, Angela Merkel, Neil Armstrong, Senator Diane Feinstein, Bill Gates, Joyce Hall (founder of Hallmark Cards), Walt Disney, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi (French virologist who helped isolate HIV as the cause of AIDS; received the Nobel Prize in 2008)

  • Extra note re the Gates foundation: Rotary is committed to raising $50 million per year over the next three years, with every dollar to be matched with two additional dollars from the Gates Foundation. This expanded agreement will translate into up to $450 million for polio eradication activities.

  • President-elect Josh G., reviewing Rotary causes such as promoting peace, supporting education and growing local economies around the world, wonder if we have the same opportunities to effect change in our local cities and towns: How should we be connecting with and supporting new businesses, supporting local schools, educators, and students? What does it mean to promote peace?


  • If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.

  • Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away. And you have their shoes.

STUDENT ROTARIANS Steve Perrin has asked for the necessary forms to induct a new round of Student Rotarians. We'll ask Toni to help with the application process

ROTARY ANNIVERSARIES Josh Goldberg, 4 years on 9/13, congratulations!

BIRTHDAY Tristan Toleno, 9/5 but not here to be celebrated via Sunrise Quartet/Quintet/Sextet/whatever


  • Josh Goldberg – have been discussing Rotary volunteer opportunities around Brattleboro High School needs including picnic tables, and a larger idea around a pavilion near the football field. Would like to put together a small (2-4 member) group to consider needs and opportunities for the high school, especially in conjunction with student Rotarians working with the Sunrise Rotary team

  • Staci -- Trivia returns on the 13th – helpers are all signed up

  • Tristam – Food Drive Raffle. Tristam showed a beautiful star quilt done by Lakota quilter. The star quilt represents honor & generosity. Raffle tickets for the quilt are $10, only 100 will be sold. The proceeds from the raffle will be used to replace a 300K-mile engine in the van that transports donations of food, winter clothing, fuel, and water to the elderly and grossly impoverished Lakota Sioux on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD.

  • Josh T. – continuing to seek sponsorship for the Rotary disc golf tournament, a great opportunity for sponsors to support the tournament and also have their logo/sponsorship acknowledgement at every hole – for the whole year!

P.S. on that: we will be handling burgers etc. for the Sunday round of disc golf (Noon club has Saturday)



  • Dan – for BMH, he had leg surgery last week, all went well

  • Marcy – son Rowan starts as a freshman in H.S. Marcy drove him for first day, failed to take picture, and to let him know what bus he'd take home. . .

  • Turner – to Maine last weekend for the Thomas Point Blues Festival


CARDS Staci. Instant winner: asked to draw from the deck, drew her own card. $9 bucks and change.


GUEST Guest speaker Norman Vancor spoke about his experience as a recon marine in Vietnam and the book he has written and published, Swift, Silent, Deadly. Norm had never talked to his parents about his Vietnam experience, nor had he asked his dad about what his dad went through serving in World War II. Norm's initial aim was to break that silence and write an account for his children and grandchildren. There are many accounts of the war, but Norm's is not a war story, it's about his personal experience as one member of a 5-man recon team. He tells his story from the time of his arrival in Vietnam to his discharge at Camp Lejeune. His book has brought Norm many acknowledgments from readers who themselves went through Vietnam but had not talked about it – and in their cards and letters to Norm they begin to do just that. Norm told us how important those acknowledgments and personal stories have been to him.


ADJOURN with 4-way test at +/- 8:15. / Submitted by Jim Maxwell

Sunrise Rotary Notes 9/8/21 Jim Maxwell 2021-09-17 04:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Rotary notes 9/1/21


Scribe’s apology, I neglected to get the quote/history/Rotary minute from Mona, and wasn’t ready to write that fast that quickly, so we will start with:


Anniversaries and Birthdays: None



-Board Meeting Thursday Sept 1 7:15 at the Legion


-Josh Goldberg will be filling in for President Mona next week


-Moving Wall Sign Up Genius will be sent out again this week. We are providing food. Also, Tristam is responsible for parking and needs at least 3 people/day to help. We will see if Sadie can add this to the Sign Up Genius.


-October overflow shelter meal is moved later in the month, the 16th or 17th. Check under the Sign Up Genius that Sadie sent out.


-Disc Golf, we are currently working with the Brattleboro Rotary to beak down duties and a full schedule will be coming soon. We are still looking for a major tournament sponsor.


-Trivia is going forward and will happen on Mon Sept 13. Charity is the Moving Wall, trivia starts at 6:30


-Steven Dotson (spelling?) is interested in membership. Board meeting was called to order as a quorum was present at the meeting, a motion was made and seconded to approve him for membership, motion passed, board meeting adjourned. If anyone has any conflicts with offering Steve membership to the club, please contact Mona or a board member.



Mona- hit her Chasing Sunrise goal of 500 miles this week. She had to work through severe shin pain when she started, so it was a challenging goal and she thanks everyone for cheering her on.


Nick – was back in Maine last week with the kids and family, got to do some zip lining and much fun was had


Kevin – reiterated that he has a 3rd grandchild on the way, and has found out it will be a girl, Hannah Leanne.


Cards: 2 of Spades is the winner for Bethany



Bill Holiday, retired teacher from BUHS spoke to us about the ending of the Vietnam War, and about the Wall Memorial. Scribe’s second apology: this was a tough talk to distill into notes, especially because I kept stopping and just listening to the story as it was being told, my apologies if this isn’t as thorough a write up as possible.


“We have a tendency to reduce wars to numbers”, and the number of names on the Wall has gone up, as there have been veterans who have succumbed to illnesses related to their time in Vietnam. These names need to be approved by Congress to be added.


Stories of Vietnam included the tale of a boy that helped out at a US compound, only to come in one day and detonate a bomb he was wearing. Afterward, at that camp, even children could be seen as a threat, showing us there was more to the story than just our soldiers being “baby killers”, as they were accused of in the media back home.


The original wall was designed by a Yale undergrad, who won the contest for the design of the memorial, and the Wall became the most visited memorial in the country, only recently eclipsed by the 9/11 memorial.


On April 30, 1975, the last American helicopter left the camp in Vietnam. Prior to that, on April 11, Donang on the central coast had fallen, meaning the withdrawal had to accelerate at a pace that wasn’t expected. There was panic and desperation. Very similar to recent events.


And the parallels didn’t stop there. In both Vietnam and Afghanistan:

-we had no concrete objective at which point we could end the war

-the collapse of the US supported army happened faster than expected

-things went “right back to where they were”

-the future is uncertain for those left behind, those that opposed the regime


This note takers take away: those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.


Sunrise Rotary notes 9/1/21 Marcy Caulkins 2021-09-17 04:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Rotary Notes 9/15/21

Sept 15, 2021
Thanks to Turner for Greeting!
Jason will be our greeter next week
Thanks for Jon Secrest for being Sargent at Arms. Dan Deitz will be next week. 
Scribe this week: KJ, filling in for Diane
Scribe next week: Rich Hoppe, Jon Secrest will check-in with him. 
Rotary Minute: 
The bylaws of Rotary clearly outline the procedure for a prospective member to be proposed for Rotary club membership. The "proposer" is the key person in the growth and advancement of Rotary. Without a sponsor, an individual will never have the opportunity to become a Rotarian.
The task of the proposer should not end merely by submitting a name to the club secretary or membership committee. Rotary has not established formal responsibilities for proposers or sponsors, however, by custom and tradition these procedures are recommended in many clubs. The sponsor should:
1. Invite a prospective member to several meetings prior to proposing the individual for membership.
2. Accompany the prospective new member to one or more orientation/informational meetings.
3. Introduce the new member to other club members each week for the first month.
4. Invite the new member to accompany the sponsor to neighboring clubs for the first make-up meeting to learn the process and observe the spirit of fellowship.
5. Ask the new member and spouse to accompany the sponsor to the club's social activities, dinners or other special occasions.
6. Urge the new member and spouse to attend the district conference with the sponsor.
7. Serve as a special friend to assure that the new member becomes an active Rotarian.
When the proposer follows these guidelines, Rotary becomes stronger with each new member.
Quote :  “Only a life lived in the service of other is worth living.” – Albert Einstein 
Student Rotarians -  
Rotary Anniversaries  -   Josh Goldberg 4 yrs, Sep 13, Michelle Pong 11 yrs, Sep 14
Birthdays   -   Tristan Toleno Sept 5th, 
Thanks to Josh G for filling in last week! 
History Walk: Jon is spearheading, has some folks to work with. 
Overflow shelter: meal coming up middle of October
Quilt Raffle: over $500 already, keep selling those tickets!
Stacie: trivia night went really well, we had 4 full tables, made $220 for the charity. 
Josh Traeger: Trivia crew, represented and brought the whole crew together and did a fantastic job.
Nick: son joined the Storm soccer program, doing a ton of traveling (for which Nick is somewhat regretful as it is EVERY week!). The progression of the kids is amazing and fun to watch. Brag for Kevin for finally getting fined! He paid his whopping $0.25 for being late. 
Jon: Learned many years ago that when people ask how you are, they want to hear about medical diagnosis in detail. He has 3% word recognition in his left ear. He is getting a Cochlear implant in his left ear. Jon gave us great detail on how the hole drilling into his head will go. 
Turner: Kay came up with a wonderful saying when people are talking about their surgeries, it’s an organ recital.
Mona: Little fur baby (who is her world) had surgery to remove a growth on his eye and a dental cleaning, the dentist took 25% of his eyelid and 22 teeth. Mona is done moving her mother-in-law, she lived in the same place for 25 years and she held on to everything! Sorted everything out, moved her and unpacked everything in her new apartment! 
Kevin: a brag for Toni’s new look! 
Toni: She’s going to let that slide, cuz obviously “I looked like crap before”. Kevin replied that is NOT what he was saying… 
Cards: no winner of the $3 jackpot
Speaker: Norm Vancor is here to talk about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Moving Wall. 
There is a lot of detail surrounding the Wall and all of the memorials in Washington D.C. 
The east wall is pointed directly at the northeast corner of the Washington monument, the West wall is pointed at the northeast corner of the Lincoln memorial. At the vertex the wall is over 10 feet high. Made of black granite quarried in Bangalor India, all of the granite work was done in Barre Vermont. The granite was selected because this granite has a reflective quality that we do not see from other granite.
The wall was designed very specifically, there are a lot memorials on the Mall in Washington D.C. There are 70 inscribed panels on each side (east and west), each panel is labeled 1-70 at the base and meets at the vertex of the wall. 
On each wing there are two panels which have no names for a total of 140 with names. There is a listing of those killed by name and another by day so people can locate the name of someone on the wall.
All of the names are on the wall chronologically from when they died. 
There are symbols next to names, a diamond for confirmed killed and a cross for missing in action. If remains are found and identified the cross is covered over with a diamond.
The names of eight woman (all nurses) are inscribed on the wall, 160 Medal of Honor recipients on the wall. There are 120 individuals on the wall who listed foreign countries as their home of record. There are a number of clergy on the wall.  
Much of the funds were raised with funds from the American people. 
The wall is on two acres and receives about 3 million visitors a year. There was a contest to pick the design of the wall. There was a public outcry against the design, so much so the secretary of the interior would not issue a building permit to have the wall built. Now it is considered a work of art and shrine to the men and women killed in Vietnam. Symbolically it is described as a wound that is closed and healing.  Items left at the memorial are collected and transferred to the museum where they are cataloged and kept (with the exception of flags and organic/perishable matter). 
Changes are made on Mother’s Day every year.
Take a look at the Moving Wall website for more information:
Sunrise Rotary Notes 9/15/21 Kris Johnston 2021-09-15 04:00:00Z 0
Disc Golf Tournament 2021 2021-09-02 04:00:00Z 0
Sunrise Rotary Notes - August 25, 2021 Sadie Fischesser 2021-08-25 04:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Rotary Notes - August 18, 2021

August 18 2021 Meeting Notes
President Mona called us to order at 7:15AM
Nick is today’s greeter
Next week’s greeter will be KJ
Scribe next week is Sadie
Speaker and guest today is Nancy Detra from “Window Dressers” and Guilford Energy Committee
Tristam – Speaker for next week
KJ – Speaker for 09/01
Rotary Minute on rotary mottos and service self. “He who profits most serves best.”
Mask discussion. Brattleboro select Board voted last night to return to implementing masks again in
indoor public places. Please wear masks again starting with next week’s meeting. The meeting on the
25 th will be in person and on Zoom.
Happy Birthday Josh Trager!
Rotary Announcements:
1) Moving Wall Vietnam Memorial
Sign up for food service volunteers for 3 hour shifts. Event is Thursday Sept 16 th to Sept 20 th . Mona
Williams will send out an email with sign up for and details.
2) GroundWorks has opened the overflow shelter and is looking for year around meals. Let’s start
volunteering in October by either making food and dropping off or helping serve food and cleaning up
3) “Load the Latchis” 8/19 9am to 4pm drop off
4) Reminder: Trivia returns on Monday night 09/13
5) Every Sunday garden party with Debra. Come get your hands dirty.
Toni: New company, new job. Employee Appreciation Week… not just a Day. Today is patriotic Day thus
the camo outfit
Trista: Making friends with a 6-foot-tall black bear who wants bird seed. 1-33 wedding anniversary spent
camping with a family of loons (literally, birds)
Dan: Went on vacation with Debra and family to the Dominican Republic. Dan went golfing for the first
time with may have had something to do with an earthquake in the area.
Kevin: Very short time bragging about being a grandparent again. Apparently the ultra sound looks like
this grand child looks like a sea horse at the present time. Wife Ginny enjoyed her 60 th birthday last
KJ: After spending a few weeks ago sail boating in MN, he recently got his feet wet sailboat racing!
Marcy: Celebrated her 1-23 wedding Anniversary
Nancy Detra, our guest speaker, went to her 50 th high school reunion which is the first-time reunion for
Tristan: Celebrated his 1-25 Wedding ‘anniversary
3 of diamonds… No winners, everyone is a loser today.
Guest Speaker:
Nancy Detra
802 254 4762
Window Program is a volunteer energy conservation program with the goals of reducing heating fuel
consumption, reducing Co2 emissions to the environment and promoting community outreach and
By using donated funds to pay for materials and volunteer labor, they manufacturer window inserts
made of wood frames and plastic sheeting to put into the interiors of windows. After measuring the
sizes of the windows, they custom make these inserts to mimic storm window function to reduce heat
loss in residences.
Assembly is going to be at the former Austine School gym on 10/29 to 11/2… volunteers to help
assemble inserts are needed on these dates from 9 to 12 and 1 to 4 on these dates.
If you are interested in signing up for your own window inserts, go on the Window Dressers website. Call
Nancy Detra if you have further questions or would like to help out with this worthy community
program serving the Greater Brattleboro area.
Four Way Test:
Is it the truth? is it fair to all concerned? will it build goodwill and better friendships? is it beneficial to all
Sunrise Rotary Notes - August 18, 2021 Jeff Dunklee 2021-08-18 04:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Minutes 8/11/21

Call to Order – Pledge

Good Morning

Bonnie Anderson – BF Bike Project Guest

No Quote of the day and no Rotary Minute – Mask and Delta Variant update DG email “Reminding people that you can wear mask, all in person meetings in NH and in Bennington County (wear mask) b/c rise of illness.” Stay tuned for updates from the CDC. Visitors or guests please remind of the same rules; if you are unvaccinated wear mask. Open to return to zoom or hybrid meetings.

Rotary Major Project – Vietnam Vet Memorial need more help – seeking volunteers for supporting the meals. Thursday September 16th, Friday 17th, Saturday 18th, and Sunday 19th Dinner. Also serving Lunch on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th.

Greeter – KJ

Next Week – Nick

Scribe – Nick, next week Jeff Dunklee 8/18; Sadie 8/25.

Speaker – Nancy Deltra 18th, 25th is Tristam 8/25, KJ – Sept 1.

Guests – Brattleboro and BF Bike Project

Anniversary – 6 year Jim Verzino, Cindy and Lisa – August 10th 5 years. Will 20 years, Kevin 26 years.

Birthday – Marcy Caulkins

Rotary Announcements –

Diane – Trivia 2nd Monday of every Monthly. September is Living Memorial Moving Wall 6:30PM Monday September 13th. Email reminders, FB,

Josh – October 2nd, 3 Rotary Disc Golf Tournament – 140 participants. Need most help on Friday the 1st. Weekend will be singles tournament. Tony, Josh Golberg, working on sponsorship.

Will – Fundraiser coming up Hungry Lion September 25th – 30/50/70mi bike tour. Dancing, Food, Beer. Dover Rotary and Whittingham Lions club.

Tristam – Read through dedicated funds, just need to find what we want to do. Easy outline and funds should be readily available. Deadline – midnight September 15th. Windham County, national, international.

VFW Moving Wall – September 11th and 12th Weekend before constructing wall and laying platforms – time YTBD. Also need help with parking assistance during event.

Mona – VFW Moving Wall September 16th – 20th. Seeking volunteers for 6 shifts 2-3 servers per shift. 3 hours serving and 30 minute b/4 after event. Power at site; seeking crockpot foods. Need to feed 25-50 people per meal. Sign-up going around for people; signup genius being sent out. Deli in Coco-plum plaza offering discounts for people volunteering.


Community Forum – born afterwards, protestor, veteran, parent of person who served. Ask whatever want to ask for community. Goal is to come out with sympathetic appreciation for what happened in Vietnam War.

District 7870 Golf Tournament going on August 20th @ Brettwood in Keene, NH – Email Shared with Club

Brattleboro on Wheels Event – September 18th 9-2PM Car Show and Cruise in (Noon Time Club)

Reminder Putney Rd Redemption Center will take returnable bottle and cans, money from the returnable goes to Pure Water Foundation for Rotary (Noon Time Club)

Load the Latchis, August 19th 9-4, drop-off on Flat St. they also take $ donations.



BF Bike Project – Bonnie

Non-Profit Turning 8 in September – Started out in Canal Street BF. Then moved to better location on Route 5 in BF. Volunteer run for first few years. Now evolved into 2 paid staff, then part time employees over time. Mission is to provide accessibility to bikes for low cost alternative. Pre-COVID teach volunteers/Middle Schoolers how to work on bikes and safe riding procedures. Since then middle school and kids will come by anytime to work on their bikes. Noticeable increase in bikes around BF. Now working to get a better bike system in town. Working with local schools to teach basic repair skills, safety tips etc. Also have smoothie bike that bring to events. Since COVID popularity has increased dramatically and busier than ever. No classes or after school program yet. Another new exciting program is the duet wheelchair bike. Made in Sweden – wheelchair in front, pushed behind with Bike. Can take seniors or anyone who cannot go out by themselves. Someone drives – Pilot and then safety personal follows.

Community Support? – BF has been incredible supportive, 1 year in realized that community really supported and wanted/Needed them. More donated bikes and volunteers than can handle. Volunteers can work outside.

Initiative – Looking to help other towns to get started. Mostly advice but also bikes. Springfield Restorative justice program. Getting folks on bikes. Looking to expand and helping them expand their project. Bikes, support, advice, training, etc.

Stephen – Looking to startup similar projects in Brattleboro, VT. Initial startup phase, tools, parts etc. Now seeking space.

Many other shops but mostly they carry very expensive high-end bikes. Their clients are more seeking used bikes, or work with their clients to provide a bike (volunteering, sponsorship, etc.). “Earn a Bike!”

Long Term Goal – Every community needs a bike project as climate changes worsen needs to have clean alternative. Looking to expand projects on a broader scale.

Q&A – Josh – visited years ago up at shop and was incredible. Seeking a bike this is the place to go and does incredible work. Pass along to anyone to get on the map and thanks for all your hard work.

Will – Are you asking for Bike donations? We cannot solicit now with no more room for them. Jonathan – Unused bike shops, and surplus of bikes in community. Leadership in community for governance “rebikiling Brattleboro.” Group of techs, Groundworks, people ready to distribute bikes. Trying to find Bonnie of Brattleboro! Youth primary target for Bikes, also working with folks who are unemployed, coming out of recovery, etc. Funds are available to startup just need a champion!

Brags – Skipped

Cards – House wins every time.

4 Way Test – Is it the truth, Is it Fair to all concerned, Will it build goodwill and better friendships, Is it beneficial to all concerned.

Sunrise Minutes 8/11/21 Nick DuBois 2021-08-11 04:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Minutes 8/4/21

Thanks to Greeter - Turner Lewis

KJ – next week


Mona opened the meeting with a Rotary Minute:


An official flag was formally adopted by Rotary International at the 1929 RI Convention in Dallas, Texas. 

The Rotary flag consists of a white field with the official wheel emblem emblazoned in gold in the center of the field.  The four depressed spaces on the rim of the Rotary wheel are colored royal blue.  The name Rotary International printed at the top and bottom depressions on the wheel rim are also gold.  The shaft in the hub and the keyway of the wheel are white.  The first Rotary flag reportedly was flown in Kansas City, Missouri in January 1915.  In 1926, a small Rotary flag was carried over the North Pole by Admiral Richard Byrd, a member of the Rotary Club of Whichester, Virginia.  In 1920, the admiral carried a Rotary flag in his expedition to the South Pole.  During Rotary's centennial year, 2004-05, Rotarian and Rotaract climbers carried flags to the of Mount McKinley and Mount Everest.

Some Rotary clubs use the official Rotary fag as a banner at club meetings.  In these instances, it is appropriate to print the works Rotary Club above the wheel symbol and the club's name below the emblem.

The Rotary flag is always prominently displayed at RI World Headquarters and at all RI conventions and official events.

No Speaker Today

Guests – None

Rotary Anniversaries - None

Birthdays – None

Student Rotarians - None



Mona – District Golf Tournament on 8/20 at Bretwood Golf Course in Keene NH – looking for volunteers

The Noon Rotary Club is having a Golf Tournament on 8/26 at the Brattleboro Country Club and is looking for teams of four.

Moving Wall, no update - look for one next week

Board meeting – 7:15 here – all are invited to attend

Next week speaker – Bonnie Anderson Bellows Falls Bike Project

Following week – Nancy Detra – Guilford Energy Project (via Sandy Shriver) – Oct. volunteers 3-4 hours – window dressing. helps protect drafty windows Started in Maine – teams go out and measure – cost is very low. Asks recipients to help build frames with instruction.


$33,000 available for designated grants district wide. Need to submit application. Collected 3 years ago from all of us. Deadline August 31st.


Jim – speaker schedule is done go to website to find your time starts in two weeks. Tristam 8/25 KJ 9/1


Diane – Trivia is starting up September 13th – 2nd Monday of every month. The Moving Wall – first charity.


Mona - Moving Wall 9/16 – 20 – Rotary is volunteering, Weekend before – platform will be constructed, and pathway will be put out – mesh base and 2x4 boarding – Tristam needs help. The morning of the 16th and take down on the 21st. As a club we are providing the food to feed the volunteers. Could be preparing food and handing it out.


Debra – merged a brag and announcement – continue with every other Sunday 8am garden work. Might move to 9am since the weather is cooperating. Brag for Diane and Katja who were out last weekend who did a great job in the garden and for Mona for planting a Hibiscus and Tristam and Wendy who donated two astilbe plants for the garden. Second part – Dan Dietz – is going on vacation with Debra’s family and they are going to the Dominican Republic for a week.



Tristam – Wendy and Tristam was going to do the sunrise trail in Maine but instead did the Portland to Newburyport ride– it rained and rained. They got soaked and the kind people at the hotel washed and dried their clothes. Went to Wells and back to Newbury port and it rained again. Wonderful bike ride. Maine has a Greenway trail system, but NH does not. Rotary signs all along.


Nick – This past weekend daughters 7th birthday. Remembers her as a baby. Went to Little Sebago lake in Maine. Very nice spot – That area of Maine was beautiful.


Katja – two brags – domestic violence last night at neighbor’s apartment. Car broke down – flat tire. Thank you, Dan Dietz for helping. Visited noon club virtually as last club to visit on Sunrise fundraiser tour around the world. Met John Boch (sp)– received another 70.00.


Will – Two brags – Great news – The Marlboro Music festival bought the Marlboro College campus. Music festival tickets are still available but might be difficult to find. Another option to hear the music! Rehearsals every day – free you can walk in. encourage Rotarians to go and watch them play. Inspiring and beautiful.


KJ for Diane – She encouraged his two-week trip - he rented a truck camper and met granddaughter in Minnesota and visited with friends. Went sailing in Mississippi river – went to Paisely Park, Prince’s Home and Studio – golfed – went/saw head waters – went to the upper peninsula (UP) – Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.


Cindy - Kudo’s to Greasy’s Garage in Worcester MA for fixing the MINI and for U-Haul for having great pick ups that can be used as a rental vehicle.


Tristam – ran into someone’s fabulous grandmother who tried to adopt Wendy and Tristam in for drinks and shelter.


Cards – Josh G pulled the card – King of Clubs and we are losers 😊





Began Grant possibility Discussion:


  • Marcy – Focus should be on kids who need food – especially during times when schools are not open and that is there source of food. Emergency lunch food bank

  • Toni – Fruit Trees in garden and allow people to pick as they need. Border of the coop parking lot as a potential site.

  • Debra – concerned about homelessness and drugs – put fruit tree near where people need it. Could be near the Colonial Hotel. Will says it take about 5 years. Should be in a clean environment. Takes a lot of work.

  • Cindy – lending library and lending food “library”

  • Josh G – Student Rotarian collaboration – Bench that folds into a table for outdoor learning for students. Disc golf course at the high school

  • Jim V - .50 for every 1 – matching grant – if we can get someone else to contribute it reduces our grant input. Limit $1000 – if we partner with noon club then $1500.

  • Will – collaboration with Memorial Park – upkeep and painting bathroom or other work.

  • Dan – piggyback on a project that is already done.


Mona has the print off and someone can review. Tristam will review. Thank you Tristam!!

Pick one or two projects – fundraising towards it. Put together the project idea.


  • Josh G – do we have any room in our budget to allow any wiggle room.

  • Jim V – feels like there is room in our budget – could be 500.00


Mona - 8/19 fill the Latches – Groundworks Collaborative

Board Meeting 8/5 in person at the legion 7:15am.

Cards & Brags – Josh G – King of Clubs and we are losers 😊


4 Way Test

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Is it beneficial to all concerned?


Rotary notes submitted by Cindy Delgatto. My apologies for any errors or omissions.

Sunrise Minutes 8/4/21 2021-08-11 04:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Minutes 7/28

Rotary Anniversaries: Jeff Dunklee Jul 26th 4 years, Staci Leffel July 26th 4 years

Birthdays: Debra Rosenzweig July 25th (sing if she is there this week)

Mona, Justin, Josh, Josh, Toni, Jason, Jim, Diane, Staci, Will, Marci, Turner, Katja, Bethany, Jon & Lisa

Definition of Rotary. Get from Mona,the 31 words of Rotary

Mona Quote: Quote:   “I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.” ― Jana Stanfield

How do you describe the organization called "Rotary"? There are so many characteristics of a Rotary club as well as the activities of a million Rotarians. There are the features of service, internationality, fellowship, classifications of each vocation, development of goodwill and world understanding, the emphasis of high ethical standards, concern for other people an many more descriptive qualities.
In 1976 the Rotary International Board of Directors was interested creating a concise definition of the fundamental aspects of Rotary. The turned to the three men who were then serving on Rotary's Public Relation Committee and requested that a one-sentence definition of Rotary be pre pared. After numerous drafts, the committee presented this definition, which has been used ever since in various Rotary publications:
"Rotary is an organization of business and professional person united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world.”
Those 31 words are worth remembering when someone asks, "What is a Rotary club?"

Rotary District Conference in Lake Win is open to all Rotarians, space is limited. If you are interested, let Mona know, she is going. Can access the registration from our webpage to the rotary district webpage.

Thank you from Angela, one of the Scholarship recipients. District 7870 Gold Golf Tourn at Brentwood South Keene if you want to play August 20.

Jason has an announcement. Thank Mona for volunteering everyone for the V Wall in the club. Everyone will get notice of what you have to do. We need a lot of people to direct people to do miner things that are important. 9/16 to 9/21.

Monas went to meeting at VFW. They are very excited to be working with both clubs. Mona said it was eye opening to learn what has to happen to have the moving wall come here. Mona talked to the group that they would help with the food portion of helping the volunteers. They estimate 25 volunteers a day. Jason said that they don’t know how many people will show up. Could be up to 1000 people at any given time. People cant touch the wall so visitors will be given instructions on how to do (trace?) the names. The person to collect the information would be Tristam and Jason. Mona wants our club to be a part of the food part of this event for the volunteers. Cost of the wall investment is $15,000.00

Josh T, how to champion the food part. Need the A person to be the delegate. Mona is the volunteer for that part for our group. Will announce a meeting because Mona is meeting with a lot of auxiliary club members. Need help the weekend before for platforms and the walkway and the flag poles. Tents need to be set up for medical, security, computers, parking. There are many clubs involved in the Moving Wall. The main group behind this is the Vietnam Veterans Associations/Club. Josh G, next step? Organizing people and getting a list of what folks can do what hours. This is a 24/7 event.

Mona: RDG John Bob would like to join in our next big project and she expects to see him very soon.


Josh T: Chasing Sunrise, coming to end. We are almost complete 21,000+ miles. Started last August with the 750 Crew. Had a few more donations from KJ an KJs mom. $4550 plus $500 that went to the food bank. So far and Jon Seacrest said there was more coming. Josh gave out awards.

Jason P: $5 brag part is a small restaurant in the Coco Plum appliances plaza. Tell them Jason sent you. It used to be Sun Dried Tomatoes. Its called Garmarlos, part of the Garmarlso Market.

Katja: Brag for Josh for being a team leader. Sad because ‘what do we do now’ and also for the interesting people who live in Brattleboro. Lilac Ridge Farm is growing wines and she got to taste their first batch of wine. Few bottles for sale at Wyndam Wines.

Bethany: Heading out play golf next week in a charity Golf Tournament. They have raised over $1,000,000 for children’s services. Wish her luck, hasn’t ever played golf.

Cards: $26.00, winner 10 of Spades, no one wins.

CLUB ASSEMBLY: Open Conversation.

Goal to get ideas for projects and fund raising. Jason to be the Fund Raising Chair

Disc Golf in Oct for scholarships – Ramp Up

Dinner Raffle November and changing the ticket pricing to $10 to $20 a ticket depending on the prizes.

Mona would like to see us have a meeting 1 x a month to do something, social or a project to work on.

100 Year Anniversary for Ski Jump & Winter Carnival perhaps a food booth at the Carnival?

Jon S says maybe a local history tour. 1 hour tour of the history of the town and charge for the tour. “Tours by Locals”. Lisa can do a prototype of what that looks like. Jon volunteered to gather the words, scripting and see if we can start one in the fall.

Jim V: Put the process together in regard to Jon’s idea. Jim will volunteer the organization of the project.


RECAP From Mona

Updates on the moving wall every week.

Oct we have the disc golf tournament Oct 2nd and 3rd. Will need help with labor.

Nov dinner raffle & ski race idea with Diane and KJ.

Trivia IS happening, second Monday of every month. For September is the Monday before the Moving Wall and the moving wall will be the charity.

Sunrise Minutes 7/28 Lisa Fitzgerald 2021-08-11 04:00:00Z 0

Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary - August 4th Meeting

Thanks to Greeter - Turner Lewis
KJ – next week 
Mona opened the meeting with a Rotary Minute:
An official flag was formally adopted by Rotary International at the 1929 RI Convention in Dallas, Texas. 
The Rotary flag consists of a white field with the official wheel emblem emblazoned in gold in the center of the field.  The four depressed spaces on the rim of the Rotary wheel are colored royal blue.  The name Rotary International printed at the top and bottom depressions on the wheel rim are also gold.  The shaft in the hub and the keyway of the wheel are white.  The first Rotary flag reportedly was flown in Kansas City, Missouri in January 1915.  In 1926, a small Rotary flag was carried over the North Pole by Admiral Richard Byrd, a member of the Rotary Club of Whichester, Virginia.  In 1920, the admiral carried a Rotary flag in his expedition to the South Pole.  During Rotary's centennial year, 2004-05, Rotarian and Rotaract climbers carried flags to the of Mount McKinley and Mount Everest.
Some Rotary clubs use the official Rotary fag as a banner at club meetings.  In these instances, it is appropriate to print the works Rotary Club above the wheel symbol and the club's name below the emblem.
The Rotary flag is always prominently displayed at RI World Headquarters and at all RI conventions and official events.
No Speaker Today
Guests – None
Rotary Anniversaries - None
Birthdays – None
Student Rotarians - None
Mona –    District Golf Tournament on 8/20 at Bretwood Golf Course in Keene NH – looking for volunteers. The Noon Rotary Club is having a Golf Tournament on 8/26 at the Brattleboro Country Club and is looking for teams of four. Moving Wall, no update - look for one next week. Board meeting – 7:15 here – all are invited to attend. Next week speaker – Bonnie Anderson Bellows Falls Bike Project. Following week – Nancy Detra – Guilford Energy Project (via Sandy Shriver) – Oct. volunteers 3-4 hours – window dressing. helps protect drafty windows Started in Maine – teams go out and measure – cost is very low, ask recipients to help build frames with instruction.   $33,000 available for designated grants district wide. Need to submit application before August 31st. 
Jim – speaker schedule is done go to website to find your time starts in two weeks. Tristam 8/25 KJ 9/1
Diane – Trivia is starting up September 13th – 2nd Monday of every month.  The Moving Wall – first charity.
Mona - Moving Wall 9/16 – 20 – Rotary is volunteering, Weekend before – platform will be constructed, and pathway will be put out – mesh base and 2x4 boarding – Tristam needs help.  The morning of the 16th and take down on the 21st.  As a club we are providing the food to feed the volunteers.  Could be preparing food and handing it out.
Debra – merged a brag and announcement – continue with every other Sunday 8am garden work. Might move to 9am since the weather is cooperating. Brag for Diane and Katja who were out last weekend who did a great job in the garden and for Mona for planting a Hibiscus and Tristam and Wendy who donated two Astilbe plants for the garden.  Second part – Dan Dietz – is going on vacation with Debra’s family and they are going to the Dominican Republic for a week. 
Tristam – Wendy and Tristam was going to do the sunrise trail in Maine but instead did the Portland to Newburyport ride– it rained and rained.  They got soaked and the kind people at the hotel  washed and dried their clothes.  Went to Wells and back to Newbury port and it rained again. Wonderful bike ride.  Maine has a Greenway trail system, but NH does not.  Rotary signs all along. 
Nick – This past weekend daughters 7th birthday.  Remembers her as a baby.  Went to Little Sebago lake in Maine.  Very nice spot – That area of Maine was beautiful. 
Katja – two brags – domestic violence last night at neighbor’s apartment.  Car broke down – flat tire.  Thank you, Dan Dietz for helping.  Visited noon club virtually as last club to visit on Sunrise fundraiser tour around the world.  Met John Boch (sp)– received another 70.00.
Will – Two brags – Great news – The Marlboro Music festival bought the Marlboro College campus. Music festival tickets are still available but might be difficult to find.  Another option to hear the music!  Rehearsals every day – free you can walk in.  encourage Rotarians to go and watch them play.  Inspiring and beautiful. 
KJ for Diane – She encouraged his two-week trip - he rented a truck camper and met granddaughter in Minnesota and visited with friends.  Went sailing in Mississippi river – went to Paisley Park, Prince’s Home and Studio – golfed – went/saw head waters – went to the upper peninsula (UP) – Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.
Cindy - Kudo’s to Greasy’s Garage in Worcester MA for fixing the MINI and for U-Haul for having great pick ups that can be used as a rental vehicle.
Tristam – ran into someone’s fabulous grandmother who tried to adopt Wendy and Tristam in for drinks and shelter.
Cards – Josh G pulled the card – King of Clubs and we are losers 😊
Began Grant possibility Discussion:
  • Marcy – Focus should be on kids who need food – especially during times when schools are not open and that is there source of food.  Emergency lunch food bank
  • Toni – Fruit Trees in garden and allow people to pick as they need.  Border of the coop parking lot as a potential site.
  • Debra – concerned about homelessness and drugs – put fruit tree near where people need it.  Could be near the Colonial Hotel.  Will says it take about 5 years.  Should be in a clean environment.  Takes a lot of work. 
  • Cindy – lending library and lending food “library”
  • Josh G – Student Rotarian collaboration – Bench that folds into a table for outdoor learning for students.  Disc golf course at the high school
  • Jim V - .50 for every $1.00 – matching grant – if we can get someone else to contribute it reduces our grant input.  Limit $1000 – if we partner with noon club then $1500. 
  • Will – collaboration with Memorial Park – upkeep and painting bathroom or other work.
  • Dan – piggyback on a project that is already done. 
Mona has the print off and someone can review.  Tristam will review.  Thank you Tristam!!
Pick one or two projects – fundraising towards it.  Put together the project idea. 
  • Josh G – do we have any room in our budget to allow any wiggle room.
  • Jim V – feels like there is room in our budget – could be 500.00
Mona - 8/19 fill the Latches – Groundworks Collaborative
Board Meeting 8/5 in person at the legion 7:15am.
Cards & Brags – Josh G – King of Clubs and we are losers 😊
4 Way Test
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Is it beneficial to all concerned?
Rotary notes submitted by Cindy Delgatto.  My apologies for any errors or omissions. 
Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary - August 4th Meeting Cindy Delgatto 2021-08-04 04:00:00Z 0
Newsletter July 21, 2021 2021-07-21 04:00:00Z 0

Meeting Notes 7/14/21

Morning Bell

Guests: Joe Little, Dan’s nephew from France, Zeb Nath (Scholarship recipient) and Leonard Derby.

No Birthdays + No Rotary Anniversaries

Mona’s opening statement was about the history of the Service Above Self and her mission is to have every Rotarian in the club to find their passion, find something that moves them and that makes them happy. Mona would like for all of us to find the one thing that we can give our hearts too this year.

Rotary Announcements

New note taker list has been posted on the website. Marcy has graciously offered to send the notes in the newsletter if the note taker writes the notes in Word or Note. Thank you, Marcy.

Board Meeting will be 7.15.21 at 7:15 at the Legion.

Holton Home is organizing their Annual Tag Sale. This tag sale generates the income for resident activities. Please no clothing. If you have a donation, please let them know because they are willing to come and pick up the donation(s) from you.

Josh’s Chasing Sunrise continues. Only 1,000 of the 21,00 more miles to go towards the goal. There are now 25 people on the team. Chasing Sunrise has raised $4200 towards scholarship funds.

Jimmy V committed to something. Sorry, I apparently stopped writing when he was speaking and missed it.

Club Assembly will be July 28.

Zeb spoke about the scholarship he received. He will be going into the trades, sustainable buildings in Vermont. Zeb was inspired by his grandfather who taught him at a very early age how to work on various projects that created a passion to continue to build.

Brags: Jim V, kudos for the finest corn beef has he has ever had.

Josh: Kudos to John Little for all his participation and support with Disc Golf.

Joe Little: Congratulations to Toni for her new position and for thank you to Toni for 20 years at Park Place. Big congrats to Toni for her new position!

Nick: To Bethany for all the cards and heartfelt notes she continues to write, and Bethany is a huge support to the Rotary. Best Father’s Day Card ever!

Dan: To his France nephew, tons of fun in NYC after picking him up in NYC. Glad he got a piece of the big apple Dan~

Guest Speaker: Leonard Derby, President of the VVA TriSTate Chapter 843.

Leonard shared his amazing career and history with the Army, he jobs and career placements through the years. Thank you for your service Leonard. I didn’t write all the things because I was thinking of his history and career path. I spent time in Fort Eustis as well and I am just so thankful for his service.

Your story about how you were inspired in 1991 to support Veterans after the parade is amazing.

Leonard’s passion of bringing the Moving Wall to Brattleboro is amazing but he still needs help and a ot of volunteers for a smooth operation. The plan is very well thought out and we appreciate the skill, patience and talents this mission requires.

Here is a list of things that Leonard needs:

  • Carpenters

  • Assistance spreading the wood chips for the walkway (Rakers, rakes and clean up)

  • People to carry the walls.

  • Flag Coral set up volunteers.

  • Shelter set up, hoping the Guard comes and does that

  • Benches

  • Medical Tent

  • Ground Keepers for maintenance and clean up

  • Posters

  • Shrub and flower donations

  • Wreath presenters

  • Speakers


You can reach out to Leonard Derby by phone 802 368 7654 or email (or Tristam or Jason)


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July 7, 2021 Meeting Notes


July 7, 2021

Mona’s first meeting as president!

Quote from Winston Churchill - “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Anniversary - Richard Hoppe - 2 years on July 10th! Yay!

No birthdays this week

Guest - Liz Guillet brought by KJ and Diane



  • Board meeting next Thursday, July 15th at the Legion - 7:15am

  • Next week, rotating notes will begin - Mona/Bethany will work together to create a list

  • Lisa Fitzgerald volunteered to be greeter next week - thank you Lisa!

  • Marcy Caulkins says she can still send out notes via Club Runner

  • Diane Hashagen - Thinking of getting back into trivia! Are our “oldies but goodies” still around to help out? Email follow-up to come.

    • Trivia will be the second Monday of the month, starting in the fall

  • Katja Matthews - Debra and Katja in gardens yesterday, putting in more plants and weeding

    • Would love to have another garden session, on a Sunday morning to help out - 45 minutes to an hour of gardening 

    • Let Debra and/or Katja know if you want to help out!

  • Jim Maxwell - fine for himself - double-booked himself last week for the changeover

  • Josh Traeger - Chasing Sunrise - hoping to finish by the end of August, 1,700 miles to go, still getting donations. Any questions, reach out to Josh!



  • Jon Secrest - Alina working at the Liquor Wagon (located at Grafton Cheese) - 2 or three afternoons at distillery (Saxton’s River Distillery)

    • Alexa - yesterday got her driver’s license up in Springfield

    • “Driving is a lot more fun without you” - Alina’s words to Jon when she could finally drive solo

    • Family trip to Puerto Rico - direct flight was 3.5 hours, no cruise ships in San Juan, did a homeshare, surfing lessons - great time!

  • Lisa Fitzgerald - thank you for awarding Mike the Paul Harris Fellowship award last week

    • Mike was speechless and very touched by it

  • Kevin Yager - brag for Cindy! Officially want to welcome Cindy into the “Past President’s Club” (whoop whoop!)

    • Handled herself beautifully through the COVID pandemic - thank you Cindy for all of your dedication to the club this past year!

  • Debra Rosenzweig - A brag for Will Shakespeare and Katja Matthews - both have helped out with the garden and so thankful for you both! Got a lot done in a short amount of time.

    • Will used roto-rooter to make the garden beautiful! (Nope, just kidding - that’s for the toilets/plumbing)

    • Will ACTUALLY used a rototiller to make the garden beautiful! Thanks Will!

  • Josh Traeger - thank you to everyone that showed up to the change-over party, and thanks to everyone that helped out 

    • Great to be a part of it 

    • Suggestion to perhaps have an evening meeting once a month going forward 



KJ has our immediate past-president pull card, Jack of Hearts - it’s in the deck! “You lose losers!”


No speaker today - Mona wants to discuss what she sees for the club this year


Club Assembly Ideas:

  • Input on when would be the best day to do a club assembly

  • Perhaps club assembly in evenings

  • Will Shakespeare suggests trying to reach out to members that have not been back for a while 

    • We miss you! Please come back!

    • Mona says that everyone has been called - even if they can come once a month, that would be great 

  • Evening meetings could help with getting members back 

  • More than half of members agreed to having a once-a-month evening meeting

  • First club assembly to happen on Wednesday, July 28th


Moving Vietnam Wall:

  • Moving Vietnam Wall is coming in September (16th-20th)

    • The understanding is that Brattleboro’s stop is the only New England stop

    • Need help building platforms, learning computer system to find people on the wall, short-staffed on Brattleboro Police Department

  • Kevin has the name and phone number of the gentleman that is doing the publicity for the Wall


Mona inquires - Why did you join Rotary? What is your soul purpose for being a Rotarian?

  • Mona says she wanted to give back to her community - received a lot of help from the community and wanted to do something for everyone. Feels the most welcome here. Service above self. Giving back. 

  • KJ - joined because Kevin said he had to (haha). Lived here but was a traveling consultant, and wanted to give back to the community and meet others that were like-minded and give back.

  • Josh Traeger - wanted to do volunteer work, and he heard through Dan Deitz at Brattleboro Tire about the club.

  • Turner Lewis - “Back in the dark ages…” - he had been dating his wife and his wife’s father mentioned the Rotary club, 200+ members in the group. One member of each profession, and didn’t want to take someone else’s place. Great pleasure in his life has been Rotary - one thing he always says “yes” to is Rotary. Visited many clubs throughout the world and everyone in every club is so welcoming. 

  • Kevin Yager - joined as charter member, this club was being formed as an offshoot of the Noontime club. Everyone was being asked to join the Sunrise Club. John Penfield helped to recruit him. It was a way for Kevin to advance his professional career with businesses, make connections with others and enhance their businesses through advertising and marketing. Found it rewarding to be able to call up a fellow Rotarian and have conversations with them. Lots of projects that have been rewarding. Comradery, connection, collegiatism, and friendships that last beyond this group. Very rewarding and talks about Rotary whenever he can, coming to a group that is one of the friendliest groups he has been involved in over his professional years. 

  • Will Shakespeare - John Penfield had called Will. Was in a very narrow field and didn’t know many people in his community, so John called him and inquired about coming for breakfast. Realized that Rotary was more than doing well for others, it was a way of expanding your universe. A way to know others in your community that weren’t in your professional work trade. Has met so many people and expanded into the community around him. 

  • Jon Secrest - had just moved to town and met Sandy Shriver and he mentioned joining. Met a lot of people quickly and a way to give back to the community. 

  • Cindy Delgatto - had just moved to the community and didn’t know anyone here. Ross had mentioned trying to come to a meeting. We can transform other people’s lives not just here but everywhere. Great place to connect with people and it’s so much more than that. Rotary never loses the sight of helping the community.

  • Marcy Caulkins - joined in Bellow Falls. Meeting people and knowing the community with speakers coming in - learning about what’s happening in the community that you can help with. Likes the connection with other clubs. Not the best at walking into a crowd of people, but Rotary makes it easy. 


Mona inquires - what is the area that you would like to get into? Specific community service projects, various areas each individual/our club would like to help with this year?


“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. “ - Jane Goodall


Close meeting with 4-way test:

  • Is it the truth?

  • Is it fair to all concerned?

  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

  • Is it beneficial to all concerned?


Meeting notes respectfully submitted by Secretary Bethany Martin.

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Apr 14 - Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting Notes

Sunrise Rotary Meeting April 14
In Person meeting on June 2nd! 
Update from Audrey and Megan - Student Rotarians from Hinsdale. 
Audrey is getting ready for graduation! It’s starting to get real as the caps and gowns showed up this week.
Megan says, one we week away from April vacation, just did SAT testing, the week vacation is very much needed! Softball is starting up this week. 
No Birthdays or Anniversaries this week
Josh T: Chasing Sunrise initiative has gone over 2,900 miles! Last week Mona, Josh T and Katja joined the Park City Utah Rotary club for their meeting. Got some great ideas for fundraising. 
Katja: gave a synopsis of the meeting in Park City. 
Mona: shout out to her husband and friend who came over and chopped down some trees! Shout-out to Drew and KJ for the Covid shot, the setup is very cool. 
Jon: Youngest daughter (Alexsa) is turning 16 this week. Going to be a lame birthday cuz it’s just Jon and Alexsa for her birthday as Alina and Kerry are going to Ohio to look at a College. 
Jim V: Shout out to Dan and Sandy for a gathering at Saxons Distillery! It was super fun to see everyone. 
Turner: On Sunday he went out to his barn to open the garage door, Ed Dews came and fixed it the next day! Shout-out to Ed! 
Cindy: was back in the office yesterday! The sun was shining and the river was glistening and the plants were alive (shout-out to her staff for keeping the plants alive). 
KJ: shout to Diane for being awesome; giving KJ the gift of golf. 
Jim Verzino introduces our guest speaker Chris from the Vermont Innovation Box, new co-working space that is opening in Brattleboro. 
Bought the 70 Landmark building (old CCV building) needed a lot of love. The idea was to take this building and create something that doesn’t exist. So they created an incubator style building. A meeting place for people in Vermont to create/think and congregate. 
The building is designed in a few different ways. Someone can take a small office and then work with the folks at the incubator to get their businesses up and running. 
A large number of people have contacted them to donate their time and help pay it forward. 
They are also working on a business only crowdfunding platform. 
They have a co-working space also have space for break-out meetings or in-person conferences (when allowed). 
Working with the Strolling of the Heifers to present some agriculture info. 
The building can host larger meetings in the co-working space, the furniture can be moved out. There is no commercial kitchen on-site, but may build one later in the days. 
The folks that Chris works with have purchased a number of buildings around town and are working on bringing them back to life; the old outlet center. They have put in some kitchens (food court), a bar and the ability to drive foot traffic through the tenant space. This is going to be called Vermont Marketplace.
They also own a Brewery in Springfield, VT; used to be Trout River - now it is Vermont Beer Makers. They are getting into a lot of big venues and stores. 
Purchased 80 Flat Street a month ago or so; no big plans for the building at the moment. 
Purchased 214 Elliot St, Boomerang is staying, planning to put some residential units in. 
Purchased 230 Old Ferry Rd, they’ll probably be moving Vermont Beer Makers down there, depends on the lease and environmental issues up there. 
How did Paul (the benefactor) get so interested in Brattleboro? He had a second home in Guilford and just fell in love with Vermont the woods, mountains, trees and way of life. Wants to invest here and help shape it into a great place for people to live and retire. 
Working on a marketplace for people who want to buy maple syrup for local farmers to sell it to keep the local farmers in business (Woot! Woot!)
Viking Village a very cool project tucked in woods in Guilford off of Weatherhead Hollow Road with 6 “cabins” and a great hall with a kitchen and bar. This can host weddings or retreats or other events. Very cool event space. The plan is to build another group of cabins at a different place on the property. 
How to contact Chris Willett:
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Feb 3 - Sunrise Meeting Notes

President Cindy called us to order at 7:15
February always means spring to our illustrious President, she admits she may be in the minority, but she is looking forward to spring with joy. 
Danny Lichtenfeld from Brattleboro Museum and Arts Center
Student Rotarian:
Alina Secrest 
Student Rotarian Report:
Hazel has graduated! She won’t be attending as a Student Rotarian anymore as she is a full-time employed person
Rumor is they’ll be going to two days in person school. 
Nordic Team is going on, Alina missed the first race as she had her wisdom teeth out. They are taking efforts to make sure all the racers are safe by spacing out the racers by 30 second start times. 
Rotary Announcements:
Letter from Carla in Honduras, wishing us Happy New Year and letting us know Carla has registered for her final year of high school. Further discussion will be had at the board meeting tomorrow. 
Tristam convened a meeting of eight groups working with Lakota to make sure efforts can work together. Rosie, owner of the singing horse, was recorded in an interview with the Noon club, it is on BCTV website. We supported the White Clay maker space out there, one of the folks who was instrumental will be visiting the Noon club on Feb 11, please join if interested! 
Reminder - Valentine Day cards need to mailed out next Monday, don’t send before Monday! 
Sadie has been reaching out to Everyone Eats to see if volunteers are needed. No word yet. 
Tomorrow is the board meeting!
KJ: Caste book club, put on by Kerry Secrest and Kate Jellema. Kerry says it best, so here are her words:
The intention of this discussion series is to serve as a support for learning for people who identify as White or European American. Our hope is that this quarterly gathering will provide structure to continue our learning on anti-racism (concrete deadlines to finish a book helps!) and give us a place for reflection and inquiry with others. Each quarter, we'll focus on a new book, and the commitment from participants is just to one book (though of course you're welcome to join more than one session). The conversation will be co-hosted by me, Kerry Secrest of Watershed Coaching, and Kate Jellema, a colleague and friend who I knew through Marlboro College and now works at the International Refugee Assistance Project. We are both committed to creating a safe space for a small group of 8-10 fellow learners. (And don't worry about having to finish the whole book in time- we'll indicate the portions of the book to focus on.) Register HERE!
Date: Tuesday, February 23rd
4:00-5:30 pm (Zoom invite will be sent)
There is a sliding scale fee for participation ($25-$100), that you'll make in the form of a donation to an anti-racism or social justice group of your choice. Thanks for your interest in joining us! Warmly, Kerry
Spaces will be filled on a first come, first-serve basis.
Jim V: 
October he went to the doctor Cholesterol and Triglycerides were high, he cut out some foods and took some drugs (his words, not mine) and things are looking good now. 
Daughter and son-in-law came up for his birthday and had to stay an extra day due to the storm! (Best birthday present ever?) 
Staci: February 7th! 
Guest: Danny Lichtenfeld from BMAC - here is the link to the recording (I have not independently tested this, please let Bethany know if you can't access)
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January 13 - Sunrise Rotary Notes

President Cindy called us to order at 7:16 and told us she remembers her friend who moved away when she was 13 (Judy Rexford) who has a birthday today. Happy Birthday to her wherever she lives.
Chris Stoner - 2 years! 
Mona and Cindy - January 18th! 
A rousing rendition of Happy Birthday was sung to laughter and smiles
Kate Barry - Guest speaker
Rotary Announcements:
Mask distribution - Family foundation out of Connecticut purchased Millions of masks at the beginning of the pandemic. Unloaded 200,000 masks and gave them out to different clubs. The Foundation paid for over 2 Million masks around New England and paid for transportation and everything. 
Who are the clubs distributing to? 
Our club is distributing them to Groundworks and Winston Prouty
Noon club is distributing to: 
-Brattleboro Memorial Hospital
-Brattleboro Retreat
-Garden Path Elder Living
-Turning Point of Windham County
-Windham Southeast Supervisory Union
-Windham Central Supervisory Union
-Youth Services
-Brattleboro Area Hospice
-Grace Cottage Hospital 
Shout out to Sadie for her work to get things organized behind the scenes! 
Debra R: Blood Drive is setup for January 29th from 12 to 4 at the Legion.
Guest Speaker Kate Barry:
Introduction by Jim V - Kate arrived in Brattleboro about 10 years ago to go to SIT. Got a real estate license in the past few years and has been an amazing realtor ever since. 
Kate has worked in the service industry for a number of years and is helping people from that industry transition to work as a Realtor. 
Started as a Realtor in 2018. Recently things started to come around and move, just under 600 closed sales in Windham county in 2019 $240,000 is the average price. In 2020 there were over 800 closed sales with the average price being over $360,000. 
Kate works mostly with first time home buyers. The volume has changed and the intensity of buyer demand has changed. We don’t know how this will affect the economy of our area going forward. There is a massive backlog for financing (banks), home inspectors, appraisers etc. 
Typically in mid-January things are slower, we have not seen that this year. There is a lot of competition for any property that comes on the market. A turnkey house that comes on the market can expect up to 10 offers in 2 days. First time home buyers are finding it difficult to compete for homes. 
What is the forecast for home buyers? It is getting more intense, people who purchased in the country side want to move in to town to get better/stable internet, electric and mobile service. Vermont really needs to look at these utilities and get things more stable for people in the country side. We’re seeing more cash in the market because people are taking money out of their IRAs as the market is perceived to be unstable and real estate is perceived to be more stable. 
What do you think is going to happen in the next four to five years as we look down the road? Can’t say much about that as it depends on a lot of politics. As to people moving back to the city we’ll probably see a lot of changes to our economy here. Kate doesn’t foresee people moving back to the cities en masse. 
Are you seeing people taking shortcuts with zoning laws and such? Halifax is seeing a lot of people trying to sub-divide property. Oh yes, That is why people need a buyers agent! 
Kate Barry contact info: 
Office: (802) 257-1111 ext. 3715
Cell: (603) 547-0852
Jim Maxwell has some of his own observations: 
several factors that will contribute to the increase to the population of Vermont
  • climate change
  • People being able to work remotely
  • Quality of life - many people are attracted to the quality of life here in Vermont
  • Some concerns - such as infrastructure for schools
Cindy: Participated in a project with a bunch of local groups bringing thought leaders together to reimagine the Brattleboro and Windham County area. Housing was a big topic not much for rental property and houses. 
Turner: His grandson is living with them and attending Penn State remotely. He has been invited to apply to be a Student Trustee at Penn State. Pretty unbelievable for a Sophomore! 
Bethany: Yesterday she got to go back to the office in Keene! Hadn’t been there in months, typically has 500 people in it, there are now around 20 people who go there every day. She got to mash up license plates! She turned in to “She Hulk” and was able to vent some of her “pandemic angst”. 
Nick: Now has solar panels on his house! The project was really smooth and quick. The company took care of everything from permitting to implementation. Way to go Southern Vermont Solar! 
Kevin: Covid test last week and came out negative as are the other folks in his house! Super happy to spend time with his daughter and son-in-law. Did the drive thru at BMH. Not a bad experience. 
Katja: Had a Covid test last week and is negative. Noon Club had the Chief Medical Officer as a speaker discussing how the vaccine was going to roll-out in Vermont. We just have to be patient people will get it when they get it. Hard to believe people still argue about wearing masks.
Josh: Continue to be vigilant, our numbers are up higher in the past few days than the past 5 months. Wear your mask and wash your hands! 
Turner: Friday will be a big update from the State on when the vaccine will be rolling out.
Jim V: Jim is on the Ag committee. This committee was put in place 40 years ago and went dormant. It was originally created to help preserve agricultural land. It is being reformed to help plan development of Windham County.
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Rotary Meeting Notes - January 6 2021

President Cindy called us to order at 7:15
Cindy saw butterflies during her New Year Celebration (Editor Note: Check with Cindy what was she drinking/eating? Mass has some new laws...) 
This day in history: Too long to type
Rotary Minute: Too long to type
Ayla Traeger 
Alina Secrest
Rotary Anniversaries:
Jon Secrest - 17 years - Jon shared how Alina would come to Rotary Meetings in her baby carrier and how she grew up in Rotary and how she bit another kid at a meeting one time. Alina requested a review on the veracity of that report.
Dan Deitz - 15 years
KJ - Jan 3
Jason Posternak - Jan 4
Lisa Fitzgerald - Jan 10
The group sang a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to KJ
Student Rotarian: 
Alina gave a report about school and how the administration was very good about not giving homework and encouraging folks to spend time with their families. Nordic started up and they have been able to ski on actual snow for some of their training time! 
Finals start next week! 
Alina also reports she owns “Forced Family Fun time” this Friday and warned Jon to “watch out” as it may be payback for previous “fun” Jon has planned. 
Rotary Announcements:
January 7 is the Board Meeting. 
We just put in an order for 700 masks to give out to the community. 
There was an article in the January 5 issue of The Reformer by Marty Cohen about membership. Will recommends taking a read. 
KJ: Lost his job at the end of October it has been the best thing that happened to him. He’s been working around the house and spending time outside. Took him 2 weeks to physically destress and is still in process on the mental de-stressing.
Josh T: the 750 team has maintained in the top 10 of over 100 teams! We’re cranking along! 
Jon: Finally tackled a project he’s been working on. He’s converting videos to digital and sharing them with the family. It’s been really fun. Alina says this is actually fun! 
Katja: Happy New Year! Rotary Magazine new format, it is amazing! Katja reads the whole magazine cover to cover, the new format is great and she recommends it highly. There is a particularly good piece in this months regarding goals of the club. Katja is very interested in what our club’s plan is for the next few years. 
Turner: Bragged for KJ and told the group how KJ is the Master (President) of the Brattleboro Masonic Lodge this year and talked a bit about how difficult the job is. Turner knows from experience! He has been a Mason for over 40 years and has been Master of his lodge in Massachusetts before. 
Your note taker had to leave to make it to a class for 8 AM so I missed the rest of the meeting. 
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Sunrise Rotary Notes - November 18

Student Rotarians!
Alina and Hazel joined us to share some of their thoughts. Unfortunately your note taker joined the meeting a bit late and came in just in time to hear Hazel talk about hiking 500 miles in Colorado and Alina talking about how much “fun” it is to be stuck home with her Dad… she is happy structured Family “fun” time is over for the summer. :-) 
Tristam is still working with Rotary International and putting a lot of work into the different grant applications coming in.
Ali is going to pickup Nicole soon for a few months as she comes home to go virtual to school. She is very excited to have her around for a while. 
Jim introduces Nicole Reisman - she is the main energy behind Nicole’s community kitchen. 
Nicole is a Chef, her mom ran a catering company out of their house. Moved to New York and then abroad and recently returned to the US. When she was in London she did a lot of cooking for the homeless. When she moved to Brattleboro she posted that she would make meals for people who needed it. When Covid hit she started getting more and more requests. She asked for help on Facebook and people rose to the occasion to help out. It has turned into a real stone soup effort. People dropping off everything from to go containers and produce. 
John Julien from Top of the Hill Grill offered the use of his kitchen over the winter, but when they reopened she had to bounce around a bit. United Way of Windham County offered her a grant, she also received another grant. When she needed more monetary help she started a 501 (c)(3) and was able to find someone to help be the executive director. She is working out of the Stone Church Kitchen. It has been very rewarding and the community has really stepped up with donations and help. 
The challenge in front of the group is how to feed people through the winter with everyone eats being funded through December 31. Soon she will be cooking at the SIT Kitchen which will help grow the number of people she’ll be able to cook for. 
Nicole didn’t realize how much she needed community until she moved here to Brattleboro and the pandemic hit. She is overjoyed to be part of the reciprocal part of the community. - all of the ordering and menus are online here now. Get the word out! 
Most of the word has gotten out through traditional press and Facebook. 
The community kitchen has been in touch with the Vermont Food Bank and she’ll soon be part of the gleaning program and be able to purchase from them. She is hoping to partner on videos regarding such subjects as  how to stretch food and how to shop frugally among other ideas.
How big do you want to grow? My #1 goal is to feed people through the winter, that is top priority. The ultimate goal would be great to have it become a proper community kitchen where local businesses and farmers can come cook or prepare things for sale to help support their business.  Would also love to have cafe’s with cook books and classes, maybe even have some prepared foods or have some folks cooking. Love to see this all over the State! 
Primarily this is all run via volunteerism, they are working on a way to start paying some of their folks as so many volunteers can’t keep going without pay. 
They prepare vegan and vegetarian options also. Food is available on Friday and Sunday. 
If you want to get a meal please do! Just make a donation if you can. :-)
Now is a critical time to support the Kitchen as the 501(c)(3) isn’t up and running yet but we still need to feel people, if you can donate with time or money please do! Take a look at the website to help out. 
Ended with the Four Way Test
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Sunrise Rotary Notes - November 11, 2020

Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting - November 11, 2020
  • Tristam is celebrating 21 years as a Rotarian!
  • Mona is celebrating 3 years as a Rotarian!
Congratulations to them both and we thank them for their consistent dedication to our club!
  • Casey Haynes joined us again this morning as a perspective member to our club! A little bit about Casey:
    • “Casey grew up in North Carolina and has family cast wide across the country but has deep family roots in New England, especially Western MA. He works as a Talent Specialist at Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, spending most of his time helping new or prospective Vermonters make their home here or connecting current Vermonters to professional opportunities. Casey also teaches circus classes at the New England Center for Circus Arts here in Brattleboro and is a youth mentor. 
      Casey knows that the effects of our actions ripple out into the world and is excited to be among so many who invest their time in doing good for their community!”
        - Provided by Casey Haynes himself
  • Tristam – There is a Foundation dinner tomorrow, as well as a project fair coming up. Tristam will be attending the project fair for Ecuador this weekend to showcase proposed projects and what the needs are areas of the communities there. Perhaps there will be projects that our club might want to partake in in the future (post-COVID).
  • Mona – She sent out an email last week summarizing the community service events we have going on right now. They include the following:
    • The Snowflake Project for Green Street School
    • Everyone Eats sign-ups
    • Groundworks Thanksgiving sing-ups [includes 2 drop-offs of goods on Wednesday, November 25th (day before Thanksgiving) and Thursday, November 26th (Thanksgiving Day)]
    • Adult Coat Drive through Groundworks (donations of adult winter jackets accepted – please reach out to Mona for more details on where to drop-off)
      • There is also a children’s coat drive happening THIS SATURDAY (November 14th) at Love It Twice
  • Josh G. – did the snowflake thing for Green Street School
  • Ali – note taking – maybe go back to making a list of who is taking notes
  • Josh G. – Brag for the Green Street School Snowflake Project: Josh and his wife took a couple of children from the project and had a great time shopping for them. It is a great project and he’s likely going to collect a few more snowflakes to shop for.
  • Turner – on a disheartening note, he just found out that a fraternity brother of his has inoperative cancer.
    • On a positive note, he had asked Josh T. if he could buy a few Rotary face masks from him and Josh T. did not charge him. So, Turner is donating $100 to the club on behalf of Josh T. and his kindness and Josh T. gets to decide where that money will be allocated to.
  • Deb C. – a brag about her safe journey down to Florida to bring her mother back home.
    • There has been nothing but rain since Deb has been doing there but hopefully today, she can take a walk on the beach!
  • Will – a brag for KJ ad the journey that they attempted to finish the last 30 miles of the Long Trail.
    • The two of them and another friend went up to Johnson to hike up Butternut Mountain and were not adequately prepared for the snow. It started off as 4 inches of snow near the bottom of the mountain and gradually became close to 18 inches the farther they hiked up. KJ started to realize that something was not right with him physically and was going to hike back down alone - but Will said we go together! KJ went to infirmary the next day and is now doing much better! But the last 30 miles will have to be completed next spring.
    • Will’s personal advice prior to climbing/hiking mountains or before partaking in strenuous activity: do not have a lot of coffee before going and do not give blood for 2-3 weeks before going.
  • Kevin – a brag for believing in humanity and knowing that there are still good people in this world. A few weeks ago, he received a friend request on Facebook from a “random guy”, and then received a message from the same “random guy” that included photos.
    • Kevin saw the photos from this “random guy” and while he was doing some cleaning, he came upon an old boy scout backpack that had Kevin’s name, hometown, and pack number written in it – in Kevin’s father’s handwriting.
    • Last Saturday, Kevin and said “random guy” connected in the Hannaford’s parking lot so that Kevin could collect the backpack, which he has not seen in at least 45 years. The “random guy” was a boy scout back in the day and understood the significance of the backpack and wanted to return it to its rightful owner.
    • Kevin is still perplexed on how it traveled from New York (Kevin’s home state) all the way to Vermont, but he is extremely grateful that it made that journey back to him!
  • Tristam – brag for Jason Posternak! He was in contact with Jason recently after his surgery and Jason appears to be the positive, energetic friend we know well! Glad that he is recovering in good spirits.
  • Josh T. – a compliment to Kevin for his great backpack story.
    • A brag for all the military service men and women – so many thanks for everything they have done for our country.
  • Katja – brag for “doing something illegal” this past weekend! She traveled to Maine on Saturday to visit a friend that was recently diagnosed with cancer. It might have been her last chance to go and visit so she risked the pandemic travel rules to take a day trip. It ended up being a beautiful afternoon with a picnic on the beach.
    • Also, November 11th has a different meaning in Germany – November 11th signifies the beginning of carnival season. If you were an office man and you wore a tie, the women would come around and cut of your tie!
  • Cindy – brag for Matthew, her youngest son. He traveled to Northampton on Saturday to re-register his car. Saturday in Northampton was crazy after the decision was made about the election – everyone was happy and excited, and it was great to see.
The Board decided to suspend in-person meeting for the foreseeable future due to COVID cases being on the rise again and travel restrictions being put into place.
THERE WILL NOT be a virtual Rotary Meeting on Wednesday, November 25th (the day prior to Thanksgiving).
Meeting was adjourned with the 4-Way Test:
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
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Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting Notes - November, 4, 2020

November 4th, 2020
Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting
This day in history:
  • 1913 first income tax
  • 1957 first dog launched into space
  • 1969 PBS began
Rotary Anniversaries:
  • Damon and Toni celebrated their 20th Rotary anniversary on November 1st! Congrats to 20 years!
  • Welcome back to Casey Haynes, a perspective member!
  • Mona could not make meeting but wanted to remind everyone that Everyone Eats sign-up has been released for November
  • Sadie sent out sign-up for Groundworks
  • Snowflake project put on by Green Street School – opportunities to donate or provide in-person service
  • Board Meeting tomorrow morning, November 5th
  • Josh T. – brag for Josh G. for disc golf and taking on volunteers
    • Also brag for Will and KJ - headed up within VT to do some hiking
  • Bethany – brag for her sister becoming engaged on Halloween
  • Toni – brag for Halloween. She sat out with Peter on their porch handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. There was less travel going on this year but great to see the turnout of children and parents were very thankful for neighbors handing out candy during these uncertain times.  
    • Also brag for Sandy Shriver – he built a shoot for candy to slide down to trick-or-treaters
  • Justin – brag for everyone that worked the polls in Brattleboro – he fed them food from 5:30am to 7:00pm. It was great to see everyone voting and practicing safe COVID protocols
  • Nick – missed last week’s meeting and wanted to give props to everyone that helped out with disc golf
    • Also brag for his wife and him, 1-10 wedding anniversary!
  • Cindy – brag for Dan Deitz – she spent the morning at Brattleboro Tire getting tires on her Mini Cooper and asked if he could look at the alignment in her car. He did so and Cindy was impressed at how calm and collective Dan was managing everything going on around him (calls, customers, etc.)
    • Debra R. to pass on the gratitude to Dan
  • Jon – brag and praise Dan about his great taste in women (thank you Debra!)
  • Katia – more kudos to Dan!
  • Josh T. – brag to Nick and congratulations on disc golf
  • Debra R. – will do her best to pass on love to Dan but wanted to brag for Josh T. – he’s been leading everyone on the 750-mile journey – many thanks to supporting everyone!
  • Toni – last Wednesday Jason had his hip surgery – send him an email/text to see how he is doing
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Sunrise Rotary Notes - November 4th, 2020 Meeting

November 4th, 2020
Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting
This day in history:
  • 1913 first income tax
  • 1957 first dog launched into space
  • 1969 PBS began
Rotary Anniversaries:
  • Damon and Toni celebrated their 20th Rotary anniversary on November 1st! Congrats to 20 years!
  • Welcome back to Casey Haynes, a perspective member!
  • Mona could not make meeting but wanted to remind everyone that Everyone Eats sign-up has been released for November
  • Sadie sent out sign-up for Groundworks
  • Snowflake project put on by Green Street School – opportunities to donate or provide in-person service
  • Board Meeting tomorrow morning, November 5th
  • Josh T. – brag for Josh G. for disc golf and taking on volunteers
    • Also brag for Will and KJ - headed up within VT to do some hiking
  • Bethany – brag for her sister becoming engaged on Halloween
  • Toni – brag for Halloween. She sat out with Peter on their porch handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. There was less travel going on this year but great to see the turnout of children and parents were very thankful for neighbors handing out candy during these uncertain times.  
    • Also brag for Sandy Shriver – he built a shoot for candy to slide down to trick-or-treaters
  • Justin – brag for everyone that worked the polls in Brattleboro – he fed them food from 5:30am to 7:00pm. It was great to see everyone voting and practicing safe COVID protocols
  • Nick – missed last week’s meeting and wanted to give props to everyone that helped out with disc golf
    • Also brag for his wife and him, 1-10 wedding anniversary!
  • Cindy – brag for Dan Deitz – she spent the morning at Brattleboro Tire getting tires on her Mini Cooper and asked if he could look at the alignment in her car. He did so and Cindy was impressed at how calm and collective Dan was managing everything going on around him (calls, customers, etc.)
    • Debra R. to pass on the gratitude to Dan
  • Jon – brag and praise Dan about his great taste in women (thank you Debra!)
  • Katia – more kudos to Dan!
  • Josh T. – brag to Nick and congratulations on disc golf
  • Debra R. – will do her best to pass on love to Dan but wanted to brag for Josh T. – he’s been leading everyone on the 750-mile journey – many thanks to supporting everyone!
  • Toni – last Wednesday Jason had his hip surgery – send him an email/text to see how he is doing
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Sunrise Rotary Notes - October 28, 2020

Sunrise Rotary - 10/28/2020
President Cindy rang us in to our last meeting before the big vote
This day in history:
1886 - President Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty
Great minds were born on this day in history, Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) and Doctor Jonas Salk (creator of the Polio vaccine), President Cindy opines that today is the birthday of some great minds. 
Quotes: "Enduring change happens one step at a time" Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Casey Haynes from BDCC
Rob Szpilla from the Noon Club
Rotary Disc Golf Championship two day event: Lot of Rotarians there, very successful event! Staggered tee times, went over and above the State required mandates. Professional players commented about how great the course was and how great the event was. Big shout out to Rob and the Noon club for their help over the weekend. Had some spotters out there dodging discs and hiding behind trees. Served the classic Disc Golf food Tater tots! There is a video out on the Sunrise Rotary Facebook page. Pres Cindy comments on how great the group did putting together this tournament and having it be sanctioned by the PDGA! What an amazing thing. 
Tristam: Jason Posternak goes under the knife this morning to have his hip replaced. He has been quarantining this past week. 
Cindy: Next week is Rotary Board (bored?) meeting. 
Had a successful hybrid meeting last week, looking forward to the next one in November.
Katja: Brag again for Josh and Josh and their spirit of creating the Disc Golf Tournament. Katja was there when the professionals were awarded their awards. It was really neat to see and meet so many cool people.
Turner: Any idea how many States were represented? Josh T: went from 68 players to over 120! Mostly VT, NH and some MA. Lost a number of players who could not match the quarantine restrictions. 
Cindy: I can't play disc golf but I can drive my mini-cooper pretty bad ass. Did another mini-cooper rally this past weekend. Feels like a safe environment as everyone stays in their cars or masks up outside of their car. The colors of the foliage were amazing on Sunday. Had a great dinner w/ Lisa and Michael last week and Cindy shared she may be driving a bit quick on some roads. 
Lisa: Brag for Cindy going out to dinner in Northampton, it was a very welcoming and fun time.
Guest Speaker:
Casey Haynes from BDCC to talk about the "Welcome Wagon" a new program to help people feel more welcome in our community:
Casey's normal day job is "how do we attract and maintain new people to the Brattleboro area". Casey has become very busy with welcoming people to the area. is the website, people can fill out a little survey which will get people connected with folks moving to the area to get people connected with people moving to the area. 
If you're interested in becoming a host to get connected with new people moving to the area go to and sign up to be a host, you'll get a newsletter with a description of people who have moved to the area and their interests. You can then connect with people who have similar interests as you. 
What does it mean to be a host and what is the time commitment? Just connecting with people, some folks are looking for some recommendations for recommendations for restaurants, so it could be as simple as sending an email, for other folks it is a connection that is left to the host and the newcomer to sort out how to connect. 
More Info for hosts:
This is just getting moved out in to the community - if you have any suggestions/recommendations Casey is ALL ears, please feel free to contact Casey at
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IN PERSON Meeting Notes - 10/21/2020

  • 1805 Battle of Trafalgar: British Admiral Horatio Nelson defeats combined French and Spanish fleet. Nelson shot and killed during ba
  • 1854 Florence Nightingale with a staff of 38 nurses is sent to the Crimean War
  • 1918 Margaret Owen sets the world typing speed record of 170 wpm for 1 minute. 
  • 1940 – The first edition of the Ernest Hemingway novel For Whom the Bell Tolls is published.
  • 1964 Film version of "My Fair Lady" directed by George Cukor and starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn premieres in New York (Academy Awards Best Picture 1965)
Rotary Minute:

The bylaws of Rotary clearly outline the procedure for a prospective member to be proposed for Rotary club membership. The "proposer" is the key person in the growth and advancement of Rotary. Without a sponsor, an individual will never have the opportunity to become a Rotarian.
The task of the proposer should not end merely by submitting a name to the club secretary or membership committee. Rotary has not established formal responsibilities for proposers or sponsors, however, by custom and tradition these procedures are recommended in many clubs. The sponsor should:
1. Invite a prospective member to several meetings prior to proposing the individual for membership.
2. Accompany the prospective new member to one or more orientation/informational meetings.
3. Introduce the new member to other club members each week for the first month.
4. Invite the new member to accompany the sponsor to neighboring clubs for the first make-up meeting to learn the process and observe the spirit of fellowship.
5. Ask the new member and spouse to accompany the sponsor to the club's social activities, dinners or other special occasions.
6. Urge the new member and spouse to attend the district conference with the sponsor.
7. Serve as a special friend to assure that the new member becomes an active Rotarian.
When the proposer follows these guidelines, Rotary becomes stronger with each new member
This essay is part of a column called The Wisdom Project by David Allan, editorial director of CNN Features. The series is on applying to one's life the wisdom and philosophy found everywhere, from ancient texts to pop culture.
"This too shall pass," is an old Persian saying that may have originated with the poet Rumi. Abraham Lincoln, something of an aphorist himself, was a fan of this line because it is "true and appropriate in all times and situations," Lincoln said. "How much it expresses! How consoling in the depths of affliction!"
The impermanence and struggle were favorite themes of the Buddha's recorded sayings, including, "Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind."
That should give us hope, maybe even help us see "dawn comes after the darkness," as author Lisa Wingate put it.
That's the perspective articulated at the end of Robert Zemeckis' hope-fueled film "Cast Away." After four years stuck on an island and uncertain of what to do once he returns home, Tom Hanks' character, Chuck Noland, says, "I know what I have to do now, I've got to keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?"
And in the end, I'm going to give the last word to that singer-sage John Lennon. If you only remember one of these aphorisms, this is the one that most succinctly captures endurance, perspective and hope: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."
Rotary 10/21/2020
18 in person Rotarians!!
Welcome to Cindy’s first time standing in front of us as president. 
Diane birthday on October 24th
Ed Dewes birthday around Halloween
Rotary Anniversary: Deb Cox 3 years!
Josh G: Disc golf tournament this weekend. Full tournament! Very exciting.  Many thanks to Josh T and Rob S for their work. 
Jatoba Duo is playing Sunday noon-2 on the stage. Come join!
Everyone eats: November volunteer calendar has been sent out. 
Overflow shelter: Unsure if there is a need this year. Will let us know. 
Green Street School is doing a clothes drop this week. Drop off at green street school, see Mona’s email for details. 
Don’t forget to serve the community! That is the mission of rotary. It’s tough in Covid times, but please do what you can as you feel comfortable. 
Did everyone eats yesterday. It’s a lot of fun, not a ton of work, sign up and do it!!
On a zoom meeting for project feed the thousands. No need for us to collect food this year. Not sure if stores will allow the bins to be in the stores. Will be moving to online donations. 
Jimmy V: congratulations to Cindy. Pulling this meeting together is hard and amazing! Great job. 
KJ: Diane and KJ are celebrating their 2-7 anniversary. 
Tristam: special brag for a very special woman. In Honduras convinces the Marines to use their pool and then a hotel to do the same. Wendy is being awarded teacher of the year tonight! 
Deb R: brag for garden fairies who planted 50 bulbs (Mona and Katja both) on Saturday and Sunday, Dan funded the bulbs and mulch. Way to go team! 
Jon: how lucky we are to live here. So many people are frantically trying to move here. 
Short discussion ensued regarding the impact on schools. 
Josh G: happy birthday to Josh’s wife Amy. 
Kevin: fine on everyone not wearing their pin. Over the weekend Kevin’s daughter was married up in Charlotte VT. It was beautiful. Photos came out really well. Kudos to the Old Lantern Inn.  They did a Zoom from the wedding with the videographer following people around. It was a rhyming wedding. Eric (from California) joined via Zoom. 
Lisa F: for Kevin, keeping  his brag under 15 minutes! 
For Cindy, for keeping it all together and doing the work. 
For herself, transitioning in to retirement (god help me now)
KJ: for Lisa F being in the paper today!
Nick: piggyback on what Jon and Jim M said, VT was one of two states who had declining Covid cases. Good friend who recently traveled across the country; when he went in to places with his mask he was looked at like he had three heads. 
Turner: Kay and Turner celebrated 1-55. $56 brag (he prepaid for next year)! 
Grandson is living with them for the semester. Very meaningful to be here in person. 
Kevin: going to be grandparents for the second time. Eric and his wife are pregnant with their second baby. 
Will: student Rotarian who was related to a couple of rotarians, who looked at all of his options during Covid times and decided to move to Hawai’i and take CCV classes online. (He’s talking about Josh, Diane and KJ’s son) 
Katja: Cindy, having us all here today. Justin for a great breakfast! Josh T for kicking our butts to keep going on our 750 mile challenge. Has a German language group in the area, have had 3 in person meetings outside. Been keeping tabs on Covid in Germany and Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland is first EU country in second lockdown. 
Dan: Rotary spirit! So many people have been volunteering! It is heartwarming. 
Justin - putting together breakfast and generosity.
Club - for volunteering and getting together and supporting her. 
New car- Mini Cooper, against Dan’s advice she bought the money pit mini-cooper. She is really loving it!
Son Joseph - born 4 minutes before Cindy’s birthday. Found the old family boat. It was donated to Make-a-wish. Joseph saw it at the back of a salvage yard and is buying it. 
Toni - buy gift certificates to restaurants doing take away. 
Needs some help putting together the online raffle platform - Jimmy V will do this. 
Cindy: lighted holiday car for the holidays. Recruit non-rotarians for it. Get together a group to drive through neighborhoods to bring cheer to the families. 
Next in person meeting will be the third Wednesday of November. 
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Sunrise Rotary Meeting Notes - 10-14-2020

Sunrise Rotary Meeting Notes: 10/14/2020
Stephanie Bonin - Downtown Brattleboro Alliance and Everyone Eats
Sadie's birthday is October 16 (Friday!) 
Sandy Shriver - 20 years a Rotarian!
Bethany Martin - 5 years a Rotarian! 
Rotary Announcements:
Our first in person meeting is October 21, 7 people responded
Menu will be a bit different, people need to wear masks when up and about.
We are one of the first local clubs to try in person 
If you're coming EMAIL CINDY! Also, let Cindy know if you're not going to eat, but are going to show up. 
Please feel free to text Chef Justin if you have any questions regarding how things are going to go during the in person meeting
Mona: If it is raining on Saturday, they'll push to Sunday. Mona will let people know on Friday
Josh G: Things are looking good for the Disc Golf Tournament, as of this writing there are only three (3) spots left available for workers! 
Josh T: On Sunday of the Disc Golf Tournament 12 - 2 the Jatoba Duo will be playing on the "Shakespeare" stage. Sponsorships from our club is amazing, Thank you to all of our sponsors!
Nick Dubois: Paul Harris Fellow is available to be presented to a person who the board decides (Nick won the Rotary Golf Tournament this year)
Josh T: the 750 Mile Boston to Bar Harbour raised over $500 for Vermont Food Bank. The Team is in 7th place out of over 160 Teams! 
Debra R: Dan Dietz planted SO many tulips this past weekend (Dan says it is super easy (even he can do it)). 
Toni: Was on vacation last week and actually went somewhere! Went to Woodstock VT for a few nights, it was good to feel "semi normal". 
Josh T: We are super lucky to have Stephanie Bonin in our town working on Downtown Brattleboro Alliance, thank you for your service. 
Cindy: Jimmy V, thanks for the check-ins! For her sons a LT and Probie in the Terrytown Fire Department
Our Speaker: 
Stephanie Bonin - Downtown Brattleboro Alliance Executive Director
Here to talk about Everyone Eats (Video Link on Facebook)
Started the 48 hour Gift Card Challenge - get $'s into the hands of local businesses. $57,500 in to our local economy by people buying gift cards and donations. 
Started the Nourishing artists program - worked with New Chapter to help get meals to local artists once a week for 6 weeks.  Wanted this to be a bigger program so Stephanie contacted the State Agency to discuss options. 
The Nourishing Artists program was very successful, Stephanie started working with the State to come up with ideas for expanding the program to a broader spectrum. Pilot program happened to work with local restaurants (and farmers). Launched program on August 3rd on the same day the State announced $5 million to fund programs like this. 
Stephanie sees this as an opportunity to address multiple insecurities, Food, restaurant/farm/business closing, not having a place to go/see people. The Brattleboro hub of Everyone Eats was built to address all of these insecurities. 
When you come to the hub, the intention is to get rid of the stigma of asking for help. Giving 850 meals a day, 4 days a week, 16 different restaurants, 48 different farms. 
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Sunrise Rotary Notes 10/14/2020

Stephanie Bonin - Downtown Brattleboro Alliance and Everyone Eats
Sadie's birthday is October 16 (Friday!) 
Sandy Shriver - 20 years a Rotarian!
Bethany Martin - 5 years a Rotarian! 
Rotary Announcements:
Our first in person meeting is October 21, 7 people responded
Menu will be a bit different, people need to wear masks when up and about.
We are one of the first local clubs to try in person 
If you're coming EMAIL CINDY! Also, let Cindy know if you're not going to eat, but are going to show up. 
Please feel free to text Chef Justin if you have any questions regarding how things are going to go during the in person meeting
Mona: If it is raining on Saturday, they'll push to Sunday. Mona will let people know on Friday
Josh G: Things are looking good for the Disc Golf Tournament, as of this writing there are only three (3) spots left available for workers! 
Josh T: On Sunday of the Disc Golf Tournament 12 - 2 the Jatoba Duo will be playing on the "Shakespeare" stage. Sponsorships from our club is amazing, Thank you to all of our sponsors!
Nick Dubois: Paul Harris Fellow is available to be presented to a person who the board decides (Nick won the Rotary Golf Tournament this year)
Josh T: the 750 Mile Boston to Bar Harbour raised over $500 for Vermont Food Bank. The Team is in 7th place out of over 160 Teams! 
Debra R: Dan Dietz planted SO many tulips this past weekend (Dan says it is super easy (even he can do it)). 
Toni: Was on vacation last week and actually went somewhere! Went to Woodstock VT for a few nights, it was good to feel "semi normal". 
Josh T: We are super lucky to have Stephanie Bonin in our town working on Downtown Brattleboro Alliance, thank you for your service. 
Cindy: Jimmy V, thanks for the check-ins! For her sons a LT and Probie in the Terrytown Fire Department
Our Speaker: 
Stephanie Bonin - Downtown Brattleboro Alliance Executive Director
Here to talk about Everyone Eats (Video Link on Facebook)
Started the 48 hour Gift Card Challenge - get $'s into the hands of local businesses. $57,500 in to our local economy by people buying gift cards and donations. 
Started the Nourishing artists program - worked with New Chapter to help get meals to local artists once a week for 6 weeks.  Wanted this to be a bigger program so Stephanie contacted the State Agency to discuss options. 
The Nourishing Artists program was very successful, Stephanie started working with the State to come up with ideas for expanding the program to a broader spectrum. Pilot program happened to work with local restaurants (and farmers). Launched program on August 3rd on the same day the State announced $5 million to fund programs like this. 
Stephanie sees this as an opportunity to address multiple insecurities, Food, restaurant/farm/business closing, not having a place to go/see people. The Brattleboro hub of Everyone Eats was built to address all of these insecurities. 
When you come to the hub, the intention is to get rid of the stigma of asking for help. Giving 850 meals a day, 4 days a week, 16 different restaurants, 48 different farms. 
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Rotary Meeting Note - 7/22/2020

This day in History – it’s “criminal day”! (and no it’s not Turner’s Birthday)
Definition of Rotary: "Rotary is an organization of business and professional person united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world.”
Those 31 words are worth remembering when someone asks, "What is a Rotary club?"
Guests: Casey Haynes and Taylor Franklin from Southern Vermont Young Professionals
Birthday: Debra R – Birthday on July 25
Rotary announcements:
Sadie will be putting together some information regarding information for joint projects with the noon club.
Foodbank needs a forklift and an operator on Wednesdays.
We may have New England Youth Theatre asking us to do some yard work for them. Sadie will send an email.
Mona – won’t be here for the next couple of weeks as she has BIG work stuff that will consume her.
Turner – Lisa F is trying to send communication regarding a trip that was canceled, Lisa F was able to figure out that Lisa had been blacklisted on his email.
Deb C – talks to her grandson almost every day; babysitter asked them to bring in hammers. Babysitter froze toys in ice and had the kids break the ice to get to the toys
Josh T – during this strange time of Covid Josh has been trying to read more and is learning some new stuff, he is learning the trumpet. Ayla says it sounds like a dying animal when her Dad plays. Rob Szpilla (Nooner) has loaned Josh his trumpet from when he was a kid.
Cindy – tried to learn French at the beginning of Covid – she can say her name and count. 😊
Guest Speakers: Casey Haynes and Taylor Franklin – Southern Vermont Young Professionals
High level overview: Community Org of young professionals who do everything from social gatherings to career and development workshops. Casey is relatively new Taylor has been with the young professionals for a while.
Taylor joined two years ago, slew of local events, gatherings, hikes, canoeing. Many friends left and SVYP has allowed her to connect with young professionals has been great. She had kids young and many of her friends (who moved away) still haven’t had children.
Cindy asks if there is a way to partner with young professionals.
Taylor joined SVYP thinking it was like Rotary, but it isn’t. Taylor would like to see the “YP” be more like Rotary, but the steering committee does not currently want to go in that direction.
Casey - The overall goal of the YP is to help with workforce and retention; efforts are afoot to have events which are social and service oriented, there is a lot of interest in this.
Taylor – still working on bylaws and direction
Josh T asks the age range and group size
Taylor – steering committee is about 10 members; 30 – 40 people at events. Their big Gala attracts about 200 people or so. Age range: usually under 40, but it’s how you “feel”
Some great opportunities to partner with the young professionals. Ali gave a view from history where the Sunrise Club started by a bunch of young professionals (25 years ago!)
More discussion on Rotary things:
Get together at Saxton’s Distillery was great! Great drinks at a reasonable cost.
Cindy is going to send a Doodle poll out about a club get together.
If you have a speaker that is interested in talking to us, let us know we want to hear speakers:
Nick is speaker next week July 29
Katja is the week after August 5
Potentially Jim Maxwell on August 12 (Keith Marx)
Ended with the Four Way test
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Weekly Meetings 

Weekly meetings are now held via ZOOM until further notice. If interested in attending, contact club President Cindy Delgatto for access information.
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Rotary Rag 6/17/20

Thanks to Greeter
Not sure who this was or who next week’s greeter will be. V
Scribe + Speaker
This week’s scribe – Valerie Stuart
Next no scribe  –  Changeover
This week’s Speaker – Lissa Weinmann hosted by Valerie Stuart
Next week no Speaker – Changeover
This Day In History
0362: Emperor Julian issues an edict banning Christians from teaching in Syria.
1579: Sir Francis Drake claims San Francisco Bay for England.
1775: The British take Bunker Hill outside of Boston, after a costly battle.
1856: The Republican Party opens its first national convention in Philadelphia.
1861: President Abraham Lincoln witnesses Dr. Thaddeus Lowe demonstrate the use of a hot-air balloon.
1872: George M. Hoover begins selling whiskey in Dodge City, Kansas--a town which had previously been "dry."
1876: General George Crook's command is attacked and bested on the Rosebud River by 1,500 Sioux and Cheyenne under the leadership of Crazy Horse.
1940: The Soviet Union occupies Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.
1950: Surgeon Richard Lawler performs the first kidney transplant operation in Chicago.
1963: The U.S. Supreme Court bans the required reading of the Lord's prayer and Bible in public schools.
1972: Five men are arrested for burglarizing Democratic Party headquarters atthe Watergate complex in Washington, D.C
1994: Millions of Americans watch former football player O.J. Simpson--facing murder charges--drive his Ford Bronco through Los Angeles, followed by police.
Rotary Minute
For the first time ever the Rotary International Convention will be virtual. It also will be free of  charge for all Rotarians. It will take place on July 20-26. You can learn about the sessions and activities at

Valerie introduced Lissa Weinmann as her guest.

Rotary Anniversaries
Diane Hashagen and Kris “KJ” Johnson are celebrating their 5th year as Sunrise Rotary Club members.
Happy Birthday to Will Shakespeare whose birthday is on June 16th and to Chris Stoner whose birthday is on the June 21st.
Debra reported that the gardening group plans to plant a cherry tree in the middle of our garden plot.
Will said that a group of club members met last Sunday and biked along the West River trail for an hour. The group plans to meet every other Sunday at 9:00 am. Their next destination is the Green River Bridge on Sunday, June 28th. (The rides will take place on even numbered Sundays.) Everyone will meet in one place and head out together. Contact Will if you would like more information regarding the next ride.
Tristam reported that Maria Leonard followed up her talk last week by sending him photos of her school, the classrooms and the mountainous region where they live. He shared the photos were shared on the Zoom screen. Tristam also thanked club members who donated to the gas card for the Lakota Chief. He said the Chief drives the truck all over picking up food from farmers and delivering to it elders and families at reservations.
Sadie noted that the local school district is looking for volunteers over the summer to help with the meals program. If you are interested, please contact Sadie. Short and longer shifts are available.
Tom Franks shared that he will be migrating over to the noon club. He said he’s more civil at noon than at 7:15 AM. ☺
Erin bragged for our three local State Representatives Mollie Burke, Emilie Kornheiser and Tristan Toleno. She said they have been meeting with the public every Saturday morning on Zoom, and the meetings have been productive. Tristan gave an update on the racial justice discussion they had last week. Many people shared they stories. Contact Tristan if you would like the contact information for the Zoom meetings.
Debra bragged on behalf of Ava who graduated from Brattleboro Middle School this week. They had a socially distanced graduation. She said all the kids enjoyed being together for the first time in four months. She also noted that she has started a mindfulness practice. She contacted her patients to see if they wanted to start a mindfulness practice and many of them have participated. She’s doing them on Mondays at 8:00 AM. Message her if you’re interested, and she will send you the link.
Jim bragged for Toni who spent an enormous amount of time setting up a Pay Pal account for our club.
Erin noted that she and Kevin recently have taken time to regroup because their teaching practice dried up due to the pandemic. She said she is going to take a year long hiatus from Rotary to focus on community work. Everyone wished her luck, and Cindy said she is welcome back any time.

Guest Speaker
Valerie introduced Lissa Weinmann who talked about plans for the launch of the Words Trail. The launch of the Words Trail will kick off with an exhibition at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center that will open October 23, 2020. Lissa is the co-founder and director of the Brattleboro Words Project, a multi-year, national endowment for the humanities supported collaboration between Brooks Library, the Historical Society, the Brattleboro Literary Fest and others. Lissa and her husband John Loggia own 118 Elliot, a gallery and community space in downtown Brattleboro. She also has long served on the Windham World Affairs Council board and other organizations.
The Words Trail will bring to life the rich literary history of people and places in the Brattleboro area and make them accessible to local residents and visitors alike through an audio and mapping tour, she said. From the Abenakis using writing to defend their homeland to Nobel Prize winners and contemporary authors, Brattleboro and its environs have a venerable and varied history of writing. The project, which was awarded the National Endowment for the Humanities matching grant in 2017, will help connect people to the stories behind the places we share in the Brattleboro area.
Lissa became involved with the project because she wanted to share the fascinating history of the Brattleboro area. Ranging from the days when Brattleboro was known for its water cures to its heyday in the 1850’s as a hub of printing, publishing and newspapers, she felt there were intriguing stories embedded throughout the area waiting to be told.
The Words Trail podcasts, she said, explore philosophical questions such as who is a native and who is a stranger? Who tells the stories and how does that affect them? What makes a place a place, and who defines what kind of place it is?
The Words Trail illuminates the stories of local figures including Daisy Turner, Ruyard Kipling, Mary Wilkins Freeman, Supreme Court Justice Harlan Fiske Stone, and economist John Kenneth Galbraith. It also focuses on indigenous and African American individuals’ stories that took place in the Brattleboro area. Leading local women and activists, ranging from Tasha Tudor to Jodi Williams, also are featured in the podcasts. The trail also highlights the petroglyths located around the Retreat Farm site.
Lissa acknowledged the great work, Joe Rivers, a history teacher at Brattleboro Union High School, and his students have contributed to the trail. She said they have created numerous podcasts that are part of the Words Project and have been uploaded on the Sound Cloud.
She noted that Brattleboro also has a proud history as a book town that was frequented by H.P. Lovecraft and played home to Robert Frost while he taught at Marlboro College. It also has been home to a number of printing plants over the years, which have printed everything from Noah Webster’s American Spelling Book in the eighteenth century to the first American edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the twentieth. She said the soon-to-be-published “Brattleboro Print Town” will celebrate these aspects and others of the town’s history.
Some Words Trail sites are still under development, Lissa said, and that the trail’s creation will never end. She added that those who have collaborated on the project want it to be a community platform people can build on. She noted if anyone is interested in developing a site they can work with the Words Project to create one. She added that the Words Project welcomes people to help with other aspects of the project such as marketing and design.
Lissa said the artist Cynthia Houghton is working on a very large 3-D mural of the Windham County area with locations featured on the trail. It will be on view for the first time at the opening at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center that will launch the Trail on October 23, 2020. The mural, which is made of clay, will subsequently be on display at other locations including the Retreat Farm. She hopes the map ultimately will be on permanent display at the Amtrack Station that will be part of the BMAC redevelopment project. Ms. Houghton is also creating a map that will fold into a rack card that will be available at the local chamber and Welcome Centers.
Lissa concluded by noting that a mobile app company is currently working with the Words Project so it will be possible to use a smartphone to listen to the tour podcasts. She added that she believes we may be the first town to create an audio tour like this. For more information about The Words Trail, go to
President Jim concluded the meeting with the 4 Way Test:
Is it the truth
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build goodwill and better friendships
Is it beneficial to all concerned
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Sunrise Rotary Bulletin from 06/10/20

June 10, 2020 Rotary Meeting
Thanks to Greeter Josh T., Mona and Deb Cox
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Chris Stoner
Next weeks scribe  –  Valerie Stuart
This week Speaker – Tristam – Maria Leonard, El Merendon Honduras
Next week Speaker – Diane Hashagen
This Day In History


The Continental Congress appoints a committee to write a Declaration of Independence.


An SOS signal is transmitted for the first time in an emergency when the Cunard liner SS Slavonia is wrecked off the Azores.


The Republican convention in Chicago endorses women's suffrage.


Tennessee adopts a new biology text book denying the theory of evolution.


The Allies begin bombing Germany around the clock.


The news that the sound barrier has been broken is finally released to the public by the U.S. Air Force. Chuck Yeager, piloting the rocket airplane X-1, exceeded the speed of sound on October 14, 1947.
Rotary Minute
Rotarians in Lithuania and Chicago, Illinois, USA, are using their influence to promote the use of “bubble helmets” and potentially lessen the need for mechanical ventilators for COVID-19 patients who struggle to breathe on their own.
Bubble helmets are noninvasive and supply oxygen without the need for intubation, a procedure where a tube is inserted down a patient’s throat.
Critical care physicians are becoming concerned that intubation and mechanical ventilators are being used unnecessarily on COVID-19 patients and suggest that more patients could benefit by remaining longer on simpler, noninvasive respiratory support.
Linda Torunksi, Former Member
Rotary Anniversaries
Toni Ciampaglione – June 13
Valerie Stuart – June 13
Tristam: Tristam received what he though was junk-mail in the form of a debit card. It was from the Money Management Network and almost threw it out thinking it was a scam. Don’t throw it out! It was his stimulus check.  2nd announcement: Received an email from Philip from Canupa on the Lakota Reservation. Philip bought a truck that he uses to deliver food on the reservation. The problem is he never has enough gas money. If you would like to contribute to Philip’s gas cards, please send donations to Tristam’s address: 19 Sears Road, Newfane, VT 05345.
Mona: Reminder, tomorrow is the June overflow shelter meal. Not many people have signed up. Please sign up!
Toni: Rotary International donations, some people have done it, some people have not. Contact Toni to see where you stand if you would like to donate.
Will: Josh had an idea to do a socially-distant outdoor activity. Thinking about a bike ride this Sunday on the West River Trail. Keep it under 25 people. It was suggested that the West River Trail is really crowded these days and might not be the best option. There is a nice spot in Brookline maybe? Reach out to Will to coordinate.
Jim V: Still working on electronic payment system, stay tuned.
Student Rotarians: None
Jon Secrest: Celebrating his 1-20 wedding anniversary. Married 20 years ago at the Lithuanian Camp in Marlboro. Going back to renew vows. Happy Anniversary!
Katja: Missed last week due to a hospital visit. Thanks to everyone at BMH for their excellent care. Walking now and feeling much better!
Josh T: Brag for Jim for a great year, great leadership and for even powering through when sick. Thanks Jim!
Mona: Brag for Maggie St. John, valedictorian for Hinsdale! Front page of the paper! Congrats Maggie!
Sandy: Sandy apologized for error on date of Scholarship. Date is July 15th.
Kevin: Friday is grandson Wyatt’s 2nd birthday. Can’t travel for it and its painful. They will celebrate with Wyatt and family through Amazon Portal. Wyatt has so much of Eric in him. Example: running around the driveway with a box on his head!
Tristam: Brag for Vermont Bread Company. Tristam was in there translating for two Honduran women interviewing with the company. VBC is very good to employees with outstanding pay and benefits. Editors note: they have outstanding English muffins as well.
Jon Secrest: Alina Secrest is 17! Happy Birthday Alina!
Sandy: Son Alex made the National Honor Society. Has some nice new swag for the front yard in the form of a congratulatory sign. Ignore the long grass if you drive by.
Guest Speaker
Maria Leonard, El Merendon Honduras
First off thanks for what Sunrise has done for the school. COVID has been very strange, kids have had to leave the school. Many teachers have stayed at the school, taking care of the crops and checking in with students that have access. Some of the kids nearby are able to help out and they are providing online classes for those children that do have internet access. The issue is some students who live in the more rural, poorer areas do not have internet access. Children from the more populated areas like San Pedro generally have better access. Most kids don’t have computers but some are lucky enough to have phones which they use to connect to the school. School has been put on the backburner for most. The plan for re-opening is in August, but there is still a lot of uncertainty about how to do that safely. The number of COVID cases in Honduras is around 8000. There is a curfew in place but not everyone respects it. Airports are closed and essential items like hand-wipes and disinfectant are extremely hard to find. Not sure what fall will look like. Honduras does produce a lot of it’s own food through agriculture but a lot of other things need to be imported like medical supplies and building material. Rural areas are really hurting because they have to travel long distances to re-supply. People are simply making do and going back to the basics.
4 Way Test
  1. Is it the truth
  2. Is it fair to all concerned
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships
  4. Is it beneficial to all concerned
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Rotary Rag 6/3/20

June 3, 2020 Rotary Minutes
Next week’s scribe  – Chris Stoner
This Day In History
1864   Some 7,000 Union troops are killed within 30 minutes during the Battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia.
1923 In Italy, dictator Benito Mussolini grants women the right to vote.
1928  Manchurian warlord Zhang Zuolin dies as a result of a bomb blast set off by the Japanese.
1938 The German Third Reich votes to confiscate so-called "degenerate art."
1965  Astronaut Edward White becomes the first American to walk in space when he exits the Gemini 4 space capsule.
1989  The Chinese government begins its crackdown on pro-democracy activists in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Hundreds are killed and thousands are arrested.
Rotary Minute
African American Membership…… In Rotary's legislative deliberations in June 1921, it was formally determined that racial restrictions would not be permitted. Non-racialism was included in the terms of the standard constitution in 1922 and required to be adopted by all member Clubs.
Women…….. in 1976, the Rotary Club of Duarte in Duarte, California, admitted three women as members. After the club refused to remove the women from membership, Rotary International revoked the club's charter in 1978. The Duarte club filed suit in the California courts, claiming that Rotary Clubs are business establishments subject to regulation under California's Unruh Civil Rights Act, which bans discrimination based on race, gender, religion or ethnic origin. Rotary International then appealed the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The United States Supreme Court, on 4 May 1987
LGBTQ  All I could find was Wikipedia reference to beginning to accept gay members in the 1990’s.
Guests  None
Rotary Anniversaries    None
Birthdays  None
Announcements:   Overflow dinner is June 11.  In addition to food, they need toiletries and various other items.  See the sign up sheet.  Leave items on the bench by the front door at 6 PM.  If you want to help pay for the food, make a payment to Toni.  You can drop it off in the Brattleboro Savings and Loan Drive Through in an envelope with Toni’s name on it.  This housing is being provided through the end of June.  Serving 130 households.  
Our next Secretary will be Bethany.  
Next year:  If you are a committee chair and you are not able to serve next year, let Cindy know.  
Scholarship applications will be due on June 15.  
Dues: Are due on July 1.  Bills are coming out soon.  
Cindy:  For Tristan Toleno.  For all the good work he is doing in the Legislature.  
KJ:  For Jon Secrest and Josh Traeger for getting him out exercising and for Brattleboro Police Chief Fitzgerald for the all-around good job he is doing.  
Jim Maxwell for the Brattleboro Music Center.  Celloists Jamie and Sharon performed as part of a nationally broadcast monthly Zoom concert series and did great.  The event was sponsored by BMC in connection with numerous other large music programs around the country.  
Kevin Yager:  For Mona’s lovely lilacs.  
Debra Cox:  She is moving to Springfield, VT.   
Debra R.  For Mona and her wonderful gardening skills.  For Justin for opening up the Legion at 7 AM  for the Red Cross Blood Drive.  
Josh T.  For his daughter Aila… on day 84 of the lockdown.  Playing lots of chess and she is starting to beat him consistently.  And for Chief Fitzgerald
Will Shakespeare and Tristem Johnson also bragged for the Chief.  
Debra Cox showed off her cool translating gadget.  
Nick Dubois expressed support for people in pain, and expressed hope because of Dr. Fauci says there may be good news on the horizon for a vaccine and he expressed a desire for more speakers saying last week’s program was great.  
Sadie:  For young people in Brattleboro and their organized protest.  
Tristem Johnson a word of thanks to Friends of the Sun and Dead River for good service.  
Jim V. for Damon who got him fixed up.  
And then Kevin finished us off with a fine for those not wearing pins. 
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Rotary Rag 5/20/20

hanks to Greeter
Volunteer for next weeks Greeter
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Jon Secrest
Next weeks scribe  – Will Shakespeare
This week Speaker – None
Next week Speaker – None
This Day In History
Parliament passes the Coercive Acts to punish the colonists for their increasingly anti-British behavior. The acts close the port of Boston.

North Carolina becomes the first colony to declare its independence.
North Carolina becomes the last state to secede from the Union.
President Abraham Lincoln signs the Homestead Act, providing 250 million acres of free land to settlers in the West.

Levi Strauss begins marketing blue jeans with copper rivets
Charles Lindbergh takes off from New York for Paris.
Amelia Earhart lands near Londonderry, Ireland, to become the first woman fly solo across the Atlantic.

Pan American Airways starts the first regular passenger service across the Atlantic.

A white mob attacks civil rights activists in Montgomery, Alabama.
Rotary Minute
Rotary Grants for University Teachers: Awarded to faculty members to teach in a developing nation for three to ten months. From 1985 to 2019, 377 university teachers shared their expertise with a college or university in a developing country. On 1 July 2009, the Foundation discontinued this program.

John Mabie
Ayla Treager

Rotary Anniversaries

Josh Treager – May 23 2012 – 8 years

Tristam Johnson is working with noon club on dairy project and also people working on cards for nursing home residents.  Drop Tristam a note if you’d like to participate.  Josh Traeger and Ayla have been volunteering to help people through Love Brigade who’ve been victims of hate crimes, so he encourages folks to help with Tristam.
Sadie:  scholarship committee will meet next Wed at noon via Zoom.  If you’re interested in helping, reach out to Sadie.
Tom Franks:  let him know if you need help updating your email and profile in Club Runner.
Mona:  Another great overflow shelter meal.  We’ve been asked to do one in June, shelter at hotel still happening for a month. Justin agreed to cook.  Looking for entertainment items like books, etc.  
Toni:  3 or 4 people dropped off money at the bank drive-through (if you do, put note on envelope saying “Please give to Toni.”)  Need cash donations for overflow shelter meal, and for brags, etc.  
Lisa:  can the club provide any funds to support the project she’s involved in in West Chesterfield feeding seniors each week?  She’ll follow up with Jim and Turner. Or email Lisa to get the address of Dot, who’s running it, if you wish to help.
Jim:  shout-out to Cindy, who insists on paying for PETS (President training) which is essentially a donation of several hundred dollars for the club, which usually pays.  
    Dues invoice emails going out soon.  We’re working on how to pay electronically for any club payments/contributions. Requesting a voluntary payment of $5 per zoom meeting if you can, and the $1 brag payments. Today is 9th week.  Leave a note to Toni saying what it’s for.     Dan joined the meeting at this point, his first Zoom attendance. Yay! But then he left.
    We don’t know what changeover party will look like.  Will volunteered his field; we’ll see then if that’s feasible or if we have to do it virtually.
Debra:  She and Mona did a garden session and bought hydrangea.  Setting up another work party for weeding; she’ll send out a sheet on Sign-Up Genius. Please help for an hour.
Toni and Jim will talk about a final goodbye for Student Rotarians.
Kevin: Hamilton Farm is giving away raw milk they’d otherwise have to dump.  Bring your own container.  
Student Rotarians
Jim:  $5 for illness update.  Has been sick for a month with Covid-like symptoms, awful.  He’s mostly recovered.  Lots of tests, nothing clear. Feels super supported by everyone.
Josh Treager:  for Rob Spzljla.  (Or something like that).  Rob’s been working hard on disc golf course. I think Josh said he’s been helping too.
Katya:  Hair salons in NH are reopened, so you can go there if you need it.  The Stage restaurant was opened, which was surprising.
Erin:  Finished the website for local coordinated efforts to help (BAMA).  It’s  Someone will do an explanation on sheet mulching, via Zoom.  Email Erin if interested.
Deb: She met with a woman from Edible Brattleboro who looked at our Rotary garden and maybe we could plant a cherry tree or something for pick-your-own.
Cindy:  Brag for BAMA (Erin’s group) as a good resource. Also bragged for ongoing battle:  Cindy vs. birdfeeder-attacking squirrel.  Squirrel mocking her.

Guest Speaker
4 Way Test
Is it the truth
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build goodwill and better friendships
Is it beneficial to all concerned
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Overflow Shelter date for us is TUESDAY APRIL 13.  Also, "GG" in Tristam's announcement about disaster relief aid stands for Global Grant.  Be well. J
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Sunrise Rotary Minutes 04.08.2020

Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of meeting April 8, 2020
Convene via Zoom at +/- 7:15 a.m.
24 bright faces on the screens, some with better hair than others
This week's scribe:    Jim Maxwell
Next week's scribe:    Jen Moyse – Jen will be working, needs a sub – please email her at or president Jim V at

This Day In History



The U.S. House of Representatives holds its first meeting.


The Works Progress Administration (WPA) is approved by Congress.



President Truman orders the seizure of U.S. steel mills to prevent a strike.


Hank Aaron hits his 715th home run, breaking Babe Ruth's record.


Frank Robinson of the Cleveland Indians becomes first black manager of a major league baseball team.
Rotary Minute
At the first Rotary Convention in 1910, keynote speaker Daniel Cady of the Rotary Club of New York told the audience that Rotary, then with 16 clubs, would have 1,000 clubs around the world within 80 years. When would Rotary add it’s 1,000th club? The 1,000th Rotary Club was added in 1921, only 11 years after Cady’s speech.
Our former member Shawna Parker, appearing from her Vermont home, working in Boston and member of Rotary in Cambridge.
Sadie: correction to emails on Overflow service:  Food should be delivered to the bench outside the door at Quality Inn by 6 pm on
Tristam:           Rotary International's funding approach to the covid-19 pandemic allows use of  GG's as well as Disaster Response Funds. The GG funding base threshold is $30K, so can increase beyond that. The Disaster Response fund is set at $25K per district application and they allow only one app per district per rotary year.  Tme and effort spent on scholarships right now is short sighted and useless relative to the larger far more critical needs related to covid-19. I think we as a club should look at urging everyone who can to make a $25.00 contribution to the Foundation, Disaster Response fund. These funds will be turned around as fast as apps come in to meet this global crisis. edical professionals need support, support they are not getting form the Feds. I urge the tabling of all efforts related to scholarships and turn all that to the funding needs for this global crisis.
Deb R.:            Asking for volunteers for socially distant gardening at the Rotary this Saturday (11th)  Agway for mulch but $50 delivery charge, so other options for picking that up?  We manage 3 islands now, Main Street, in front of the church, and the one at Chapin Street in front of the Trust Company of Vermont.  That one, however, is going to be excavated by the town for water pipe.
Josh T.:            Can we leave the call open for 5 to 10 minutes after meeting to give us a chance to chat, stay connected.  Josh G. says that can be done, he can make someone else the host if he has to leave the meeting
Cindy:             Camp for a Common Cause has had to cancel, but we can still participate and support the cause.  Cindy will be camping in her back yard to raise funds.  We can participate on a bigger scale.  Josh T urges a Rotary team this year just as in the past. 
Student Rotarians
Audrey                        Email homework due Friday.  Adjustments to online school but some innovations such as E-sports.  A "spirit week" photo (? – sorry, I didn't take a complete note on this.) Important to get out into nature
Maggie            Two AP courses on line, tests very different but teachers are great. 
Jim M.             Charlotte's online nursing oral exam and invite from faculty for her to be a                                     teaching assistant next year
Kevin              Daughter an RN in Burlington working toward bachelor's, is a candidate for a                               BSN-RN nursing degree
Josh T              President Jim's great job coaching/helping small businesses through the crisis
                        Daughter Ayla dug fire pit and accomplished a one-match fire for cooking dinner
Stacy               brag for Jenn Moyse and asks how it's going at BMH
Jenn M                        Reports on the status, "all right" – folks can go to BMH website for covid-19                                 update:  # of tests, # of positives. Currently 3 positives at BMH, 1 discharged to                            home  
                        We've been lucky to have time to prepare; administration has done good job
                        Extra training on ventilators.  Reports on number of beds for covid-19, negative                            pressure treatment rooms/beds
                        Jenn accepted to UMASS and Simmons nurse practitioner programs, has chosen                            Simmons
Deb R              Daughter Ava has been ill and self-quarantined for 8 days. Though tested negative                        it may be a false negative.  Situation very distressing but Ava continuing Hilltop                               classes.  Ava's sister is fine.
                        All send prayers and good wishes for Ava's recovery.
Nick                Deb R as parent, Ava as sick child:  "brings it all home" –
                        At work, a new staff member and things more streamlined, with special effort to                           reach out to elderly clients.  Partnering with office in Bellows Falls to put
                        together gift boxes, food and other essential items, to drop at homes of elderly.                             Nick is proud of the teamwork.
Justin               Friend's daughter tested positive, Mona Holsinger. She is writing "Notes From the                         Covid Household" on her Facebook site, check it out
Jim V               Brags for Kevin who has put the call out for interviews on WKVT, how                                         businesses are doing, getting the word out for business owners – how
                        various businesses are impacted, how they are dealing with the situation
                        Erin O'Keefe's walking group every day 4 pm
Tristam            Our district applied for 25K disaster relief grant for food banks for VT & NH
Kevn               KVT interviews --  you can find them on KVT web page & Facebook, different                            perspectives – restaurants, retail, legal – all sorts of businesses & services – how                             they are doing, what they are offering, how they are coping
Encourage use of and, profiles of businesses, hours and so forth.  If you want to get a message out, these are free resources
Kevin pleased and proud that his radio group is supporting and facilitating communication from to and about business/services, to keep things going
People spending time with radio these days, and radio is in the business of communication.
Will                 Two offspring in Brooklyn, sheltering at home, hanging in there.  Justine's wedding, which was on for May 30 is now off perhaps until the Fall.  The B&B at his place is shut down.  Tina was teaching part time in classroom but now finds herself teaching virtually.  A topic for her to speak to us about.
Adjurn circa 8:05; some folks stay online for post-meeting chat.
Submitted by Jim M.
Sunrise Rotary Minutes 04.08.2020 Jim Maxwell 2020-04-11 04:00:00Z 0

Sunrise Meeting 4-1-2020

April 1, 2020 Rotary Meeting
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Katja Mathews
Next weeks scribe  – Jim Maxwell
This week Speaker – None
Next week Speaker – None
we decided not to have speakers for the time being and concentrating on seeing each other
This Day In History
Oliver Pollock, creates the dollar sign.
The first wartime conscription law goes into effect in the United States.
Berlin and Paris are linked by telephone.
The yo-yo is introduced in the United States by Louie Marx.
A miner's strike in the U.S. idles 400,000 workers.


The United States transfers control of the Panama Canal Zone to Panama.
Rotary Minute
Guests: None
Rotary Anniversaries:  None
Birthdays: None

How to change your background in Zoom:

Groundworks support beyond the shelter right now. Economic services and groundwork housing about 100 pp right now in Brattleboro, mostly at the Quality Inn but also other hotels. More Food is helpful now! Our next meal sign up is Tuesday, April 14. Chef Tristan is cooking the main course and Tristam will deliver. Where do we want to meet for the rest of food and beverages? In parking lot at Legion or Quality Inn. There are groundwork employees at Quality Inn that will take food from parking lot inside the hotel and then distribute from there. The more food you can bring right now, the better! As they are now serving multiple meals a day. Chef Justin is aiming for portions on the 14. All food needs to be dropped off by 6pm. Look at sign up sheet to remember what you signed up for. Sadie will make sure that Justin gets paid.

3 on 3 fundraiser and how to fund it now?? Will discuss tomorrow at board meeting, which will be 7:15 am. Josh will send invitation over Zoom.


Admits being a nerd 😊 With a friend he has been doing weekly Dungeon & Dragons meetings online. His friend spent 8-10 hours last week to install RPG meeting so they could play online now, if I understood correctly, more advanced games that include dices etc. It’s not as much fun as in person but works fine for the time being.

For people who are working in child protection and safety!! There is a lot of demand right now. Also snap benefits were in mid-February 185 new application. Last week alone 197 new applications, 10 x as much.
First few days of each month people get their money transferred to the EBT cards and that is the time they go out shopping. Please be mindful that if you don’t have to do a grocery run in those days, to not go. That would give snap beneficiaries a chance to go out and buy food and items they need and that might actually be in the stores. I know the Co-op has toilet paper in their flyers for sales April 1-14???

Josh T.:
For all the people stepping up right now in Brattleboro like Erin and her group. But also, a local lady called Nicole Riceman who is cooking for elderly folks and up to 60 meals at a time, not sure per week or per day and then delivering it as well. You can support her with money, also local restaurants are supporting her. Look her up on FB page for Brattleboro.

1. Department of Labor in Vermont! She is working now in her new position and feeling good about helping fellow Vermonters during this difficult time. Initially they had 24,000 application but expecting another 40,000 to 60,000 application claims coming in with new laws allowing 1099 applications to get assistance as well. The department is working over time right now and on weekends to answer questions on the phone and help with applications.
2. For her kids. Her son was supposed to graduate in May but is postponed.
Her daughter in Omaha on pause as well. Her oldest son works for ABC in NYC and lives in Westchester. Every day he is going into the city with face mask and gloves to bring news to across the country!
3. Jim asked a question: Unemployment vs. Cares Act?? Cindy said they don’t have an answer. It’s a complicated question to answer.
Great interview about SBA from Fish and Attorney who does SBA loan work:
4. Townhall meeting:
The Vermont Department of Labor has announced that it will hold the first in a series of Virtual Town Hall events on Thursday, April 2 at 2:00pm. This first event will focus on services for employers, focusing on issues around Unemployment Insurance, among other labor-related topics. Full event details are listed below:
Department of Labor Virtual Town Hall Series
  • DATE: Thursday, April 2, 2020
  • TIME: 2:00pm – 3:00 pm
    • Michael Harrington, Interim Commissioner, VT Department of Labor
    • Cameron Wood, Director of Unemployment Insurance Division, VT Department of Labor
    • Dirk Anderson, General Counsel, VT Department of Labor
  • Link to join Virtual Town Hall event:
The event is available for any employer in the State of Vermont looking for more information about labor related topics. A portion of the event will be held for Q&A with the presenters. If you are unable to view the event, a recording will be created and made available for viewing after the event.
Future dates and times for the Virtual Town Hall series have not yet been finalized, but further updates will be posted on the Department’s website at

Jon S.:
1. His friend is lobbyist in DC, talking about “Paycheck Protection Act” through SBA through local banks, which covers 10 weeks of paychecks and loan will be forgiven afterwards. Also Toni made a point that if you are not banking with those banks as a business you will come last. First the businesses that are banking there will get assistance. Money might run out…
2. His law firm had 24 hrs last week to shut down and close up so everyone can work from home. He must have bought the last laptop available in Brattleboro.
3. His family. Everyone is now at home and they try to make it as pleasant as possible for everyone, cooked a meal campsite last night and every night one member is responsible for an activity they will do together.

1. Went to Hannaford at senior hours, 6-7am each day. But was appalled by what he saw: people that were not supposed to be there and shopping insane amounts of groceries and goods. Also the stores have no signs that indicate these hours are for seniors only!! Price shopper has the same hours.
2. Enjoyed a virtual meeting with friends from Air Force Vietnam pilot teams. Looking fwd to more of those.

1. Grandson is now 4 years old and has a hard time understanding social distancing. She already recommended this book last week but wanted to let us know again how wonderful it is to explain Germs to young people. She has sent copies of it to family members and they all loved the efficiency of it.
2. 30 years with Primerica -work has changed with going all virtual now where before they were famous for visiting their clients in their homes, knee cap to knee cap. The older generation is catching up now and learning how to use technology.
She is busier than ever, helping people with saving money, life insurances.. Many families are two weeks away from financial catastrophies!!

Embracing this unique opportunity to come together. The virus put a pause on a lot of things in life. He now has to be PT teacher for all kinds of subjects, FT father and husband. Take the time, slow down and appreciate the little things in life. His kids are young and for them life has not changed that much, besides that they get to hang out with their parents much more now. Getting back to the basics as a family. Nice!

1. His Radio Group is making sure to staying in touch with clients on what is going on right now but also being the source of information for the community. They try to advertise that restaurants are still open for curb side pick up (it works great, I had a meal from the New England House on Friday!! Katja) and Dan’s business is still doing care tires and repairs, with different procedures in place. Listen to the radio and get all your local news but also great music and entertainment. They try to be proactive and positive with clients and there are quite a few businesses that want to get the message out that they are open. He is picking up new clients right now as well. He misses being social but is enjoying the camaraderie with us and his team at the radio station. They Microsoft Teams instead of Zoom..
2. To all of us here in the club for being healthy.
3. His family, they are 3 pp at home now and everyone found a corner in the house to work from. They also enjoy going outside for walks and exercise.
4. His kids: talking to kids in CA every Sat am while they are making breakfast. Sarah is still working even though there are not many patients. Anxious about her wedding in October??? Hope to still have it.

Landlords!! There is a push in Brattleboro for landlords who can afford it, to lower rents for folks who are struggling and might not be able to afford their rent right now. His friend Oskar was sending an email around to local landlords asking to knock some $$ off people’s rent. Great thought!!

Husband Richard is still going to work each day. Chroma Technology is right now mostly working on orders for filters used for testing for COVID19. I am still trying to sell wine and most wine stores are open for call in and curbside pick ups as well. We are working on doing virtual wine tastings with wine makers in Europe to "zoom" them into your living room. I was able to talk to most of my Italian winemakers and they are well and not personally affected by the corona virus.

Josh G.:
Has the whole family back at home which he was never dreaming off before. But enjoying it as well to have the kids around. For business people are using technology now that everyone was always so afraid of and all of the sudden it does work, because we are forced to learn it and use new technologies to keep working and educating our children. It might become the end of an era for snow days (oh no!!).
Also suggesting a social round up over Zoom maybe on Mondays where we can have a beverage (other than your morning brew) and just chat on how each of us is coping right now. Great idea!

Josh T.
Band app as an internal FB private chat: Band app for Rotary conversations -

How neighborhoods are becoming naturally organic in times of crisis. She is organizing her neighborhood right now. Went out yesterday to a street she never walked through before and just knocked on people’s homes (with gloves and then jumping away from the door) and was amazed on how many new people she met and what wonderful conversations she had with each of them. Giving out flyers, how to help each other. A brag for human Nature!!

Jim V:
Support your local restaurants! I can only echo that, if we want any restaurants to be left in our community once this is over. Thank you!!

I am sure you all know the numbers, but in just one day the US added 30,000 new cases of people infected with the corona virus. We had last night 188,547 in the US and 857,957 worldwide. It’s scary.
Stay safe all and keep in touch. XX, Katja
4 Way Test
  1. Is it the truth
  2. Is it fair to all concerned
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships
    4. Is it beneficial to all concerned
Sunrise Meeting 4-1-2020 Katja Matthews 2020-04-01 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Minutes - March 25, 2020

Rotary Minutes - March 25, 2020
First meeting on Zoom (online video-conferencing platform) due to COVID-19 restrictions.
President Jim welcomed everyone onto the platform and began meeting roughly between 8:00am and 8:10am, due to learning the platform and awaiting more participants to log into the meeting.
Greeters of the Day:
Both Josh Goldberg and Debbie Cox! Thank you both for your lovely “good mornings”!
Next Week’s Greeter:
Not entirely sure – perhaps the first member to log into the meeting?
Today’s Scribe:
Bethany Martin! Next week’s meeting, Wednesday, April 1st on Zoom will be Katja Matthews!
Today’s Guest Speaker:
In Weeks to Come Guest Speaker:
Perhaps our Student Rotarians? Hazel Wagner was asked if she would present some of her artwork, and she appeared to be willing to do so! Looking forward to it Hazel!
This Day in History:
  • 1663 - Charles II of England awards land known as Carolina in North America to eight members of the nobility who assisted in his restoration.
  • 1664 - In London, Roger Williams is granted a charter to colonize Rhode Island.
  • 1765 - Britain passes the Quartering Act, requiring the colonies to house 10,000 British troops in public and private buildings.
  • 1900 - Mayor Van Wyck of New York breaks ground for the New York subway tunnel that will link Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • 1947 - Congress proposes limiting the United States presidency to two terms.
  • 1965 - The Freedom Marchers, citizens for civil rights, reach Montgomery, Alabama.
  • 1989 - The Exxon Valdez oil tanker spills 240,000 barrels of oil in Alaska's Prince William Sound.
Rotary Minute:
  • Rotary 2020 Convention June 6-8 in Honolulu HI has been cancelled.
  • For the first time in history, Rotary International recommends that Rotary and Rotaract clubs meet virtually, cancel, or postpone meetings and events. 
No guests, but our Student Rotarians Hazel Wagner and Alina Secrest made it onto the call – yay them! And yay us for their dedication to continue participating in our club during these crazy life changes!
Rotary Anniversaries:
  • Tristan Toleno – 14 years!
  • Valerie Stewart – charter member, but still congratulations!
None for this week.
Sadie – Overflow Shelter
  • Shelter has closed at its physical location on the Winston Prouty campus. Groundworks has moved them to hotels in the area, such as the Quality Inn, as well as set up their own office there.
  • The next dinner that Rotary has signed up to cook for will be in Mid-April. Volunteers have been bringing meals to the hotels and Groundworks packs them up individually to send to their rooms.
  • Groundwork’s goal in moving them to the hotels was to enforce social distancing and keep everyone housed.
  • Sadie will update sign-ups online and figure out ONE driver to be picking up food from the Legion and transporting it to the Quality Inn.
Mona – Overflow Shelter cont.
  • Our next meal contribution will be Tuesday, April 14th. There is no need for servers or clean-up people due to Groundworks wrapping up the meals individually. There is, however, a need for ONE person to pick up from the Legion and bring to the Quality Inn – Tristam has volunteered to transport meals! Thank you Tristam!
  • Rotary also owes Justin for cooking the last meal Currently, our club has $115 collected, and Josh Traeger offered to help with the costs. Many thanks, Josh!
  • Groundworks is also looking for other supplies, such as craft, puzzles, books, DVDs, coloring books, etc. for their client to do during the day while they are living at the hotels. Please reach out to Mona via email if you have any items to donate – Debra Rosenzweig said she can put together a bag of puzzles, games, and books! Many thanks, Debra!
Jim – Overflow Shelter cont.
  • When Justin knows the exact amount for last meal and for meal coming up in April, he can send an email to Ali and she can then send money his way.
Justin – Overflow Shelter cont.
  • Currently, he is working off the food he has, and needs to do a walk-through of the Legion to see what he can prepare for April’s meal. No set meal in place at this moment in time.
Josh – Clean-Up Project
  • He was in contact with Carol Lolatte from the Brattleboro Parks and Recreation Center about cleaning up the pavilion. Carol will reach out when a good time would be for us to go and clean the pavilion.
Tristam – Educational Fund
  • He received a letter from Carla and the organization that collects money for the educational fund thanking Rotary for what we have given her. Carla was very grateful to receive financial support to send her to school and her objective is to complete this school year for both herself and for her family.
Jim – Hurricane Dorian
  • Our Rotary club had sent funds to support disaster relief to victims caught in the devastations of Hurricane Dorian back in January/February, and we received a thank-you note back.
Hazel, Student Rotarian – School Update
  • Haven’t had much schooling yet since cancelling in-class studies due to COVID-19, but online classes just began on Monday. Since Monday, Hazel’s teachers have been using Zoom and Google Classroom to teach and administer assignments. Some teachers have set schedules aligned, some currently do not.
Mona – Lucy Update
  • There was an earthquake in Croatia recently – Lucy and her family are okay! Very scary, but minimal damaged occurred. Lucy says to us Rotarians to stay inside and be well due to COVID-19.
Tristam – Project Proposals
  • Has reviewed seven project proposals since November. Two of the most promising ones appear to be a project occurring in the Philippines providing wheelchairs to those that need them, and another project on the border of USA and Mexico in Tijuana.
Josh – Kevin Yager
  • Reached out to Kevin, says that Kevin and his family are doing well!
Josh T. – Band Application
  • Introduced the “Band” application a few years ago and was wondering if it makes sense to start using it again for communication purposes directly in our Rotary group. Perhaps we try it again?
No cards for today!
Ali – Nicole Update
  • Not a brag per se, but Ali’s daughter, Nicole, is in transit from Pacific Samoa. She will be returning home, hopefully soon, but it has been a challenging time trying to figure out traveling arrangements. Positive thoughts are being sent their way!
Lisa – Travel Agent Lifestyle
  • Lisa has been working nonstop to get her clients home. It’s been challenging due to airline policies constantly changing due to COVID-19 responses.
  • Bragging for the people in her travel agent industry – their trajectory is going to be completely different from now on.
  • Another brag for Michael, Lisa’s husband, for devoting his time to work under this life-altering pandemic. She hasn’t been able to see him in three weeks due to his work responsibilities rapidly changing from COVID-19.
  • Lisa says to keep healthy and stay safe everyone!
Debbie – Florida and Grandchildren
  • Debbie and Tony had a fast round-trip to Florida and back – less than 2.5 days there due to pandemic.
  • Currently, Debbie is practicing social distancing from seeing Amber (her daughter) and her children (Debbie’s grandchildren) due to the pandemic. It’s challenging right now to try to explain to her grandchildren and for them to understand why she isn’t coming to see them in person. Various books are aiding in explaining germs and how they work to her grandchildren.
Tristam – Horse Rides
  • Brag for his horse that has been taking him into the woods where both of them an forget about the controls of life.
Jim V. – Nephew is a Dad!
  • Jim’s nephew and his girlfriend just had a baby! Unfortunately for his nephew, he works in the healthcare field and won’t be able to see his son until this pandemic I over.
  • Also, a brag for Erin O’Keefe for hew work with Brattleboro Area Mutual Aid (BAMA).
Erin – BAMA
  • She’s been working on setting up mutual aid for people around the community. She’s been making maps of the communities in Brattleboro and appointing a point person to each neighborhood in order to create mutual aid and support during these rough times. There are still a few neighborhoods that need a point person, which include: Belmont, Green Hill, Lower and Upper Putney, Main Street, South Main Street, and South Street.
Justin – Wonder Wife
  • Bragging for his wife, who works for Families First. She has been managing both staff and clients’ personal development, working on helping them balance family and work life. She’s gone from working 8 hours a day to 10+ hours a day! AND been busting her but putting up with Justin!
Marcy – Thank to Teachers
  • Thankful to have a person more tech-savvy than herself running the Rotary meeting – thank you Jim!
  • Thankful to all the teachers for putting together online learning programs for students everywhere.
Josh T. – Our Rotarians
  • Shout-out to Hazel, one of our Student Rotarian’s – Josh had the opportunity to see her photography over at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center.
  • Another shout-out to Erin – incredible work she is doing to gather people together throughout the community during these challenging times and create a support system.
Comments? Questions?
Josh G. – Payment Question
  • Since we can’t meet physically, Josh was wondering if there was any electronic payment ability in Rotary?
    • ANSWER: Jim V. –
      • Do NOT currently have an electronic payment method set up.
Jim V. – Leaving House Policy Question
  • Governor has put up a “don’t leave your house” order – Jim was wondering if this means you can’t exercise (walk/run/bike/etc.) outside or walk pets?
    • ANSWER: Hazel –
      • You CAN leave your house to exercise/walk pets, but it should be independently.
Lisa –
  • Mental wellness is very important for all of us! Put on real clothes and shoes! Wearing yoga pants for work now is fun, but your work clothes aren’t going to fit when you finally go back into the office!
Many thanks to Josh Goldberg for setting up the Zoom meeting! Perhaps next week we will be beginning the meeting earlier than 8:00am.

Meeting adjourned by 9:15am.
Rotary Minutes - March 25, 2020 Bethany Martin 2020-03-25 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 3/4

 A. Deb introduces -Aaron Smith- Prospective Member- Burton Car Wash
      a. 2nd time he has visited and Membership Committee is in talks with him about interest
 B. Diane - Introduces the one and only, fantastic person all around - Kate "Dance Fever" Traeger
 C. Josh T. Introduces the one and only, up and coming Rotarian to be Ayla "loves our buffet and kindness" Traeger
1. Ed Dews - 18 Years a Rotarian brought in from Damon
2. Announcements
   A. Board meeting tomorrow 7:15am
   B. Tristam- Nutrition Project
       a. Moore Court - No one could serve due to sickness until Friday
           1. Maybe next time Rotary can step in to help with Emergency issues
       b. What we are doing is offering breakfast and lunch during a time that they don't have any meals coming in
       c. Episode 25 - Rotary Cares - all about nutrition project - check it out
    C. 3 on 3 Basketball- 2.5 weeks away
       a. Need more volunteers for
           1. Need more Concessions food sign ups
            2. Court Monitors
            3. Clean up
            4. Registration
            5. 3 point throw contest volunteer - Debra
                 A. Need a couple volunteers for this time to clean up balls - 11:30am
            6. Cash Prize for winners
            7. 0 teams
            8. Justin FB Event Coordinator 
                A. Share FB event – Here is the link:
                B. He has done a great job promoting the event but needs all of our help to push it further on FB
                C. Invite friends
                D. Put link for into minutes FB
                E. Reformer ads
                F. Radio ads 
         b. Set up is 4:30 on Friday
         c. Concessions we need more food
    D. Basement
          a. Need to organize - maybe 1 hour of work
3. Student Rotarians - Hazel and Alena 
     A. Brattleboro Boys Nordic Team won state championship - last time was in 1970s
            a. Fire Truck ride to celebrate win
            b. Girls team got 5th in the state
        B. Student Election
             a. New President Elected - Sara Butterfield a Student Rotarian!!!
         C. Hockey Teams did well in playoffs
              a. Boys continueing on
              b. Girls played well but will not be moving on
          D. Art and Writing Contest
              a. Hazel - won art piece of it
4. Rotary International
         A. COVID-19 Virus and common Flu precautions
                a. Try to find new ways to say hello - less shaking hands and hugging
                b. Suggestions from Scribe
                       1. Wash hands before meeting and after meeting
                       2. If your sick with a cold or flu- rest at home and do not come to meeting-
6. Brags
                A. Erin
                                a.  - go check out the art museum - great exhibits
                                b. Brag for Justin for an incredible 80's party
                                                1. 260 people - great job Justin
                                                2. Such fun dancing
                                                3. Mona, Kate, Erin, KJ, Diane, got there groove on
                                c. Received Waterways Grant
                                                1. Indigenous knowledge
                                                2. Community art making
                                                3. River studies
                                                4. Land use and ecology
                B. Justin
                                a. 80's Dance was amazing
                                                1. Huge fundraising- $1,800 raised
                C. Jen
                                a. Bragged for her son's leap year birthday he turned 3 or 12 depending on how you look at it.
                                b. He is an awesome young man
                D. Marcy
                                a. Rowan is swimming in swim-athon
                                b. Democracy - great to see so many people voting
                E. Tom
                                a. Elected as a lister
                F. Damon
                                a. Family trip to British Columbia
                                b. Good to catch up with family
                                c. Rhode Island Track team
7. Speaker- Tristam Johnson
I was asked to conduct an interim assessment of the GG with a focus on reducing malnutrition and increasing household income.
Let me first ask what your reaction is to malnutrition
                What do you picture
                What meals are served
                What foods are available
                What is an annual diet?
Now let me ask what your reaction is to increasing household income
                If the economy is based on the $1US, what might the increase be
                How much does the family make now
In terms of the household,
what is that, what does it look like, what do you picture
                What services are available
I went to Chiquimula, Guatemala a 5.5 hour drive from G.City. The highway was 2-lane to 4-lane, slow mountainous terrain, lots of curves, and evidence of mud slides during the rainy season. The region was a sea bed so is made up primarily calcium, a soil that does not support much.
Chiquimula is the capital of the state by the same name and fairly large. I did not see evidence of colonial periods other than the architecture and grandeur of the Catholic churches. This is a Mayan region, lots of indigenous who spoke chorti'. The women in Oquen are Mayan but their dress is less obvious, while the women of Tunuco Abajo are 100% Mayan and their dress beautiful, colorful, traditional.
I visited Oquen and Tunuco Abajo where this project was being implemented for a second time, building on the success of the first project and using veterans of the first to help instruct those getting involved in the second. This is one of the poorest regions of the country where families strive to survive on what little they can grow and what little income the men can earn. The men depend on the seasonal harvests of coffee and sugar cane, generally November thru April, from which they may earn about the equivalent of $900, their annual income.
The area is dry suffering from multiple years of extended drought. Surface streams offer barely a trickle, water is scarce.
The people have depended on corn and beans for generations and often plant in the most precarious erosion prone hillsides. During heavy rainstorms they can lose up to 80% of their crop, leaving barely enough for one meal a day for the family. Families on average include 6 to 7 people, though the trend now is to smaller families.
This project depends on Project Harvest, a 12-year old Canadian not-for-profit that has experience in numerous countries. Simply, they teach how to plant care for and harvest vegetables, food stuffs not at all a part of the annual diet. The first and second project each focused on providing services and assistance to 66 familes. By the end of the 2nd project, 132 families will have benefited, about 860 people.
Soils are poor so the project teaches the techniques of composting, but leaf litter and other organic matter is scarce in Oquen so creating compost is more time consuming. Tunuco Abajo has not been so severely deforested so leaf litter is more plentiful and composting more immediately successful. However, as those of you who may practice this, a compost needs to be kept moist, water, and this commodity is scarce.
The project requires a garden space of 100m2 per family, and most have this space, but not all. These folks live on steep hillsides so they are taught how to terrace their gardens using rocks to build each level. Soil is moved in to place and compost added when possible.
The project offers vegetable seeds for onions, cilantro, radishes, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, etc. Seed spacing and care is very different than required for corn and beans, so families must be taught this new technique.
The new technique means they must change generations of habits & routines. They must also add new flavors and cooking habits. In the case of this project, the change was less hard to accomplish as the results of a successful garden mean a reliable source of food year-round to compliment corn and beans. The gardens can offer two harvests per year.
I asked about flavors and whether kids and adults liked the new foods. They were emphatically happy. A note here is that men and children contribute to the care of the garden, but the women are primarily in charge.
The project includes the director of the local office of the Secretary for Security of Food & Nutrition. Ablelardo Villafuerte told me he annually collects data on severe cases of malnutrition and has seen the incidence decline.
These communities include pigs, dogs, cats chickens and turkeys, so the gardens are fenced, provided for by the project.
Available water is an issue so this project offers water catchment systems, tanks, fencing, tubing, roofs, and rain gutters, so that during the rainy season families can collect and store enough water to allow them to irrigate their gardens for 9 months, if the families don't begin to use the water for household purposes. Every family will have a tank but they prepare the ground, carry the material to their sites, construct the wire form, shape the black plastic "tank", set the poles for the roof, and install the roof and gutter. Finally, the set the protective fence surrounding the tank.
Improving household income is another component of this project. As the gardens can produce at least 2 harvests per year, the women have a chance to take excess to local markets. I was skeptical about this, wondering if it is one of the poorest regions of the country, how could anyone have the funds to buy anything other than the extreme most essential basics, and how "local" are the local markets. I needed to see the communities.
The local markets serve not only these communities but a large region where there are people with the ability to buy. The journey to the local markets may be as much as a 2-hour walk, but certainly manageable in this context.
Women can sell excess harvests and may earn up to $300, which means that annual household income my reach $1200. The women are taught to save some of their earnings to buy seeds for those vegetables that do not produce their own. This training is essential for sustainability.
All-in-all this is a great project and the work being done by Project Harvest is excellent. One final note is that 5 international development organizations are so impressed with the simplicity and success of these two projects and of Project Harvest that they want to replicate this effort.
Rotary Rag 3/4 Josh Traeger 2020-03-11 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Review - 2/26/2020

February 26 Rotary Meeting
Greeter – Turner and Deb Cox
Volunteer for next week Greeter – Mona
Scribe & Speaker
This week scribe – Diane (sitting in for KJ)
Next week scribe –Tristam
This week Speaker – Jim V. – Inner Fire - Beatrice
Next week Speaker – Kevin Yager
Quote of the Day
Rotary Minute
Rotary Clubs in Vermont and New Hampshire Help Australian Bushfire Relief Effort; 60 Clubs of district 7870 donated 25,000
Aaron Smith – Burton Car wash
Beatrice Birch – speaker: Inner Fire
Rotary Anniversaries - none
Birthdays Dan Dietz
Tristam – trip to Guatemala (visited local Rotary – returned with banner)
Cindy – 3 on 3 March 21st; sign-ups going around; target 100% participation
Toni – 3 on 3 on Facebook – please share; get the word out
Jon – 3 on 3 need to follow up on donation list
Mona – Overflow shelter this Thursday 3/27 (30 people); still need donations toward meal
Diane – Trivia Night March 16th for Kids in Coats
Justin – 80’s dance on Saturday 3/29 here at the Legion; event is on Facebook
Student Rotarians
Hinsdale – Varsity girls’ basketball made playoffs; basketball season ending; college applications in/acceptance letters coming
$18 – 4 of spades – in the deck – you lose, losers!
Marcy – Rowan is now a teenager
Jim M – visiting CA to see his actor friends; Joshua Tree National Park
Jon – State championships; Alina came in 35th; BUHS girls came in 5th; saw holocaust survivor speaker Elly Gotz; amazing stories; message “don’t hate”.
Justin – 80’s dance; $10 to get in; Facebook post viewed by many
Dan – Survived being sick in Azores (and beyond…)
Guest Speaker
Beatrice Birch of Inner Fire – Healing community for recovery from trauma that led to addition and mental health issues; treatment without psychotropic medication.  Focus on working in nature, gardening, and farming as well as artistic, cooking, and cleaning as healing therapeutic activities. The program has helped over 30 people reclaim their lives over the past 6 years:
4 Way Test
  1. Is it the truth
  2. Is it fair to all concerned
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships
  4. Is it beneficial to all concerned
Rotary Review - 2/26/2020 Kris Johnston 2020-02-26 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 2/19

Quote of the Day: President-Elect Cindy Delgato chose the following words of wisdom for today’s meeting:
“If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter. ”
 ~ John Gotti
Today in history:
None so Cindy spoke of her current experience at PETS & what she’s been doing to prepare for her presidency in July.
    Rotary Minute: 1st service project was an installation of public toilets in Chicago
Guest Introductions:
- John Mabie - Noon Club
Mini-Rotarians: none in the house today

Greeter / Scribe:
Next week: KJ is scribe
KJ did a bang up job greeting today - next week will be Debbie & Turner
Student Rotarian report:
Committee Reports:

Mona - next Thursday is overflow shelter meal; Justin is going to cook the 2 main dishes but a sign up sheet will be sent around for it & as well as Sign Up Genius; $$ can be donated so reach out to Mona if you want to donate
Bowl of Life:  
This Rotarian clue: Only half of their face sweats.....
Katja guessed John who guessed Diane who (glows) guessed Jason who guessed Jen (correctly)!!
Jen has Harlequin Syndrome after pinching a nerve in her neck about 8 years ago! She notices it most when running! It also affects her hand.
Turner also reported that he is afflicted with it too - it was because of a surgery removing a benign tumor!
Jack of Spades drawn - “you Lose Losers!!”
- Dan Deitz (not here) & Tom Franks! 🎂🎉
None today
KJ - $5 for a trip to Missouri (Cannon ball run inspired) - with Drew to take an Ambulance down to be repaired & pick up one that. Drew took down about 8 months ago; only slept about 5 hours in a hotel; saw the factory where they build the ambulances which was amazing
Michelle - has left Town of Vernon & is now Town Administrator of Stoddard, NH
Kevin bragged for his vacation in Mexico; uneventful trip; weather was good; very relaxing 🌴☀️🍻; met many people from cold climates 🇨🇦; some buildings were completely empty - possibly due to the Thomas Cook travel agency going bankrupt; All Inclusive is highly recommended!
Josh U was at Madri Gras - he “worked” hard; headed to Orlando Sunday for 4 days
Ali - bragged for her daughter who’s going to Fiji today from Samoa where she’s studying
Justin - bragged for an upcoming 80’s dance 2/29/20 here from 8PM to midnight (Leaping back to the 80’s!)
Guest Speaker:   Mona was responsible for our Guest Speaker today (club assembly next week)
Toni & Kevin spoke to us today about the 3 vs. 3 tournament which is in a month (Saturday 3/21/20).
As of today we have posters & registration forms made that need to get out - please get them out if you have someplace to put them up or know someone that can
Rec Center; Boys & Girls Club; Schools; Vernon Rec Department; BF; Greenfield; AAU coaches if you know any;
Labels need to be done if someone knows how to do a Mail Merge (please volunteer if you know how to do this task)
    Jen volunteered to get them printed & she’ll get them to Turner
Once labels are done the forms will be mailed out (Jason will provide the stamps)
We’ve lost a lot of our larger donors from past years so we need help trying to find replacements.
Follow up with local businesses for donations to get the commitment for a donation at the very least.
We’re at about $4000 right now & our goal is $12000
Team fees don’t account for much of our income.
Next week Kevin will get a sign up sheet for other jobs such as set up, clean up, etc.
Concessions should be planning now
Pepsi has committed for donations of product & it’s in place.
Mona & Cindy will coordinate once they have the names of their volunteers
Court Monitors: Kevin has some already committed but he’ll let us know how many more are needed & what time slots.
Shirt color hasn’t been chosen yet for this year - we’ve done pretty much every color! Yellow was suggested for this year.
Looking for someone to create an event on our FaceBook page to help get it out & allow it to be shared & to thank our sponsors on FaceBook.
Justin has been made an Admin for our page & will take this on
Josh U will reach out to NorthStar & ask them about sponsoring as well as Leader
John will reach out to GSP
KJ has arranged for Rescue coverage.
Toni will do brackets & can be there until about 8:30 AM
Free Throw & 3 Point Contests
need hands on deck to help with ball retrieval
Jason will get Sam’s gift certificates for winners
Clean up - middle school could be as early as noon & main gym may be as late as 4ish
Goal is 100% participation is some way, shape or form!
Kevin will be our speaker in 2 weeks & will be giving us another update on the progress of the event.

Adjourn with a recitation of the 4 Way Test!
Respectfully Submitted,
Damon Kindopp
Rotary Rag 2/19 Damon Kindopp 2020-02-21 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Minutes - February 12, 2020

Thanks to Greeter – Josh Traeger
Volunteer to be next week’s Greeter – Wil Shakespeare
This week scribe – Diane Hashagen
Next week’s scribe – Tristam Johnson
This week Speaker – Josh Unruh
Next week Speaker – Mona Williams
Rotary Minute
Rotary Peace Fellows
Each year, Rotary awards up to 130 fully funded fellowships for dedicated leaders from
around the world to study at one of our peace centers.
Since the program began in 2002, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,300
fellows who now work in more than 115 countries. Many serve as leaders in governments,
NGOs, the military, education, law enforcement, and international organizations like the United
Nations and the World Bank.
Corey Daniels and David Pearson (speakers – more to come…)
Rotary Anniversaries - none
Staci Leffel – February 7
Tristam –Honduras $1,000 donation was approved; His dad wrote book on Liberty Enlightening
the World (copies available); Guatemala trip next week – Project Harvest (provide seeds other than corn and beans).
Jim V - No board meeting tomorrow
Josh U - Pints for Polio to happen sometime in March/April/May; need venue; NorthStar sponsoring
Student Rotarians - none
Queen of clubs – Josh Traeger; $48
Damon – Torin end of indoor track season; won “all state” recognition as sophomore
Wil – Tina has the iPhone “find a friend” app and tracks her kids now; found Nick at Ben Stiller’s house doing a project
Jim V – Trivia had the best turnout ever with 83 people attending and $720 check for the Charity: Academy PTA
Turner – Justin fed 83 people at the Trivia Night this week (having planned for maybe 50). Also, fried eggs this morning was a nice change
Justin – Tristan came in to rescue him for the unexpectedly large Trivia dinner
Tristam – Sandy doing food drive this week
Dan - Natalie has her driver’s license
Josh U – headed to New Orleans tomorrow (his “find a friend” will be off)
Bowl of Life – Rafted the Colorado through the Grand Canyon with their best friends. It was Turner! He hired an archeologist to go with them to show them the sites; 11 day trip.
Guest Speakers:
Corey Daniels and David Pearson from NorthStar Vermont Yankee Decommissioning. Safety is the #1 priority over the last 5 years (ongoing project). 600 jobs lost when VY shut down. 60-90 FT employees now (about 30 from VY). The fuel has been loaded into dry storage (5 acres on site). Now taking apart reactor; some large components stored and some shipped to TX (7M+ lbs. by rail to a federally licensed facility). Going forward NorthStar will be managing decommissioning and decontaminating the site (done by 2030).

99%+ of radiological hazard is contained and safe; now more of a demo project. All radiological protection goals have been met or exceeded; no environmental safety issues; no employee incidents or violations to date.
NorthStar is largest industrial decommissioning company for last 15 years (also asbestos; environmental cleanup, etc).
Decommissioning schedule is going better than planned; no significant unanticipated hazards.
Keeping communications current and transparent with local and state stakeholders. Supports local community events. Studies ongoing for potential redevelopment options for the site.
4 Way Test
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Is it beneficial to all concerned?
Rotary Minutes - February 12, 2020 Diane Hashagen 2020-02-12 05:00:00Z 0

Meeting January 22, 2020

January 22 Rotary Meeting
Thanks to Greeter Mona
Volunteer for next weeks Greeter: Kevin??
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Katja
Next weeks scribe  – Lisa Fitzgerald
This week Speaker – Justin Thompson
Next week Speaker – Tristan Toleno
This Day In History
Thought for the day:
Surrender to what is. Say “yes" to life – and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.
Rose-Marie Sorokin, The Miracle of Yes
Rotary Minute
Anna Griffith, Employment coordinator Families First
Guest speaker by Justin

Stan Nowaski from Noon Club

Conrad and Elijah from Windham Career Center

Anniversaries & Birthdays
Rotary Anniversaries
Tristam Johnson    January 22
Jim Maxwell                January 25

Less than two months to go for 3 on 3!! Letters have gone out to sponsors. Deadline is coming up for all the big sponsors ($500 plus $1000) to get them printed on T-Shirts and advertising. Check with KJ and Diane to see if we missed anybody to send a letter to.
Do you know of any teams in the area that we should send letters to? We need players!!!

Mona: International Student Exchange. We still looking for host families and people who will assist with different tasks (host counselors, see email…)If anybody is thinking to do hosting, we would ideally like to have 4-6 families. Rather than 2 half years…

Sadie: Thursday, tomorrow we have overflow shelter dinner. Who can do a main course?? We got volunteers for main course. Thank you!!
For the next overflow dinners you can actually sign up for the remaining 3 overflow shelter meals. Just remember which one you signed up for. Go to calendar on our website or upcoming events, there is a link, you can sign up there.

Tristam: received a note from Maria in Honduras. Academic year starts in February: Carla Johanna is starting her 11th grade in Feb 2020 at the agricultural school. She is very excited to start the new year and appreciates all the support we are giving her. She is thanking us for the past year’s supports. She wrote a letter to us where she explains all the new tasks she had gained this past year. Spanish is her favorite subject.

Thank you notes from Brattleboro Winter Carnival and Clean Water for the World.

Next Trivia Monday, Feb 10

Brags: Stan $5 don’t overthink the SOS, try to think outside the box, noon club has done pulled pork sandwiches, spaghetti meatballs, xmas dinner. He is passing around a sign up sheet for bowling on Jan 31. The noon club is inviting us!! Very kind of them. He also mentioned again the Food Bank every other Sat.

Student Rotarians: Conrad has been a while since the last time they were here. They accomplished: complete feed the 1000, Santa Letter Project (FBL put out forms to letter to send to Santa, they sent out over 120 letters) Sales of each letter will help students to go to spring conference for leadership students.
Personal finance class was cut couple years ago but it’s back!! Yeah

Cards: queen of Diamond – in the deck ☹

Rich Hoppe who joined last year and reminded us of the story of his grandson Copper. Cooper turned 5 and tomorrow is the 2-year anniversary of his heart transplant. He has an amazing medical story!! A miracle boy.

Damon: Last eve Aiden sent text that he was named 2nd team for all indoor state decade all state in 1000 meter. I hope I got this correctly.

John: public service announcement: Learn from the moon. Moon changing, moon cycles: if your right-hand matches moon it is waxing, left arm matching it is waning. This will change your life!!!

Tristam: yesterday was chaos for VT farm bureau, somebody tried to scam them by somebody who looked like “intuit”. If you have QuickBooks and you get a notice, it’s a scam!!

Erin: more public service announcement… usually gets to warmer places in winter. Last week she went to Jay Peak where there was grass on mountain, they actually had a water park and you could do indoor surfing!! There is plenty of snow now. Pres Jim was just there.

Guest Speaker

Justin to introduce Anna Griffith, workplace coordinator of employment for Families First.
A non-profit organization committed to helping special needs children and their families in Windham County in south eastern Vermont.
We serve children & adults who are medically fragile, developmentally delayed and those who have mental health issues. Eighteen years ago, Families First began with just three families who wanted to create an agency that would be creative, nurturing and responsive to the day to day needs of families with special needs children. Today we serve over ninety families, with several referrals coming in each month. 
The mission of Families First is to provide family-friendly service for children, youth, and adults living with disabilities. Our services promote independent living, enhance self-esteem, and cultivate community membership through caring and respectful relationships.
We are a Specialized Service Agency that provides Case Management, Personal Care, Shared Living, Respite, Employment Support, and many community activities. We based the services on each individual’s needs and build on identified goals created by each individuals’ team. As children approach adulthood, we help families plan for a smooth transition from graduation to work by networking with local businesses adult service agencies. Through our intake process, we assist you in determining eligibly for developmental services in Vermont.

The Brattleboro office was established April 2019
Programs offered: Job development, interview support, job coaching and training of staff,
68% of clients are enrolled in work programs, a few are enrolled in 40 hour weeks. They serve 25 individuals who are already employed and have 10-11 in the program looking for work and several are waiting list.

Practicing interview skills and have guest speakers as well to give further help with employment.
Community involvement is becoming more important this year. To let our community know that they have clients who can work. Over 20 companies locally have hired clients over the years.
Clients worked at Winston Prouty, Dotties, Co-op, Against the Grain.
Clients have graduated from career center and now actually working in auto industry
State of VT has now over 700 apprenticeship programs and some clients are interested in participating in those programs.

Clients have Autims, down syndrome, any intellectual disabilities before age of 18 that they work with
It’s not about what the clients cannot do, it’s what they CAN do. There is an untapped market of individuals that can work and with dire market of finding good employment, might be good to consider.
Justin has an employee that works for him and he works closely with support staff of Families First. He would be notified right away if there would be a problem that he might not see. Justin was highlighting his growth over the time of being there. He has been a tremendous help for Justin and the legion and he really enjoys working for him.
Wants you to think about giving a young individuals a chance.
The clients have a 75% unemployment rate… no real identity. If people ask you “who you are” 90% say what they do for a living. But with 75% unemployment rate, you don’t have a job, you don’t have an identity!!
Against the grain is a mayor supporter in our area and supporting “disabled” employees that make the best use and actually make use of their abilities and use them to the best of their abilities.

Easiest way to get an employee is to contact Anna or Alex
Anna Griffith
1-802-275-4949 x204

Thank you for reading!!
4 Way Test
  1. Is it the truth
  2. Is it fair to all concerned
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships
  4. Is it beneficial to all concerned
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Rotary meeting 01.15.20 2020-01-20 05:00:00Z 0

January 08, 2020

 Battleboro Sunrise Rotary Meeting Notes for January 8, 2020 
Greeter:  KJ 
Meeting Opened: by President Jim Verzino at the Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro                                               Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in our Minds Eye under the Disco Ball! 
Guests:  Bethany LaClair, guest speaker of the Boys & Girls Club 
Anniversary:  John Secrest 15 years (he remembers bringing Alina in a car seat) and Dan Dietz 14 years. 
Kevin proposed a fine on President Verzino for not recognizing all guest and he introduced former Student Rotarian, Megan Farrett.  He also noted that you will see her name as her Dad will be transferring ownership of Haviland’s Service Station at 193 Green Street, Brattleboro to her sometime in the future. Tristam Johnson noted that Haviland’s are well know in the community for trustworthy service and very reputable.  
Birthdays:   KJ, Jason Posternak, Lisa Fitzgerald (who by the way sported the hat correctly   
Announcements: KJ- trivia Night January 13th 6:30 pm @ American Legion, benefactor will be the Windham County Humane Society.  Jim Maxwell will MC as KJ will be in Orlando Florida.  Cindy mentioned she will be in Fort Lauderdale about the same time. 
Mona- Next Overflow Shelter Meal is Thursday January 23rd.  Menu is Beef Stew, Veggie Stew, drinks, salad ……..SIGN UP PLEASE! 
Jim V.- Board meeting @ WKBT tomorrow.  Kevin will have coffee, if not bring your own! 
Student Rotarians:  Alina Secrest & Hazel Wagner.  A few games are going on, headed to MAU today.  Top two teams in the State.  Looking for a win today as they beat them on their home course the last time.  Basketball & Girls hockey games today.  Finals in 2.5 weeks.  Project Feed the Thousands done for now.  John S. wants to know if they will study hard the next 2 weeks!  Q: asked if teachers talking about Iran.  A= NO but good topic 
Cards:  Josh Traeger filled in for our beloved Ed.  Bethany from B&G Club pulled the 10 Clubs and Megan Farrett won a huge pot of $85.00 
Braggs:  Katja Matthews- first big thank you to the Rotary Club celebrating NY’s Eve event.  Thanks to Justin & team catering and Mona, Stacy, Dianne a big THANK YOU.  Still working on final numbers but will advise.  Second- she went into her car this morning and music playing on CD she did not recognize.  Surprise gift of music from Germany from husband. 
Josh Traeger- big brag for Katja.  NY’s eve was a ton of fun, fantastic dancers & she had an idea, pulled together a team and pulled it off.  Awarded her with a Super Hero pin for her efforts. 
KJ- Dianne asked to brag for Katja pulling the NY’s eve event together, Mona for great decorations. 
Michelle Pond- NY’s Eve team and announced an upcoming Ducks Unlimited Banquet on January 25, 2020.  Eight guns will be raffled off and art work.  DU will be held at the VFW event starts at 4:30, auction 6pm. 
Mona- NY’s Eve Amazing Katja!  Had fun hope next year more Rotarians will attend.  Dianne & Stacy thank you, we all pulled together as a team- great time.  Also, her granddaughter is in Brownies and is selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Pay now or in March, order sheet going around. 
Turner- Brag that he & his home survived 35 family members for the holidays.  Only two plugged toilets & the freezer died!  Happy to see everyone come, happy to see them go! 
Kevin- Brag on the BEST Christmas gift ever!  Lovely daughter gave him an annoying (my word) cat crying neck tie!  Josh T- something in your shirt is dying.  Ooops it’s your manhood!  Kevin said until it is gone, I still have it   
  .  AMAZON PORTAL plugs into HDMI port allows you to Skype, Face Time right there on your big screen TV.  Life Size.  Got Eric & daughter one too.  Spent 2.5 hours watching grandson open gifts and he can see us life size.  It also has a story time app built in so when you read the 3 little pigs it is animated.  Highly recommended.  Tie is cats singing Jingle Bells on the tie by the way! 
Tristen- Son is teaching classes at Hatch Base. 
Deborah Rosenzweig- Thank you Katja & team for a great NY’s Galla.  Her “Bubby” (grandmother) died who was the matriarch of the family that lived in Toronto and a Holocaust survivor.  She had four sons Harvey, Harry, Marbie & Phillip.  For the last 20 years the brothers did not talk together.  Heard wonderful speeches.  Saturday we had Shivia (formal mourning for the dead) where you cover & focus on what is meaningful, by the end of the night all together now!  Really wonderful!  She was in a panic because no outfit for the NY’s Eve  party, Dan picked Deborah  up an outfit and as noted she was beautiful for the event and great-full to be there. 
Tristam Johnson-Needs to learn Italian.  Won a trip to Tuscany for $750 (1 week 8 people) at an auction run by Save Our Nations and Get Out to Vote. 
Tony- Brag for Megan Forrett she came back and was the winner of the Penfield Scholarship.  Megan stated she is at Vermont Tech in Randolph, absolutely loves it.  First quarter scored 90 and above.  Really happy and thank you for believing in me.  Studying Business Management and technology as she wants to someday take over her Dad’s business. 
Guest Speaker:  Bethany LaClair of the Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro.  She presently is the intern director but her intention is to become the formal director.  Board is doing their due diligence.  Club has been in business 20 years and serves 1000 kids in the community.  They average 40-60 on any given day.  The children have a structured hour for homework, they have e-gaming (with underlying skill learning they are unaware of).  Presently they have 6 JR staff.  The Kids Club is fairly new which is more structured with a whole schedule for ages 6-10.  Children receive snacks and free dinner every day.  Sometimes an adult family member will be there for dinner also.  They support summer camp and have partnered with Hatch Space where kids learn how to build skate boards.  The B&G Club want to get more members in the door.  There is a lot of talk about bullying, how to deal with it, stand up against it and report it.  They try to address the big issues the town faces.  Q:  what ages?  A:  6-18 years old  Q: Cost?  A: $25.00 a year.  Walk in’s free first time to check it out, thereafter $2.00 fee.  They also have some scholarships available if needed to help as many children as possible.  Q: what kind of volunteer system do you need?  A:  Background checks are done, definitely need little projects, 2-3 hours if great.  Spread the word most people don’t know what we do here.  Have program with supporting college.  Need awareness.  Minimum volunteer age is 13, no maximum age.  Q: Is there transportation issues?  A:  they have two vans that pick up children at the area schools, some volunteers walk with the students.  Children do not need to be Brattleboro residents.  Cindy- commented she works with the Department of Labor and can help her with connections for kids in transition.  Q:  How many people volunteer?  Right now, 3 staff & a wonderful gentleman that runs the bike shop.  Bikes are donated, need repair, he then teaches the child how to repair what becomes their own bike thereafter.  Erin- so impressed do you have any events to showcase what you do here?  A:  February 26 they have Youth of the Year Ceremony.  This is the highest honor a Boys & Girls Club member can receive.  This title recognizes outstanding high achievement in areas of academic excellence, healthy lifestyles, leadership character and service as well as obstacles overcome.  Members write and are judged with day long interviews.  First step is earning $500 scholarship, then can proceed to next level all the way up to $20,000.  The social starts at 6pm with a limo ride to the 99 Restaurant.  The Younger Kids Program is local.  We also have “Going the Distance Ride” in the Spring.  Fund raiser bike ride that is FLAT!  Q- is there professional development for the staff here regularly?  A:  YES, that is a huge priority especially with the kid ‘s club.  We just received our first star from the State of Vermont.  Receiving stars qualifies us for subsidy, currently we have 3 stars and our goal is to have the 4th star by the end of 2020.  This system gives us more members from DCF and other places.  We always want more education on children with behavioral issues, how can we deflate instead of escalate a situation.  We do have a quiet space to help them calm down. 
Jim V- point of interest, some of your members may want to participate in our 3 on 3 basketball tournament we hold. 
Cindy D.- kids with lots of barriers, what can the club do?   Wish list?  A: snacks/dinner is huge.  We ask about household income it is safe and non-judgmental.  If we hear that a kid needs something, we go buy it or find a resource to fill the need. 
Noted on our tour it was mentioned the need for Barbie Dolls, any kind of dolls, books and good board games that are age appropriate. 
Respectfully submitted (& a labor of love   
  ) Debbie Cox
January 08, 2020 Debbie Cox 2020-01-08 05:00:00Z 0

January Meetings

The first regular January weekly meeting will be held Wednesday, January 8th at the Brattleboro Boys and Girls Club. 7:15am.
The January Board meeting will be held Thursday, January 9th st WKVT. 7:15am.
January Meetings Kevin Yager 2020-01-01 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 12/18/19

December 18 Rotary Meeting
Thanks to Greeter – Deb
Volunteer for next weeks Greeter
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Cindy Delgatto
Next weeks scribe  – Christine Takaks – Need Volunteer
This week Speaker – Valerie
Next week Speaker –  Jim V. – First week in January
This Day In History
Slavery is abolished in the United States. The 13th Amendment is formally adopted into the U.S. Constitution, ensuring that "neither slavery nor involuntary servitude... shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.".

Japan invades Hong Kong.
Defended by 610 fighting men, the American-held island of Guam falls to more than 5,000 Japanese invaders in a three-hour battle.
An atomic leak in Nevada forces hundreds of citizens to flee the test site.
Rotary Minute
Our local rotary scholarships do not go to just high school graduates heading to a four year college. The Penfield Scholarship reserves $1,000 to someone going specifically to trade school. In addition to that, we have provided scholarships to students for fire science, nursing, automotive, dental hygienists and adults returning to school.  The only requirement is that it is used for postsecondary education

Jack Green - Senior Solutions
Jackie Gimmleman - Senior Solutions
Josh - KJ and Diane
Anniversary -
Turner Lewis – 51 years December 17, 1968
Josh Unruh, 2 years December 27, 2017
Josh Goldberg
Jim Verzino
Raffle Tickets - $8000 Yahoo!!! Special thanks to Tom Franks, Kevin, and
Tristam - World Vision huge project in Honduras looking to increase potable water and traveling to visit new proposed project.  More details to come...
Jim Verzino - Donate $5 each for special cause in place of secrete santa all donations go to Senior Solutions
Next Board Meeting will be January 8th 2020.
Student Rotarian –
 Josh finished up course study, grind, repeate, University of NH considering changing
Cards - You loose looser
Erin- Entrepreneur of the year and made it into a Coloring Book.
KJ - Brattleboro Tire for honesty car repair covered under warranty
Katja - Brag for Kevin for Brattleboro FM to do advertising for New Years Eve Gala with Bethany from Girls and Boys Club
Josh - Trip with 80 year old father to Cuba for bike trip, people to people trip.  40 miles per day hard core biking but they
Cindy - Joined State of Vermont for Department of Labor district director for workforce development.
Kevin - Brag for daughter Sarah who took another step towards adulthood and bought a new car 2020 Subaru.
Tristam - Food and produce donations from the community.
Toni - Jon and Kerry for hosting the holiday party.
Jon - great time and very easy to host holiday party.
Bowl of Life - Grew up in house where parents drove muscle cars, I have owned three Camaros
Jim - Erin - Josh T. - KJ - Ali - Cindy
Acquired first Camaro while first in high school then acquired her first shortly after in FL.  Then had convertible up until she moved to IN.  
Guest Speaker - Jack and Jackie and Valarie Stewart
3 Programs - Friendly Visitor, Vet to Vet, Senior Companions
All programs targeting loneliness and socially isolated and house bound Vermonter Elderly.
Senior Solutions - Established in 1973 Non Profit 501C3
Friendly Visitor – No age or hourly requirements help support elderly who are socially isolated.  Loneliness leads to depression which leads to dimension.
Vet – to – Vet – Started up locally this past April in partnership with the legion.  Currenltly have about 10 Vet Volunteers.  
Funded by individual contributions, public, and governmental support.
Growth of Program; 2018 – 67 people have visits; 2019 90 people received visits with over 6,310 hours of support.
Often the experience is as valuable for the volunteer as it is for the elderly individual.  “True Blessing in my life!”
Program is always looking for new volunteers or if know someone who is looking for support can reach out to hotline 1-866-673-8376.
Jackie – Americorp- Peace Corp for the US.  When graduated college uncertain what to do, so moved to CO and worked in a social VISTA – Volunteers In Service To America.  Working in the non-profit volunteer work environment.  Vermont has one of the largest Americorp; they will help pay for student loans or more future education.
Jack – moved from Brookline to Brattleboro so joined legion to find Poker game.  Met with Hal Lier and learned about the Vet to Vet program.  Joined and got matched with someone in Newfane.  Then got paired with a 95 year old WW2 Vet.  The Vet had a interest in Politics; brought the vet to a presentation at the River Garden and then lunch.  Ever since then he was a friend for life.  
4 Way Test
Is it the truth
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build goodwill and better friendships
Is it beneficial to all concerned
Rotary Rag 12/18/19 Nick DuBois 2019-12-20 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 12/11/19

Rotary Rag, December 11, 2019
President Jim attempted to reverse entropy by calling the meeting to order at 7:15ish.
Acknowledgement was then offered to the official greeter for today, KJ. No mention was made of the roistrous posse. (You know who you are.)
Meeting schedule: There will be a meeting next Wednesday, Dec 18. You might wonder why there wouldn’t be a meeting. It involves tradition (holiday party on Sunday, and usually we don’t have a meeting that week), calendar (both holidays fall on Wednesday), and a sense that 3 weeks is too long to go without seeing each other. All to the end of recruiting a greeter (Turner volunteered) and someone to get a speaker (Val will try, Josh U volunteered as back-up.)
Dec 18  Greeter - Turner
Dec 18 Speaker Seeker - Val / Josh U
Dec 18 Scribe - Not recorded
This day in history:
  • 1882 - A production of Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe at Boston's Bijou Theatre becomes the first performance in a theatre lit by incandescent electric lights.
  • 1930 - As the economic crisis grows, the Bank of the United States closes its doors.
  • 1941 - The United States declares war on Italy and Germany.
  • 1964 - Frank Sinatra, Jr., is returned home to his parents after being kidnapped for the ransom amount of $240,000.
  • 1972 - Challenger, the lunar lander for Apollo 17, touches down on the moon's surface, the last time that men visit the moon.
  • 1997 - The Kyoto Protocol international treaty intended to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses, opens for signature.
  • 2008 - Bernard "Bernie" Madoff arrested and charged with securities fraud in what was called a $50-billion Ponzi scheme.
Guest - Jon Mabie, member noon club
Fine - Kevin, Jim’s name tag in hand, proposes a fine on the President for failing to wear his tag. Motion passes to general acclaim. President Jim fines himself for failing to look up birthdays and anniversaries in advance. No one argues.
Announcements -
  • Jon Secrest - Party this Sunday, light on main course , will send out email with address. Ali asks that directions go out, Will will to confirm Jon does it.
  • Staci - Reports that the NY Eve Gala committee is looking for silent auction items. Proposes that each member donate at least one of their “favorite things” to be put into gift baskets. Could be food, drink etc. (no mention made of whiskers on kittens). Please bring to the next meeting or call Staci to arrange pick-up/delivery.
  • Tom -  Reports that the Board discussed the results of the member survey on makeup policy and achieved a semblance of consensus which he will attempt to draft into a coherent policy.
  • Josh U - Reporting on Pints for Polio noted that he was unable to acquire a venue for this fall and is working on getting it set up for March.
Student Rotarian Reports
  • Hazel  reports that winter sports have started.  The first Nordic practice this year was on snow (whoopie), an unusual occurrence. They have a lot of new skiers. It’s going to be a good year.
  • Sarah is playing hockey. They lost their first game after getting lost on the way there. (The 5 hour bus ride probably didn’t help). Their first home game is tonight. And, in a non-sports related item, the student council is leading the schools “Feed the Thousands” project participation.
  • Alina is a member of the Athletic Leadership Council which is publishing advance notice for games and competitions to increase attendance. Also noted that PSAT scores are out. (No gnashing of teeth or wailing observed).
President Jim confirms that there are no anniversaries or birthdays.
Cards - With a pot of $59 the Ace of Clubs was drawn. There was no winner.
  • Marcy - Daughter Rowan swam in 9 events (that’s a lot) in the winter classic meet in WRJ. She took time off every event she had a previous time in. In the 50 yd free-style she  beat rival by over a second (“totally on the flip turn”) and broke the 30 second barrier.
  • Sadie - Matilda opens tomorrow night at NEYT. It will be fabulous. If interested, contact her to join her crew tomorrow night. She also reported that Patty Meyer,  musical director for NEYT,  was informed of the death of her daughter in car crash this past Sunday during rehearsal. They are sending all of the light they can to her family.
  • Mona - Reported that she doesn’t get to spend much time with father and step-mother, even though they are close by. Last night they spent 6 hours with them, going  to “Bright Lights” in Springfield MA and then out to dinner. It was “the best night.”
  • Katya - Reported that she attended a memorial service for dear friend named Monty, (96 years old) from Kennebunkport, ME. He was a man of many stories who loved skiing, sailing, and cars. He lived 3 houses down from the senior President Bush. She shared a story from the 1980’s when he had purchased a new Mazda. President Bush saw him in it and asked to drive it (I’m imagining a convertible Miata, but I’m not sure). Some one captured the President driving it  on film (pre-digital, pre-cell phone) and it went viral, that is, into PRINT. Mazda tried many times to get Monty to accept compensation, which he declined. They finally just sent him a check for $50K that he donated to charity. More importantly, he walked Katya down the aisle at her wedding.
  • Will - Updating his presentation a few weeks ago, he reported that 3 people so far have signed up for his AirBnB offering “Learn to Ski with a Vermonter.”
  • KJ - A $2 brag for Monday’s Trivia which had a great turnout and donated $605 to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Also a $5 brag for Erin, one of many remarkable women in our midst.
  • Jim - Memorialized the loss of his long time friend and teacher Richard Edelman at 93 years old. He brought Jim to Penn State to learn to act. They worked together in NYC. Richard had great sense of how and why do what you do as an actor. In Vermont, he had an association with Eric Bass at Sand Glass. Jim is going to miss him very much
  • Michelle - She joined Rotary when her daughter was in diapers. Same child is now being proposed for Rotary membership. 
  • Deb - In what I thought was going to be a brag for a new Mexican restaurant in Springfield (which is excellent she says) noted that her daughter was born 31 years ago, She also touted the benefits of moonshine, which doesn’t cause hangovers. Unlike the Margarita(s) she had last night.
  • Damon - Aiden competed in his first NCAA Div I competition in Boston on the “fastest track”. Came in 18th out of 30, half second off his previous personal best. Torin’s first race is Sunday.
  • Bethany - Two brags. First, for her last day of undergraduate studies, even though she has a couple of papers due. She starts a fulltime internship at C&S in the transport dept the first week in January. Second, for another procedure on her back, this time an “invasive surgery.” She anticipates a long road of recovery and his hopeful for relief.
Bowl of LIfe
This Rotaria climbed ¾ of Mt. Kenya. Guesses went in the following order: Dan to Will to Katya to Erin to Tristam to Jon S (who climbed all of Mt. Kenya) to Jason to Kevin to Josh T (not here) to Nick to Damon to Chris to Tom to Jeff to Lisa to Turner to Toni to Michelle to Sadie to KJ to Staci who guess Valerie, correctly She and John tried in their late 20s but couldn’t acclimate to the altitude.
Dinner Raffle Drawing
  • Total proceeds not available
  • Winners
    • Second prize - Kelly Willison, KJ’s sister
    • First price - John Mabie
The meeting adjourned with the Four Way Test at 8:16am
Submitted by Tom, standing in for Cindy
Rotary Rag 12/11/19 Tom Franks 2019-12-16 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 12/4/19

Rotary Minutes
Thank you to our Magnanimous Greeter:  KJ
Scribe for next week:  Cindy Delgatto
Ayla Traeger and John Maybe
This Day in History:
U.S. planes make the first raids on Naples, Italy.
Tennessee William’s play A Streetcar Named Desire premieres on Broadway starring Marlon Brando and Jessica Tandy.
The University of Tennessee defies court rulings by rejecting five African American (then called Negro) applicants.
President Ronald Reagan broadens the power of the CIA by allowing spying in the United States.
Bowl of Life:
Fill them out!
This weeks’s bowl of life – Will Shakespeare collected whale bones as a hobby!
Jon Secrest and Damon Kindopp

In the deck. You LOSE losers.
Tristam:   Thanks from Maria for support. Do we want to order more bags of special coffee?
Tom:  Thanks for filling out the survey about makeup meetings. The results will be emailed.
KJ:  Trivia will be next Monday night
Katya:  New Years Gala!
Toni:  Sell those raffle tix! The drawing will be next week.
Mona:   Thank you for helping the overflow shelter. It was a great success.
Board meeting tomorrow at 7am
Xmas Party on 12/15 at Jon Secrest’s house.
Student Report:
Coaching Unified Ball for Special Needs Kids – lots of fun!
National Honor Society N68 Hunger Program. Feeding hungry kids and they are doing Santa letters.
Sadie:  Nice to see everyone and thank you for all of the community service help. And for Matilda at NEYT the next two weekends. Go see it!
Jon S.:  Went to NJ for turkey day and saw the two New York Times reporters, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey who chronicled their Weinstein exposé in She Said. And he did the turkey trot and got passed by a donut. Loved his gift of a wallet sized reading glasses from his daughter.
Jen Moyse:  The Brattleboro School of Dance performance of the Nutcracker will be at Landmark this year 12/20-22. Go see it!
Ayla’s first brag! She is collecting pencils and school supplies for needy kids.
Josh T: props to Katya and the rest of the committee for making the New Years Eve gala happen.
Debbie C.:  Give pins and access codes to loved ones. Sold her house in Whitingham and did her own deed and legal work!
Kevin:  Radio food drive at Market 32 for 3 days brought an outpouring so THANK YOU!
KJ:  Rescue Inc Raffle tix for the Dune Buggie!
Toni:  Presentation for prepping for widowhood! Kyle has a job! Sign the student rotarian sheet.
Turner:  His daughter has been around helping Kay prep for Christmas. So nice to have her around the house which hasn't been since college and she is turning 50!
Debra:  Thanks to Dan for selling raffle tix. Started her weekend retreats for couples in town last weekend and it went fantastic.
Damon: Maggie and Torin did NH X Country Banquet Sunday night. Aiden accomplished his first intercollegiate indoor run.
Marcy: Turkey day 5k . She participates by watching them run past her house.
Mona on community service and fundraisers survey:
    We want to continue doing the garden, student rotarians and the overflow shelter and other various community service projects too many to list here. Great work everybody!
There was discussion about which Fundraisers to continue:  Welcome Center, Pints for Polio and Touch a Truck were thrown around. The Touch a Truck topic will be revisited in January. Climate change projects and Veteran and Public Servant Projects were suggested as well. Working with seniors outreach to school principals for how Rotary can be of help to their students, dental problems for soldiers… Email all ideas to Mona and Sadie. President Jimmy suggested building a team to gain support before bringing new project ideas to the club.
President Jimmy V ends the meeting with the 4 way test.
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build good will and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial for all concerned?
Respectfully submitted by Dan Deitz.
Rotary Rag 12/4/19 Daniel Deitz 2019-12-11 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 11/20

November 20 Rotary Meeting
Thanks to Greeter : Mona Williams
Volunteer for next week’s Greeter
Scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Debra Cox, Jen stepped in for Debra
Next week’s scribe  – 11/27  no meeting next week
This week’s Speaker – Chris Stoner
Next week Speaker –  Valerie Stewart – no meeting next week
This Day In History
The Nazi war crime trials begin at Nuremberg.
The Maryland National Guard is ordered desegregated.
President John F. Kennedy bars religious or racial discrimination in federally funded housing.
The United States announces it will give Turkey $35 million for farmers who agree to stop growing opium poppies.
The United States files an antitrust suit to break up ATT.
Dow Jones Industrial Average sinks to lowest level in 11 years in response to failures in the US financial system.
Rotary Minute
Rotary has a seat in the General Assembly of the United Nations in recognition of the efforts of its membership to foster goodwill and peace across national boundaries
Rotary has the world's largest non-government Foundation providing educational and humanitarian aid
Kelly Dias Principle from Academy elementary
Jeff Morse from River Valley Credit Union and member of the noon club
Richard Davis from Windham Country Heat Fund to whom we will be presenting a check this morning.
Anniversaries & Birthdays
Justin Thompson – our breakfast chef!  Thanks for the yummy eats.
No Anniversaries

Toni:  Time to hand in and sell your raffle tickets.  We have three weeks left and we’re not even half way there.  There’s a Trivia night coming up in December we can sell at.  Put it on your facebook page, send out emails.
Mona: The volunteer book we voted to adopt is now on the table.  There’s an overflow shelter on December 3 for which we need volunteers.  If you’ve offered to pick up for Project Feed the Thousands, you can see the schedule in the tab behind the overflow shelter sign ups.
Katja: We currently selling tickets for the New Year’s Eve gala from on December 31st at 6:30 for $65.  On December 1st the price increases.  But now – dress up in the roaring twenties theme or come as you like.  Proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls club of Brattleboro.
Will: Friday January 31st  we have a social outing with the noon club bowling.  Bring family or come by yourself.  Get a team together or join one when you arrive.  Save the date: 1/31/20 from 5:30-7:30pm.
Michelle: Vernon motorcycle group gathers toys for a holiday toy drive but needs help distributing them to families in Vernon.  Anyone willing to help organize this please contact Michelle Pong.
Student Rotarians – no student rotarians today
Cards:  $40 prize, 6 of clubs drawn, it’s in the deck, no winner today
Tristan talked about his heart attack three weeks ago.  He was shopping with his Mom at the Springfield Costco.  While in his car and getting ready to leave he felt dizzy then suddenly “awoke” to his wife shaking his arm asking if he was okay.  He called his doctor and then headed to Baystate Medical Cardiac unit.  After 2 days he was in the cardiac cath lab.  He had a 100% blockage of the left anterior descending coronary artery, often called “the widowmaker”.  They cleared the blockage and the next day he felt better.  A week later he was on a business trip to Vancouver.  He’s feeling grateful and starting the Cardiac Rehab Program at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.
Tristam said the coffee shop is closed, but we spent $140 to earn a gross of $264 this year to benefit our scholarship student San Pedro Sula Honduras.
Mona thanked everyone who helped with the first overflow shelter of the season.  Laura who runs the program said it went very well.  The group was out by 7:30 and Mona hopes the next one goes just as smoothly.
Turner welcomed Tristan back to Rotary.
Jim said his sister from South Carolina and cousin from Florida are both visiting to help him put in a new kitchen.  They are almost done with the install.
Marcy fined herself for failing to produce meeting notes from a couple weeks ago.  She thought she had lost them, but they’ve been found and she will get them out soon.
Justin thanked his wife, Jessica, who found coverage for his shift yesterday so they could go out for his birthday.
Check Presentations:
We presented a check to Jeff Morse for Project Feed the Thousands who thanked us for our work doing the food pick-ups for so many years and for being such a great Project Feed partner.  We donate more cash than the noon club!  Jeff and Kelly Corbeil have been co-chairs of the program since 1994 and our club has been a partner since our conception in 1995.  Their goal is to raise $85,000 in funds and provide 125,000 meals/non-perishable food items to 17,000-18,000 families/individuals in need.
We presented a check to Richard Davis of the Windham County Heat Fund.  He told us very little work needs to be done because of community organizations and donors like us.  Each year they raise $30,000-50,000 to help 100 families/individuals in need with fuel assistance.  Sometimes there are even more in need due to unexpected emergencies.  The money is given directly to the fuel companies with 0 administrative costs.  Thanks for our donation!
Guest Speaker: Kelly Dias, principle of Academy School
It’s great to see what Rotary does because our initiatives align with those at Academy School.  They are currently identifying families who need holiday gifts and families with food insufficiency who need help with food.
This year’s moto at Academy is Equity, Access, Rigor, and Engagement for all kids.  They encourage the students to be the best they can be.  This is in light of state initiatives which sometimes make it more difficult, such as the cut in funding to ACT 173 which provides funds for special education.  Now that these kids cannot go out for services the school is addressing how they can help all kids in the classroom.  It’s also difficult in light of the transiency of the student body.  There is a 30% turnover of the student population each year.  The school’s core beliefs are to advance learning and achievement for all students by providing a socially productive environment which is also academically rigorous.
Ms. Diaz was a student at Academy since kindergarten and now her daughter is a kindergarten student there, so it’s coming full circle.  Although she taught in Rhode Island after attending UVM she realized she love the Brattleboro schools and ultimately returned to the area.
They work toward their goals be starting with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  On the bottom of the pyramid are physical needs: food, clothing, shelter – necessary for physical survival.  Next is safety.  This is followed by love and belonging – they try to provide the ability to get and give love. 4th is esteem toward which they work by providing care and support.  All this will open the way for self-actualization, a stage at which students will feel complete and be able to experience the joy of life.
Many of the kids at Academy are on the first level – physical needs.  The school provides universal free meal at breakfast, lunch and afterschool snacks for students participating in afterschool programs.  50 students get food backpacks sent home on weekends.  Once a month the Veggie Van Gogh program provides fruits, vegetable and other food items with recipes on how to use them.  Their nurse is always busy taking care of the students’ health.  She rarely gets lunch.  The kids often need to be cleaned, get lice treatment, need clean clothes, medications or just hugs.
To provide safety they work on prevention and emergency planning.  There have been more school shootings than weeks in the year in 2019.  Academy has partnerships with the Fire Department and Police Department to help keep the kids safe.  The work with DCF to keep kids safe when not at the school.  They encourage consistent expectations of a culture of safety.  They provide an increasing number of afterschool clubs to keep kids in a safe environment and provide a sense of belonging.  To promote love and a sense of esteem they celebrate students’ successes and talk about the power of yet to teach persistence.
Their initiatives this year are to develop the Wellness Team which consists of a counselor, social worker, HCRS clinician, a board-certified behavior therapist, the nurse, special educators, the planning room coordinator and the assistant principle.  They identify and make plans for kids who need assistance to succeed.  One Rotarian asked if there was a wellness program for the staff.  Kelly responded they provide regular staff lunches, offer workshops for wellness strategies and plan to have a mindfulness workshop taught by a local yoga teacher.
The school works through universal instruction within the classroom, rather than tiers of instruction which is the old model of instruction.  The Wellness team helps teachers focus on the social and emotional health of each child.  They all help students express their feelings, advocate for themselves and teach them the tools of good health.  There is an increase in the number of kids who experience self-harming thoughts which is alarming.  The wellness committee is working on procedures to deal with these events.
Another initiative for the school is to participate in the Towns Schools’ Green Street Sabers initiative to address emotional stressors.  They have identified that 38% of the Town Schools population deals with emotional stressors.  One Rotarian asked if that’s an increase.  Ms. Diaz responded this is the first year they are collecting the data so it’s hard to know.  She did comment that October is always the highest month of behavioral referrals in the school year.  The group has been discussing that this year’s 5 and 6 year olds are the first class of children of the opioid epidemic.
The way Kelly works to meet the initiatives is by doing lots of check-ins with the student body.  Her favorite part of the day is greeting kids at the door in the morning and afternoon, which either she or the assistant principle, or both, do everyday.  Recently she learned at this time about one student who didn’t have a winter coat and another who had an emotionally stressful experience over the weekend that was out of the ordinary.  It’s also just fun to see all the kids.
The school’s HCRS clinician is on-site full time to work with clients and other students on targeted goals.  She provides the “If Men” positive masculinity group for 5th and 6th graders.  She provides parent coaching for families in need.  The school’s social worker is also on site.  They use money from the state through Title One funds to help increase achievement.  The school has created two clothing pop-up shops this year to provide free clothes to those in need.  Soon they will have the “Share Shed”, created by funds from the Thompson Trust to provide donated clothing and supplies on a regular basis for anyone who needs them.
Another intiative is the “restorative practices” initiative, lead by Assistant Principle John Sessions.  They identify student leaders and offer restorative justice training, recently provided by Mel Motel.  They create a student circle lead by students to dialogue about restorative practices that can help change the behavior when there are behavioral referrals.
Kelly then presented a Case Study on a student now in 6th grade for which they began an intervention when she arrived at the school in 3rd grade.  This was her last stop before being sent to a special behavioral program school.  In 3rd grade she recognized only 3 letters of the alphabet and could only count to 4.  She was constantly acting out, was unable to be independent, had no friends and spent much of her days with staff.  They started by addressing her basic needs.  They did a functional analysis, created a differentiated curriculum, and got outside providers involved for therapy.  She was then partnered with the younger classes as a student leader.  This gave her a sense of belonging.  Her amount of time in general education increased.  Her skills increased.  She now has no behavioral incidents, spends allher time in general education, has friends and enjoys being at school.  A Rotarian asked what the school can do if the outside environment does not meet the needs of the child, as this child’s did.  Ms. Diaz responded that is when they get DCF involved.
Academy also emphasized learning through the natural world.  They have a community garden and have hiking trails created through the donation of land to the school.  The school recently went on a school wide hike through these new trails.  When the students are outside they have zero behavioral incidents and there is an increase in helping and talking amongst the students.
Kelly took questions from Tristam who asked what the school does for the summer vacation when interventions are not ongoing.  Kelly answered there is a significant learning loss over the summer, but they have a 6 week summer session and they try to provide help getting kids in summer camps, often through the Rec camp or HCRS camps.  They also have a summer food program.  They’re hoping to get their school social workers to have summer hours to provide full-time access.  Another questions was if the school has concerns that all the progress will be lost when the students head to BAMS.  Kelly responded there is always a little fear for all 6th graders heading to the middle school, but they meet with the middle school providers to help coordinate the plane.  At some point they just have to trust and let go though.  REMINDER:  The February trivia night will benefit the Academy School PTO so get the word out and attend.
4 Way Test
Is it the truth
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build goodwill and better friendships
Is it beneficial to all concerned
Rotary Rag 11/20 Jen Moyse 2019-11-20 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 11/6

November 6 Rotary Meeting
Thanks to Greeter
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Marcy Caulkins
Next weeks scribe – Toni Ciampaglione
This week Speaker – Will Shakespeare
Next week Speaker –  Sandy Shriver
This Day In History
1860- Abraham Lincoln is elected 16th president of the United States.
1861- Jefferson Davis is elected to a six-year term as president of the Confederacy.
1911- Maine becomes a dry state.
1973- Coleman Young becomes the first African-American mayor of Detroit, Michigan.
Rotary Minute
In 1955, the Rotary Club of Brattleboro helped to fund the rope tow of what is now the heart of the ski hill at Living Memorial Park.
Guests - Ruben Garza, from the United Way
Anniversaries & Birthdays
-No Birthdays!
-Rota-versary, Tristam Johnson, November 11, 20 Years!!
Kevin - Project Feed, not all drop off locations are ready, but we are responsible for Price Chopper, Dottie’s, and the Co-op.  Might not need to do PC on Mondays.  Need to separate food by donation location, but Dotties and co-op can be together.  Deliver to Food Works at the former Domino’s building on Canal st between noon and 4 or 4:30.  We already have volunteers on most pick up days.  If you can’t do pick ups on your day, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
Katya- tickets are available for our New Year’s Eve bash.  They will be $65/each early bird pricing through the end of November, then price will go up to $75.  Benefits Boys and Girls Club.  Tickets will be available at Cota and Cota
Josh T. - Chuck for Charity is wrapping up.  We raised $6400 to be split between the two clubs.  Many thanks to all our sponsors.  
Mona - 2 volunteers needed at the Food Bank Sat 11/9, from 9-12.  Monday 11/18 will be our first overflow shelter dinner.  
Jason - keep selling dinner raffle tickets
Jim V. - board meeting tomorrow at 7:15
Student Rotarians
(scribe’s note - apologies for being distracted by a sign up sheet during this segment) Our students from Hinsdale had a successful farm day, raising $2000 in the morning alone.  Also looking forward to a Harlem Globetrotters game this weekend
Cards  4 of spades, you lose, losers
Damon - had some running brags again, for student rotarian Maggie who will be competing in cross county in CT.  And for son Torin who finished 7th overall at a recent meet, and took 4 seconds off his PR in one of his events
Nick - celebrated his 1-9 yesterday
Mona - for her gransdon born last week
Michelle - went to CT to see her daughter sworn into the Bar
Cindy - Sisters on the Fly participating in Luggages of Love, creating suitcases full of women’t supplies for women’s shelters
KJ- for all who helped with Trivia Night, and a reminder to always say that kind word, you never know who might need it
Katya - for trivia night as well.  
Kevin - is feeling the love, but still fines everyone for not wearing a pin.  Also brag for grandson Wyatt’s first haircut
Guest Speaker
Our own Will Shakespeare, talking about retirement and his approach to it.
Will advises to start thinking about retirement now.  Do you plan on downsizing? Moving?  When Will and his wife thought about this, they decided to come up with a “values list” (as in, what do they value, and what values do they want to live by).
They decided they wanted to stay living in Vermont.  Their kids live in Brooklyn and they wanted them to have a place to escape to.  They also wanted to provide the “storybook adventure” opportunity for grandchildren.
They realized they didn’t want to downsize at all, and have maintained the farm, which started with chickens.  After all, retirement is NOT for doing nothing.
Staying healthy was important, and farm living and some amount of self sufficiency was important for that.
Last year, they expanded into the Air BnB world.  So far, they have had 18 visitors at “Shakespeare’s Folly Side Farm”, and have received 5 star reviews from all of them.
Bottom line: Will says - don’t fear retirement, think of it as being 16 again.
4 Way Test
Is it the truth
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build goodwill and better friendships
Is it beneficial to all concerned
Rotary Rag 11/6 Marcy Caulkins 2019-11-20 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Newsletter November 13, 2019

President Jim started her the meeting with this day in History…......  

1835 - Texans officially proclaim independence from Mexico, and calls itself the Lone Star Republic, until its admission to the Union in 1845.

1914 - The brassiere, invented by Caresse Crosby, is patented.

1940 - U.S. Supreme Court rules in Hansberry v. Lee that African Americans cannot be barred from white neighborhoods.

1956 - The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously strikes down two Alabama laws requiring racial segregation on public buses.

1970 - A powerful tropical cyclone strikes the Ganges Delta region of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), causing an estimated half-million deaths in a single night; the Bhola cyclone is regarded as the worst natural disaster of the 20th century.

Change in Streaking policy voted by board. No fine for steaking. However, there is a $5 fine if the streaker does NOT say something to the speaker ahead of time.
Katja warmly greeted us this morning and next week will be Mona.
 GUEST SPEAKERS:  Rob Szpila, Grace Szpila, Alex Shriver, Padma Mendelsund, and Sophie Mikijaniec
 Interfaith Youth Group: Trip to South Dakota Indian Reservations
Each person paid for their own travel and basic fees, but the group had also fundraised to be able to pay for other travel costs and for the materials needed to run the camp for a week. They spent two days in Pine Ridge visiting Wounded Knee and projects supported by Rotary before the trip, and then traveled and camp at Standing Rock to learn about the Dakota pipeline and ongoing environmental concerns.
Before the arrival of the Simply Smiles organization 10 years ago to La Plant, the town was one of the poorest and most isolated in the United States. The winters are harsh and the options for employment are few. The nearest grocery store or gas station is almost an hour away and an interstate highway goes through the middle of the sparse homes. Since 2009 the Simply Smiles, with help each year from Brattleboro locals and other volunteer groups from around the nation, have built a horseshoe pit and playground, renovated a community center and constructed homes for local families. This year the group's efforts focused on the children and the painting of a mural. Some 65 children were picked up each day from the surrounding hills to come and play basketball and Frisbee, to bake cupcakes and do crafts, to sing and read books, and the group of 20 from Brattleboro was there from July 4 to 13. Two other groups, one from Connecticut and the other from a Cherokee high school in Nebraska, were there the same week to help.
This year, they meet up with In Sight Photography professor John Willis on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He has developed deep relationships there with artists and activists whom he introduced to the group. He also traveled north to meet the group at the site of the Standing Rock protest after the week in La Plant.
  1. Katja- New Year’s Eve party tickets are available, all proceeds go to The Boys & Girls of Brattleboro
  2. Mona- created a community service binder filled with sign-up sheets for our events that we have committed to. The binder will be available at each meeting to help with the process.
  3.  Jon - hosting the Holiday Party on Sunday December 15th at 5:30, details to come.  
  4. Kevin – Project Feed pick-ups are happening, have 1 day that needs coverage Dec 20th.
  5. KJ- December 9th Trivia Night at 6:30, Big Brothers, Big Sisters is the charity sponsor.
  • Football team won the state championships game, first time in 56 years.
  • Pre-season Nordic has begun
  • Basketball and IBL try outs are starting
  • Finished fundraising for prom, not sure how much they raised but it was enough so that it won’t have to be in the gym.
BIRTHDAYS:    no birthdays                             
ANNIVERSARIES:   Mona – 2 years on 11/15
CARDS:  3 of Diamonds.… no winner~ YOU LOSE, LOSERS!!!!
Rob: bragged for our club for the disc golf tournament
KJ: bragged $5 for spending Sunday with 112 veterans from WW II, Vietnam and the Korean wars. It was a reunion for last year’s Honor Flight.
Damon: bragged the transition from fall to winter sports. They were in Wickham Park last weekend where Torin took 35th out 260 boys at the New England Championship.
John Mabie: bragged for their daughter Lauren who on Sunday did her ruck march to bring awareness to the veteran suicide rate. The march was up in White River Junction this year and 10-12 people participated.
Katja: bragged for Rob and the students and the great presentation, she also bragged for Will’s presentation last week which she enjoyed very much. 
Sandy: dollar-less, bragged for the BUHS boys’ soccer team that won 2 playoff games and made it to the D1 semi-final game.   
Turner: bragged for last Wednesday, he and Kay traveled to Michigan and managed to come back in a snowstorm that created multiple delays along the way.
Will: bragged for his son Nick’s visit home and how thrilled with life he is as storyboard artist in NYC. Currently working on Sesame Street, life is good.  
Rotary Newsletter November 13, 2019 Toni Ciampaglione 2019-11-17 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 10/30/19

Thank you to our Magnanimous Greeter:  KJ
Scribe for next week:  Marcy Caulkins
Next week Speaker:      Will Shakespeare
This Day in History:
Oberlin Collegiate Institute in Lorian County, Ohio becomes the first college in the U.S. to admit female students.
John L. Baird performs first TV broadcast of moving objects.
H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds is broadcast over the radio by Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre. Many panic believing it is an actual newscast about a Martian invasion.
The "Rumble in the Jungle," a boxing match in Zaire that many regard as the greatest sporting event of the 20th century, saw challenger Muhammad Ali knock out previously undefeated World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman.
BET Holdings Inc., becomes the first African-American company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
Rotary Minute
Josh on Membership:
We have a really fun club.  However we got so popular we kind of got out of the habit of bringing in guests and trying to build it. Natural attrition does decrease numbers.
Let’s have everybody bring a buddy sometime in the next 6 months. (We don't want just a warm body after 2 beers – try to bring someone you think would be an asset to the club)
Ed Dews – October 31
Rotary Anniversaries:
Bethany Martin – 4 years, October 16, 2019
Debbie Cox – 2 Years, October 25, 2019
O'Keefe, Erin Maile – 3 years, November 2
Ciampaglione, Toni – 19 years, November 1, 2000
Damon Kindopp – 19 years, November 1, 2000
Guest Introductions: Damon introducing Steve Perrin from BUHS, our guest speaker.
Josh introducing his lovely daughter Ayla.
In the deck. You LOSE losers.
Ed Dews: If anyone is late you owe .50 cents because of the time change.
KJ:  3 on 3 contact sheets are being handed out. Previous donors on those sheets, update them if you know something about this or add on additional sponsor ideas and hand in next week.
Tristam:   He has only 4 bags of special coffee left but nobody likes whole bean so he will grind them at the coop for us and bring next week.
Katja:  New Year’s Eve party is on the road. Diane Mona and Stacey are joining her in organizing what will be a 1920’s New Year’s Eve party. There will be a silent auction and great food. Profits will go to Boys and Girls Club of Brattleboro.
Mona:   Overflow shelter meals we are doing are going to be once a month. First sign up is for 11/18. We need food to be dropped off by 530-6. Our first meal will be pasta, salad. And we need 3 gallons of milk to serve up to 34 people. Nobody gets turned away. Stay away from the spices. Low barrier shelter. If you are bringing a child or teen, you should know that there might be people on substances who don't want to interact with you. Need 3-4 people once a month to do serving and clean up.
This is the last year it will be at Austine School. They are building a new facility at the Austine center that should be up and running.
Ali:   brought her laminator if people want to laminate their posters
Tom Franks:  Official rotary Thank You’s are in the box. If you have a reason to thank someone for a rotary donation, you can give them an official thank you.
Kevin:   Project Feed the Thousands. Locations are Dotties, Price Chopper and the Coop. Groceries are now being delivered to Foodworks, the former Domino’s on Canal St. Christine, the new director of Foodworks, or Kevin, can be called if you get into a pinch.
Toni:   Date for 3 on 3 is 3/21. It will be the 24th annual. Checking in on Raffle Tix – She is appreciating if you hand them in as you go, it makes it easier. Discussion about platform sales has begun.
Diane:   Trivia is Monday night. Proceeds go to $5 Ski Hill.
Justin: $5 for cardiologists. Tristan Toleno had a mild heart attack on Sunday. He stayed in the hospital for a couple of days. Cleared out an artery blockage, had a stint put in and is just fine and healing. He wanted us all to know that he is doing well.
Jim Maxwell: The Reformer Article about Polio Eradication by Rotary merits a fine for everyone of a dollar.
Marcy: Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN. She is in the home stretch. Go!
Chris Stoner: His baby Daughter was born 10/2! Everyone is happy and healthy.
Mona: Her son and his girlfriend are in labor. There will be a new baby boy by the end of the day!
Damon: Feeling good about RUNNING! Maggie St. John, student rotarian, qualified to move onto another running race. Torrin – amazing runner! His teammate Jake won!
Tom Franks: Doesn't run. His wife tho, ran the cape cod marathon on Saturday and almost was sub 2 but she didn't cut the corners.
Josh: Last minute Ayla joined a soccer tournament team and had a great time. Go AYLA!
KJ: Go see American Gothic, Jen Moyse, her son and husband and Staci Leffel’s husband are phenomenal.
Dan: apologizing for the cards debacle last week. WE are letting it go.
Erin: 2500 people came out to the tiny house festival in Sugarbush last weekend. The resort was incredibly staffed and she loved the support but it wasn't downtown Brattleboro. 60 presenters on 3 stages. 26 tiny houses. Art installations. A shopping cart arch was the entrance to the village. Speed design reviews were available from architects and designers. Two 9 yo girls both had designs for tiny houses with popsicle stick houses sitting with the two featured architects from Montreal. Huge success despite pelting rain for the 3rd year in a row! Now she needs to rest. Next year it will be in Brattleboro.
Guest Speaker:
Steve Perrin, Principal of BUHS
What was your most impactful educational experience K-12? Discuss amongst your table for 30 seconds… It is the relationship with the teacher that matters! He started there as a science teacher in 1995. His constant battle is to remind everyone that change is good. The school needs to keep adjusting to the times that are a changing. Physical Plant – the Facility is kept very well and are considered the crown jewel of all schools in district. Cafeteria was renovated, flooring was replaced there and in the gym. Athletic complex and track have been redone and are gorgeous. The field is going to be synthetic turf despite debate. And there is a new softball field where they are now hosting soccer games as well.  
Programming – math, science, social studies, art, foreign language, AP courses, dual credit courses – courses at the high school can also give you credit at partner colleges. Lots of high school students now can graduate with 16-20 college credits.
4 years ago they launched interspace academies – STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Math), Visual and Performing Arts, and International Studies. Many of these include career center courses. Such a great addition. LNA program was launched too (nurses), a cyber security strand was launched too.  Maybe Josh Goldberg will teach it?
Faculty - There has been lots of turnover, a young faculty, average age was 75 now it is late 20’s. The student teacher relationship is key. There has been a focus on how to champion students and build better relationships. Leaning into the unmet needs of students, a trauma – informed community. So that all students, regardless of their home context, receive predictability, structure and safety at school. Proficiency based instruction is no longer it. Interact club plug…
President Jimmy V ends the meeting with the 4 way test.
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build good will and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial for all concerned?
Respectfully submitted by Debra Rosenzweig
Rotary Rag 10/30/19 Debra Rosenzweig 2019-11-05 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 10/16/19

Thanks to Greeter  Deb Cox
Volunteer for next weeks Greeter – Will Shakesphere
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Mona Williams
Next weeks scribe – Kevin Yager (10/23)
This week Speaker – Jason Posternak
Next week Speaker – Debra Rosenzweig (10/23)
This Day In History
KJ was filling in for Jim V.
Quote of the day: “ I have decided to stick to love; hate is too great a burden to bear.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
Rotary Minute
No rotary minute
Steve Harrison, Asst District Governor – Bellows Falls Rotary
Anniversaries & Birthdays
Rotary Anniversaries
Date Joined Rotary
Bethany Martin       4 years on October 16, 2015.
Sandy Shriver           22 Years on October 10, 1997

Tom Franks – does not want to serve as secretary next year, please someone step up.
Diane – Trivia was awesome, approximately 50 people showed, it was great fun and great food. Next Trivia night will be Nov 4th due to the second Monday of the month being Veterans Day.
Josh Traegger – Huge Thank you for all who helped and participated in the Disc Golf Event. They had 68 players.
Josh Unruh – he is looking to do another Pints for Polio night, this time at the Marina. There is a little bit more space there. Asked when in November might be a good date? Wednesday, November 13th, starting around 6 pm was offered as a good day and time.

Cards – 8 clubs, no winner this week!
Student Rotarians – What have we got? No student Rotarians this week.
Deb Cox – Disc Golf, Josh Goldberg did a great job organizing the volunteers.
Josh Goldberg – Josh T. and Rob really were the backbone of the event. They did so much behind the scenes to make this event great.  
Ali – Thank you Lisa for filling in for here this morning and collecting money.
Michelle – Thank you to Lisa for booking her an amazing trip!!!
Kevin – 1st, fine for anyone not wearing their pin. 2nd , last week Kevin and his wife join the Elks B.P.O.E. 1499 to broaden their civic duty. They give to a lot of organizations and it is a great group.
KJ – 1st, This weekend at Jamaica State Park, Adventure Race on Saturday, Oct 19th. They have a family fun course for ages 6 and up also!!! Bring your family. 2nd, Thursday, Oct 17th is the drawing for the car benefit for Rescue Inc. Drawing to be held at the Marina. I still have tickets.
Jason – Thank you Toni for filling in and distributing tickets for the Dinner Raffle!
Turner – He had a friend visiting from Texas, they came at the perfect peak season for foliage. They visited for 4-5 days and spent the time going for rides, talking about their kids and growing up and had an all-around great visit.
Kevin – Rotary Cares taping tomorrow (Oct 17th) the episode will be about Polio and will feature our own Michelle!!
Toni – Dinner Raffle Tickets – Everyone has raffle tickets 12 Books, Everyone really needs to sell their books, we are down a few Rotarians so if we can sell and help with the extra tickets that would be great. Sell tickets to the Noon time Club, Rotarians who are not here anymore,  at Trivia Night, use Facebook and send emails.
The money from this raffle supports Project Feed the Thousands, the Windham County Heat Fund, Nutrition Program (lunch/meals to kids during school breaks), First Night Brattleboro, Boys and Girls Club, GroundWorks and supporting our community. This fund raiser makes about $9000 for us to support all these projects and groups.
Kevin Yager – Volunteered a tutorial  on “how to close the sale”. ☺
Mona – Thank you to Deb and the noontime club volunteers for a great Food Bank Sort a thon. The Food Bank event will happen the 2nd Saturday of every month, 9 am – 12 pm. We will be looking for volunteers.
Bowl of Life – Sandy Shiver started and guessed correctly the first time!!
“After being a manager at Staples, I became a happy receptionist. This was a stepping stone for this person’s career.” ----- Josh Goldberg
Guest Speaker – Asst District Govenor Steve Harrison
He is filling in for Keith Clark who has recently moved to DC. Steve is a Bellows Falls Rotarian. He is currently on Fall break from Kurn Hatten School and was making a surprise visit to join us this morning. He goes to 5 clubs in our area and is trying to make it to a meeting every quarter at each location.
Steve spoke of the greatness of the Rotary fellowship, comradery and fundraising.  He stated we, Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary, function well as a club and getting things accomplished. Thank you for giving him time to speak and welcoming him to our meeting.
4 Way Test
Is it the truth
Is it fair to all concerned
Will it build goodwill and better friendships
Is it beneficial to all concerned
Rotary Rag 10/16/19 Mona Williams 2019-10-23 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 10/9/19

Upcoming scribe & speaker:
Mona Williams Scribe 10/16
Jason Posternak Speaker 10/16
This Day in History:
0028- The Temple of Apollo is dedicated on the Palatine Hill in Rome.
1779- The Luddite riots being in Manchester, England in reaction to machinery for spinning cotton
1949- Harvard Law School begins admitting women
Rotary Minute:
Most Remote Rotary Club – Which Rotarians have to travel farthest for a makeup meeting? You are right if you guessed the 34 members of the Rotary Club of Papeete, Tahiti, which is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is the club that is most remote from any other
Student Rotarians (Hinsdale):
Recent financial aid night for college bound students, Many of the club and committees are chaired by our own student Rotarians!, Saturday is Farm Day at Hinsdale High School complete with haunted hay ride.
Anniversaries & Birthdays:
Sandy Shriver 22 years a Rotarian!
10/6 Happy Birthday Bob Fagelson
-Monday is Trivia Night
-Disc Golf Tournament is this Sunday
-Oct is the month for the nominating committee to pick upcoming officers for the club
-Pints for Polio moved to November with a Halloween costume donation element
-3 volunteers are needed to sort food from 9-noon at the VT Food Bank behind Members 1st Credit Union this weekend
-$7000 raised so far in sponsorships for the disc golf tournament, a big thanks to our sponsors and to those who got our sponsors
-Alex Shriver has is license!
-NEYT has a new SNL style show coming up, go see it
-Raffle tickets are still available for the Rescue, Inc. car raffle
-Sat the 19th is the next Adventure Race, join in
-Proxy brag for Deb: Thanks for all the help with the garden last weekend
-Ali went to visit her mom after successful surgery and survived her time with the rents!
-Ali thanked all the Rotarians that pitch in to help with everything and is thankful for it being burgundy day today at Rotary
-Cindy is heading camping in her new camper with Sisters on the Fly, go visit at the Rutland Fairgrounds!
Sandy Shriver won $22,000 dollars aka $22!
Guest Speaker:
The Creepatorium 2018 video was amazing, they work from Summer to Halloween day to get their Halloween display ready for action. COME CHECK IT OUT THIS YEAR! 5 years running.,,,
Gargoyles, pumpkin heads, and skeletons run by shiatsu massage motors……..:-)
Rotary Rag 10/9/19 Josh Unruh 2019-10-14 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 10/2/19

October 2 Rotary Meeting
Thanks to Greeter Thanks Josh Goldberg Volunteer for next weeks Greeter
Who is scribe + Speaker
This week scribe – Josh Traeger Next weeks scribe – Josh Unruh
This week Speaker – Erin Maile-O’Keefe- Invited Abby Mnookin with
Next week Speaker – Michelle Pong says Marcy is her guest - Halloween Prep Presentation
This Day In History 1950 The comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schultz, makes its first appearance in newspapers.
1959 The groundbreaking TV series The Twilight Zone, hosted by Rod Serling, premiers on CBS.
1964 Scientists announce findings that smoking can cause cancer.
1967 Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court justice, is sworn in.
Rotary Minute Rotary Council on legislation has the responsibility of considering and acting upon all “enactments,” which are proposed changes in the Rotary International Bylaws and Constitution and Standard Rotary Club Constitution. Proposals may be submitted by any Rotary club, district or the RI board. The council’s actions are subject to review by all the Rotary clubs of the world before they become final. If 10 percent of the voting strength of the clubs oppose a council action, such legislation is suspended and it is submitted to all the clubs for a final vote.
Guests Erin introduces nephew -Dylan Kyle and Abby Mnookin, and Kevin KJ- sasses president and refuses to welcome student Rotarians Student Rotarians Maggie - Hinsdale Audrey- Hinsdale - Junior
Alena- BUHS- Junior Hazel- BUHS - Junior Sara- BUHS- Junior Conrad- Windham Regional - Senior Elijah- Windham Regional - Junior Don’t forget to sign their sheets
-Board Meeting Tomorrow
-Trivia Monday Oct 14th - we need more volunteers and please put up posters - benefits Company of Muses Dance Scholarship
-Sale of Coffee- raises money for a scholarship and work exchange program - buy more coffee from Tristam - $12 a bag -Thanks for supporting a future leader
-Rotary Romp - Monday October 7th - meet at 5pm Rotary Romp activity and then come back at 6pm for dinner and drinks
-Toni- Email from Dr. Bob says hello and thanks for the card. His son Adam moved back to town which has been wonderful.
-Garden work time Sunday October 6th at 9am, 10am, 11am - 6 bags of mulch donated by Josh Unruh and Leader Home Center
-Rotary Disc Golf - Josh Goldberg-coming up Sunday Oct 13th, great crew of volunteers
-Ali- Pre-pay invoices
-This day in history two years ago
Cards -You lose losers
-Mona- brags for Sadie for her wonderful performance -Damon- for Elm City Rotary Club- Clarence De Mar Half Marathon and full marathon and kids marathon, super seniors - 500 volunteers, 1000 runners , Jen Moyse and Damon -Michelle - 3 brags first two brags for Rotarians - one for Josh Unruh- who was selected by Vermont Business Magazine- as one of Vermonts Rising Starts- for young professionals out of 250 folks- for 40 under 40 as entrepreneur award. For Lisa Fitzgerald- for being a great travel agent- Michelle is going to Italy!! ( Have a great trip!)
And for her daughter for passing the bar!
-KJ- Brags for Hungry Lion bike tour. Many miles biked by group through the green mountains- many mountains were climbed .  Raised over $2K for Whitingham- Halifax Lions Club Adventure Race -Marcy -$1 Halloween is coming and Marcy will be our guest speaker for next week
-Rich- Out in Yellowstone- Grizzlies and Buffaloes engaged in some sort of a dance of nature. Believe it didn’t end well for the bison. ◦ 2month birthday of my grandson
-Cindy- Welcome Student Rotarians. Windham Grows - Wins an Award VBC - thanks to Jim Verizon and he has lead the way
-Jon Secrest - Unfortunately having some issues with his ear and hearing. ( We all hope it heals quickly).
Hungry Lion ride - 75miles great ride but last riders 8:30-4:30 of riding - 6,200 feet of elevation - it was hard but we made it.
Daughter Alena - started hear when she was 6months year old - she has been ◦
-Josh Traeger - brags for Abby Mnookin and commuting by bike year round
-Kevin- brags for student Rotarians and returning members coming back
Speaker ◦-Abby Mnookin with 350 Vermont ◦ ◦-Teacher, Antioch, Past Director of Brattleboro Time Trade, Past VPR Commentator, Teachs Vermont Wilderness School Rise in CO2 Above 400 parts per million
Mission Statement of Organization  -350Vermont organizes, educates, and supports people in Vermont to work together for climate justice – resisting fossil fuels, building momentum for alternatives, and transforming our communities toward justice and resilience.
Core Values 1. We are bold, collaborative, and resourceful; we have to be. In all that we do, we’re committed to balancing the urgency of the moment with an intentionality that calls for true partnership. 2. We are committed to inclusivity; we strive to always learn and grow. We seek to elevate and celebrate diversity in our work and continue to center the many ways we’re each impacted by climate change based on the identities we hold and the resources we have at our disposal.
3. We are story-based and relationship-based; we need a nourishing and inviting movement. We believe that listening to and sharing authentic stories can be a powerful source of inspiration and healing, helping us connect to ourselves, each other, and the planet.
We passed 350 PP million in 1990s and that is a safe amount- we are trying to reduce this number
-It comes from fossil fuels and deforestation -How can we keep it to go below 1 degree
We are seeing the effects of Climate change
-Sea ice melting -Massive decline of insects
Intense report - 12 years to stop climate catastrophe- CNN report
Greta Thunberg- “I want you to act as if your house is on fire”
Ways to make Change: 1. Reform- working within the current system
A. Go to the statehouse - with Mother Up- letters for change B. Our youngest speaker was 8 years old C. Children, parents and families are a powerful force to reach out D. Working with the select board - sustainability coordinator hired
2. Resist
-Sept 20th Climate March - approximately 1000 people here in Brattleboro- worker strikes, school strikes and townspeople - worked with the police department in advance to make for a safe march -Also take part in national marches - support people with buses -Most recent action with Coal Fired Power Plant to shut it down- Bucket by Bucket - In New Hampshire. 69 people arrested. Told police department in advance - to make for safe protest. Homeland and police department -Bank Solidarity protest - for investments into oil pipeline -Highway banner protest to raise awareness - stop business as usual -Die-Ins- youth led protest to make situations uncomfortable to tell people business as usual is not ok - we need to make a change
3. Reimagine
-Write for Climate Change- we meet up on Fridays and write letters - All issues connect to climate Change -Reading Books to check out; Hope in the Dark , Active Hope, Sacred Instructions, Emerging strategies
4. Recreate
-Standing Rock - big family, small village - 10,000 people there to protest pipeline that was going to be built on native lands -Mother up - meets monthly at Kidsplayce - shared meal -Climate Mass Bike ride - last Friday every month - 200 riders - kids to adults - youngest age 5 - Whose Streets Our Streets
-VBike - educational outreach for biking -Edible Brattleboro - Food for all -Rich Earth - collect Urine and use it for fertilizers -Restore it - Storing Carbon in the Soil helps support these organizations -Tristam- Climate Ride that did east to west coast ride
Anniversaries & Birthdays Birthdays
Moyse, Jen Oct 01
Rotary Anniversaries Date Joined Rotary Deb Rosenzweig 3 years on October 5, 2016.
4 Way Test 1. Is it the truth 2. Is it fair to all concerned 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships 4. Is it beneficial to all concerned


Rotary Rag 10/2/19 Josh Traeger 2019-10-03 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag 9/18/19

Members absent: Debbie Cox, Nick DuBois, Lisa Fitzgerald, Josh Goldberg, Rich Hoppe, Bethany Martin, Jen Moyse, Erin Maile O’Keefe, Michelle Pong, Sandy Shriver, Christine Takacs, Tristan Toledo, and Josh Unruh.
This Day In History
Tom Thumb, the first locomotive built in the United States, loses a nine-mile race in Maryland to a horse.
Patty Hearst is kidnapped by violent radical group SLA; she later takes part in some of the group's militant activities and is captured by FBI agents.
The US television soap opera The Guiding Light broadcasts its final episode, ending a 72-year run that began on radio.
Rotary Minute
September is Youth Activities Month. Rotary clubs of the world give special emphasis to the many Rotary-sponsored programs which serve children and young people. During this month, many clubs give increased attention to youth exchange activities.
Anniversaries & Birthdays
No anniversaries.
One birthday: Booie Fagelson on September 17.
Many thanks to today’s greeters Diane and Turner.
Next week our greeter will be Chris Stoner. Jen Moyse will host our speaker.
This week’s scribe was Valerie Stuart. Next week’s scribe will be Christine Takacs.
Next week’s speaker host will be Jen Moyse.
Today’s guests: Ayla Traeger and Kirsten Beske.

Josh Traeger said the bike team for the Whitingham Food Drive is coming along. Their goal is to raise $500 for the Whitingham Food Drive. The ride will take place on the morning of September 28th.
Disk Golf will take place on Sunday October 13 from 12-5pm. Josh Goldberg is organizing the event.
Mona and Sadie are spearheading meals for the Shelter this fall at the Winston Prouty Center. They will send around sign up sheets at an upcoming meeting.
Queen of Spades was pulled. No one won
Sadie bragged for “The Time of Your Life,” which is playing this Thursday, Friday, Saturday at the Actors Playhouse in Chesterfield, NH. She is a member of the cast and invited anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to attend.
KJ bragged for the Rescue Inc Adventure Race, which will feature an obstacle race and family fun course. The event will occur at Jamaica State Park on October 19th. He also pitched the raffle tickets he is selling to raise money for Rescue.
Cindy bragged for the marriage of her son to a wonderful woman and to her son’s conversion to Judaism.
Josh Traeger bragged for Trivia Night this past Monday night, which all who attended agreed was a lot of fun.
Katja bragged about her trip to Italy to visit organic and small family wine producers. She said it was a very inspiring trip. Unfortunately, Air Lingus lost her luggage for 9 days. The upside of that calamity was she was forced to go on an impromptu clothes shopping spree.  Katja noted that she and her husband recently celebrated their 1-8 anniversary. She also thanked KJ and Diane for a really fun Trivia Night.
Dan also bragged for Trivia Night, and highlighted that his team of three placed third.
Kevin spoke about the recent Game Show night at the Latchis Theater. He said they had software, a game board, and buzzers that made it seem like a real TV game show. Six teams competed throughout the night. Between 75 - 100 people attended the fundraiser for the Windham County Safe Kids Advocacy Fun. The event was such a success, they are thinking about hosting another one this winter.
Tristam bragged for his daughter who pulled off a spectacular surprise 60th birthday party for his wife Wendy. What Wendy thought was a biking weekend on Cape Cod turned into a wonderful couple of days celebrating her birthday with family and friends.
The Speakers today spoke about the “3 on 3” tournament.
Toni and Kevin lined volunteers to help with “3 on 3.”
Tom Franks volunteered to contact Chris Sawyer at BUHS to ask for use of the gym for the tournament on March 21st with a back up date of October 14th.
Diane and K.J. will send out donation letters for the event. The letters need to be mailed by December 15th.
Jon will continue to collect the mail and record donations as they come in.
Major sponsors and donors for the event need to be lined up by January 15th.
Toni will be responsible for getting the posters with sponsors, etc. printed at Howard Printing.
Registration letters will be sent out by Turner after major donors are lined up.
Toni will handle the event T-Shirts.
Cindy and Mona will handle the concession stands for the day of the event.
Kevin will contact Pepsi for their donation.
Kevin will obtain tables and chairs for the day of the event.
Tournament day needs don’t need to be filled until December.
The following positions and/or duties will need to be assigned:
Tournament Day Coordinator
Court Monitors
Someone to help with balls
Free Throw Leader – Potentially Josh Unruh
Equipment Coordinator
Clean Up
Rotary Rag 9/18/19 Valerie Stuart 2019-09-25 04:00:00Z 0

Wednesday Wrap-Up - September 11, 2019

Thank you to our Greeter Will Shakespeare! 

Next week’s greeter - Turner

This week’s scribe - KJ - filling in for Mr. Stoner

Next week’s scribe - Val



Shawn Garland

Ed Brimley from Illinois, it was his birthday on Monday and his Rotary Anniversary this month, 24 years of perfect attendance. We are his 68th club and Vermont is his 25th State. The birthday singers sang to our guest who appreciated the song.

John Mabie - Nooner and Law man

Shoshana Bass - our speaker from Sandglass Theatre in Putney


Rotary Anniversaries:

Josh Goldberg - 2 years

Michelle Pong - 9 years in our club (which is really the most important part) and some other years in another club making a total of 20 years. Rumors are that this is impossible, she’s too young for that. 



Coffee Shop: Tristam is changing the way the Coffee Shop works and ordering when he has enough demand, the demand is there so he is placing an order. Don’t forget who said they would buy!


Disc Golf Tournament: coming up on October 13th, need volunteers to help. Contact Josh Goldberg if interested. 


Trivia Night: starting back up September 16th. Thank you to all who have volunteered! Please come out and play, you don’t have to be good at Trivia! It’s just a fun evening out and dinner is always great! 


Hostage Tumbler: Kevin has a tumbler he is holding hostage, it has stickers on it. No word on how it came to be in Kevin’s possession nor why he is holding it hostage, the mystery continues! 


Cards: It’s in the deck! YOU LOSE LOSERS! 

Our Guest Ed suggests we up the ante to $2/card. Josh G proposes a $5 fine on our guest for suggesting such a thing. 



John Mabie: 32 year anniversary and a great get-away to Maine with Val. 



Rescue Inc. raffle tickets - $20 each or 6 for $100, win a car and many other prizes!

Masonic Lodge Raffle: $20/ticket only 500 being sold, Grand Prize is either a Remington .308 (which we heard is a hunting rifle) or $500 cash, 2nd Prize $300 cash and 3rd Prize is $200 cash. 

Rescue Inc. Adventure Race - this year we’re having a family fun race and obstacles for the kids/family, please come out and support our team and our cause. More info at



Aiden at College - settling in nicely, some tears were shed

Torin finished 3rd out of 39 (?) in a big race this week. 



Anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, it was wonderful! If you haven’t been GO! 



$5 brag - Jason found a car for Alina to drive when (if?) she gets her license in a couple of weeks. 

Alina had her first varsity soccer match, it was fun to see his daughter start on Varsity, but not so fun to now have to pay for the opportunity. 

Keri and Jon did a Century ride in NYC. 107 miles in just over 11 hours with 3000 of their closest friends. 


Deb R: 

Sadie is in a play opening this weekend at the Actor’s Theatre Playhouse ( some folks are going on Friday, September 13th, meeting at Echo Restaurant in Brattleboro at 6 PM and then going to the show at 7:30. Let KJ know if you’d like to join. 

Hungry Lion Bike tour coming up! Support your Rotary Team!



Went to the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion this past weekend to see some bands, some great, some should retire. 



Her best friend has joined a Rotary Club! 

Linda’s Closet is having their 17th Annual 5K around Granite Lake next Saturday (September 21st), come hear Michelle announce people’s names!

2-10 Anniversary (which her and Chris both forgot about, but never again as her daughter has announced she is getting married on the date of their 2-11 Anniversary! 



Grandkids are amazing. He, of course, has the cutest grandson in the world, even though he was photographed in a Seahawks jersey, everyone (even his other grandma) knows he’s a New England fan at heart. 

Did his own 5K while mowing the lawn, he ran out of gas, then the lawnmower ran out of fuel. 


Shoshana Bass from Sandglass Theatre thrilled us with tales of the Theatre’s beginning in 1982 in Germany by her parents who then moved to Putney in 1986. 

Sandglass uses the art of puppets to dialogue around cultural issues which would be more difficult without the buffer of the puppet. 

About to go on a tour of the West Coast with a piece about refugee resettlement. 

Shoshana is taking a legacy piece (her father’s signature piece) to Korea in the near future. She has spent many months with her father learning this piece and is honored to carry on his work. 

September 14-15 (This weekend!) is the International Puppet Festival “Puppets in Paradise” at the Retreat Farm more info available at

Chocolino or Chucklino (I didn’t get the name for sure) made an appearance after some coaxing in his native German and dragged Shoshana around the room finally going back to his home and letting Shoshana finish her presentation. 

Wednesday Wrap-Up - September 11, 2019 KJ 2019-09-12 04:00:00Z 0

Newsletter, September 4, 2019

President Jim got us started at 7:15 AM.
Next week’s greeter:  KJ
Next scribe for 9/11: Chris Stoner
Next week’s speaker finder:  Jim Maxwell.  I have someone coming from DC, well not really.  
This Day in History:  1820 Czar Alexander declares that Russian influence in North America extends as far south as Oregon and closes Alaskan waters to foreigners.
1881 The Edison electric lighting system goes into operation as a generator serving 85 paying customers is switched on.
1957 Arkansas governor Orval Faubus calls out the National Guard to bar African-American students from entering a Little Rock high school.
1972 Mark Spitz becomes first Olympic competitor to win 7 medals during a single Olympics Games.
1998 Google founded by Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
Rotary minute:  Ambassadorial Scholarship. 40 - AMBASSADORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS The Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships Program is the world's largest privately funded international scholarships program. Since 1947, approximately $242 million has been expended on some 25,000 scholarships for people from more than 125 countries, studying in 105 countries around the world.
The purpose of the Scholarships Program is to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries.
Scholars are expected to be outstanding ambassadors of goodwill to the people of the host country through both informal and formal appearances before Rotary and non-Rotary groups.
The Rotary Foundation offers three types of scholarships
The Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholarship offered since 1947.
The Multi-Year Ambassadorial Scholarship is awarded for two or three years of specific degree-oriented study abroad.
The Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarship provides three or six months of funding for intensive language study and cultural immersion in a language other than their native language.
Rotary Foundation scholarships are investments in the future and one important step in seeking greater understanding and goodwill in the world.
Birthday:  Ali.  Tristan.  
Anni.  Mark Ethier - 9 years.
Announcement:  Board meeting tomorrow.  7:15 AM. Here.  Park elsewhere.  
Guests – Anwyn Darrow.  Just back from Honduras.  Dylan.  Erin’s guest.  Her nephew. Both are looking for housing and employment.
Disc golf.  Sunday, October 13.  Need 9 volunteers.  12 to 5 pm.  
Trivia night:  Sept. 16. 6:30 pm. Here.  Plan to come and play.   
Kevin:  Student Rotarians coming in a couple of weeks.  Fines were collected.  
Josh:  Rotary bike team.  KJ and Will are fundraising like crazy.  Donations needed for others.  
Toni:  Club newsletter is broken.  Read the directions.  Don’t archive it.  Marcy Caulkins is now the Newsletter Guru. E-mail her your notes and she will publish them.   All praise and thank Marcy.  
Anwyn:  4th trip to Honduras.  Visited our school there.  Working on the agricultural university.  Works with Maria to fundraise to build a HS building.  .  Zamorano is the name of the agricultural university.
Tristam.  Next trip should be to the school and also to the agricultural university.  
Cards:  $17 prize.  5 clubs.  You lose losers.
Student Rotarians coming in October.  
KJ:  Go See Sadie perform in Time of my life.  September 12 -28.  At the Actor’s Playhouse.  
Marcy:  Now that she is not President, she does not have to show up on time.  Got to miss a week and see her daughter start 7th grade.
Tristian:  thanked Cindy for being a partner in Strolling of Heifer program.  Malcolm is starting at Columbia.  Empty nesters.  
Justin:  A week off for the first time in 6 years.  He moved.  
Turner:  Went to a bluegrass festival in Maine.  
Josh:  Last Monday, there was a rotary romp in the rain.  Will and Jon Secrest.  First Monday of the month.  See you there next time.   
Erin:  Tiny house festival.  Every other year.  It is up in Mad River Valley at Sugarbush.  
Is in Vermont magazine – with her house.  For Dylan.  2 week design build course at Yestermorrow.  
Tristam:  A decision to take a gap year is a great idea.  Congrats to Dylan.  
Kevin:  For Jeff Dunkley’s new boots.  Forest green.  Ostrich boots.
Debbie:  Tony made it to and from Sturgis and California.  2,000 motorcycle miles, 8000 truck miles.  Grandson just went to pre-school.  
Jim:  6 weeks away, England, Scotland, Midwest.  Duluth, Minnesota.  LA.  Yeah Cindy for covering me.  
SPEAKER:  Tristian Toleno.  Farm to Plate Apprentice.  Quote:  Community is about conversations we hold with ourselves and how we choose to be together and recognizes community.
Opiate question and panhandling.  Good to have these conversations.  Lots of programs are already in place.  Portugal delivers drug to people but offers help at the same time.  We punish as an answer.  And we have nothing to show for it. A call to action.  
His cooking class.  We are fundamentally interdependent.  These students have barriers to participation in the workplace- teaches culinary skills to homeless people and underemployed people.  This is a reset for them.  It is to build confidence.  Re-tell your own story.  Meet them as human first.  Not everyone will succeed.  Barriers are hard.  We are making a difference in people’s lives.  
Once a year program.  Gets support from Brattleboro Retreat.  Group therapy.  Groundworks is involved.  
Run in the summer.  Clients from Groundworks, elsewhere.  
Students are paid while they learn.  
VSAC money pays for the money.  Tristian, Orly and Cindy do lots of volunteer work to run program.
We silo our solutions in this community…. HCRS does one thing, Groundworks does another.  This is an integrated attempt to help a few people.  
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August 28th Newsletter

Posted by William Shakespeare on Sep 03, 2019
August 28th, 2019
American Legion
This day in History:  On Aug. 28, 1963, 200,000 people participated in a peaceful civil rights rally in Washington, D.C., where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
Famous Birthdays Virgo birthdays – Jack Black, Shania Twain, Leanne Rimes 

Quote of the Day:  “I say to you today, my friends, though, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed: ""' we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."
Greeter: Kevin
Greeter next week:  KJ
Scribe:  Will
Scribe for next Week: Sandy,
Guests:    Suzanna Gramm, Ayla Trager 
Birthday: Katja
Club Business Announcements:
  • Sigh the card for Dr Fagelson, on the table.
  • Rescue inc. thanks letter to BSRC
  • Rotary Romp on September 2nd, 5:00 for run, walk, 6:00- 6:30 at Marina for libations
-Jon: Spent last night on the Pinnacle with family, a tradition for every night before school starts. He ran down the hill this morning to get to get to Rotary.
- KJ, empty nesting with Josh gone from home.
- Katya: Happy birthday thanks and lemon cake. Saw Triston and Isold at Latchis on Sunday. Missing Rotary for 2 weeks, going on wine tour in Italy.
- John: Fundraising for Hungry Lion bike tour on September 28th. Biked around Hamilton Falls in Jamica.
- Kevin: Thanks for Lode the Latchis. Raised $, 2000
- Suzanna: Bragg for Rich Hoppy for
-  Dan up in NH camping with kids. Going to HS next week
- Allie, daughter going to be a Junior yr at college
- Cindy, brag for Tristan T (chef) culinary apprenticeship program at Strolling. Huge impact on young lives. Tristan will speak next week as our guest.
Cards:  3-Hearts.  In the deck, losers
Club Assembly:
  • Membership: We are at 41 fantastic members and want to continue to add incredible people with integrity and community mindedness to our club. We are asking everyone to think of one person they would like to invite to our club. Does this person’s character and actions meet the 4way test? Are they community minded, enjoy volunteerism, ready to get their hands dirty to help others, strong integrity? If so then please invite them to join you for a Rotary breakfast meeting and also notify Josh Traeger the Membership Chair of their interest.  We are a club of action and thrive on making a positive difference in our community for the people that need the most help. We know we can’t do this on our own and need a strong team to move forward. We also love the camaraderie and laughter that make our group who we are.
  • Club Service:  
  • Rotary Romp on the first Monday of each month, starting this Monday, September 2.
  • A fall and spring home pot luck party at a Rotarian’s home.
  • Incoming President hosts the change-over party at their home or their selected venue.
  • Outdoor activities including biking, walking, kayaking, snow shoeing and/or XC or down hill skiing.
  • Fundraising: Sandy is proposing we do a Ghost Tour of Brattleboro as a fundraiser.  We would prepare a test run for this October and then do it for real next year. It will take actors, some research and some publicity money. The Idea is about an hour long walk through Brattleboro and charging something like $20 a person.  
  • New years Eve Party:  In the team are Diane, Stacie, Mona, Lisa and Katja as of right now. 
Katja to present to the club our idea of putting together a Benefit Dinner on December 31st, 2019 at the American Legion to celebrate into the New Year and fund raising for the Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro. It is important to us to make this a special evening with live music, silent auctions and fun entertainment to set us apart from all the other benefit dinners in town. We are also aware that we try are not to ask for donations from the businesses that are heavy supporters for 3 on 3, the Disk tournament and Dinner Raffle. Board needs to approve that the profits will go to Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro please. 
Next meeting, Monday, September 23rd at 5:30pm at Diane & KJ's house.
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August 7, 2019 Newsletter 

Immediate Past President Marcy started her the meeting with this day in History…......  
On this day in 1782, in Newburgh, New York, General George Washington, the commander in chief of the Continental Army, creates the “Badge for Military Merit.” The badge was to be presented to soldiers for “any singularly meritorious action” and permitted its wearer to pass guards and sentinels without challenge. The honoree’s name and regiment were also to be inscribed in a “Book of Merit.”
1987-Lynne Cox braves the freezing waters of the Bering Strait to make the first recorded swim from the United States to the Soviet Union. Her rigorous training regimen included regularly swimming in water at between 38 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Cox–who rarely swam in a wetsuit regardless of water temperature–donned just a swimsuit as she set out from the shores of Little Diomede, Alaska, about 350 miles north of Anchorage, in water just above freezing. With a team of physiologists monitoring her swim, Cox stayed in the water for 2 hours and 16 minutes, crossing the international dateline and continuing all the way to Big Diomede on the coast of the Soviet Union, 2.7 miles up the Bering Strait. Her swim is considered one of the most incredible cold-water swims in history.
Quote for the day……”Ah summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it” , Russell Baker
No official greeter this morning but Bethany was there with a smile o say good morning and next week KJ will be there with hugs for everyone.
Christian Heiden - guest speaker
John Mabie- Nooner and Valerie’s husband
  1. Tom- sent around June board meeting minutes and needs them approved, so please respond!!!
  2. Josh T- created a BSR team for the Whitingham Lions Bike Tour on 9/28 (32 miles)This fundraiser will support their food drive. If interested please contact Josh, if you are not into riding 32 miles then make a donation to the cause.
  3. Mona- reminded us that Load the Latchis is coming up on 8/21. If you can’t stop by that day Mona will collect items at the meeting the day before and make the drop off ofr you. 
BIRTHDAYS:           Marcy Caulkins – Thursday
ANNIVERSARIES:   Cindy & Lisa - 3 years
                                      Will - 18 years
                                       Ali & Kevin – 24 years (Charter Members)
CARDS:  6 of Clubs..… and the winner is ~  Michelle   WON  $44!!!!
Damon: Celebrated his 1-24 (First marriage, 24th year) anniversary with Kathryn!!
KJ: Is back finally from his 5-week hiatus in Germany. It was a great trip filled with lots of day drinking, lol. He did not attend any Rotary meetings even though they met literally across the street from where he was staying.
Jon: Bragged for his end of brief bachelorhood. The kids have been away to camp at Neringa and Kerry has been hiking the Long Trail.
Michelle: Bragged for Caroline surviving the bar exam and their recent trip to 6 Flags. Also celebrated Caroline getting engaged the day after taking the bar. 
Toni: Bragged for passing Level 1 of the CFA exam and for the week she got to spend with Brett in NC. Incredible graduation!
Jeff: Was out of town for the weekend connecting with his BFF of 40 years. He went to Texas as his friend is retiring from the Army after 35 years of service. Great trip!
Deb: Bragged for her friend who just had her 94th birthday. She took her out shopping and made a special day of it. 
Josh Unruh: After 16 years at New England Newspaper, Friday will be his last day. He starting a new adventure with Leader Home Center.
Marcy: Bragged for last swimming brag of the season, attended States and Rowan took 18 seconds off her time and placed 4th in the state! She is off to Green Mt. Conservation Camp on Sunday.
BOWL OF LIFE: This Rotarian went to Disney World for the first time as an 18 year old freshman in college.
Jon started us off guessing Mark who guessed me (Toni) who guessed KJ àBethany à Josh T à Deb Cox à Damon à Chris à Josh G à Rich à Kevin à Tom à and finally Jeff Dunklee!!
GUEST SPEAKERS:       Christian Heiden from Levo International
Levo International Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 and incorporated in 2017. It is committed to enabling individuals to improve the conditions of their lives. Levo does that by advancing food stability in developing countries and food responsibility in the United States. Levo is evidence that we can all make a difference! There is no need to wait to take action.
Levo International came about because the Boy Scouts thought that the founder Christian Heiden’s Eagle Scout proposal was too ambitious. Christian had proposed the construction of a hydroponic greenhouse for an agency operating in Haiti, but the costs and risks associated with the project were outside what the Boy Scouts thought were prudent. Undeterred, Christian completed his Eagle Scout project building a greenhouse for his high school and then set out to do what he had always wanted to do.
With the help of his parents and brothers, a plan was put together and executed to begin to bring sustainable food supply to the most desperately poor country in the Western hemisphere. Thanks to the willing participation and support of Many Hands for Haiti, Christian, Bill and Nate Heiden built a demonstration greenhouse in July of 2016 on the Many Hands compound in Pignon, Haiti. 
A new team of young people joined the effort and in 2017. Eight hydroponic farming units were installed and are currently being piloted. In January 2018, Nate Heiden, our Field Scientist, went to Pignon for an extended stay to train up the Many Hands staff on the ground and to refine the processes they will use to scale up the operation.


  • Saves up to 90% of the water used in traditional agriculture
  • Easier to test and adjust Ph and nutrient levels
  • Less extensive root structures
  • Up to a 30% increase in fruit production
  • Plants mature up to 25% faster
  • Saves land space
  • Does not require arable land
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Rotary Meeting Notes July 31, 2019

Posted by Staci Lefel
Sunrise Rotary Minutes July 31, 2019
Katja:  Today’s speakers from Ilusion
Birthdays:  Deb
Staci and Jeff – 2 years on July 26th
Jim – 4 years + 1 with the Noon Club
Jim - Board Meeting at the American Legion on August 1st @ 7:15 AM
Katja - Suggested the website be updated with list of speakers, Tom volunteered to add a list to the website. She has an idea for a New Year’s Eve Rotary event and would like to meet with those interested in helping after the meeting.
Josh T - Let us know that Groundworks is moving from South Main Street to the old Dominoes building on Canal Street. They’re looking for volunteers to help with the move – 2 hour shifts on Wed, Thursday and Friday of next week (August 7th, 8th & 9th).
Deb – Requested volunteers to help with the Rotary gardens. She will be there Sunday @ 9:00 and will send around a sign-up list for those that can help.
Mona - Announced that the “Load the Latchis” event for the Drop-In Center is on August 22nd. She will be delivering donations on the day of the event if people can bring them to Rotary before then.
Sadie - Reminded everyone to record their community service hours on her send-around sheet.  Also announced that Mona is going to join her in organizing community service activities.
Will - Would like to reconsider a 1X per month exercise/social Rotary Romp at the Marina. Could we resume the 1st Monday of every month timeslot?
Cards: 6 of hearts in the deck for 6 million
Damon – Took a great 2-week family trip to France to celebrate Aiden’s graduation and Damon’s 50th birthday. Rented Pat Howe’s place in the South of France and it was a beautiful area to hike and run. Also went to Paris and drove 2200 miles with no accidents!
Rich – Brag 1: Bragged for youngest daughter Meagan’s  second  year at St. Joseph’s College where she received the honor of being the only Sophomore to earn an RA position;  Brag 2: For the 52nd anniversary of his brother Patrick’s passing at the age of 19 while serving in Vietnam;  Brag 3: For new baby Noah Patrick Wilson.
John S – Found a 17th century house in Hungary through the home exchange program. He spent a few days in Dublin before meeting up with the rest of the family in Budapest before driving to the house in Hungary. They were able to take a Segway tour around Budapest since his daughter finally weighs enough to operate one!  He and the family also helped the local medical tourism industry by having their teeth examined. Apparently that’s a thing that they do.
Tom – Running brag for his kids on the Fun Run – both tied for 2nd with the same time.
Michelle – Her daughter Caroline was taking the 3rd session of the Bar exam while we met.
Josh T – Brag for our club, especially Ed and the great work he did at Josh’s house. Who knew Ed could be both competent AND professional? Also expressed thanks for the Paul Harris award.
Kevin – Spent time with his FIL on his 89th birthday. They made the rounds at the local clubs (he’s a member of the Elks, Legion, VFW & others) before having dinner at the Ninety-Nine restaurant and ending the evening at the American Legion.
Deb – Gave a shout-out to Dan for making her birthday special by taking her to a bike shop for a bike trip with her daughters in lieu of a party.
Marci – Announced that her daughters did well in the Rutland swim season championships.
Jim – Had a great time in Scotland; Cindy will be covering for him as president while he travels more in August; Also bragged for the money we raised at the Visitor’s Center event.
Guest speakers:
-Ilusion and Rod spoke about a social Entrepreneurship opportunity organization they helped establish in Guatemala. 
-Originally developed to help the thousands of people whose only source of income was combing through the local dump for recyclable items. Women often had to bring their children so one of the first services they offered was to take care of the children while their parents (usually mothers) worked. Was able to use a church for child-care services and eventually 4 kids turned into 550 kids.
-Turned from a daycare to a full-fledged school with students from Kindergarten through High School. They were able to provide meals and clothes to the school children so the organization became much better than the local Guatemalan school system.
-Eventually the mothers also wanted an education so they developed an adult literacy program. Adults could listen to national educational programs on the radio and take tests at a local facility. But even though they were learning to read and write, the women still had difficulties finding employment because of their age.
-Soon a social entrepreneurship initiative under the name of Creamos developed. Creamos had a mission of improving the lives of families. They were able to train mothers to sew and make jewelry with paper beads. This turned into a store which now provides an income to its workers.
-The store was established in 2008 and has a website:
-Creamos offers other services such as emotional support, exercise sessions, domestic violence support groups and financial literacy classes. The financial planning services encouraged women to save by providing $10 for every $50 saved.
-The organization started with donations and then came under the umbrella of Safe Passage.
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Rotary Minutes July 24, 2019

Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of Meeting July 24, 2019
President Elect Cindy wields the gavel
Greeter  - Mona
Scribe – Tom, standing in for Erin
This day in history
1969 – Apollo 11 returns to earth
1974 – US Supreme Court orders Nixon to hand over Watergate tapes
2005 –  Lance Armstrong wins 7th Tour de France
Famous Birthdays 
1951 – Lynda Carter - Wonder Women
1897 –  Amelia Earhart - First Female Aviator
1969 –  Jennifer Lopez - Singer/Performer
Quote of the Day –  "You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness" - Brene Brown
Birthdays – Debra Rosenweig - July 25th - absent
Anniversaries – Staci Leffel & Jeff Dunklee – both 2 years on July 26th - absent 
  • Deb C. introduced speaker for the day Chris French of Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Diane introduced Joshua Daniel
Katja – Welcome Center Event
  • Reported that despite the heat of the day and the inauspicious traffic pattern collected $910.95.
  • Shout outs to Mona, Tom, and Sadie for their efforts
  • Auctioned off a bottle of fine wine from her cellar with a good story I missed to bring the total to over $1000.
Katja – New Year’s Eve Party proposal
  • Noted that she is coming to the club after consulting with the board
  • Proposes hosting an elegant NYE party, perhaps in conjunction with the noon club, as a fund raiser
    • American Legion has been reserved
    • Since it is the centennial of the start of the Roaring Twenties suggests this as a theme
    • Might include a meal, glass of bubbly at midnight, cash bar, and auction
    • Tom moved and Lisa seconded that the club pursue this option. Motion passed unanimously.
    • Katja forming a committee (contact her if interested)
Marcy – Paul Harris Fellow presentation
  • Reported that the club honors past presidents with the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellowship that can be reassigned at their discretion
  • In light of the many years of outstanding and unassuming service to the club, she presented it to Ed Dewes, who hastily avoided any speechifying
  • Old house under contract for closing in August, KJ due back in a week.
  • Rock Voices will be performing a concert of MoTown at Centre Congo on Saturday night at 7pm. It will be hot
Deb – Back after a 3 week adventure
  • Birth of another grandson, Derrick Keith
  • Birth of grandnephew, Jackson Bentley
  • Shared about the funeral of a man she had engaged with a dozen years ago who found a new reason to live on the edge of suicide. It was a remarkable story of redemption.
  • The Apron Theater Company opens Moliere’s Tartuffe on August 8 at 7:30pm. Performances through August 23.
  • Bragged that he got this minutes out this morning, but moreover, he followed directions on posting and got it right the first time.
Toni – Brags that she won’t be here next week, she’s going to her son’s graduation ceremony in North Carolina, culmination of six years of work to earn the honor being a Green Beret  / Special Forces Medical Officer.
Lisa – Welcomed her seventh grandchild, August Sage
Josh T – Bragged for Sadie and the Welcome Center event crew
  • Bragged for “surviving” the Blue Grass Festival, 103 degrees under the tent
  • This week going on a cruise to Bermuda with his son’s family
  • Then visiting his daughter in upstate NY
  • Then to Michigan, Lake Huron area
  • Adventure culminating with his 60th reunion (not sure if it’s high school or college)
Tom – After confirming the coffee was acceptable, bragged that he roasted it.
Cards – The three of diamonds was in the deck.
Bowl of Life – This member played rugby in college. The guesses went from Dan to Josh U to Josh G to Tristam to Katja to Justin to Will to Tristan to Marcy and finally got to Killer Ciampaglione. Toni related that it involved a  lot of drinking, no cursing or unseemly behavior and shared some of the lingo:  “hooker” the shortest person on the team whose job it was to get the ball out from under the “scrum” and a few she declined to define.
Guest Speaker –Chris French presented an Introduction to Body Language
  • He saw a presentation on this, was interested and determined to learn and share more on the topic
  • The impact of communication is based 55% on body language, 38% on voice, and only 7% on the actual words
  • Five principles
    • Combinations affirm assumptions – e.g. multiple cues give the complete picture
    • What happens inside is what you see outside
    • Context influences body language – e.g. if it’s cold, crossed arms may not indicate closed mind
    • Look for change – change in body language is a good indicator of change of attention/attitude/etc.
    • Take account of body language – make it a habit
  • Example hints
    • Smiling super important, even when on the phone
    • 70% eye contact rule
    • Handshakes shouldn’t be too firm, limp, moist, or held for more than 3 seconds
    • “Clinton box” – keep gesturing within the box defined by shoulders and hips
    • Mirroring – language, body language, shows interest and makes connection
  • Recommended  book - Without Saying A Word: Master the Science of Body Language and Maximize Your Success
Meeting adjourned with the Four Way Test
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Minutes 07.17.19

Posted by Jim M. on Jul 24, 2019
Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of meeting July 17, 2019
  1. Cindy standing in for Jim V today
Thank you to our Greeter - Katja
Who would like to volunteer for next week? Mona is our greeter for July 24th 
Thank you to our scribe Jim Maxwell.
Next week I have Erin as our scribe.
This Day in History
1867 - Harvard School of Dental Medicine was established in Boston, MA. It was the first dental school in the U.S. 
1941 - The longest hitting streak in baseball history ended when the Cleveland Indians pitchers held New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio hitless for the first time in 57 games. 
1955 - Disneyland opened in Anaheim, CA to the cheers of thousands of happy kids and the future moan of thousands of parents with empty wallets. 
1997 - After 117 years, the Woolworth Corp. closed its last 400 stores. 
Famous Birthdays - Phyllis Diller 1917 - Comedian 
David Hasselhoff 1952 Actor ("Knight Rider," "Baywatch"), most recently reviving his career as a singer with tours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Quote of the Day   Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I will find peace”.  Spirit says “Find peace and everything will fall into place” Marianne Williamson - author
  1. History
1897 Harvard Med School opens
1941 Joe Dimaggio’s 57 game hitting streak ents
1959 Disneyland opens
1997 Woolworths closes
Birthdays:  Phyllis Diller; David Heselhoff
  2. Guests: Kimberly Diemond, Exec. Dir. of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Vermont; Susannah Graham, Big Brothers Big Sisters; John Mabie; Kevin Curry from Meridan Connecticut; and Amy Goldberg
  3. Announcements: Guilford Welcome Center:  we run it this Sunday; see online for food and other donations needed, as well as staffing especially from noon to 2
Encouraging 100% participation, expecting up to 3,000 guests or more
Drop off locations:  Mona, Cota&Cota
  1. Rotary Anniversay:  Jen Moyse, 5 years
  2. Brags
    1. Jim M. : Apron Theater production of Moliere’s play Tartuffe opens August 8 at Next Stage in Putney
    2. Nick: the glory of golfboarding
    3. Will: opening of Shakespeare Mountain Vista, Air BnB at Will’s place in Marlboro
    4. Dan’s daughter has two, count ‘em, two jobs for the summer
    5. Kevin Curry’s 3 of 4 kids on their own now; he spent 3 weeks in Europe including marriage of daughter; son now a Black Hawk pilot; took granddaughter to circus in Keene
  3. Announcements, round two
    1. round two:  Guilford Welcome Center
    2. Debra asks help with our 2 gardens, need folks early mornings Sat or Sun over next few weeks; she’ll send a schedule
(Allie brag for Debra’s energetic work with gardens)
  1. Cards:  Jack of Diamonds no winner
  2. Bowl of life:  this person worked at the Alpenhaus lodge in Jackson Hole as bartender, serving up Shotskis
Nick.  First guess
So we did it again:  this person was on a high school badminton team
Debra.  First guess
  1. Speakers Kimberly & Susannah about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in VT
    1. Now 3 locations:  here, Burlington & Northeast Kingdom
    2. Program now separate from Youth Services, expanding statewide, 48kids in Windham County and a waiting list of 60
    3. Goal is expansion, sustainability
    4. Big Brothers & Big Sisters are models and mentors who establish lifelong relationships that change lives, the Big’s life & the Little’s life
    5. Now have partnership with Bratt Police Dept
    6. Focus on opioid addictions – those at high risk – reaching families; have a clinician’s expertise, at Brattleboro Retreat
    7. How it works:  Littles are
      1. 40% less likely to use drugs
      2. 33% less likely to continue the process of abuse in families
      3. 27% less likely to use alcohol
      4. 67% more likely to join sports teams
      5. 93% more active in the community
Adjourn 8:20
Submitted by Jim M.
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Belated 7/3/19 Mtg Notes

President Jim called the meeting to order
Today in history:
-Jackie Robinson inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame
Rotary Minute:
-There are 5 avenues of service in Rotary:  Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service, Youth Service
Happy Rota-versary to Jen Moyse
Happy Birthday to Josh Unruh
Club Announcements:
Lisa - has a few leftovers items from the Changeover party, please talk to her if you are missing them
Jim - Board Meeting Thurs 7/11
Tristam - our date for the Guilford Welcome Center is July 21
Debra - calling forth early morning garden crew for tomorrow 7/4
Guests: Rich Hoppe, Jim and Patti Rumrill, Peter Carvell, Ayla, and Luci
Special Presentation:  The club chipped in to get Luci a going away present, and Ali presented it today.  A few club members also shared memories of Luci’s time here:
-Kevin toasted Luci “There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the seas, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!”
-Peter recalled her fondness for chicken wings, basketball, and the Patriots
-Christine mentioned her lack of love for morning and attempts at early morning socializing
-Cindy recalls Luci’s Halloween experience
-Jim R for her sense of humor
-Jim V for her speech at district assembly
Jim M - apologies for missing changeover
Turner - thanks Marcy for taking meeting notes (little did he know it would take me 2 weeks to actually type them and get them out)
Tristam - also missed changeover because he was on a bike trip from Pittsburgh to DC with his wife
Dan - for Lisa Fitzgerald, the hostess with the most-est, and her goofy selfies
Cindy - Also for Lisa, and for convincing Josh U to be this year’s Vice President
Mona - for Jim R and new insight provided by the student exchange program; also for Luci for making this first exchange experience amazing
Bethany - Bargain Alert!  Dress Barn is closing, sales commencing.  Also for finishing the 1st quarter of her junior year of college, and starting second quarter
Jim R- thanks to the club for hosting Luci, and to Mona for her dedication
Josh T - finally able to put the money raised for the disc golf course into new tees.  There will be more calls for assistance as we continue this project
Cards -9 of clubs, Peter Carvell wins it
Speaker; Lisa Whitney of Winston Prouty:
Winston Prouty is celebrating their 50th birthday, and they are having a birthday party on Aug 3 with music, beer, bbq, and activities
Thanks to individuals who have supported Winston Prouty, and the the Rotary for their sponsorship of the Early Learning Express
The staff of Winston Prouty consists of 50 teachers and community service providers.  WP provides services for other childcare providers as well.  Executive Director is Chloe Leary.
3 years ago this week, WP moved to the old Austine School campus.  It was purchase in Jan 2016, they moved in in July, and it has been a challenge but well worth it.  There are 184 acres of land and a lot of history on the property.  WP hosts the Austine Musem celebrating Austine’s 100 years of operation in the area. There is also an extensive trail system, including a disc golf course.
There are 160 people on campus, with 30 different tenants, including VT Association for the blind, BEEC, Groundworks, and many other organizations. WP has focused on building a community feel.
WP is also seeking community input on moving forward.  The property is expensive to maintain, but is a valuable asset to the community.  They are working on “Expedited Strategic Planning”, and are seeking ideas.  There is some land that may be open for development, but there is land that will be set aside for nature presentation. They may be seeking buyers for some of the outlying buildings.  They will be holding community meetings to discuss this. Contact them if you are interested.
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Rotary Minutes Meeting 07-10-2019

Posted on Jul 10, 2019
Minutes Meeting 7-10-2019

President Jim started the meeting at 7:15am

Who is next weeks scribe – Jim Maxwell 
Who is greeter next week - Katja Matthews
This Day In History
1778 In support of the American Revolution, Louis XVI declares war on England.  
1850 Millard Fillmore is sworn in as the 13th president of the United States following the death of Zachary Taylor.        
1890 Wyoming becomes the 44th state.
1985 Coca-Cola Co. announces it will resume selling "old formula Coke,", aka “coke classic” following a public outcry and falling sales of its "new Coke."
Rotary Minute
The Rotary Foundation was created in 1917 as an endowment fund for Rotary "to do good in the world." It has grown from an initial contribution of US$26.50 to more than US$1billion. It has one of the largest and most prestigious international fellowship programs in the world.
Debra introduces her daughter Shoshana (Spelling?) and Rich Hoppe, her insurance agent and soon to be newest member of our club

Josh T.: “Chuck for Charity”  on Sunday, October 13th (Columbus / Indigenous Day weekend). Disc Golf Tournament. Mark your calendars. We can teach you how to play before the event. See Josh.
Mona: Lucy made it home safely to Croatia
Jim: Jon Seacrest is away – Sandy will check the mail for two weeks
Jim: card from Windham Regional Career Center to Dan and Mary-Jane
Board Meeting tomorrow 7:15am at American Legions
Jim will not be here for couple of weeks – Cindy will fill in for those meetings.

Welcome Center Event is next Sunday, July 21!!
Everyone is required to either volunteer, bring goods or donate money so somebody else can buy/ make something. If you cannot come, you have to make/bring something – it’s everybody’s responsibility to chip in. Please.
Sunday is not the best day for traffic, as it is going North and most people will go South that day.

Katja signed up for chair of event. My cell is 1-207-641-3729
Consider home baked goods and temperatures on what to bring? Fresh fruit, gluten free products, bagels, cream cheese, donuts, maybe hard boiled eggs. Don’t bring any fruit pies, hard to eat as finger food.
where is the donation box?? Posters and Rotary flag to bring.
Volunteers to wear their t-shirts. If you don’t have a t-shirt, we have more downstairs.

Signup sheet will go out today - thank you Sadie.
Volunteers so far: Ally, Debra, Mona, Turner

What hours are reasonable 8am-3pm?? If we start at 8am, we need set up for 7am sharp
Early crew volunteer: Katja, Will and Mona

Need coffee right away as brewing takes a while.
Need extension cords!! Bring an extra coffee urn. Maybe we take from Tristan, we can take from here coffee urn/ can get wholesale coffee from Legion. Check next Wednesday with American L. Tristan will contribute that for us.
Mona offered to have you drop off things at her house before. Her telephone: 1- 802-380-9974
address 311 Maple Street, Brattleboro – Diagonally across from Austine School. You can drop off paper goods there during the day, but for perishables coordinate with her. Water and no perishables can also be brought to next week’s meeting.

Birthday: Sandy Shriver for his June b-day

Cards: no winner this week

Josh T. for US women’s team to winning the World Cup for second consecutive time.
Will: 35th wedding Anniversary!! Thankful for the family and kids and being in Brattleboro.
Marcy: $1 Fine herself for not doing minutes from last week. Will send ASAP
$1 for a long weekend for July 4th and they went up to Maine/Wells Beach. Great time there!!
Nick: Today he has a tee time where he will be using golf boards instead of golf carts? Where to put your beverage?? He will let us know.
Tristam: For the second year invited to Lakota Dance Ceremony. Sundance ceremony lasts from Sun to Sun. Annual time to focus on community. Will eave Fri. Will learn more about their culture and is really excited about the trip. Enjoy!
Kevin: for Tristan Toleno, for being here alive and healthy. Welcome back to Rotary
Debra: for Christine, not here today. She helped Debra on July 4th in the Rotary garden. Felt grateful to get to know her while beautifying the garden. Also will do Rotary Garden this coming Saturday at 8am – anyone wants to join!!
Bethany: Anybody wants to go Deep-sea Fishing?? Can we get together before end of summer?? Who is interested?

New member:
Kevin to introduce Rich Hoppe (in matching outfits!!). The newest member in the world of Rotary.
Rich to speak about himself: Kevin has been very gently pushing him to join since 4 years. He was an active member of the afternoon club for 10 years. He is very much looking fwd to be part of our club.
Rich is married to Karen, his amazing wife, working for Berkley & Veller. She is his world, also has 2 daughters, Danielle lives in Colorado, Meghan is 19 and attends 2nd year in college in Maine.
He has a story: Spends as much time in Colorado as he can. He is doing a $100 brag for AML for his grandson Cooper, children usually don’t survive. Cooper spent 7 months in isolation in Denver hospital. During that time Rich was commuting 7 months back and forth to Colorado to be with his daughter, son in law and little Cooper. Cooper went through chemo and radiation and after being diagnosed free of AML, it came back. He went to a new hospital in Aurora. He is the first child recipient to get stemcells. He has beaten leukemia twice and underwent a heart transplant at 4 years old. Danielle is expecting again. Rich is so proud of her and her husband to have the courage to do parenthood again!! (Please forgive me if I did not cover the medical records properly)

Michelle has a speaker surprise. She is our speaker coordinator. Everyone should know when they need a speaker!! Please do not call a day before to say you don’t have a speaker. Today was Ross, who is not a member anymore. Her bet for not catching it.
She brought out cards with a name of each one of us on a card and one member will be drawn to speak instead in situations like this.
Today we heard from Chris Stoner: He and his family moved to Chesterfield/Brattleboro about 1 year ago. He is a CFP by training. Grew up in upstate NY, in a rural community. College in upstate NY. Moved to Boston, met his wife Meghan and they lived there for 10 years. Moved to seacoast of NH three years ago. Worked in Portsmouth and commuted to Boston back and forth. It was just like a suburb of Boston. His father in law is afternoon Rotarian Dave Twombley, one day they were discussing the future. Took a drive together to Walpole/ NH and Chris just said "lets do it". He left a great job in Portsmouth. They pulled the trigger and joined Dave in his company. Karen (Rich’s wife) found them a nice home in Chesterfield. Their son Will is 2 years old. He joined us  at our change over dinner this year, very handsome and very lively. Another baby is on the way. Due in October!! It will be a boy. Chris is very happy to be part of our Club. His hair gets done by: Flatter Me Salon.

Respectfully submitted by Katja Matthews

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Rotary Rag 6-19-19

Quote of the Day: President Marcy chose the following words of wisdom for her final formal meeting:
“I have never in my life learned anything from a man that agreed with me”
 ~ Dudley Field Malone
Today in history:
1885: The Statue of Liberty arrived at its permanent home on Bedloe’s Island in New York Harbor on June 19, 1885, aboard the French frigate Isere. A gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States, the 151-foot-tall statue was created to commemorate the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. Designed by sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi and officially titled Liberty Enlightening the World, the Statue of Liberty has symbolized freedom and democracy to the nation and to the world for well over a century.
1905: On this day in 1905, some 450 people attend the opening day of the world’s first nickelodeon, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and developed by the showman Harry Davis. The storefront theater boasted 96 seats and charged each patron five cents. Nickelodeons (named for a combination of the admission cost and the Greek word for “theater”) soon spread across the country. Their usual offerings included live vaudeville acts as well as short films. By 1907, some 2 million Americans had visited a nickelodeon, and the storefront theaters remained the main outlet for films until they were replaced around 1910 by large modern theaters.
1978: Garfield, the lazy cat makes his debut The first Garfield comic strip by Jim Davis appeared in 41 newspapers on that day. It currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world's most widely syndicated comic strip.
  • John Mabie - Noon club
  • Lucy - exchange student
  • Jill & Chris visiting from Scotland
Mini-Rotarians: none in the house today
Greeter / Scribe:
  • Will Shakespeare did a bang up job!
  • 7/3/19 - Kevin Y
Turner is Scribe 7/3/19 & he’s willing to bribe a substitute
Student Rotarian report:
  • None
Committee Reports:
  • None today
  • Change over meeting next week at Chez Fitzgerald in Spofford with 5:30 start - family are invited, pot luck - bring a covered dish to share & BYOB & chairs
    • Directions coming via email
  • Today was Lucy’s 2nd to  last meeting & Mona presented her with a scrap book to help her remember her time here with us! Lucy expressed her gratitude for her time here.
  • Jim V - no board meeting on 7/4/19 & annual dues are due.
  • Speaker list - website needs to be extended.
Bowl of Life: 
  • This Rotarian’s Grandfather was listed in The Who’s Who of America
    • Damon - Kevin - Will - Turner - correct!!!
      • His grandfather on mother’s side & was a professor from Michigan
  • Ace of hearts was chosen - the pot of $16 today was won by Dan Deitz!
Erin, Valerie & Chris were sung to today!
  • None today but President Marcy presented out guests from Scotland with Sunrise Rotary Club flags & we received one from the Lochness Club
  • Tristam - won’t be here next week as he’s going on a 333 mile bike ride from Pittsburgh to DC & for last week’s speaker & the value of “position 5”
  • Sadie - for scholarship presenters & for the Paul Harris the club gave her, KJ finally got her her PH pin
  • Justin - $5, his wife took him to a concert in Essex last night & he overslept this AM so she came into help him prepare breakfast today!
  • Jim V - Windham Grows won the 2019 VT Business for Social Responsibility..... Reward
  • Kevin - $4 - $3 for the days spent in San Diego visiting Wyatt & his family, visited the SD Zoo; Kevin has a college friend there too he hasn’t seen in 40 years & they were able to connect. $1 for Southwest Airlines - all Dads got free socks!
  • Josh T - got back from a 1 week trip to NYC & camping in Catskills & for Josh U for being an amazing business man!
  • Josh U - for Josh T - I hadn’t been to a meeting for awhile for Southern VT Professionals & Josh T questioned his age!!!
  • KJ - bragged for Rotarians getting out for fun - went out to eat & then watched
    • Going to Germany for 5 weeks
  • Jen - bragged for her son finishing 5th grade at Academy school & moving on up!
  • Marcy bragged for everyone for helping make her year as President a great year!
Guest Speaker:   Sadie was our Guest Speaker today
  • She was introduced by President Marcy - she was going to have Pete Moma speak about Phoenix House of New England but he wasn’t able to come to speak
    • PH is moving to the Wheeler House on Austine Campus
  • Sadie spoke today about our community service work this past year
    • We captured 1835 hours of work in our community as a group this Rotary year!
    • 717 hours of work outside of our club commitments
    • The project for which we recorded the most hours (240) - Erin’s Pergola Project
    • Disc golf - 86 hours for the tournament
    • 3 Vs. 3 was the next largest
    • We had 100% club participation
    • Sadie brought a questionnaire for us to provide her with feedback: Projects of interest next year? New projects?
      • Sadie has been reaching out to the Welcome Center to try and secure a date there.
    • If anyone is interested in taking over as Community Service Chair she’s happy to turn over the job!
Adjourn with a recitation of the 4 Way Test!
Respectfully Submitted,
Damon Kindopp
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Copy of Rotary Minutes 12 June 2019

Posted by Tristam Johnson on Jun 13, 2019
President Marcy opened the meeting with a thank you to the Greeter, Turner
Quote for the Day " Any kid will run any errand for you, if you as at bedtime" - Red Skelton
Today in History:
On this day in 1920, Man O'War wins the 52nd Belmont Stakes and sets the record for the fastest mile ever run by a horse.
1942 - On this day, Anne Frank receives a diary for her 13th birthday. A month later she and her family went into hiding from the Nazis in rooms behind her father's office. They lived there for 2 years, were captured, and Anne died of typhus one month before the end of the war. Her diary has been translated into 60 languages.
On this day in 1987, President Ronald Reagan challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall by saying "Secretary General Gorbachev if you seek peace-if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union & Eastern Europe, come here to this gate, open the gate, tear down the wall".
Linda Hopkins and Jeanette, Josh & Rich Hoppe
Ali for Linda and Jeanette who have been the annually reliable gardeners of our gardens and announced that each will get a $50 gift certificate at Chelsea Royal to use at their pleasure.
Katia back from Europe Germany & Ireland
Jim for his vacation in Puerto Rico
Debbie for the tick she picked up from a lilac tree, and then had to get treatment
Michelle for her evening at the Boston Hall of Fame and a free trip to LA
Turner for a family wedding event in CT with his family and a past-president celebration in Chelsea MA RC
Kevin for Linda and her dedication as club secretary and for Jeanette when they sold cars in an earlier profession
Linda for the two of them and for wall who have not changed
Josh thank you for time with you all and for his upcoming first MT Bike race of 2019
Damian a very very proud father of Aiden and Torin who beat the school record and established impressive academic performances. A very proud Dad indeed!
Ali, chip in for Lucy
Mona please forward pictures you may have of Lucy enjoying her time here
Ali June 26th is Changeover at Lisa's house in Chesterfield, BYOB but also bring a covered dish 
Toni and Will
Rotary Anniversaries
Nic - 6 yrs
Tom Franks - 1 yr
Diane & KJ -  4yrs
Linda wins with the 10 of diamonds
Speaker Dave Kolkabeck, introduced by Mark Ethier
Dave is a driving instructor for the Southern Vermont Driving School
He offered a diagram of the round-a-bout at exit 3, the RT30 intersection with RT9 at the Commons and explained lane change as a "glide" between lanes rather than anything radially abrupt. Offered strategic offensive/defensive driving positions numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 and encouraged all to think about which lane position is the most appropriate.
He also countered the traditional 10 & 2 with either 9 & 3 or 8 & 4 as hand positions on the wheel.
Finally, he offered that kids watch parents' driving behaviors and where there may never be conversation about how to, they notice what their role models do and they copy....
Meeting closed with many questions for Dave
Your fumbling and somewhat accurate Scribe
Copy of Rotary Minutes 12 June 2019 Tristam Johnson 2019-06-13 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Minutes 12 June 2019

Posted by Tristam Johnson on Jun 13, 2019
President Marcy opened the meeting with a thank you to the Greeter, Turner
Quote for the Day " Any kid will run any errand for you, if you as at bedtime" - Red Skelton
Today in History:
On this day in 1920, Man O'War wins the 52nd Belmont Stakes and sets the record for the fastest mile ever run by a horse.
1942 - On this day, Anne Frank receives a diary for her 13th birthday. A month later she and her family went into hiding from the Nazis in rooms behind her father's office. They lived there for 2 years, were captured, and Anne died of typhus one month before the end of the war. Her diary has been translated into 60 languages.
On this day in 1987, President Ronald Reagan challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall by saying "Secretary General Gorbachev if you seek peace-if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union & Eastern Europe, come here to this gate, open the gate, tear down the wall".
Linda Hopkins and Jeanette, Josh & Rich Hoppe
Ali for Linda and Jeanette who have been the annually reliable gardeners of our gardens and announced that each will get a $50 gift certificate at Chelsea Royal to use at their pleasure.
Katia back from Europe Germany & Ireland
Jim for his vacation in Puerto Rico
Debbie for the tick she picked up from a lilac tree, and then had to get treatment
Michelle for her evening at the Boston Hall of Fame and a free trip to LA
Turner for a family wedding event in CT with his family and a past-president celebration in Chelsea MA RC
Kevin for Linda and her dedication as club secretary and for Jeanette when they sold cars in an earlier profession
Linda for the two of them and for wall who have not changed
Josh thank you for time with you all and for his upcoming first MT Bike race of 2019
Damian a very very proud father of Aiden and Torin who beat the school record and established impressive academic performances. A very proud Dad indeed!
Ali, chip in for Lucy
Mona please forward pictures you may have of Lucy enjoying her time here
Ali June 26th is Changeover at Lisa's house in Chesterfield, BYOB but also bring a covered dish 
Toni and Will
Rotary Anniversaries
Nic - 6 yrs
Tom Franks - 1 yr
Diane & KJ -  4yrs
Linda wins with the 10 of diamonds
Speaker Dave Kolkabeck, introduced by Mark Ethier
Dave is a driving instructor for the Southern Vermont Driving School
He offered a diagram of the round-a-bout at exit 3, the RT30 intersection with RT9 at the Commons and explained lane change as a "glide" between lanes rather than anything radially abrupt. Offered strategic offensive/defensive driving positions numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 and encouraged all to think about which lane position is the most appropriate.
He also countered the traditional 10 & 2 with either 9 & 3 or 8 & 4 as hand positions on the wheel.
Finally, he offered that kids watch parents' driving behaviors and where there may never be conversation about how to, they notice what their role models do and they copy....
Meeting closed with many questions for Dave
Your fumbling and somewhat accurate Scribe
Rotary Minutes 12 June 2019 Tristam Johnson 2019-06-13 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Rag - June 5th, 2019

JUNE 5, 2019

 - Among those who were thanked, this stand-in Scribe along with our Sgt.-at-Arms, Ed… But does anyone remember who the greeter was actually supposed to have been, because it wasn’t either of us; {some thought maybe Will?} 
Next week’s greeter – Turner (plus anyone else who might also need hugs)
SCRIBE – Drew… but Ali stepped in for him (since the man already works hard enough for our community and inarguably deserves a free pass!!)
Scribes Upcoming weeks:
~ 6-12-19 – Tristam Johnson
~ 6-19-19 – Damon Kindopp
Quote of the Day: “When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it’s a sure sign you’re getting old.”  ~ Mark Twain
Today in History:
June 5, 1933 – The US went off the gold standard, a monetary system in which currency is backed by gold, when congress enacted a joint resolution nullifying the right of creditors to demand payment in gold.  The US had been on a gold standard since 1879, but bank failures during the Great Depression of the 1930’s frightened the public into hoarding gold, making the policy untenable.
June 5, 1968 – At 12:50am PDT, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, a presidential candidate, was shot three times in a hail of gunfire at the Ambassador Hotel in LA.  Five others were wounded.  The senator had just completed a speech celebrating his victory in the California presidential primary.  Kennedy, critically wounded, was rushed to the hospital, where he fought for his life for the next 24 hours.  He passed away on the morning of June 6, only 42 years old. 
June 5, 1993 – Julie Krone rode 13-to-1 shot Colonial Affair to victory in the Belmont Stakes to become the first female jockey ever to win a Triple Crown race.  Krone retired in 1999 with 3,545 career wins, the most ever for a woman.  In 2000, she became the first female jockey inducted into the National Museum of Racing’s Hall of Fame.

Rob Wheeler – of Wheeler Farm in Wilmington, VT – And our day’s Guest Speaker
Ayla – daughter of Josh T
Shoshana– daughter of Debra R
No Birthdays nor any Anniversaries to sing about.
Josh has enjoyed being a Student Rotarian in our midst for the past three years, and hopes to return for future visits.  He’ll be splitting his time this summer, working as a trail guide at Berkshire East, bike racing, and preparing for next fall when he’ll be starting at the University of NH with a major in Business.  Josh, you’re welcome back any time, and as Josh T added… ‘Hey, bring the family!’
Tom Franks – future incoming Club Secretary – invited us once more to assist with the herding of the Heifers at this Saturday morning’s stroll (8am - ?).  Any last minute takers are more than welcome to come help and be a part of the fun… Reach out to Tom via ClubRunner (email or phone numbers both available).   Or try:
Marcy reminded us of the Board Meeting tomorrow (Thursday, June 6) which are now held HERE at our own breakfast location / Legion, and no longer at WKVT.  Meeting starts at 7:15am, and all general membership  members are welcome to attend.
Ali (me): Reiterated that the final week of this month – June 26th – (in lieu of the regular morning meeting) we will be enjoying an evening celebration at the annual Changeover Party.  This event celebrates the changing of the guards, from the soon-to-be outgoing President Marcy to the incoming Jim Verzino at the podium.  For our venue again this year we have been invited back to Lisa Fitzgerald’s in Chesterfield, NH.  Our agenda will be light on formalities, heavy on frivolity!  Please mark the date in your calendars as the fuller the attendance the finer the festivities!!  A family-friendly event, and generally a covered dish with a BYOB format.  More details forthcoming and the sign up sheet should get passed around next week.
Jim Verzino – Speaking of parties… As his year at the helm looms nearer, the position of Club Service Chair (a.k.a. the club’s official ‘party planner’) is open.  Upon asking for any takers, Will Shakespeare stepped up to take on the role this year, as Ali is moving into her role as the Counter of Coin. (Lisa cheered nearby.)
Dan – Successful blood drive last week – with a good turn out and (I think) 24 pints of blood collected.  A number of our brethren still sported the bruises from having done their part.  Future blood drive date(s) TBD.
Kevin – As an unofficial fundraiser, our Student Rotarians carry sheets for us to sign throughout the year, which we are to do after introducing ourselves and taking a few moments to get to know them in an effort to help them feel welcome.  Each unsigned sheet later handed in at year’s end represents a dollar due if your name is not upon it.  Well, the sheets are in and the unofficial tallies, minus those not yet counted from Josh’s recently delivered sheet, exceeded $80 this year – yikes!  Kevin relished (with noted glee) doling out fines and publically shaming (albeit all in fun, sorry Debra!!) those of us who’d neglected to officially greet some of the students and sign their sheets.  While Kevin read off each name, I’ll spare members additional public shaming in this newsletter but if you missed today’s meeting, check with Toni who now possesses said list to see what you may owe.
Deb C – With another grandbaby on the way, Deb and hubby Tony had offered to build the family a new bed.  But not just any wooden framed bed… this one was a raised bed and it had specifications any architect would be impressed with including steps, shelves, cubbies and all handmade and hand-stained, a dedicated labor of love.  Deb is truly celebrating the accomplishment, especially since the little one may be arriving weeks sooner than expected – I think she said mom was in early labor as we sat there noshing on breakfast!

Cindy – was camping all weekend – and her relaxed glow was noted by many.   She visited the Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt library and mansion, located in Rhinebeck (Hyde Park?), NY.  Cindy was ‘incredibly impressed’ with the body of good work and great accomplishments the Roosevelts have both done for our country.  The place was a ‘must see’ for history buffs and casual enthusiasts alike.
Chris – Good news to share: Chris’ wife is pregnant and they are happily expecting child #2, although noting some level of concern around anticipated sleepless nights soon to be the new norm.  Hearty and heartfelt congratulations!
Jon – remembering back that far himself bragged for his daughter Alina who has gone from attending Rotary in her car seat to now Sweet- 16.
Josh T – Daughter Ayla is about to celebrate her 9th birthday and will also be moving from lower elementary to upper elementary, which is really exciting.  Also for an epic adventure over the past weekend exploring 5 (that’s FIVE!) different golf courses in central Massachusetts with other fellow disc golf aficionados.  He nearly glowed with love and fond memories for all the disc golf he’d been able to play – over 80 holes of disc golf, which our table was marveling over, in that for many of us – one single hole could take upwards of 20 minutes!
Debra – A brag for Shoshi for her upcoming graduation from 6th grade later this week, and for a big presentation ‘Sho-Sho’ will be giving on Harry Houdini!
Lisa F – Survived her first week with two Swamp Bat boys who are staying with her family for the rest of the summer.  Feeding them so far has been the biggest challenge, as they are teenage boys, after all.  But also two of the nicest and most well-behaved boys she’s ever known, aside from her own children.
Jen – Had a parental brag, starting with for her father who passed away 5 years ago.  She and her mother attended his 50th reunion from Princeton Univ last weekend, down in Jersey… something she’s been doing with her parents ever since she was a little girl.  She enjoyed marching in the parade with her mother and reconnecting with her father’s former classmates (Class of ’69), as she’s known them most of her own life.  The brag then segued to Mom with her strength that continues to inspire and amaze Jen, who was so glad to help her mom honor Dad’s memory.
Mona – with an absentee brag on behalf of Christine Takacs who couldn’t come but wanted to thank Turner and Kay for a lovely dinner they put on for Lucy over the weekend.
Dan – Over the weekend he took our Rotary exchange student Lucy off-road jeeping… Lucy experienced her American redneck fantasy driving in 4 feet deep swamps filled with mud, over fallen trees and many rock obstacles!  There was one nail-biting moment when the threat of rolling felt fairly imminent … but they were able to hold on and with a little help from gravity and the Jeeping swamp gods, they landed back safely!
Picked was the Jack of Hearts – held by the lucky Papa-to-be – Chris.  Making Ed’s assessment accurate – monies raised from these card shenanigans DO in fact go towards (future) educational funds. 
Rob Wheeler – a third generation dairy farmer – out in Wilmington, VT talked to us about dairy trends.
Back in the 1950’s, Vermont had 14,660 dairy farms and a population of only 379,000 people.  Calculating that ratio, that was 25 people: 1 farm.
Now in 2019, Vermont has only 687 dairy farms remaining, but now almost double the population at 626,000 people.  That ratio is now 912 people: 1 farm.  Vermont still continues to make 63% of the milk for New England.  Today we know more about health and welfare of cows than we do humans!  With advances, cow production is up even though the number of cows doing that producing is down.  Efforts to become more efficient have yielded other improvements to the industry such as the development of manure digesters, 16 of which in VT alone which make energy to power more than 4000 VT homes annually.  
Due to industry improvements and gained knowledge, today a gallon of milk is produced with 65% less water and 63% less carbon than it took to produce a gallon of milk in 1944. Now we are able to make better products, supply nutrients to the world (Agri-Mark ships whey products that are sold in North and South America, Asia, Australia, Egypt and the Netherlands), and continue high standards of sustainability.
Another cool milk-fact – on average, milk travels less than 300 miles in under 48 hours to get from the dairy farm to your local grocery store. 
Rob’s Wheeler Farm is a member of one of the three largest dairy co-ops in VT, called Agri-Mark.  Agri-Mark consists of 1,000 dairy farm families from all six New England States and NY.  Agri-Mark markets a full truckload of milk every six minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  By working together in co-ops like Agri-Mark, farmers can accomplish more than they can individually. 
Meeting Adjourned.
Please excuse any errors or omissions, as they can be blamed on the fact that the entire meeting long I forgot to take any notes what-so-ever and had to recall most of what you just read from memory. 
Rotary Rag - June 5th, 2019 Ali Barry 2019-06-05 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Minutes 5/29/19

May 29, 2019
Greeter - Bethany
President Marcy welcomed us at 7:15am.
Nick was fill in scribe on 5/29, followed by Drew on 6/5.
Quote of the day
“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” – Mark Twain
Megan and Conrad from FBLA Brattleboro
Danny and Maggie from Hinsdale Student Rotarians
John Maybe
Stan Nowakowski
Davey and Lucy.
No Birthdays this week...
Katja 6 years and Marcy 16 years
Dan - Blood drive Wednesday 5/29.
Tristam – Lauriel Morrisette - Brattleboro Housing Authority food program has been a tremendous success and integral part of community.
Tom Franks still needs marshals at the Strolling of the Heifers on 6/8.
KJ – Deerfield Rotary Putt & Pour event 6/7. Lots of fun!
Mona – two host families needed for next year
Stan - VT Food bank collaboration with Mona picks back up in August.  Ali and Stan were on TV for Rotary.
Ali - Trash clean up.
Marcy - Next Week Board of Directors meeting at Legion.  
Student Rotarians
Celebrated and recognized each Student Rotarian for this year.  Each student were presented with a certificate and a small token of appreciation.  Each student also gave a brief speech...
Megan - thanks for support as she is headed to VT Tech for degree in business management.
Davy - Back for another year next year...
Maggie - thanks and also coming back for another year....
Conrad - brand new to club so thanks for welcoming him in such a short period of time.
Danny - achieved 2nd in class and is presenting to entire school...normally nervous but his work throughout the year presenting to the rotary group has made him tremendously comfortable with public speaking.  Thank you for all the support.
Deb - Happy Rotary Day
Jacques - Son has job in CA!!!! A company called Reverb Inc. - Video Game progamming
Jon - Great weekend in Seattle pseudo college reunion and 50 birthday.
Lisa - Hosting two Swamp Bat baseball players - Come out to the games!
Toni - Kyle is back home (living in East Windsor CT)
William - 11 months ago had fire at the house.  Came home to fire trucks and neighbor property on fire with a complete and total sad. Called wife ahead of time to prepare her that it was not their home on fire.
Cindy - Towing camper by her self, practiced at high school...asking for everyone's thoughts, prayers, and well wishes!
Stan - Rotary Golf tournament coming up June 6th ...."Defend your Championship!"
Jeff - 13 year old daughter Brittany played last AAU basketball tournament of season in ME.  Lost last game but she scored 7 of her teams 21 points!!! Normally she is more of a rebounder and defender....WAY TO GO!!!
Dan - nor present at meeting due to daughter receiving mysterious  award at her school.
Deb - Blood Drive starts at 8AM; 14 months ago she broker her Femur....after tireless effort and PT she is now back again for first time playing Tennis!!!!!
Jon - Dan and Jon took Lucy out for some authentic American fun....Guns in the woods!
Damon - 1000mi drive around New England and Canada and New York; running, visiting friends and family, and watching kids break running records!  Meanwhile got a call from son Aiden to explain recent charges on his CC.....ugh oh!!! Come to find out it was his son buying a homeless couple a warm meal and some food to last them for a bit....what a great Junior Rotarian. 
Kevin - Took father in-law to Brewfest, despite leaving him for extended period alone (totally content with beer and comfy chair)...some would suggest neglect...Kevin proceeded to fine other Rotarians for leaving him for Beer refills...NO fine was paid.  
Bethany - Attended the Brewfest with her dad now that she is officially 21.
Marcie - Tree removal and lawn care that has been waiting way too long.  Working on house when daughter asked to "Go Froggin," at Grafton Pond...about to claim too much to do she stopped herself and dropped everything to "GO FROGGIN!"
Nick - EPIC trip to ME also logged close to 1K miles with a great visit to Caribou ME to see Father, 94 year old Grandmother, old family property in Little Madawaksa Lake ME with Brother.  Ended the trip in OOB ME with some late night arcade game play with Son before the usual late night skate and scoot back to the condo.  Beautiful weekend getting back in touch with roots of family.   
Student Rotarian Maggie won!!! $8 yahoo....
Bowl of Life
None - ran out of time.
Guest Speaker
No speaker scheduled for today due to a last minute conflict...however worked out well with more time to honor student Rotarians and support the blood drive.
Adjourned at 8:30am with the Four Way test.
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Sunrise Rotary Minutes 05152019

Posted by Josh Goldberg
Greeter was Turner
Next week greeter - Debbie Cox
Verify scribe:
5/15/19 - Josh Goldberg
5/22/19 - Diane Hashagen
5/29/19 - Tristan Toleno
Quote of the day:  “Have patience.  All things are difficult before they become easy” -Saadi
Today in History:
1942 - On this day in 1942, gasoline rationing began in 17 Eastern states as an attempt to help the American war effort during World War II. By the end of the year, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had ensured that mandatory gasoline rationing was in effect in all 50 states. Rubber was the first commodity to be rationed, after the Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies cut off the U.S. supply; the shortage of rubber affected the availability of products such as tires. Rationing gasoline, it was reasoned, would conserve rubber by reducing the number of miles Americans drove.
1756 - The Seven Years War, a global conflict known in America as the French and Indian War, officially begins when England declares war on France. However, fighting and skirmishes between England and France had been going on in North America for years.  In the early 1750s, French expansion into the Ohio River valley repeatedly brought France into armed conflict with the British colonies. In 1756–the first official year of fighting in the Seven Years War–the British suffered a series of defeats against the French and their broad network of Native American alliances. However, in 1757, British Prime Minister William Pitt (the older) recognized the potential of imperial expansion that would come out of victory against the French and borrowed heavily to fund an expanded war effort.
1972 - During an outdoor rally in Laurel, Maryland, George Wallace, the governor of Alabama and a presidential candidate, is shot by 21-year-old Arthur Bremer. Three others were wounded, and Wallace was permanently paralyzed from the waist down. The next day, while fighting for his life in a hospital, he won major primary victories in Michigan and Maryland. However, Wallace remained in the hospital for several months, bringing his third presidential campaign to an irrevocable end.  Wallace, one of the most controversial politicians in U.S. history, was elected governor of Alabama in 1962 under an ultra-segregationist platform, although ultimately his politics shifted dramatically and he received overwhelming support from the black community when elected to his last term in 1983
Sandy Shriver introduced his dog Mosley and wife Diane.  Mosely is 9 weeks old, and is a Shetland sheep dog or ‘Shelty’
Valerie introduced her husband John Mabie, Noon Club member
Lucy, student exchange from Croatia
Vicky Case, Retreat Farm
Wendy Ferris, Retreat Farm
Buzz Schmidt, Retreat Farm, speaker
Birthdays Michelle Pong, 5/16
Michelle was serenaded by the Sunrise Rotary Singers from the actual stage at the Legion, very nice.
Anniversaries: None
Student Rotarian report: None
Club Announcements:
  • Tom apologized for volunteering Rotary for Marshalling for the Strolling of the Heifers, BUT…June 8th marshals are needed to help with the parade.  There will be a brief training the week before.  No badge included.  This year’s theme is ‘Farmers are our Hero’s’
  • Sadie announced that the community service signup sheet is circulated
  • Scholarship committee needs extra help if anyone would like to help read the essays, score them, and decide
  • Dan announced that the Touch a Truck grilling fundraiser was successful, last round of the club commitment to that event.  Raised around $500, and almost sold out of food.  Great day, great team effort.  Chris Stoner may be the new grill master, did a great job under pressure of a long line!  Will was fined for $5 for not showing for grilling, as well as committing to blood donationJ
  • Camp for a Common Cause is Friday night (5/15), come help grill.  Be there around 5:15 pm, see Sadie for details.
  • May 29th will be a blood drive, sign up ahead of time, will occur during the Wednesday meeting.
  • Kevin announced an additional fine on Will Shakespeare, who has agreed to step in for Rotary Cares this week, but seemed to have forgotten when they occur (Thursday afternoon)
  • Josh announced another ‘Pints for Polio’ sometime this summer, gauging interest.  $700 was raised last night; lots of interest was expressed.  Northstar Nuclear will be the sponsor.
Jack of Clubs was drawn, Mark Ethier won!!
  • Michelle bragged about her daughter graduating from Quinnipiac Law School, and she has a job!
  • John and Valerie bragged about their daughter completing 4 years in the Army, coming home to go to VT Law School
  • Jacques bragged for her son graduating from college
  • Will Shakespeare bragged about his daughter taking a trip to Rome, and getting engaged!  Spent Mother’s Day looking at dresses!
  • Ali for her daughter travelling and coming home Sunday! 
  • Kevin bragged about his grandson, who took first steps last week, Wyatt James Yager
  • Tom bragged for the Noontime Rotary, very welcoming when visiting their meeting.
  • KJ for his wife Diane watching their daughter graduating from college
  • Lisa for her son Stephen receiving his master’s degree along with his wife!
  • Toni for her daughter being at Ft. Hood and missing her own graduation for her Master’s degree
  • John Mabie bragging for Aly working on the Rotary garden, ‘was wondering where everyone else was’.  Aly reminded that catcalling is mandatory.
  • Nick was up all through the night between dogs and young children, reminding all of the parents of graduating students what that was like.
  • Ali let us all know that Michelle is celebrating her 50th birthday, 7-11 at the Eagles Club.  Live music AND a bar.
Bowl of Life
  • This person lived upstairs from a famous flautist (related to another Rotarian) and could hear lessons. 
    • Will guessed Aly (no)
    • Aly guessed Cindy (no)
    • Cindy guessed Michelle (nope, left town at 18)
    • Jaques – Toni?
    • Toni – Sadie?
    • Toni to Jim V
    • Jim to Nick (no, Nick didn’t know what a flautist was)
    • Nick to Damon (never lived in Brattleboro)
    • Damon guessed Katya
    • Katya to Sandy
    • Sandy guessed that it was Tom (and it was!)
      • It was in Montpelier actually, 20 years ago, no one said this was in Brattleboro!
Cindy Delgatto introduced Buzz Schmidt of Retreat Farm, who serves as chair of the FB Heron Foundation and on the boards of Vermont Council on Rural Development and the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children.  He founded and led GuideStar and subsequently GuideStar International.  He served on the boards of the Nonprofit Quarterly (President), TechSoup Global, The Institute for Philanthropy (London), The National Philharmonic Trust, and Preservation Virginia.  The Nonprofit Times named him National Executive of the Year in 2000 and one of the 25 most influential nonprofit actors over the past 25 years (2014).  Time Magazine named him one of six visionary leaders in philanthropy in 2000.  He is a graduate of Princeton (AB) History and Stanford (MBA and MA Education).
Buzz recalled getting his driver’s license in 1968 at the Gibson Aiken building, remembers driving Route 30 past Maple Valley, kayaking on the West River, always seeing the very large red barns on the left.  Saw again years later, but never stopped.
5 years ago, he moved back to town in retirement, and asked the chair of the Windham Foundation how he could be helpful in rural VT?  “Join the board of the Windham Foundation, and figure out what to do with the Retreat Farm” was the advice.
Retreat Farm Facts
150 years old, amazing architecture and history
In 2016, the Foundation gave the Farm to Retreat Farm Ltd (separate non-profit)
Provides restorative therapy for Brattleboro Retreat patients
500 acres, 9 historic barns, forest and meadows
Goal is to restore all aspects of the property to become a significant aspect of the region
Children’s Farm and Forest program, Community Events program (24 events last year, 50 this year) incl VT Land Trust Celebration, the Governors Cabinet, CT River Conservancy, and Food Truck Thursdays
The property is a 4-season recreation center, to be expanded, with 7 activity areas
The Retreat Farms does need community help and investment to promote the restoration of the barns, volunteer on the trails, etc.
North Barn Restoration project was the location of the petting farm, beautiful and very large barn featuring hand hewn beams.  This barn will become a very important community meeting/event space, with capacity for up to 300 occupants.  All are invited to come by anytime for a tour.
  • Are there hours that the public can come by?  
    • Yes, 8-5 M-F
  • In the North Barn, are they planning on kitchen space? 
    • They have permission to put a catering kitchen in the North Barn, but the preference is to put a very large kitchen in the Ox Barn to satisfy catering needs for all barns and to supply a café.  This plan is still in the works.
  • How does the Retreat Farm relate to the VT Land Trust?
    • VT Land Trust has a use easement that controls how the property can be used.  The majority of the forest and meadows are protected as agricultural only. Retreat Trails are on land owned by the Retreat and the Retreat Farm.  Care of the trails are divided between the two groups.
  • Will there still be goat yoga
    • Yes, weekly goat yoga starting in mid-June (Yoga with goats walking on your back)
  • What is changing about the children’s program?
    • Animals will remain for petting, will be expanded
    • Educational garden and nature trail will be new features, along with a ‘forest playground’
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 a.m. with the four-way test –
  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build good will and better friendships?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
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Rotary May 8, 2019

May 8, 2019
President Marcy welcomed us at 7:15am.  Thanks to our Greeter, Mona.    Turner is our greeter next week.  Josh Goldberg is the scribe next week, followed by Diane Hashagen on May 22.
Quote of the day
“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” ~ Harry S. Truman
This day in history
1899 – The Countess Cathleen by William Yeats opens at the Irish Literary Theater in Dublin, the theater’s inaugural performance.
1973 – On the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, armed members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) surrendered to federal authorities, ending their 71-day siege of Wounded Knee, site of the infamous massacre of 300 Sioux by the US Cavalry in 1890.
2010 – 88-year-old actress Betty White becomes the oldest person to host Saturday Night Live.  The show had its highest ratings in 18 months and White earned an Emmy award for her appearance.
Mike Mandracchia, our speaker today. 
Jeff Dunklee was serenaded by the Birthday Singers.  Bethany had a birthday but wasn’t here, so we will keep her on the list.
Tristam informed that the coffee shop is open, three bags left.
Tom Franks sent out a sheet to sign-up to be marshals at the Strolling of the Heifers.
Marcy had a reminder about dues.  Dues are due before July 1st.  Very important because we get a bill from Rotary that bills us for people on our roster as of July 1st.  Therefore, if you know you will not be returning next year, please let the club know ASAP.
Toni – May 29th is the last day we will be collecting for RI Foundation – Rotary would like each Rotarian to give $100 each year.  Marcy gave a plug for the Foundation.
Dan had a reminder about Touch-A-Truck this Saturday, May 11.  If volunteered to help, please show up on time.  If you volunteered to bring stuff, make sure to contact Dan on when you will be dropping off.  Toni will send a reminder to those who missed this meeting. 
Josh Trager said there is a Disc Golf clean up this Saturday from 9am to 1pm.  If you aren’t grilling, come help out at the course.
Student Rotarians
Megan and Conrad – Last FLA meeting was recently, bittersweet.  Megan cried as it was her last meeting.  Conrad missed it due to illness.  Conrad said that they are looking forward to national FLA trip to San Antonio this summer.
Jim Maxwell – Six years
Check Presentation
For Rescue Inc. – Kevin presented a check to Rescue, Inc.  One of the benefits of holding three-on-three is having Rescue part of the tournament as they have been the medical presence for the past 10 years.  In turn, we make a donation back to Rescue.  The annual contribution is $500 which was presented to Rotarian Drew Hazelton.  Drew thanked the club for the support.  Every year, they use the contribution for special projects.  This year’s money will continue the investment in thermal imaging equipment.
Bowl of Life
Cindy explained last week’s Bowl of Life since she wasn’t here to explain last week.
Damon – For people who ordered flowers for Mother’s Day and for self.
Mona – Thanked KJ for helping to get Lucy to the district conference.  Reported that it was very emotional for Lucy as it was one of the last times that the students were getting together.  Michelle added on to the brag.
Cindy – For self.
Tristam – For self and for eagles (the bird) at the Retreat Meadows.
Drew – Rescue was recipient of the Share the Love event from Brattleboro Subaru which they are going to use to buy equipment.
Toni – For self.
Kevin – For self.
Tom – For Rotarian magazine, May issue as it stirred optimism in him.
Dan – For self.
Ali – For Deborah for gardening together.
Three of Diamonds.  No winners.
Guest Speaker
Mike Mandracchia from the Noon Club and The Richards Group, introduced by Dan.  Even though not here to talk about the Wheels event, he informed us that it will be held June 29th at the Retreat.
Mike spoke about Skid School, which he did for us six or seven years ago.  In 1921 there was 24.1 fatalities per MVD (million vehicles driven).  In 2017, it was one-point-two per MVD.  Reason is vehicle safety improvements, many that came from racing arena – seat belts, air bags, tires, hand position (10 and 2, s/b 9/3 due to air bags), ABS/ESC, high strength steel/crumple zones.  Mike got into this when he started racing Miatas when he moved to Vermont.  He met a guy (state Trooper) who taught defensive driving where Mike learned a great deal about safe driving.
What hasn’t changed: Traditional driver’s education because US is one of the easiest places to get a license because kids just taught how to pass the test.  It really takes ~1,000 hours of driving experience to get fully experienced in driving.  Skid School tries to condense these 1K hours into meaningful areas to get people ready to drive e.g. ABS straight-line braking, slalom (like skiing).  In accidents, people, on average, only use ~35% of the cars full capabilities.  We tend to either understeer or oversteer.  Key is to look where you want to go and head the car in that direction.  After the first two exercises, they then do the ‘Moose Drill’ (see YouTube).  Goal is to avoid the ‘moose’ and be able to control the car as a roll-over is a common outcome – first brakes, then steering.  Another exercise in about tailgating – it is not about the length to the next vehicle: you should be three seconds behind the next vehicle and this adjusts for speed.  Pick a stationary object and count out three seconds e.g. one-Mississippi etc. to give enough room.  Also, keeps your eyes up.  Mike went through Skid School class takeaways:
  • First break, then steer
  • Adjust seat and hands
  • Eyes up – as far down the road as possible
  • Check tire pressure - don’t over or under inflate.  Despite what you drive, you only have four slim patches of rubber touching the road; critically important.
  • Cars safer than SUVs and trucks
  • 2/10 second to blink = 18 feet @ 60mph
  • Hands free doesn’t mean distraction free
  • Don’t tailgate
  • Don’t pump anti-lock brakes.
  • Most common damage a car receives happens in a parking lot
Final Word – “Impairment”, it is all the same. 
  • Texting and cellphones
  • Alcohol
  • Fatigue
  • Time pressure – “not breathing”
  • Adrenaline
  • Sirens
Closest Skid School is in Hillsborough, New Hampshire.  Rotary (aka Roundabouts) driving is becoming an increasing concern though Mike not sure if addressed in the school.
Adjourned at 8:30am.
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Meeting Notes 5/1/19

May 1, 2019
Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary
President Marcy called the crowd to lower level of disorder at 7:15 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
President Marcy’s Opening Remarks
  • Happy rainy chilling morning
  • Thanks Jacques for greeting
  • Solicits greeter for next meeting and Mona volunteers
  • Notes that Ross Gibson (5/8) and Josh Goldberg ((5/15) are the next scribes
  • Quote of the day - “Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.” Napoleon Bonaparte
Today in History
  • In 1852 Calamity Jane is born near Princeton, MO. The myths and fabrications concerning her life are so numerous it is difficult to discover the truth. Given to hard drinking and carousing, she attracted public attention with stunts like riding a bull down the main street of Rapid City. Ultimately, Jane was  a performer, providing the public with the appropriately grand and mythic image of the West.
  • In 1926 The Ford Motor Company becomes one of the first in America to adopt a five-day, 40-hour work week for factory workers (Thank the unions?). Extended to office workers the following August. Other Ford labor firsts: In 1914 upped pay of male factory workers $5 per 8-hour day from $2.34 for nine hours, did the same for females in 1916. Nearly double the industry average it turned out to be a stroke of brilliance, immediately boosting productivity and building a sense of loyalty and pride among workers (ah, the good old days).
  • In 1931 President Herbert Hoover officially dedicates NYC’s Empire State Building pressing a button in the White House that turns on the building’s lights. The gesture was symbolic, someone else flicked the switches (It’s gotten a lot harder to know what or who is behind the curtain).
Notes that the Board Meeting is at the Legion at 7:15am on May 2.
Announcements, Part 1
  • Debbie – Noted that schedule speakers couldn’t make it, but they are willing to come some other time. See her to arrange a speaker swap or fill a gap.
  • Josh T- Notes that disc golf started and some work has been done on the course. Another work day is scheduled for May 11 from nine to noon
  • Rob Szpila from the Brattleboro Noon Club  invited us to the Golf Tournament on June 6, noting that there is a tournament within the tournament for Rotary teams, e.g. a team with at least one Rotarian.  
  • Toni introduced students who need no introduction -  Lucy, Josh, and Davie from BUHS
  • Dan introduced John Mabbe from the noon club and Drew (guest or member, who knows)
  • Josh G introduced another who needs none, - Ailaya
  • Michelle introduced Rob Szpila, aforementioned
Announcements, Pt 2
  • KJ- June 7th, Mt Snow, 3rd annual put and pour for Deerfield Valley Club. 1 pm
  • Tristam -  Three announcements 1) Coffee, 5 bags left, $12 each. 2) Conclusion of nutrition project, donations from the Works, Commonwealth Dairy, and Hannaford. Served 691 kids, 736 meals. Some kids go back for seconds. On Friday give food for kids to take home, average cost $1.25 per meal. 3) Canupa Gluha Mani, the primary contact at the Pine Ridge Reservation Arizona, has spoken at parole board on behalf of members of three tribes to advocate for permission for the performance of cultural cleansing rituals. One member acknowledged after 10 hours that their policies were acts of racism. “Just incredible” is how he described.
  • Tom – Noted that he will have a sign up for Strolling of the Heifer parade marshals (a Rotary Community Service project) by next meeting
  • Dan – Recruiting members to sign up for Touch a Truck and Camp for a Cause
  • Will – Bragged for a great trip including Paris, Berlin and Prague. Described dancing to Edith Piaff with Tina on the deck of boat on Seine. He has eggs for sale, a dollar goes to Rotary
  • Josh T - $5 brag for the nutrition project and notes that May 18 is Girls on the Run
  • Debbie - back from travel to Nashville where she did the whole scene including the  Grand Ole Opery and getting new boots. Also her grandson turned 3 years old and the next one is due in June. Also, Tony got a new saw, going up to work on her house.
  • Mark - Davie got new shoes for the prom and he missed out on the purchase. In consolation other members noted he could probably buy her another pair.
  • KJ - $2 brag for becoming a grandfather on Friday. His daughter in MN gave birth to a little girl, Nancy Lou.
  • Michellle – Brag for Linda’s Closet in Keene which offers nice clothes at no charge. She is on the board and selling raffle tickets for a Mother’s Day raffle $10/ticket. First prize Red Sox tickets (4), second prize weekend stay at 4 bed home outside Mt. Snow, and more. Sadie suggested a club round up of donation for Linda’s Closet and Michelle said she’ll take any offered..
  • Jim M – His son is graduating MFA in Acting from Perdue, heading to NYC.
  • John – Brag for both clubs to ongoing commitment to scholarships. Estimated that we have provided $220K and the noon club $500K.
  • Mona – Asked Lucy to stand up and share a bit, joint brag. The brag is for the exchange student weekend in NYC. Sixteen students, four chaperones (lost not one student)  did and “saw everything”, including Lion King, Statute of Liberty, Ellis island, United Nations. Amazing how much foreign students know about this country
  • Rob Szpila - Bragged for the club for welcoming student traveling to South Dakota. Students noticed the fun, you guys have something special here.
  • Nick - back from Savannah, saw his father, awesome place, great eats, great history, shrimp and grits, feels like Burlington south, very alive. An awesome weekend.
Birthdays -  Drew Hazelton (apparently is a member, despite some understandable confusion) hasn’t been here since his birthday on the  30th of January. He was appropriately serenaded.
Cards - 7 of hearts was in the deck. Ed added extra flair to the usual and customary announcement to the joy of the assembled.
Student Rotarian reports
  • Davie - First day of long block ace (sic?), kind of like a study hall with teacher you pick, gives you a longer period of time for your own discretion. Student Council put it into effect. Another round of SATs May 4th, same day as prom.
  • Josh – The National Honor Society is doing a fund raiser to cover costs: he’ll pass around a sheet. Lacrosse against MAU tonight. He took a hard crash mountain  biking and will be out for a week. Fortunately, no head injury.  
Bowl of life – This Rotarian broke into many hotels in their youth - Josh G, guessed Dan Dietz, who asserts he has never been arrested or convicted. Deb suggested we ask what he took home from hotel. Dan fessed to a glass from the bar and guessed Debbie Cox, The thread was from Debbie to Toni to Sandy, to Tom to Josh U to Turner, to Will to Val to Jim M until we got the hint “She is not in the room” Jim guessed Allie, then Sadie, and finally Cindy, who  was it. NOTE: Lisa later reported that Cindy texted that they were thirteen and the hotel was abandoned. (In retrospect, shouldn’t the President have been fined for allowing it to go on so long with the party absent)
Speaker – Michelle Pong
  • She is the speaker coordinator. She thanks the club for their efforts and will try to make arrangements when things fall through. She notes that everybody in the room is an expert at something. If you can talk about something for 10 minutes please let her know. She wants to have people in hopper to call the night before.
  • Putting  on an old hat from the time when she worked at Lead Safe and Healthy Homes and was arguably was the expert on lead in Southern VT. She can talk about lead for 8 hours and will share a little bit of knowledge today.
  • Kids don’t get poisoned by eating paint chips, but mostly by typical hand-to-mouth behavior.
  • Lead disrupts brain development and it can’t be retroactively repaired.
  • In Windham Cty have some of the highest levels in VT. Fortunately they have come down in last 15 years.
    • 10% of kids in Bellows Falls at one point had lead in their blood
    • State of VT requires testing at age of 1, and another test at 2, although it is not being done uniformly
    • State of VT requires landlords to be certified and that every painted with more than one square foot of peeling paint be repaired.
    • EMP - essential maintenance practice. Make sure you get your certification if you are a landlord (class about 3 hours).
    • Contractors must be certified and take appropriate precautions for remediation.
    • Thresholds 1 sq ft interior for Vermont. Federal are more than 20 sf exterior or 6 sf interior
    • If you hire somebody, make sure they are certified.
    • Less than a teaspoon of lead in 700sf of soil will poison a child.
    • Recounted the case of child in MN circa 1998/99. The child swallowed Reebok charm, died because it was 99% lead.
    • Don’t allow your children to drink from garden hoses (lots of lead)
    • Keys all contain lead, get plastic keys for kids
    • Lead is a cumulative poison, it can be chelated out, which is physically demanding, but that won’t reverse the damage.
    • The US is/was behind most other countries. As a result of a 1918 outbreak in Australia in 1920 it was banned by League of Nations, most countries stopped using lead in paint a long time ago. We kept slapping it on our homes until 1978. Taking lead of gasoline cut blood levels in half, children were inhaling it all. All that lead in gasoline is still in the dirt. Lead doesn’t travel and it’s everywhere.
    • Dan asked if there wasn’t a ban on lead containing objects in VT. Michelle said there is a consumer products ban, but you can’t count on it being observed, e.g toys from dollar stores.
Meeting closed on time with the Four Way Test.
Please inform me of errors and omissions. Thank you. Tom Franks
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Meeting Notes 4/10/19

Thank you to Debbie Cox, Suds and others for greeting

Next week greeter is Kevin

Scribe today (stand in) KJ

Scribe next week is Mark Ethier, week after is Sadie


Quote of the day:  “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.  But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” -Mother Teresa


Today in History:

On April 10, 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is founded in New York City by philanthropist and diplomat Henry Bergh, 54.  As the pioneer and innovator of the humane movement, the ASPCA quickly became the model for more than 25 other humane organizations in the United States and Canada. And by the time Bergh died in 1888, 37 of the 38 states in the Union had passed anti-cruelty laws. Bergh’s dramatic street rescues of mistreated horses and livestock served as a model for those trying to protect abused children. After Mary Ellen McCormack, 9, was found tied to a bed and brutally beaten by her foster parents in 1874, activists founded the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Bergh served as one of the group’s first vice presidents.


On this day in 1879, Sandor Herz—the future John Hertz, the man behind what will one day be the world’s largest car-rental company—is born in present-day Slovakia. Hertz immigrated to America with his family as a child and grew up in Chicago. In 1915, he founded the Yellow Cab Company as a means of providing affordable transportation to average citizens. In 1932, the Hertz company opened its first car rental shop, at Chicago’s Midway Airport. In 1950, Hertz’s inaugural European facility debuted in France. Within five years after that, Hertz became the first rent-a-car business to open 1,000 locations throughout the world. John Hertz, who was also a philanthropist and raised thoroughbred horses, died at the age of 82 on October 8, 1961.

1933 -The Civilian Conservation Corps, a tool for employing young men and improving the government’s vast holdings of western land, is created in Washington, D.C. One of the dozens of New Deal programs created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to fight the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was primarily designed to put thousands of unemployed young men to work on useful public projects. The training provided by the CCC proved particularly valuable to the 77,000 Native and Hispanic youths who worked in the Southwest. Many of these young men left the CCC able to drive and repair large trucks and tractors, skills that proved highly employable during WWII.



Lady Shoshana - Debra’s daughter

Student Rotarian - Meghan Forrett

Ayla Traeger - Josh’s daughter

Still waiting for Caleb and Drew to show up so we can sing happy birthday to them! 


Debbie Cox - just got back from San Francisco, highlight was sitting with the fund managers in San Mateo. Was able to see her nephew who survived a brain tumor when he was 7, now he’s 30 and working in technology. Great to spend time with him.

Josh T - was in New Orleans for work - loves hanging out down there. Josh and Ayla biked in Keene this weekend, it was a great time.

Will - Tina and Will are going on vacation for two weeks (no fresh eggs… boooooo) heading to Dublin, Paris, Prague and Berlin. Josh T helped Will out with how to say “Water of Life” in Gaelic so he can order Whiskey.

Mark Ethier - for Devi selected as a senior model rep for a local photographer.

Sadie - last weekend to see Malcolm Toleno on stage at NEYT

Tom - for Jim, Ali, and student Rotarians who went to training this weekend for their rolls. It was a great time.

Michelle - daughter is graduation from Law School next weekend! She received four outstanding awards, woot! woot!

Kevin - doesn’t want Josh T to read this as anything other than a brag.  The NCAA Running Rebels bracket; Kevin is the winner.

Ali - the folks that went to training and Jim Verzino’s self driving car.  The district assembly was really great, Ali was the only member who had an organized system for accounting, maybe we’re not as bad as we think.

Turner - was down in Tampa at the Woman’s final four NCAA tournament. He was able to go with his favorite nephew, cousin and brother (don't tell his other brothers!)

Dan - Storytellers on a Mission fundraiser - was a super fun time. Sat in the front row in the center, tried not to make eye contact.

Debra - Brag for Lady Shosh, in a big show at her school tomorrow - she has 73 lines and is in charge of all of the costumes, only one costume is ready! Debra and Dan will be in Italy next week.

Cards - 2 of Hearts - Tom Franks is the winner!

Student Rotarian Meghan - presented to the advisory board hoping to get more funding. Getting their farewell speeches ready, that will be an emotional time for the seniors.

Bi-Laws - they have been distributed via email - tried to incorporate common language and coincide with RI relaxed requirements for attendance and how our club operates. Added a piece on honorary membership. Good to go back and review the Bi-laws regularly as some folks found some things we were supposed to be doing that we are not doing.

Bi-Laws vote: Vote passes by voice vote

Kevin is now the Rotary rules guy (apparently this is in the bi-laws)… I jest.

Club Announcements:

Touch-a-Truck - May 11th - two slots to sign up 8 - 11 and 11 - 2. There is also a slot for supplies, please sign up. Fast Eddies will order items and sells it to us at half his cost.

Vermont Food Bank - this coming Saturday, need four Rotarians to help out from 9 - Noon. Contact Kevin via email if interested.

Coffee shop is open - buy it now it’s delicious!

Exchange student - Ali reports some noon club members were interested in hosting a student. There was some discussion around hosting an exchange student.

Meghan’s birthday! The singer’s wow’d us all with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for Meghan.

In club service project took the rest of the meeting time.

Four Way Test of the things we think, say and do.

Meeting Notes 4/10/19 Kris Johnston 2019-04-10 04:00:00Z 0

March 27, 2019

Thank you to Mona for Greeting!  Thank you to Cindy for Scribing!  Nick scribes on 4/3 and Jeff Dunklee on 4/10
Quote of the Day “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” Dr. Seuss
Today in History:
1905 – Fingerprint evidence is used to solve a British murder case.  The neighbors of Thomas and Ann Farrow, Shopkeepers in South London discover their badly bludgeoned bodies in their home.  The brutal crime was solved using the newly developed fingerprinting technique.  Only three years earlier, the first English court had admitted fingerprint evidence in a petty theft case.  The Farrow case was the first time that the cutting-edge technology was used n a high-profile murder case, ultimately leading to the conviction of Alfred and Albert Stratton for the crime.
1939 – The University of Oregon defeats The Ohio State University 46-33 on this day to win the first ever NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  “March Madness” as the tournament became known, has grown exponentially in size and popularity since 1939.  For the first 12 years of the men’s tournament only eight teams were invited to participate.  That number grew steadily until a 65-team tournament format was unveiled in 2001.  In 2011 the field expanded even further allowing 68 teams to qualify.
On this day in 1973, the actor Marlon Brando declines the Academy Award for Best Actor for his career reviving performance in The Godfather.  The Native American Actress Sacheen Littlefeather attended the ceremony in Brando’s place stating that the actor very regretfully could not accept the award as he was protesting Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans in film.  After Brando’s name was announced as Best Actor, the presenter Roger Moore attempted to hand the Oscar to Littlefeather, but she brushed it aside saying that Brando could not accept the award.  Littlefeather read a portion of a lengthy statement Brando had written, the entirety of which was later published in the press.  The motion picture community has been as responsible as any Brando wrote for “degrading the Indian and making a mockery of his character, describing his as savage, hostile and evil”.
Honorary Rotarian Presentation - Justin – Board has the authority to offer honorary membership to club affiliates.  Justin serves us breakfast and takes very good care of us all the time.  Voted to offer honorary membership into our club. One of the better attendances because if he is not here, we don’t eat.  Rotary discounts around the world. Ha ha.  Free use of the disc golf course!! 
Guest introductions – Valerie introduces her husband John Mabie – member of the afternoon club.
ToniStudent Rotarians – Danny & Maggie from Hinsdale – please sign their sheets if you have not already.
Birthdays – Mark Ethier on 3/30 – Beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday!  Diane does guest appearance.
Anniversary – Bob Fagelson– 17 years on 4/2
Damon – Liked Dr. Seuss quote – Damon no longer a Hockey coach – has done is for 14 years for youth hockey.  Emotional day for both Damon and Torin.  He is a full-time runner now.  Here’s to many miles of hockey.  Aiden is 18 today.  Club has watched him grow up.  Three adults in the house now!
Ali – Encouraging brags today – be inspired. Big brag – KJ makes the greatest breakfast – Bethany and Allie enjoyed breakfast while Diane was out of town.  We will leave that it at that.   So much fun – great friend breakfast.  
Toni – Mini milestone – mailed last package to Kuwait as daughter come homes in May.  She has been in Kuwait since July.  Toni very excited to have her home.
Debbie Cox– Will be gone for the month of April – Trip to San Mateo and NC – will miss everyone while travelling.
Nick – for everyone who bowled last Saturday and was patient for his daughter that picked out her Minnie Mouse ball and purple roller.  Very special moment watching her have fun.
Marcy – IOU brag – end of swim team.  Rowen had a good event, but Marcy is happy not to have to transport to swim team.
Josh - Brag for daughter – got up at 5am this morning for rotary – was not feeling well so could not make it.  Great ski season.  Fast and learning fast.  She is figuring out on her own. 
Mark – announcement – sponsor little league in town. April 20th opening day Tech Rick throwing out first pitch.
Diane – Took granddaughter to dance competition.  Wonderful to see her dance.
Erin – Brag for Museum of African American culture in DC great experience enjoyed it as she has been on the road a lot teaching. Museum is very moving and important
Josh – Josh Davis – Story Tellers on a Mission at the Latchis – NPR story tellers. Fundraiser to Groundworks.  This Saturday at 7:30
Kevin – Fine everyone for pins.  Extra fine for not wearing U Houston Pin.  Go Coos??  Brag for Jeff Dunklee show how slick a dresser he is every week.  Special cowboy boots – setting the bar high. Way to go Jeff
Jon – Brag for Josh Unruh for Pints for Polio – Great Fundraiser – lots of fun – raised some money.  All Josh and the Whetstone.  Rotary Polio Beer is listed on the Whetstone board. 
Announcement -
Sadie – Thank you for last overflow dinner.  Pasta needed.  Need two people to make – please contact Sadie for help.  Main dish of Pasta.  Ali offered to make Pasta. 
Scholarship committee starting up very soon. Contact Sadie if you are interested in reading scholarships.  Community Service sheet is going around - please sign up. 
Mona – Reminder – if someone wants to host a student next year.  Need host families if we can do so.  Looking to talk to noon club to see if they can participate as well.  2- 4 families would be ideal.  Only 2 months each.  The more host families the best.  Better for the student experience.  If you are interested this is the time to reach out to Mona.  We might want to go to BUHS to see if they would accept students from families who live in NH. 
Debra – Bowling event last Saturday – Big Brother Big Sister 126.00 raised. 
Ali – April 1st Turner party – Wicked good time – Don’t feel bad if you can’t make it but we really would love it if you could – 5:30 cocktails 6:30 dinner $10 per person.  Student Rotarians are more than welcome to come. Monday night – not going to be too late.
Kevin – 11 people are doing a little tournament – he sent the email via link.  Still some time to join. Sandy Shriver believes he is already the winner but unfortunately, he is currently last.  Josh and Kevin have a debate on the relevance of this announcement. 
Kevin – In 2 weeks we will have a club wide vote on revised bylaws.  5-6 weeks worked on by committee.   Sandy thinks we can consider them brand new rather than amend them all.  Committee took template from Rotary International.  Significant changes.  Board has provided feedback. Will be sent out via email. Please review so that we can vote in two weeks.  Once they are reviewed, they will be put on website, so any new members can look.   Huge thank you to the committee!  This should be good for many years. 
Toni– old bylaws should be on the website for reference to compare. 
KJ – confirmed old bylaws in club runner
Jim V – Tom and Ali – Saturday to Hanover for training Treasurer and Secretary.
Student Rotarians Maggie – Town meeting – very busy – class ran concessions.  NHS – babysitting calendar fundraiser ends this Thursday.  Track just started.
Danny – Town meeting was first he sat in.  Hinsdale gets heated.  NHS babysitting as well.  Yankee Candle fundraiser 1500.  Five scholarships due in April.
Cards – Will won 9 of spades!!  50 something dollars
Kevin coffee is still available to be sold – supports scholarship.  12.00 per bag.  mostly ground left 4 bags left.  3 on 3 t shirts still available.  Give to sponsors
Invitation Pine Heights 4/23 1pm.  Volunteer appreciation lunch
Ali began conversation on Club Assembly and opened the opportunity for the rest of the meeting to go into groups.
In meeting service project – coming up in a couple of weeks.  Everyone in the club should be on at least one committee. 
Minor interruption with the chafing dishes burning.   Meeting close at 8:18
Respectfully submitted by Cindy Delgatto – please excuse any errors or omissions.
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Newsletter March 20, 2019 meeting 

Posted by Daniel Deitz on Mar 22, 2019
Rotary Minutes
March 20, 2019
Volunteer greeter for next week – Mona!
Guest Introductions:
• Kevin introduces two exceptional student Rotarians – Megan and Conrad who were working at the Windham Career Center, They kicked a*s and took names! Language Fine
• Best two daughters classification – Ava and Shoshana
• Damon – His foot hurts. Torin was invited to join the freshman class of Keene Interact! They choose only 30 kids for the incoming class and it is hardcore.
• Josh – Bragged for Damon and for bowling night with the noon club.
• Mark Ethier – Bragged for Davi who is now licensed! Perfect score on her test.
• Debra – Shoshi rocked it in Wrinkle in Time last weekend. 
• Jon Secrest – Bragged for Costa Rica trip with Aleksa, enjoying being finally back together as a family, fighting and sarcastic as ever. Kerry having shaved her head a couple of months ago is now less chia pettish than she was. He was happy for the adventure.
• KJ – for Rotarians, Will and Josh who stepped up this am to help set up.
• Debbie Cox – 4/3-4/7 – going to CA, San Mateo, she won the trip through Primerica, her company
• Kevin – Bragged for everyone who came out and helped with 3 on 3 last weekend, ended up with a very successful 18 teams!
• Bill Maxwell – Bragged for Kevin and Toni, a poetic brag about them being profiles in courage and moving through the foggy mist…
• Ali – The bowling event with the noon club was actually fun. She was surprised by how much fun she had. Let the record show that and she thanked Kevin for his sappy rotary appreciation email.
• Marcy – Put a dollar in for spring, metaphorically. She has had an extreme rough winter with a tragic losses and serious illness in her family. She is looking forward to spring and reminds us to remember to appreciate what wehave when we have it.
In the deck. Josh called us losers with aplomb!
Student Rotarians Report:
Meghan and Conrad - Just got back from state conference and had no sleep during their travels. They placed first in all of the chapter events, FBLA, they placed first in marketing with Alex Shriver who is still sleeping, and Megan won future Business Leader, Miss FBLA! Conrad placed 2nd in accounting. 
• Ali - April first is Turner’s 50th anniversary party. Dress code is to be cute! 
• Jacques – Caleb doesn't have a guest speaker for next week. Does anyone have one?
• Debra – Come “Bowl for Kids’ Sake to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters – join the Sunrise Rotarian Team this Saturday at 1 pm. The form collecting donations went around and generous Sunrise Rotarians have already contributed $86 to the Big Brothers and Sisters. Click here: if you would like to join the team or donate or just show up at Brattleboro Bowl on Saturday.
• Mona – Do we want to have a student exchange next year? Not that anyone can top Lucy!
• Josh U. – Pints for Polio tonight. He is going to drink till close. Get a blue ticket for $25 and that will get you a free beer in a fancy Pints for Polio glass. Or go have lunch at the Whetstone today and that money will go to Sunrise Rotary as Well.
• Kevin – Tomorrow he is hosting the 16th edition of Rotary Cares. Marty Cohen is getting his retina surgery so Kevin is stepping up. Mona and Lucy will be guests on the International Exchange program. Lucy will be a star!
Debriefing the 3 on 3 with Kevin:
Thank You’s to all. Raised ($3-400) with just the team fees. There is a manual they have developed over the years with all the info. Thank you to all who stepped up and compensated for Sandy Shriver who decided that ping pong was more important. Raised $230 for concessions. Some refinements need to get made.
Dan needs volunteers to carry soda and water to basement. Thanks to Rescue for volunteering their time to be there. We will make a donation to Rescue for that. Toni brought t-shirts – magically appearing as soon as her name was mentioned.
Toni suggests separating fundraising from the tournament itself. She will continue to help with the fundraising which worked very well this year. Mona said if we do it a little later it will be easier to get the schools to participate. Setting up committees to see about keeping the ship going.
President Marcy ends the meeting with the 4 way test.
• Is it the truth?
• Is it fair to all concerned?
• Will it build good will and better friendships?
• Will it be beneficial for all concerned?
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Newsletter February 20, 2019

Posted by Toni Ciampaglione on Feb 22, 2019
President Marcy started her the meeting with this day in History…......  
On this day in 1792, President George Washington signs legislation creating the U.S. Postal Service. Prior to the American Revolution, correspondence between parties depended largely upon hired private couriers, friends and the help of merchants.  President Washington formally created the U.S. Postal Service with the signing of the Postal Service Act, which outlined in detail Congressional power to establish official mail routes. The act allowed for newspapers to be included in mail deliveries and made it illegal for postal officials to open anyone’s mail. In 1792, a young American nation of approximately 4 million people enjoyed federally funded postal services including 75 regional post offices and 2,400 miles of postal routes. The cost of sending a letter ranged from 6 cents to 12 cents
1962From Cape Canaveral, Florida, John Hershel Glenn Jr. is successfully launched into space aboard the Friendship 7 spacecraft on the first orbital flight by an American astronaut. After separating from its launching rocket, the bell-shaped Friendship 7 capsule entered into an orbit around Earth at a speed of about 17,500 miles per hour. Toward the end of Glenn’s third and last orbit, mission control received a mechanical signal from the spacecraft indicating that the heat shield on the base of the capsule was possibly loose. The capsule would be incinerated if the shield failed to absorb and dissipate the extremely high reentry temperatures, so the craft’s retrorockets, usually jettisoned before reentry, were left on in order to better secure the heat shield. During Glenn’s fiery descent back to Earth, he lost radio contact with mission control. After four minutes of radio silence, Glenn’s voice crackled through loudspeakers at mission control, and Friendship 7 splashed down safely in the Atlantic Ocean. He was picked up by the USS destroyer Noa, and his first words upon stepping out of the capsule were, “It was hot in there.” He had spent nearly five hours in space.
In a highly controversial vote on February 20, 1985, the Irish government defies the powerful Catholic Church and approves the sale of contraceptives. Up until 1979, Irish law prohibited the importation and sale of contraceptives. In a 1973 case, McGee v. The Attorney General, the Irish Supreme Court found that a constitutional right to marital privacy covered the use of contraceptives. 
Quote for the day……”Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt” , Herbert Hoover
Chris greeted us this morning with smiles and next week turner will be there with hugs for everyone.
Emma Stewart - guest speaker
  1. May 25th – Blood Drive
  2. Jim Rumrill wants to know if anyone is interested in hosting another exchange student next.
  3. Lucy- our exchange student from Croatia will have lots of free time after basketball and it would be a great time to include her in your activities. Invite her over for dinner or family game night…anything to make her more connected to the members of our club!!
  4. April 1st SAVE THE DATE- we will be throwing a party to honor Turner and his 50 years as a Rotarian! More details to come!
  5. One month from today will be having the PINTS FOR POLIO fundraiser at the Whetstone.
  6. Monday is our next Overflow Shelter dinner. Lots of slots open for food donations. Many members volunteered on the spot so check the list from Sadie to see what is still needed. 
  7. March 9th is the next sort a thon at the Vermont Food Bank. Need 2 volunteers from 9-12, please email Kevin to volunteer. 
  8. 3 on 3 is coming up on March 16th. Need members to get posters and registration forms into the hands of players. Also need help with concessions, Dan & Debra volunteered to coordinate it, but they will need lots of donations.
BIRTHDAYS:           Dan Deitz – Wednesday
                                    Tom Franks – Tuesday
                                    Turner Lewis- Better late than never!!
ANNIVERSARIES:   No Anniversaries
CARDS:  5 of Clubs..… and the winner is ~  Marcy   WON  $43!!!!
Turner: Just got back from a trip in which he made up a meeting in Jerusalem. Small club but very fun. He sat next t an 83 year old women and got to “chit chatting” and he told her they had visited the Holocaust Museum to which she replied that she and her mother were in one of the camps. He was very humbled to have met such a resilient woman.
Ali: 1. Announced a fundraiser for Winston Prouty on March 9th and 10th. The Annual Par for the Cause Mini-Golf Classic will be held at the Winston Prouty Campus, 209 Austine Drive, Brattleboro. Stay updated on the Par for the Cause Facebook event page or get tickets in advance at  Additionally, she is no longer in the infant room but has moved up to the Pre-School room being assaulted daily by toddlers BUT loving every minute of it. She also bragged for Nikki’s semester aboard in Vietnam. They talk every day and has been getting daily pictures of the adventure. 
Diane: Bragged for Josh who should be home sleeping because it is his school vacation but instead he was at the meeting filling in for Ed as Sergeant at Arms. AND Thursday was his 18th Birthday!!
Jon: Bragged for his “Old Dogs, New Tricks” weekend with his friend Steve. This year they went to Montreal where they went to a Boeing 737 flight simulator, participated in a fight club where they practiced street fighting for 2 hours and then managed to find a place that had them ax throwing. In between there was lots of drinking!!
Kevin: Bragged for his vacation in Mexico!! Thanked Lisa the travel agent extraordinaireLiberato their pool bar bartender who keep them very well hydrated and Alma their server in the dining room who set up a very special table for them for Valentine’s Day complete with rose petals. Ginny is trying to talk him into a 2 week stay next year. 
Jim: Jennifer is thankfully back to work with her 9-week-old baby in tow, which has been very good for business because everyone loves babies.
Mark: Bragged for Devi who just finished drivers ed and the bought her car. So be on the look out for her racing around town in a Jetta.
GUEST SPEAKERS:       Emma Stewart from Great River Terrace
The Windham Windsor Housing Trust built a new "neighborhood" in north Brattleboro at the former Lamplighter Hotel. Great River Terrace has apartments for 22 individuals in the community who have experienced persistent homelessness or may be struggling with addiction or mental health issues.
In July 2017, the WWHT received final approval to transform the dilapidated Lamplighter Hotel on North Putney Road into an apartment complex. WWHT partnered with Health Care & Rehabilitation Services of Vermont and Groundworks Collaborative to provide services on site in a central office building between the site's two strips of apartments. The central office building also has a gathering area and a kitchen.
It is the first permanent supportive housing project in southern Vermont. According to WWHT, "supportive housing combines affordable housing with services — most often located on-site — that can help people who face complex challenges live with stability and dignity.
Supportive housing targets the most vulnerable people and gives them the support they need to live a full and healthy life. It provides chronically homeless people a way out of expensive emergency public services, and into their own homes and communities."
According to WWHT, permanent supportive housing is a "housing first model," with no conditions for sobriety or other preconditions to obtain or maintain housing and there is no time limit on occupancy. 
On-site services, which are voluntary, include health counseling, substance abuse counseling and support, life skills education and coaching, employment referral and support, financial capability support, health and wellness coaching, and 24-hour crisis services.
Newsletter February 20, 2019 Toni Ciampaglione 2019-02-22 05:00:00Z 0

Minutes of Meeting December 19 2018

Posted by Jim Maxwell on Dec 29, 2018
Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of meeting October 17, 2018
Greeting:         Ed and others
Quote:  “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk.  That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”  Ernest Hemingway (who never learned his lesson, by the way)
Today in history:
1998: Clinton impeached
1917: First National Hockey League games, all Canadian:  Montreal had two franchises, Ottawa, Quebec and Toronto
1843: “A Christmas Carol” is published
Our guests today:
Daryl Pillsbury, who will speak about the Windham County Heat Fund
Meghan, our Windham Regional Career Center student Rotarian
Student Rotarian report
Meghan:  FBLA earmuffs for the homeless and participation in Feed The Thousands ($1,000!)
The fabulous Jim Verzino
Rotary anniversaries
Josh Unruh with us happily for one year
Jon Secrest still happy after 15 years
  • Damon
    • For Turner & Kay’s hospitality
    • For Aiden’s race at Dartmouth, setting a record, and his brother running 3rd
  • Will
    • Ran from Fletcher’s Auto Repair to the Chelsea Royal Diner, reasons not noted by your scribe, but good outcome apparently
    • Big brag for the BMC Concert Choir’s upcoming “Mozart: Beginnings and Endings” – January 11 and 12
  • Josh T. – for KJ, who embraced the cold and joined Josh for lunch and disc golf on a bitter day
  • Cindy
    • by contrast, back from balmy Bermuda
    • for VT-NH Veterinary Clinic, for taking good care of her dog
  • Ali – daughter Nicole will be spending the next semester in Argentina, South Africa and Vietnam as part of her Skidmore anthropology/environmental studies
  • Turner – thanking all guests for reading the signs at gathering at his home
  • Kevin – to student Rotarian Meghan for keeping things together, calm in the storm, at the WRCC/FBLA Hannaford’s fundraiser HOWEVER, imposing a 25-cent fine for appearing in the paper – bowling – HOWEVER Kevin paid it HOWEVER there was a second photo he missed and Meghan declined to pay for that one so the controversy is now resolved
  • Tristam – the Nutrition Project, which we support every year, starts Monday Dec 24, for Moore Court and Ledgewood, organized by Lorelai Morrisette
  • Kevin –
    • this month’s Rotary Cares will tape with KJ
    • Project Feed ends pickups Friday the 21st, thanks to all who participated & supported
Check presentation:  To Windham County Heat Fund, Daryl Pillsbury
  • Effort begun by Daryl and Richard Evans 14 years ago
  • Bernie Sanders a supporter from the start
  • Thousands of families have benefitted
  • This is one of Sunrise’s regular support commitments
Club assembly:  Overview of the club’s mission, objectives, operations, from members of the board of directors (everyone welcome at any BOD meeting)
(NOTE: the information I’ve put in here may have omissions or errors, we covered a lot of ground; corrections and additions would be important so if you catch them please let us know)
  • Minutes of last BOD meet
  • Treasurer, Toni:
    • Our annual support commitments, the Heat Fund, Project Feed, International donation, the nutrition project (co-sponsored by noon club; 10 years; provides meals for children during school vacation days in the school year)
    • Scholarship
    • Our operations account is separate from the Brattleboro Sunrise Foundation account, which is a 501(c)(3), donations deductible. 
    • How we raise funds for
      • Dinner Raffle is our largest fundraiser.  If our 41 members each sold the max tickets, we’d raise $9,600.  This year was a nail-biter but last minute tickets brought us in at $8,000
      • Disc golf is now also a prime fundraiser for us
      • The 3-on-3 basketball tournament has historically been a major fundraiser for the Penfield scholarships & for our Honduras scholarships (along with the coffee sales)
  • Our involvement is primarily local
    • Community service, e.g. the pergola
    • New members projects on Elliot Street
    • Other kids and local projects
  • We support and participate also in international projects, e.g., the Lakota that Tristam is heavily involved with
  • Cindy & Marcy propose an in-meeting service project, suggesting we create warming kits; we’ll discuss after next meeting
  • Jim Verzino, incoming president
    • We will need a secretary to take over from outgoing KJ
    • Need also a chair for Club Service (social events that keep us connected)
    • Need a Foundations chair (Rotary International)
    • Committees, see the Minutes of the BOD
Bylaws revision: Bylaws are in final review by committee and will go to board, then to membership in January
Meeting adjourned 8:35
Jim Maxwell
Minutes of Meeting December 19 2018 Jim Maxwell 2018-12-29 05:00:00Z 0

December 12, 2018 Newsletter 

Posted by Sandy Shriver on Dec 13, 2018

President Marcy got us started at 7:15 AM.

Greeter:  Kevin Y.  

Next week’s greeter:  Ali – December 19.  

Next scribe for 12/19:  Jim M. (subbing for Valerie). 

No meeting on the 26th of December.  

Breakfast is running late… ovens are not working according to Ed, the Sargent at Arms

Quote of the Day:  There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.  Harry Truman.

Today in history:  First message sent across the Atlantic by radio.   It was morse Code for the letter S. 

1913:  Mona Lisa stolen from the Louve.

2000 GM phases out Oldsmobile. Eli Olds invented it 103 years before.  

Guests:  Lucy.  Chris.  Prospective members.  Davie- student Rotarian- long time guest.  Sign her sheet.  Josh N- student Rotarian.  Jason Pasternak.  Sort of .  Kevin O’Keefe.  



Damon:  Running. Student Rotarian Maggie St. John is a cross country runner. She was one of 60 kids at NH cross country banquet.  Torin 3rd freshman boy to ever be invited.  He won AllState, and All Star.  

Debbie:  Good to be back.  From vacation.  Busy November.  Change of plans.  Her mother forgot Debbie was going to Florida for Thanksgiving and booked a trip to Vermont.  Tony retired.  Did a Nascar event.  Air boat ride. Only saw 5 alligators, and she was OK with that.  Trying to work with a retired partner is hard.  


Sadie: Last chance to see Rags this weekend.  Malcolm Toleno’s last NEYT show.  Shows including tomorrow night:  Thursday. 

Jon:  Did the Jingle Bell jog.  Ross Gibson waved him through an intersection.  Nice community day.  Skating on the Retreat Meadows.  This is a great town. 

Jason:  For Toni.  The best assistant fundraiser ever.  We took in a ton of money today.  Toni does a phenomenal job. 

Nick: $5 brag.  CFP exam passed.    Holiday open house.  Thursday. 12 to 6.  

50 year Rotary Anniversary:  December 17.  Turner has been a Rotarian for 50 years.  


Student Rotarian:  Davie:  Working hard on Project Feed the Thousands fundraising but also looking forward to 11 days offfrom school.  Josh: Took SAT and ACT.  

Raffle Drawing; Josh N. picked second place first.  $50 gift cert for Vt. Country Deli.  Whitney. Jeff Dunkley’s daughter.  

Grand prize:  Melanie Howe.  Lisa’s person.  We called her at work.  Went to voicemail.  Lisa says she buys tickets every year.  Called her cell phone.  Voicemail was full. 

Marcy thought it was all weirdly anticlimactic. 

Cards:  $9.  Ace of Clubs.  A misfire.  5 of diamonds. Moneygoes to President Marcy. 

Announcement: Josh T. was sorry he could not be here.  Ayla is not feeling well. 


Sadie. Next Overnight Shelter meal.  December 30. Sunday night.  Going to raise money to have Justin make the meat meal.  

Turner. This coming Saturday.  December 15.  Starts at 4.  Tree is in.  Cats are ready.  Bring kids and spouses/friends.  We WILL NOT do a Yankee Swap.   Bring a $10 donation for the Club or socks for Danny’s sock drive. 


Josh T (by text).  Deerfield Valley Club is doing a food distribution event, this Saturday.  If anyone can help, contact Josh Traeger or just show up at Saturday at 9-9:30 AM to deliver food to people in need.   Meet at the old High School in Wilmington.  The event is going on from 8 to noon.  

Marcy:  Bring clean socks to the Christmas Party for Danny’s sock drive in Hinsdale.  

Bowl of Life.   Rotarian started cutting trees after school when he was 12 to build our family house.   

Will:  Guessed the Canadian:  Damon.  Damon:  There were no trees in his part of Canada.  Damon guessed Dan D.  Dan Dietz was the tree chopper.  One of the toughest jobs in world-dom.  There were injuries.  Used an old bull dozer.  His brother injured himself in anger.  Knocked himself in the face with a thrown pipe.  



SPEAKER:  Kevin O’Keefe and Erin O’Keefe.  Our trip to India.  Mumbai airport is beautiful.  Got lots of leis.  Different roofing materials everywhere. Food was fantastic.  99 degrees the whole time.  

Did teacher training.  Taught circus yoga teacher training.  Goals:  Inclusion Connection Co-Authorship.  Leads to empathy and compassion.  Did events on streets of Mumbai.  

Lived eating Puny Puttie:  Small fried cup of dough.  Very spicy.  Great picture of Erin’s first taste.  Deep fried.  Street food. Kevin sang the song. Hung out at beach.  We were not the weirdest thing going on in the streets.  It is easy to get a crowd.  Mumbai. 

Malacom.  Indian circus on pole with rope.  Circus is already in India.  But are there no youth circus.  Training teachers to be in residences at Orphanages.  Wants to create social circus.  Using circus as a way to empower/entertain at risk kids.  

People are getting PhD in circus for seeing affect on youth.  

Circus is a group event.  Does not need common language.  Orphanages are full of kids who use different languages.  

Other notes;  Cows are everywhere.  They are sacred.  Cows walked through the classroom.  Walked up the stairs of the temple.  

Went to Our Children camp. Taught in a house that was a replica of Ghandi’s house.  Camp is 50 years old.  


Ran into a Rotary project.  A bus full of books about Ghandi.  Lots of Rotary projects and signs seen.    


Indian kids are not used to seeing themselves in photos.  This is the first trip out of the city for many of these kids.  Every night is a dance party.  The boys and girls camp are separate.  A guy from Lincoln, Vermont, Tom, was there.  He runs Magicians Without Borders.  

Questions:  Debra thanked them for the slide show and asked what the difference between India program and US program.  Circus is so universal.  Vermont is the circus capital of the US.  Much more novel in India.  In India:  People are much more comfortable touching within gender than US kids.  But won’t touch cross gender.  

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November 7, 2018 Newsletter 

President Marcy started her the meeting with this day in History…......  
On this day in 1944, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected to an unprecedented fourth term in office. FDR remains the only president to have served more than two terms. Roosevelt rose above personal and political challenges to emerge as one of the nation’s most revered and influential presidents. In 1921, at the age of 29, he contracted polio and thereafter was burdened with leg braces; eventually, he was confined to a wheelchair. From the time he was first elected to the presidency in 1932 to mid-1945, when he died while in office, Roosevelt presided over two of the biggest crises in U.S. history: the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II.
1972Richard Nixon defeats Senator George McGovern (D-South Dakota) and is re-elected President of the United States. With only 55 percent of the electorate voting, the lowest turnout since 1948, Nixon carried all states but Massachusetts, taking 97 percent of the electoral votes.
1943Joni Mitchell is born Roberta Joan Anderson in Fort MacLeod, Alberta Canada. Even as a child taking piano lessons, Joni Mitchell showed more interest in composing her own melodies than in playing the pieces her teacher assigned her. When the folk-music revival of the late 1950s and early 1960s came to Saskatoon—the college town in which she spent most of her childhood—Mitchell resolved to learn the guitar in order to become a competent accompanist at sing-alongs. A bout with polio as a child had left Mitchell unable to form the chords with her left hand that her ear wanted to hear, so early on she began experimenting with non-standard guitar tunings that would later become part of her signature sound.
Quote for the day……We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate. Kin Hubbard
Turner very warmly greeted us this morning with hugs and smiles and next week …I missed this as I didn’t realize I was taking notes for Jason this morning.
Shoshana- Debra’s daughter
Ayla- Josh’s daughter
Jenna Rae - guest speaker
Hugh Keelan - guest speaker
Danny and Maggie from Hinsdale reported this morning.
~First quarter is wrapping up.
~Danny has completed applications for Fairfield University and NE College. He is still working on applications for UNH and URI. 
~The Hinsdale High School Class of 2019 will be hosting the annual Holiday Craft Bazaar on Saturday, November 17th from 9am-3pm at Hinsdale Middle High School. There will be craft and food vendors set up in the gymnasium and food will be sold in the cafeteria. Lots of Raffles, too….Plus Santa will be available for pictures! Krispy Kreme donuts will also be available for sale in the cafeteria while supplies last!
~Red Ribbon Week last week, it is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country.
~Need to get rid of scrap metal? We have a time & place the HHS Travel Club is collecting.
  1. Board Meeting Thursday November 8th at WKVT.
  2. Friday November 9th at 7am the final Bylaw’s meeting will be held at the River Garden.
  3. Project Feed is gearing up and Kevin circulated a sign-up calendar. We will only be picking on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Food needs to be to the Drop In Center by 4:30pm
  4. Raffle tickets have been distributed. If you haven’t received yours yet please contact Toni. Several Rotarians have made individual Facebook posts that have been very successful. Ask if you need help with selling.
  5. The coffee shop is open. They only have 4 bags left and are out of coffee mugs. See Tristam for details. Remember the proceeds go to help send a student to the Agriculture School in the mountains of Honduras
BIRTHDAYS: No Birthdays today
ANNIVERSARIES:   Ross- 6 years and Tristam- 19 years
CARDS:  7 of Spades..… and the winner is ~  Jenna our guest speaker WON!!!!
Josh T: Bragged the Strolling of the Heifers which is throwing a Pizza Party to benefit Project Feed the Thousands. Saturday November 10th from 12-3 pm at the River Garden. He had posters available to hang in your place of business.
Damon: Bragged for his and Kathryn’s trip to Calgary, Alberta for the 25th class reunion from Physical Therapy school. They left the boys home alone for an entire week and the house was still standing when they arrived home. Also, the boys had a Division 1 NH meet last week where Aidan came in 9thand Torin came in 8th. The team came in 4th overall and Torin is officially the fastest freshman in NH.
Will: Also had a running brag, his son Nick and his wife Rebecca ran the NYC marathon this past weekend. There was 50,000 people running in the marathon. It took them 6.5 hours to complete. He and Tina went and hung out in Brooklyn and waited at the 8-mile mark to catch a glimpse of them. Great energy at the race and great weekend with kids.
Michelle: Fined herself for not getting the newsletter out last week….I didn’t realize that was an option as I sit here typing Jason’s newsletter. Also, she bragged for Caroline who now has a job with an LA law firm (working remotely) doing trademark and licensing work in the video game industry.
Dan: Another self-imposed fine as he lost the list of sponsors for the Adventure Race for a few weeks. Now that he has found out, members need to pay up. 
Ali: Bragged for Marcy’s Haunted House---- AMAZING. Well worth the trip to Springfield. You really could feel how the community loved this event.  
Marcy: Wanted to thank everyone who helped out with the Haunted House. Michelle for taking over the meeting, Cindy for the awesome video and Rocco the traffic Jedi. It was an all-day event getting it all assembled but it came together in the end.
Toni: Also wanted to brag for Marcy’s Haunted House. Lucy was so looking forward to Halloween and Ali and Marcy made her night. Ali just happened to have an extra costume in her car for Lucy to wear and she took her to a few houses in Springfield to go Trick or Treating. 
Katya: Wanted to brag for our speakers and a recent performance at the Latchis Theatre. (sorry couldn’t hear what the performance was). Also, she was with a friend this past week and she amazed to find out that in Austria the children are required to get a Lyme vaccination to protect from the disease. Whereas we have nothing here in the US and the tick-borne diseases have increased every year.
KJ: It’s official he is going to be a grandpa. His daughter is letting him tell everyone. He’s decided to grow out his beard to see if it is as grey as Kevin’s.
Kevin: Stood to fine everyone a quarter for not wearing their pin….AND BADGES DON’T COUNT. Who pissed in his Corn Flakes this morning, ALI?!?!?!
GUEST SPEAKERS:       Hugh Keelan and Jenna Rae, The Windham Orchestra
The Windham Orchestra, with Music Director Hugh Keelan, features local musicians and composers who take pride in providing symphonic music to Southeastern Vermont and their commitment to keeping classical music vital and building future audiences.
The Windham Orchestra serves a number of important roles in the musical community:
·         Performing live orchestral music in Brattleboro and surrounding towns;
·         Providing performance opportunities for musicians of all backgrounds;
·         Educating local school children;
·         Providing performance opportunities for young musicians through the annual Concerto Competition; and
·         Providing an orchestral ensemble for performance of music by local composers.
Hugh and Jenna run a company called TUNDI Productions. It was named after Wagner’s opera Tristan UND Isolde. They perform music that summons the deepest emotions and the most burning issues of being human, so you can experience transcendence and interact with the music and musicians and share about your experience and engage in your own creativity.  They bring large scale operatic works to life so that you can be immersed in the experience, lost in the emotion and create a fulfillment that is only available through music.
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Sunrise Meeting 10-24-2018

Sunrise Rotary Meeting 10-24-18

Scribe: Katja Matthews for Erin O'Keefe
10/31/18 Michelle Pong
11/7/18 Jason Posternak

Quote of the Day: "We were born naked, everything else is drag" Ru Paul

Today in History:
On this day in 1901, a 63-old schoolteacher named Annie Edson Taylor becomes the first person to take the plunge over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Knocked violently from side to side by the rapids and the propelled over the edge of Horseshoes Falls, Taylor reached the shore alive, if a bit battered.

1945 - Less than two months after teh end of WW2, the United Nations is formally established with the ratification of the United Nations Cahrter by the five permanent members of the Security Council and a majority of other signatories.

On October 24, 1992, the Toronto Blue Jays beat the ATlanta Braves in the sixth game of the World Series to win the championship. It was the first time a Canadian team had ever won the trophy, and it was a truly international victory - the Blue Jay's 25-man roster included several players of Puerto Rican descent, a Jamaican, three Dominicans and no actual Canadians!

Rotary Minute: Rotary is dedicated to six areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever. These 6 areas are: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, sanitation, and hydration; saving mothers and children, supporting education and growing local economies.

Guest speaker: Kerry E. Secrest – Honorary Consul of Lithuania to Vermont
Guests: Ela, daughter of Josh, a wonderful person, she is 8 + years old. They have a new fish and she is looking forward to ski season!
Susannah Grand, office mgr HR Block
John Secrest introducing his wife Kerry - married in 2000, she has turned her life around since then
Davie, Mark’s daughter who is also a Rotarian (if I understood correctly?)

Birthday: Diane Hashagen (not present, so we could not serenade her)

Anniversary: Debbi Cox, Oct 25 - 1 year

Board of Director Meeting November 8
Tristam: Just back from Honduras, was there for 10 days. Only 5 bags of coffee left, $12. Coffee gets shipped to PA, where Maria lives. Now also offer coffee mugs, with symbol of organization who is funding the organization, 5 mugs available. Use the banana peels to seal the clay. $10 offer
Jon: Board bring to our attention: looking into new signs for garden areas. Best advert we have as club. 3 signs
considered. Can do it for $400 - 4 x 8 sheet of metal from Lotus. Does Club have interest? Will pass around list for small signs.
Kevin: Rotary cares episode 11 is now up and available on you tube, subject on Polio. Probably one of best segments to date. Tomorrow 6-8 pm BC TV winner of 2018 Non Profit Award on 118 Elliot Street.
Josh: Thanks to everyone for help with tournament. Over 70 people on the hill playing. So many Rotarians helping. Raised $7,500 this year, the most so far. We are splitting the $7,500 with Afternoon Club.

Student Rotarian Report: Davie from BUHS
Playoffs are starting, soccer won yesterday
Field Hockey starting soon as well
grades are closing soon for Mid terms

Cards: Three of Diamonds - in the deck, nobody won.

Tristam: Trip to Honduras on behalf of Rotary. To make sure the money from Rotary gets to the projects and will make a difference. Had to get Maleria drugs prior and the closet place to get them was at Dartmouth Hitchcock to get proper drugs. Training women to take on jobs, which was very powerful
1st project all about water

Josh: For Kevin doing the Rotary Cares broadcasting. Did you know, that he is actually directing the show!! Together with Marty Cohn from Noon Club!

Jennifer: For husbands production of Frankenstein, this weekend and next weekend at the Hooker Dunham Theater. Bragging for Jacques and Caleb for bringing group of 10pp. Jenn is in as role of Elizabeth.

Tristam: does anyone need a harp??

Bowl of life:
I was touring Guatemala and was forced to leave suddenly due to troubles with Election: Tristam – John S. – Tom – Toni – Will – Mark – Ross – Jimmy V and YES it is him. Went for three weeks, studying Spanish. It is very different there. It was a mess, not even cellphones back then. He needed to leave suddenly, but ended up for a week in Costa Rica. About 2000 – 2002.

Kerry E. Seacrest, introduced by hubby John
Leadership Coach at Marlboro College, but today here as Honorary Consul of Lithuania to Vermont
Her story with Lithuania:
Great grand parents came over to America at turn of century for economic reason. She did not grow up speaking the language. Went to Neringa Camp, when she was from ages 9-16, did counseling afterwards, send her children there, they got married there as well.
Living in Lithuania after the East Block collapsed, 3-11-1990 independence from Russia, declared but not received until 1991. She was there July 1991. In January in 1991 there was big trouble with Russians trying to close communication… Lots of non violent protesters.
Hands across the Baltic, three countries where holding hands  and singing the whole time (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) Millions of people, holding hands and singing. Approximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning 675.5 kilometres (419.7 mi) across the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which were considered at the time to be constituent republics of the Soviet Union. On August 23, 1989. See video:

While Kerry was there no communication to the Outside world, took two days to make  a phone call . She only called 3 times in two years home. During Uni all students had to go to collective farms to pick fruits. She was lucky to pick apples, juniors had to pick berries ☹ Had a lot of fun as well.
Underneath her bed in dormitory, big thing of potatoes, stock piled. Had vodka stash as well. Russia cut off all hot water to the Baltics. Didn't have heat in university, building was too big. Bundle up!
Had a boyfriend, they went shopping, cooked what you found in supermarkets. Xmas dinner there. Really cool guys knew how to can
apples. Mushrooming was big.
She taught English there, had a radio program reading news in English, and radio show as well.
In soviet period could not talk about independence, musicians had culture of hidden meaning. Played clip.
Montego Bay: Vyktautis Kernagis. Tongue in check about force containment. Subculture below soviet comprehension.
Lithuanians have a really important relationship to nature, much more outdoors on weekends. Country is Catholic.
Shifting with westernization.
There was not much going out, there was not much there, but people made something out of nothing and had fun.
Country had no money, the country was bankrupt.
She had a day, where the embassy was closed down and everyone came in and everyone was cooking food for the first independent post liberation.

Her role now is to build cultural experience between Lithuania and USA
This year they celebrated centenary of Lithuanians Independence
Lithuania is third smallest country in EU, but one of the highest educated ones. Oldest university in Vilnius
A lot of activity happening now, huge in Business and to attract foreigners to start businesses. It is very open to migrants, but nobody wants to come.
Movie: The Other Dream Team about Lithuanian Basketball teams in Soviet occupation. Availalble on Netflix. Watch it, no dry eye
Check out Ruta Sepetys Author: Between Shades of Grey, Salt to the Sea.
Honorary Consul. - Volunteer post, official extension of diplomatic core. Take on one activity per year.
Have fun. Jugas cheese available at Grafton. Russia closed 75% of export. Did collaboration with VT
Performance Lab. This year celebrating independence. 28 years since independence. Clips
1) Study in Lithuania - video.
2) Do Business in Lithuania -
Lots of cutting edge stuff happening there. Also has bitcoin technology. Biotech, financial tech, Beautiful country. Go and visit!
Ačiū Kerry :-)

Four way test and good bye.

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Minutes 10.17.18

Posted by Jim Maxwell
Sunrise Rotary
Minutes of meeting October 17, 2018
Convene 7:15
Jim Verzino, nom de plume “Jimmy V”, president-in-waiting, stands in for Marcy for today’s meeting
Quote:  “The world is round so that friendship may encircle it” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin [Editor’s note:  Chardin, 1881-1955, was a Jesuit paleontologist & philosopher known for his thoughts and writings on the relation of evolution and faith.  I didn’t know this, I looked it up]
Today in history:
1906 - Wilhelm Voigt, 57 year-old shoemaker, impersonates an army officer and leads a squad of soldiers to help him steal 4,000 marks – no way to make this long story short, you had to be there.
1968 – Olympic gold medalist Tommie Smith and bronze medalist John Carlos are forced to return their awards because they raised their fists in a black-power salute during the medal ceremony.  Smith and Carlos wore no shoes, to symbolize the poverty of so many black Americans; Carlos wore a necklace of black beads, “for those that were lynched or killed that no one said a prayer for . . . .”
1974 – Benji, film about stray dog that helps rescue kidnapped children, opens in theaters and goes on to become a family, certainly not cult, classic [Editor’s comment]
Late breaking news: noon on Wednesday: Pictures arrive from KJ with his mom in Ireland, having a great time
Birthday: Sadie
Anniversary: Debbie Cox one year
            From Hinsdale H.S. Maggie and Danny
            Ava & Shoshanna at Debra’s table
            Josh at Diane’s table
Student Rotarians Danny & Maggie report on National Honor Society food drive & blood drive, Farm Day (for Project Graduation)
  • Kevin:  the Rotary Cares program for BCTV will be about Rotary’s polio eradication efforts; also, the program has won the nonprofits award from BCTV
  • Kevin: Bylaws committee will meet November 9 at River Garden
  • Sadie:  Groundworks/overflow hours will commence November
  • Tom: thanks to those who participated in the dry run for Rotary survey, it was successful, will be a tool for Rotary reach-out around the world
  • Allie: will be treasurer
  • Diane: Rotary mixer, noon club, tomorrow night somewhere
Cards:  4♦  Winner: Will S.  Take:  he took a loss on it
  • Cindy: Southern Vermont Career Expo tomorrow with Occupations & Libations at Hermit Thrush in the evening
  • Jon S.: Adventure Race, he and Dan and Bethany and Jen Moyse been there and done that real good; Drew impressed as always; Bethany special mention for Sudoku (Sodaku? Sokadu?) solutions
  • Sad